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2.62km from Cerveteca
The Seaway Motel is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. The Seaway Motel is an ideal choice for travelers who want to take in the sights and sounds of Los Angeles. The hotel is conveniently located just 10km from Santa Monica Airport and 15km from Union Station. Transportation around the city is also convenient, with La Cienega/Jefferson Metro Station within walking distance. The nearby area boasts an abundance of attractions including Maxwell Alexander Gallery, Syd Kronenthal Park and La Brea Avenue. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel. This Los Angeles hotel offers parking on site.
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3.37km from Cerveteca
To be honest this is my first review on Tripadvisor, but I felt compelled to write a review to provide some insight. First off the pros, great location, great views from the room. I thoroughly enjoyed the room itself, definite COVID restrictions but that was expected -- a welcome plus was they allowed cigars on the outdoor lobby floor which turned out to be nice. Now let me get to what made this trip regrettable, I had booked through AMEX Platinum and was planning the $100 Food and Beverage credit into the calculus because I knew COVID would limit options; upon check-in I found out this property did not consider alcohol part of the "beverage" option for this credit, no big deal, decided to cancel dinner plans to not let the benefit go to waste -- absolute worst meal I've ever had, I honestly feel I got robbed without the stick up. I kinda brushed off the 6" diameter nasty pizza, the ridiculous veal dish which was $40 and was like 4 pieces of lunchmeat, but I had a bit of the rice that came with it and when it tasted completely uncooked I was beside myself. Good thing thing we had stopped at All About the Bread for lunch and had leftovers.. $190 for a meal which should have cost $25 in real life. I understand hotel dining, but this was absurd and a new level of ridiculous. I've been to the property in NYC and it was great, but I feel like I literally was robbed at this location. If you stay here do yourself a favor, don't book through AMEX with any hotel credit, enjoy the views, grab a bottle of wine from the next door Ralph's and bring some In-n-Out to your balcony..
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3.4km from Cerveteca
I have been staying for a few days, it is a friend to help, the hotel is old, there is a small kitchen to cook, I saw the brochure said that it was built in 1948, wow, actually 70 years old, but The maintenance is not bad, the breakfast is casual, although it is basically cold beef patties and bread and fruit, but the tube is full and can also bring some back to the room to eat, go out to the right of the hotel door, there are several near the opposite Supermarkets, one is a Jewish supermarket, one is a small supermarket in a gas station, and one is Ralphs. It is more big and full. It is very convenient to buy things. Of course, there is no Chinese food in the Chinese supermarket, because even the old gods are No! Later, I thought that this hotel is not bad. I can still do some food. I will continue to stay for two nights on Ctrip. I will stay for two nights on the 3rd and check out on the 5th. The result is sad reminder. Ctrip has set me a zero. After two days, I checked out at zero. I didn't pay attention to it at the time. I thought it was after 2 pm on the 3rd. After two days, I checked out before 11:00 am on the 5th. I ended up sleeping at 8:00 on the 5th. The phone rushed out and said that it should be checked out before zero! what the hell! I am busy with my hands and tidy up the room! Lenovo thinks that I want to charter a car in Los Angeles. I will contact Ctrip's customer service at 9:00 in the morning. The result is that the automatic message is not at work time. The emotional customer service is in China. You have to use several US local customer service since you want to make a US chartered order. Otherwise, I am in the United States, your customer service is in the country, because of the 16-hour time difference, I am looking for someone to go to meet! The hotel is OK, but Ctrip's service is not flattering.
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3.45km from Cerveteca
The location of the hotel is a bit awkward, and you have to drive anywhere. It takes about 15 minutes to get to Beverly Hills and 30 minutes to go to Avenue of Stars. There is a Westfield in less than 20 minutes by car. It consists of 3 shopping malls. There are many restaurants, and there are Chinese restaurants (Ding Taifeng is also inside) with cinemas. The hotel also offers a 4-piece bath, which can be sent by the waiter if you need it. It is the flush of the toilet like on the plane, the sound is very loud. The hotel has a car park, but only valet parking is available, the price is 51 knives a day including tax. Pick up the car as long as 10 minutes early to the hotel front desk.
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3.61km from Cerveteca
A colleague and I stayed at the LA Sky Hotel for one night when we showed up late at a previously confirmed Airbnb and found the place completely disgusting and uninhabitable. Therefore you could say we were fortunate that at midnight on a Friday night the LA Sky Hotel had two rooms available, one for each of us. It's a small quirky place, with interesting decor and pleasant and helpful staff, even at midnight. The check in process was lengthy, even for a one night stay, with both my colleague and I having to leave a large deposit on each room in addition to the room rate which reminded me of something you have to do at hotels with a higher turnaround and more transient clientele. Considering our situation we found the LA Sky Hotel clean, comfortable and nice enough however it's not a hotel I would ever return to given the choice.
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3.62km from Cerveteca
Would've been a perfect room except for…..the nasty stale smell of old cigarettes that seemed embedded deep into the furniture and carpets!!! I'll start from the beginning. This hotel is in the most random part of Los Angeles. There's not much within walking distance, so for decent food, you'll have to order delivery or drive somewhere. It's newly remodeled and I think used to be another hotel, but even though it's been remodeled for about a year, they still have a vinyl sign stuck to the outside, so if you blink, you may miss the turn into the valet. Parking is valet, which is $2/half hour, or $20 for overnight. The lobby is nothing fancy, just a small counter with many signs to socially distance yourself from other guests. Checking in was easy. Check in is 3pm, but they let me check in fairly early, around 2. Also in the lobby were fixtures where breakfast usually is served, but because of the pandemic, no breakfast. My room was beautiful and HUGE! I booked a loft suite with high ceilings, spiral staircase, and hanging bulb chandelier. So the only problem? The gross cigarette smell. It's kinda disappointing in an age where deep cleaning is essential that this is an issue. By mistake, the manager Mike almost entered my room (even though the Do Not Disturb button was lit). But I thought, while he's here to help me close the window that I opened because I tried to air out the cigarette smell. He was able to help with the window, but when I asked for some air freshener, his response was, , "Uhh….umm..well….I don't know if we have it…..ummmm…" Not very proactive for a manager. He eventually called to say they didn't have any. I guess I'll just have to live with the smell. There were a few drawers, one that seemed to be some kind of fridge. I don't know because it wasn't plugged in nor was there a way to plug it in. But everything else from the living room/ seating area to the cool room design and lighting were GREAT!! The high ceilings gave great acoustics when I felt like bursting out into song. And the many channels fro Direct TV made me feel right at home. There is a tub/shower, a small Keurig machine, a safe, and a microwave. But it was the bougie room design and furnishings that did it for me. You will enjoy staying here. But is you stay in room 406, bring your own Glade plug-ins.
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3.64km from Cerveteca
My husband and I have stayed at the Carlyle Hotel in September and December 2019. Our daughter and her family live in the neighborhood and this is the only hotel within walking distance. It is a very nice place and we look forward to many future stays there. First the cons: the rooms are quite dark and we needed to have the lights on all day. The lighting in the rooms are not the greatest either. And that’s it! All the rest that I have to say are positives! Location: lots of restaurants within walking distance if you prefer kosher restaurants. There are some but fewer of the non-kosher variety. There is a Walgreens and a Starbucks on the block. The architecture of the hotel is quite stunning. While the rooms are dark, there is a large outdoor space with seating and lounging space. There is a hot tub that I hope to try in the future. Comfort of rooms: excellent. Rooms are clean. Bed is good, linens soft, room size is at least medium, if not medium to large. Cosmetic amenities are great. Room temperature control works well. Shower pressure is strong and water is hot. Self service ice is available Hotel service: lobby is very small but staffed with courteous and outgoing staff. When we reserved we asked for a specific number of extra pillows and towels and they were in our room waiting for us when we arrived. There is a complimentary breakfast that’s typical of motel restaurants: paper plates, cold cereal, one type of yogurt, bread and toaster, fresh fruit (oranges, apples and bananas), instant oatmeal and DIY waffles. Also, they have a hot plate with scrambled eggs and a side (sausage, potato patties). There is a “happy hour” Monday-Thursday evening in the breakfast room (wine, beer, coke, hummus and salsa).
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3.68km from Cerveteca
First is the parking. The few available spots leave you to find parking on the street close to the hotel only if you're lucky. The rooms have doors with about an inch gap on the floor, so you can can see light streaming from the hall and hear even the most casual conversation echoing inside your room from passerby. Inside the room there was only a view of the parking lot and the workers trucks. The "grab-and-go" breakfast is an apple, a granola bar and a juice box. Now for the absolute worst: the bathroom. There was a small rectangle that was the shower, cramped next to it a sink and then a toilet. I turned on the shower, then entered and immediately went straight down! I slipped on the slick, wet porcelain bottom of the shower and found myself in an indian position praying I did not snap my legs. After an eternally long few seconds, I attempt to unravel myself. I wound up banging up my ankles which even after a week I have soreness on them. There were no handles in the shower, no slip pads, nothing. There's more, but what's the point? There are plenty of choices in this price point that will serve your needs much better than this place.
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4.61km from Cerveteca
5 Stars all the way around! Brand new remodeled rooms! Staying motel after motel, i finally found one that lives up to my expectations. The property was clean and very intimate! The LED lighting creates an amazing ambiance!
4.5/5Excellent52 Reviews
4.68km from Cerveteca
We just visited this hotel on our first trip to los Angeles because we love the movies and pretty woman and we were in the area so we wanted to see where the famous film was made and of course to try one of there world famous pretty woman cocktails. We were disappointed to find out that the bar was close for a private function on the day we went. But fair play to one of the lovely staff we asked her about the cocktails and she apologised for the bar been closed but offered to have the cocktails made for us from the bar and take us up to the pool bar to enjoy our cocktails there which was so lovely we really appreciated it the cocktail was amazing so was the pool area and the staff I'd definitely recommend it to any other film and movie lovers 👌
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4.74km from Cerveteca
We have been going to the Peninsula hotel for years. The hotel is a beautiful Beverly Hills Hotel with five star amenities and five star service. However, on this particular visit, we witnessed something that should never take place at a hotel of this caliber by the Roof Garden Manager. Upon arrival of the roof top garden, we were told that the was no tables and that we had to wait 20-30 minutes. The staff was kind enough to allow us to sit by the pool while we waited. A waiter came by and said we could order by the pool so we went ahead and ordered a bunch of items. One of our dishes was fish tacos and as soon as it was placed in front of us it was INFESTED with (fruit) FLIES to a point it was inedible. We showed it to the server, Juan, and he apologized for the issue and asked if we wanted a replacement but we said no, that was fine, and he said that they would take it off the bill. When the bill came, the fish tacos were on the bill. We asked the server and he said he would go check with the manager. A few minutes later, the roof garden manager, Joseph Demare, came by. When he showed up, he was filled with rage and anger and was yelling at out party. We asked him why he was yelling and he said he had a “Loud voice”. He asked us to pay for the entire bill and to leave or else security would be called. At this point, we did not know why he had so much rage and anger. We asked for a hotel manager and he refused. He said we could speak to security but not a manager. We asked for his card and he originally refused (he eventually ended up giving us his card after we paid the bill). He was accusing us of lying about the incident and continued to berate and talk down to us. The other hotel guests noticed this and started to feel uncomfortable. Finally, one of us called the hotel and asked for the hotel manager to come up. Once he saw this, he said that he would take the item off our bill. But at this point it was too late because he had shaken up our party and embarrassed all of us. The hotel manager, Oliver, came up right away. He asked what happened and when we told him, he apologized and tried to diffuse the situation. when Oliver realized what occurred, he asked the other manager and security to leave. The other hotel patrons that saw the whole incident told the hotel manager what happened and confirmed that the restaurant manager acted improperly, with extreme hostility and rudeness. It seemed he had some vendetta against us for some reason. I won’t get into why I think he acted this way. But This was no way to treat patrons for any reasons, let alone a minor issue. We decided to leave and the other hotel guests apologized to us for what had occurred because they too felt bad and embarrassed by the managers behavior. The servers, waiters and hotel Manager, Oliver, were super nice, apologetic, and gracious the whole time. The hotel as a whole should not be categorized by one Restuarant manager’s behavior. But the way
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4.84km from Cerveteca
With a stay at Starlight Inn La Brea in Los Angeles (Mid City), you'll be within a 5-minute drive of La Brea Tar Pits and Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This motel is 3.1 mi (5 km) from Melrose Avenue and 3.3 mi (5.3 km) from The Grove.Free self parking is available onsite.Make yourself at home in one of the 30 guestrooms. Complimentary wireless Internet access is available to keep you connected. Conveniences include complimentary bottled water and blackout drapes/curtains, and housekeeping is provided on request.

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Venice Beach
The environment is very good, because several hotels resident on this day moved to here for three nights without rooms, the price is slightly expensive, but the hotel environment and room settings are really good, super warm and sweet feeling, Small promenade and open air area outside Big Love Hotel
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4.6/535 Reviews
Amy Bloch, the Concierge, contacted us about 2 weeks before our arrival asking if there was anything she could do for us either setting up any tours, restaurant suggestions and reservations or anything we might need. After asking for suggestions on restaurants she did send me quite a selection of different types of restaurants along with things to do around Hollywood and Los Angeles. When my friend and I arrived Amy greeted us at the front desk, welcoming us to the Roosevelt Hotel. The entire staff from the front desk, the guys at the valet parking, housekeeping and room service were outstanding. They couldn't do enough for us. Everyone at the hotel, especially Amy made our stay simply fantastic. The Roosevelt Hotel is the only place we would stay in Hollywood.
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Downtown Los Angeles
It's a big place like Los Angeles, and the room is so small, I feel drunk too. It is too small to open the luggage, which is inconvenient to open. I specifically explained that I want a quiet room. The garbage truck on the street started to pull garbage less than 5:00 in the morning. The staff talked. I thought the window was not closed. As a result, there was no window for you to open. It was just a piece of glass with light. Just come in. A small refrigerator, placed on a shelf, but not in a cabinet. There is nothing in the refrigerator, but it is plugged in, and the operation noise is noisy all night. It will collapse when you live one day. No one will help you. Carry luggage. No one asks if you need help. Is this still Los Angeles I know? The beds are ok, moderately hard and soft. The location is good. It is convenient to walk everywhere, and around breakfast. Walking on HIlls street towards 3rd street, everything is there. May not stay here next time, unless there is no choice.
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Los Angeles International Airport Area
Because of the proximity to the airport, the sound of the plane taking off and landing has never stopped, quiet is not enough, and I can sleep. The hotel room did not actively provide slippers, toothbrushes and toothpaste. It was okay to call to ask the housekeeping to arrive. The bathtub has no glass door, just a plastic shower curtain. The shower faucet is fixed to the wall. There is a free shuttle to the airport 24 hours. The driver also helped to carry luggage up and down. The service was good.
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4.8/54 Reviews
My family has been using the Anza hotel for all of our trips to the Calabasas/LA area for the past 4 years or so, and we love it here. I hope we can continue to rely on the Anza for years to come. Beautiful rooms, superb location, and best of all they allow pets! The prices for rooms are very reasonable and they all have a nice "boutique feel" to them which adds something special. I want to add an extra note about my last stay here, which took place during the first days of the Covid-19 outbreak. I traveled alone without my husband and child to Calabasas/California because I needed to be with a gravely ill parent who soon passed away. Being able to stay in a comfortable hotel during this awful period was such a comfort to me, and I want to add that Ryan, who works at the Bistro restaurant and bar, was especially great to me during this time. Ryan prepared delicious meals for me, got to know me and my love for an evening glass of wine right away, and was a warm, friendly presence when I came home from the hospital at night (and in later days, came home to the hotel after days spent making final arrangements). Ryan and the team at the Anza who continued to work during the stressful days of Covid-19 "stay at home restrictions" were truly a blessing to me and I value, and am so grateful for, their work on the behalf of me and other guests who really needed a hotel stay for emergency reasons.
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5/54 Reviews
Everything was on point! All the staff were very accommodating! I arrived early Saturday and I was lucky to get a room early. Which helped a lot since we were on the go per our Soccer Tournament. When we needed a space to have our potluck in the evening they helped with our set up. Everyone was very friendly and customer service was amazing!
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