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4.05km from Coeur de l'Inde
The hotel is close to the airport. Breakfast is a standard Western breakfast. Hotel facilities did not have time to use the room is relatively small, not worth more than 1,000 nights, the home is good, wife and children like
3.9/543 Reviews
4.05km from Coeur de l'Inde
rooms not cleaned since the last guest, and no tv remote control and toilet brush ....
5/5Perfect38 Reviews
4.15km from Coeur de l'Inde
Objectively speaking, the room is OK, not only the elevator, but also need to brush the room card when entering the hotel door, the security is good. But the hot water is only enough to wash one person. The hot water of my girlfriend's honey is solved by burning the kettle for more than 10 pots. The room service has not been solved. In addition, I have already paid a deposit of 250 Euros for the payment of the room rate. I have to pay the credit card for 15 days. I have not paid the deposit for 8 days in the city of Paris. It’s hard to say a word and won’t stay again.
4.2/5Very Good65 Reviews
4.04km from Coeur de l'Inde
The 4-star Hotel Novotel Roissy CDG Convention & Spa is located 5 minutes from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, 10 minutes from the Villepinte exhibition center and 30 minutes from the center of Paris. The Novotel offers a restaurant, bar, private car park and free WIFI as well as a free shuttle to Charles de Gaulle airport. The Novotel combines work and relaxation with nearly 13,000 sq. ft. (1200 m2) of modular space and a spa, and is ideal for seminars, business travel and family vacations.
2.7/560 Reviews
4.08km from Coeur de l'Inde
The price was certainly right and it was close to the airport and within walking distance to a good restaurant. It was clean and modern with a comfortable bed. Yes, it's close quarters and there are few amenities, but you get what you pay for. You don't pay for ambience in this case, but it's clean and perfectly acceptable. The included breakfast was a typical one in these types of hotels, but enough to get you back to the airport. The pink shuttle service was great.
4.3/5Excellent70 Reviews
4.15km from Coeur de l'Inde
We stayed here our first night on this trip and arrived about 5pm (17h) after an overnight flight from Orlando to London, a 7 hour layover in London, and then an EasyJet flight to Paris. The shuttle was waiting for us when we arrived at the top level pick-up spot so we didn't have to wait. Once at the hotel, I was told that we had once again been upgraded to a suite, which was clean, but not through final inspection so off to the lounge we were sent. I receive access to the lounge as an IHG Spire Ambassador and have also received welcome points on both occassions so not sure if I would receive extra points if I didn't have time to use the lounge??? It was a short wait, and when in the room, just like the one we had last time, except on the ground floor. This can be trickly for security reasons, but we had no issues. The lounge was as the time before with beer and wine at all times. I think there was hard liquor for a few hours but we only drank wine! We had a few glasses and then headed over to the village for dinner. Upon return, we had much more wine and lost track of time and were told about 30 minutes after official closing time that we had to leave-no big issue! We had breakfast in the lounge, which is ok but no eggs made to order. I think they should allow Spires the option of breakfast in the restaurant as well. We were heading into the city for a night before our train to Lyon so we waited until abour 11 for the shuttle back to the airport to catch the RER. No real issues. The best thing about this hotel is its easy access to the village of Roissy, which seems totally removed from the airport and has that small town French feelilng. It's a 5-10 minute walk to some decent restaurants. We will stay here again many times to start or end our visits to Europe-already have a reservation in November to end that trip! A bientot!
2.9/556 Reviews
4.21km from Coeur de l'Inde
Stopped for 1 night, chose as the nearest hotel to the airport to catch the flight in the morning. Depressed grey design, dirty carpets at the entrance, staff not wearing badge. The respiratory rooms were confused, our friends gave the key to the busy room, well that the guests we woke up (we settled at 1 hour of the night) closed the door to the chain. Our room was e-chaiter, stove, refrigerator. The designer was probably with a good sense of humor because between the sandwich and the head of the bed instead of the wall a big transparent window! It can be closed with a curtain, but! The curtain is located on the side of the room, that is, only the person in the room decides to close them or open))) is not much if you sleep a little bit, when the light is on in the toilet, the feeling that the light is on in the room above your head. The interior is scratched, scratched on the floor, table, windows go out to the parking and they are very dirty. No soap and shower hat, e. the soots are uncomfortable and they are few, part is located in the floor itself, there is over the e. the stove, but there is no bed. Breakfast is scarce, cruissant, toasts, jam, cheese, sausage, surprised plastic devices! In general, the hotel creates the impression of uncomfortable and unpleasant, one night can be stayed, but there is no desire to return here.
4.2/5Very Good73 Reviews
4.27km from Coeur de l'Inde
Exit the airport and follow the "hotels" sign, you can find the shuttle bus to the hotel, there are three lines, the hotel's corresponding line, this hotel is corresponding to the pink line, the bus is free, will stop at the entrance of each hotel. Don't worry about missing the station. Hotel facilities are OK, the check-in is very convenient, the passport is not seen, with two children to live without problems, compared to foreign hotels, the room is large. There is a parking lot diagonally opposite the hotel, passing through the town’s main road and several restaurants. The hotel goes right and goes straight for 30 meters. It is a tourist office. You can ask for local tourist information. There is a municipal park next to it, which has slides for children to play. The breakfast is 15 euros, and the children are free. Go back to the airport bus and sit at the door. The timetable is at the front desk.
4/5Very Good77 Reviews
4.33km from Coeur de l'Inde
The hotel is located near the airport and there is a black bus to and from the T2 terminal. It is very convenient for us to transfer to the next day. The breakfast at the hotel is not bad. Overall, it is very rich, but the hygiene is not flattering. The towel is open and there is a mildew. It is really disgusting. The overall price is not high. The cafe on the first floor of the hotel is not bad. It is really boring at night. You can go sit for a while.
4.7/5Outstanding72 Reviews
4.3km from Coeur de l'Inde
As a travel hotel with only three hundred pieces, I think it is very good. T2 and T3 have direct access. After going to T1, take the free shuttlebus for about 30 minutes and then go to T1. In fact, no one in the pinkline checks the ticket, but the hotel front desk will charge a shuttlebus package. The cost is also five €. Originally, I wanted to be a five-star. Just ten minutes after I stayed, I found two small reptiles on my pillow. I immediately placed spare disposable sheets and then killed two more on the wall. In addition to this, health is ok. I didn't take a shower at the hotel, so the bathroom was still relatively clean for me. There is a disposable toothbrush cup. I don't know if it is hand sanitizer or shower gel. I used it as a hand sanitizer anyway, and there are two towels and two rolls of paper. No slippers. There is a TV in the room, although even the American drama is a French dubbing, but a lot of me even guessed that a movie actually looks good haha. The network is very stable, and normal use of the network speed includes watching movies. Breakfast 5.99 €, not recommended to eat, things are really super less. There is a big mall near the free shuttlebus. I can go early. I bought some food at the markers&Spencer that stopped directly after getting off at flixbus. There is a vending machine at the door of the hungry, you can brush the bank card/coins This is an airport hotel comrades, not a Hyatt or a resort hotel. There is indeed a gap between the European hotel industry and the domestic market, but I feel that it is quite satisfactory to stay in balance. In general, recommending this hotel is enough for a night. I also posted the pinkline schedule. Have a nice trip.Bon Voyage
4.9/5Perfect77 Reviews
4.43km from Coeur de l'Inde
The hotel has a shuttle bus to and from T2D and the hotel. On the fifth floor, it is black. You need to find it ... When checking out, the service staff has been calling for no time to check out. We hurriedly threw the card to the check-out box. A little bit
4.1/5Very Good44 Reviews
4.53km from Coeur de l'Inde
The hotel comes with a Bar. If you are tired, you can have a drink. The breakfast is very rich. The buffet style can be your own toast, coffee machine, various freshly squeezed juices, sausages, European scrambled eggs, etc. Relative to the standard room, the Internet is also convenient. The main advantage is close to the airport, and there is a shuttle bus free.

Hotels Near Coeur De L'Inde In Villepinte Review

4.4/542 Reviews
The hotel is very comfortable and very comfortable. The hotel staff is not very friendly (in particular the women of the reception) !!!!!!!! With regard to the room, they are really dirty and not worth the price at all. Renoved. I don't advise this hotel at all!!!
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4.5/545 Reviews
Friendly staff both at reception and in the restaurant. We stayed at a busy time however any issues were dealt with quickly and to our satisfaction. The rooms are clean with everything needed for a short stay. Take note that there are few restaurants nearby (except by a short bus or train journey) however the restaurant on site has a good selection of well-priced meals catering to most tastes. We decided to go for something different one evening and enjoyed pizza that we ordered online and had delivered to the room. Perfect. The exhibition centre is 5 mins away - we were the envy of our colleagues who booked the slightly-further-away IBIS which is about a 15mins walk. The most encouraging thing about this hotel was the kind, friendly and efficient way that the staff dealt with the guests. I would stay again if attending the Expo. Merci a tous...
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There are three beds in the room that my friends and I had (#55), but hardly enough space to put one person’s belongings, let alone three, and housekeeping only left two towels in the room every day. On the day of our last night, they left only one towel. I had to go to the office every evening to get a couple of more towels and to get our card key for the door recoded, because it was reset each day. There is one double electrical outlet over the desk, and one that the video monitor is plugged into up high on the wall. I had to go to Darty to buy an electrical extension so that we could all charge our mobile devices at night. We wanted to watch a movie one night, but the monitors don't have USB outlets and we don't speak French. The bathroom (toilet) is the worst part, and it was very likely designed to be installed on a boat, as it consists of two pieces of molded fiberglass stuck together. The sink drain in the room we had leaks; not just a drip, but a dribble when there's water draining, and causes a raw sewage smell as it runs along the floor. It has a cracked ring at the fitting. The desk clerks don’t speak English, so I used Google Translate to tell the woman working at the front desk about it, but it was never fixed (I know Google Translate isn't great, but I could tell that she understood what I was getting at). The toilet paper (with no roll) goes on a pointed spindle about 1cm in diameter and does not turn. The toilet paper roll was all torn up when we checked in, so I just pulled it off and set it on the very small sink counter that has so space to set toiletries. No washcloths or bath mat. There’s not enough room to comfortably get dressed in the bathroom if you’re sharing a room with friends. The shower is separated from the toilet and sink by just the curtain, and it's so small that the curtain rest against your body on one side the entire time you're showering. I admit, I'm 6 feet (183cm) tall and 200 pounds (90.7kg or 14 stone) now that I'm in my 50s, but that's not TOO big! LOL It’s supposed to be a non-smoking room, but there was a cigarette hole burned into one blanket and there are several cigarette burns on the bathroom sink. There are ashtrays attached to the wall on the ground floor, so people smoke down there and smoke rises and wafts into the rooms above. I know that it's a discount hotel, and if you're going to be sleeping there for one night, it would be fine, except for the cigarette smoke (unless you're a smoker) and the lack of space in the toilet.
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3.7/551 Reviews
There is breakfast, three beds in one room, and flat-rate charges. It is also an evacuation place in the emergency situation of the airport. On the same day, I arrived at the check-in security of Charles de Gaulle Airport half an hour in advance. I was instructed by three flight attendants who may be at the airport to go to the inner (far) entrance, which eventually exceeded the pre-flight time of the flight from Paris to Berlin. There was no broadcast at the airport to find someone! Domestic cross-provincial flights will find passengers, and this cross-country cross-country can pass and pass without any pain! ? Then it was the service office that refunded the ticket and let me handle it through my mobile phone or the Internet. Did you make an international joke, or was it bought by your agency? I thought about the end of studying abroad, and finally, like my parents, I seriously bought an original ticket from the airline and went to Germany to see my classmates. The result turned out to be black, or our country changed. It's too much here, after all, it has nothing to do with hotel orders, does it?
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5/531 Reviews
This is the first time I feel very calm, very close to the traffic surrounded by restaurants, frankly there is nothing to say
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3.7/534 Reviews
The male ticket said that the overall is still good, but from the hotel to the airport spent 20 euros of ticket money... I don’t think it’s worth it...
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