Hotels Near Elilai Grill And Bar In Koror Review

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It is still okay. In the city center, there are two large supermarkets next to it, countless restaurants, post offices, and shops, which are very convenient. Breakfast is not as diverse as the star hotels, but it is acceptable. There is free wifi and drinks in the lobby. The staff is very welcoming. Towels can be borrowed when going to the sea. You can walk from the surrounding attractions, go swimming in the park for about 40 minutes, the scenery is good, not too tired. In short, it can be considered.
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Do NOT book here.... they are crooks!!! The short story, is I made a reservation and prepaid over $600, wasn't able to go, and they refused to refund ANY of my prepayment. No, they did not just keep the customary first night, they refused to refund me anything. They are clearly not interested in customer service or a good reputation of a desired place to stay. That speaks volumes, so DO NOT BOOK HERE!!! The long story: I have never made a reservation in such a fancy place, but I thought I would splurge on myself this time. It turns out that when I got to the airport in Micronesia, I was unable to get a boarding pass. My passport was expiring in 4 months. I immediately called the hotel, and the woman at the front desk said that it was no problem and that I could get a refund. When I asked her to verify, she said that since I booked through Expedia, I would need to contact them, but it should be no problem. I called Expedia and the woman I spoke to there said she just needed to contact the hotel, because they are the ones who need to give permission for the refund. I was on an island with poor internet connection, so she said that she would contact me after she got clearance. When I got back to the states, I contacted them and she said she was never able to get through. Expedia attempted again, and they said after numerous attempts they finally got in touch with the parent company in Japan, and that they denied giving me a refund. I am livid. As hotel owners, they are the ones who approve or deny a refund. I did not stay at the hotel nor I did not use any of their services. Since they knew I was not going to be arriving PRIOR to my anticipated arrival, they could have booked the room. And I got ZERO refund. I would understand if they kept 1 night and refunded me the rest, but once the money was in their pocket, they were not about to refund me. And, I was helpless to do anything about it. I was hesitant to book with them initially because I got the sense that they were going to charge for every little thing. They charge you $20 for airport transport each way...what hotel does that? Also, the hotel is isolated on the island, so you need transport to get into town, to get to dive shops, etc, again... more hidden charges. My gut warned me that this hotel was not concerned with customer service and that they were just interested in lining their pockets. There are plenty of lovely other places on Palau where you can stay, where the proprietors care about their clients, potential clients, providing excellent service, their reputation, and about treating other individuals as they wish to be treated. I highly recommend that you find ANY other hotel or resort, and stay there.
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I stayed at Lehns for one week in January 2020. The place is budgeted for the cost conscious traveler, which is great as I took opportunity of my time in Palau to Scuba and tour the islands. My room was clean, had hot water, good water pressure, functional refrigerator, and even an operating flat screen television with several international channels. The common area is a great place to relax and wind down at the end of the day. The icing on the cake is the manager and most of the staff. I fell ill after one of my dives and needed to go to the hospital and Natalie drove me to the hospital when no taxis were responding to our calls. Mind you this was almost at midnight. I felt sincere concern from her regarding my condition and that type of caring hospitality cannot be faked or easily reproduced. Vicky, Lulu, and Bianca were some staff members who went out of their way in making my stay an unforgettable one. I highly recommend Lehns to anyone searching for a comfortable, safe stay in Palau.
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デラックスルーム B を利用しました。8000円強。入り口に犬と猫がお出迎え。チェックインを済ませると荷物はお部屋まで運んでくれた。 室内の設備:クイーンベッド2台、ソファ、クローゼット、濡れたもの入れ、テレビ(NHK)○バルコニー、キッチン(皿、包丁、鍋があり、自分で料理できる)冷蔵庫、トイレ、シャワー、浴槽、アメニティ(ハブラシ・洗うタオル・麺棒・コットン・髪止・ブラシ)タオル大小、wifiが有料なのが悲しい。 ○共用部の設備:ドライルーム、プール、プール横のシャワー、レストラン 日本人経営との事でまるで日本のビジネスホテルのような設備でよかった。 ただ、この部屋はカビの匂いがすごくて、残念だった。 また、周りが商業船の波止場になっていて、夜はあまり出歩かないようにと言われた。近くにはWCTCkのmini martがあり、便利だった。
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Breakfast is enough, but not too rich. Hotel location is very good, go to the supermarket for a few minutes. The hotel is quiet and beautiful, and the swimming pool and garden are beautiful. Downstairs is a bar, the business is very good, Palau is one of the few restaurants that operate until midnight, pizza and burgers taste good. The room has a large bed and the bathroom is spacious, suitable for family and family travel. This hotel is not a travel agency package hotel, the passengers are not too much, very quiet.
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The second time I went to Palau, I had to go home than the first time. I have seen that the children’s shoes of Raiders have made Palau’s consumption quite high. If there are few people, it is not good to order and it is really expensive. The simple meal provided by the Holiday Inn last year was 35 knives. This time, six colleagues lived together in a suite, with a kitchen and living room. I thought it would be thin to go diving. As a result, several pigs were fat at the end of the trip! 1. Hotel environment. The hotel is less than 20 minutes from the airport and 5 minutes from the city centre. To go out to eat, the supermarket owner will arrange a transfer. The hotel is full of big bangs, my days, diving in other places to see are small, this hotel is even a wash basin! Local experience. 2. Hotel hygiene. Every day, there are Filipino maids cleaning up. The girl in the room next door checked out. I saw that the cleaning of the sofa and the bed would be removed. After we finished the meal, the Filipino maid will come in and clean up. Palau has a custom of tipping, and everyone goes with the Romans. 3. Hotel services. Feel at home, much better than the Holiday Inn! We arrived at the hotel around 4am, and everyone, including the boss, was waiting for us. When we left, everyone in the early morning came up and sent us. Have a warm breakfast every day, stay for 9 days and not repeat! 4. Entertainment. We went to dive and booked a dive shop. Starting next month, I will start looking directly at the boss. In addition to the sea, sea fishing, aircraft aerial photography, self-driving tour can find a boss to help. When we are resting, the boss will take us out to sea fishing in the evening to see the sunset. Oh, the fish caught are eaten by our hot pot and boiled fish. The instant noodles that I brought with me at the end of the day are back! 5. Does the boss look like a deer? handsome! When driving with us to take a ride, just want to ask the boss to have a son? Missing women? Hahahahahaha.... highly recommended!
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