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0.79km from Gare De Nanterre Prefecture
The Renaissance Paris Hotel La Defense is in the heart of La Defense district of Paris, France. Just next to the Grande Arche de La Defense this Paris hotel is just a few minutes from the capital's famous attractions: only 1 train stops from the Champs-Elysees. Guests can walk from the Renaissance Paris Hotel La Defense to the largest shopping center in Europe "les 4 Temps" as well as to the CNIT conference center. Whether you come by train, metro or taxi from Paris airports, access to the hotel is easy For those coming by car there is a private and supervised hotel car park. This upscale hotel provides spacious hotel rooms with Marriott bedding, air conditioning, Internet access, premium TV channels. For successful conferences and events there are 13 meeting rooms with natural daylight and broadband internet. Hotel guests have free access to the fitness gym with sauna and steam room. Guests can enjoy traditional French cuisine in the hotel restaurant and a relaxing atmosphere at the Colonial bar.
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1.82km from Gare De Nanterre Prefecture
Staying on business, because it is ok near the company.
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1.96km from Gare De Nanterre Prefecture
In the uneasy Paris of public security, living in the "old" new district La Defense is definitely a wise choice. The hotel is located on the central axis of the Champs Elysées and the new arch, and the safety factor is greatly increased on the walkway. However, I still have to be vigilant when walking the walkway. I am suspected of being close to me and being opened by me. Next to the hotel is the subway station. Line 1 is a convenient link to all the attractions on the central axis. The hotel has Sofitel management style, but the facilities are aging, the interior layout is not fully in line with Sofitel's existing brand standards, there are no large bath towels, and the aging traces of decoration can be seen. It seems that there is no night bed service that Sofitel should have (although not every customer wants it), but it is a specification courtesy. I am afraid that the road I am looking for is not easy to find. There are a lot of restrictions on the walking trails. I can't navigate and arrive. I finally found the hotel on my own baggage trail. The rental service in front of the door is very good. When you leave, you have to rent it. You come to the Mercedes-Benz VAN car. The price of the watch is similar to the price of the self-calling car.
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2.01km from Gare De Nanterre Prefecture
The hotel is a bit far from downtown Paris. It is located in the new office area of Paris. Fortunately, it is near the first stop of La Defense square terminal on line 1. It seems to take 7 or 8 stops to the Arc de Triomphe and 10 to the Louvre. At multiple stations, you can get to Charles de Gaulle Airport by subway line 1 and then transfer to line RER B for about an hour. We stayed on Saturday and Sunday for two nights. It happened to be a rest day and no one went to work, so the nearby restaurants were basically closed and I felt relatively quiet. The room we stayed in was relatively large. There were two entrances. They seemed to enter the living room and bedroom respectively. In fact, they are connected. The living room has a TV, sofa and dining table. The bedroom has a large bed. If you bring children, you can sleep on the sofa, bathroom and The toilet is separate, and there is a cookable kitchen. The room is very clean. We stayed for two nights. After going out the next day, we found that we had to clean up the beds and clean up the garbage. The first floor of the hotel looks like there is a parking lot. First of all, if you are unfamiliar, it is difficult to find the entrance of the parking lot. Secondly, it is unknown whether you can park your guests. It is known that there is a parking lot a few hundred meters away, but it is not clear whether the parking lot and the charges are much.
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2.27km from Gare De Nanterre Prefecture
This location is a bit biased but not far from the subway station. Because of the temporary decision to go to Paris, there are not many choices in the reservation room, only the 92 district, and the family travel, there is a kitchen to eat some hometown flavor. However, the room cleaning took my private towel away, but I found it but did not say sorry to the customer service. The door handle outside the bathroom was bad. We didn't hang it, we also cleaned it, and when we entered the house, it caused the towel to be taken wrongly. Later, we kept a do not disturb sign every day. The service is general, there is also enthusiasm, but it will not be fixed next time. The brand of five-star tourist apartment is attached to the entrance of the apartment. It does not feel that it meets the five-star standard. In addition, this location is more difficult to find, especially self-driving, playing uber, the driver is not very good to find the apartment door. La defense is a bit messy, it is more difficult to drive here.
4.1/5Very Good10 Reviews
2.83km from Gare De Nanterre Prefecture
Everything about my 4-night stay here was quite good, from super friendly staff (all of them!) to what I consider an excellent value breakfast and a very comfortable bed. I do have to knock one star off due to the size of the rooms. They are way too small to be considered functional and practical in my opinion. And that includes the bathroom. Still, everything is clean and comfortable and I appreciated being able to open the window! If you want to explore Paris, of course this is not the best location. But if you have business nearby (in Suresnes), then this would be good choice. Take note, there is no "real" bar, but you do have a choice of beverages if you'd like in the lobby. This may not meet some traveller's expectations.
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4.15km from Gare De Nanterre Prefecture
The service was very good, the facilities are good except that you cannot pair the phone on your TV.
4/5Very Good14 Reviews
4.56km from Gare De Nanterre Prefecture
Set a few times, everyone said that France is the most cost-effective, the room is large, the location is also good, mainly the price is also particularly suitable, recommended recommended! !
4.3/5Excellent109 Reviews
4.8km from Gare De Nanterre Prefecture
Second stay. The hotel has just been renovated, the facilities are very high-end, the dining is very good, the restaurant waiter service is intimate and natural, the children urinating their pants when eating, the restaurant staff not only handled the scene very quickly, but also helped us change the table, not impatient. I really feel that the service is very high. The hotel is very close to the Arc de Triomphe, 10 minutes walk, very close to the subway, underground direct access to supermarkets, nearby security. The room can see the Eiffel Tower, because it is the highest level of the surrounding area, the room has a good view and can see the city of Paris. It feels great to stay and leave the store very efficiently, just rush to the plane and just use the card to enlarge the room in a box! There are services such as helping to charge mobile phones, free storage of luggage, printing, etc. The key is that the price is really high! Very conscience! Have the opportunity to stay again!
4/5Very Good10 Reviews
4.86km from Gare De Nanterre Prefecture
This is a nice, clean and comfortable hotel, very close to the conference centre. I slept well there, and enjoyed the little breakfast. The rooms are a little small, and the breakfast seats a little cramped, but these are minor points. It’s also a little expensive for what it is, as a similar hotel in London would be a little cheaper in the same type of location. These are minor points, however and I would certainly stay here again
4.3/5Excellent10 Reviews
4.87km from Gare De Nanterre Prefecture
The hotel can not be used for an extra bed. There is a double room for 6 days. With the children, the hotel front desk insists on adding one more room to stay. I ask for a refund and no check-in. The front desk said that the time for unsubscribing will not be deducted. Request to change to a three-person room, said no room. Helpless, one more, Ctrip about 850 a day, 1150 yuan on the scene. Stayed at a hotel with the price of a four-star hotel. The hotel order page clearly stated that children can be accommodated and misdirected to Ctrip.
4.5/5Excellent13 Reviews
4.87km from Gare De Nanterre Prefecture
Typical American hotel, North American, no need to think about the details. The service relies on reminders, and the complaints depend on it. Opposite the mall can not go, this area is a place dedicated to Americans, the same paragraph of a drug is twice as expensive as the French local pharmacy one block next door! ! ! ! Convenient transportation to the airport, opposite the airport bus, you can buy a bus or hotel card, 19 euros a person. I two people called a uber to T2E as long as 40 euros, forget it is not expensive, no bus. The overall health of the room exceeded the average of Paris. The breakfast reflected the commonality of the most industrious Chinese and American people. At 6 o'clock in the morning, they ate with the American tour group aunt, and they were noisy than the domestic canteen.

Hotels Near Gare De Nanterre Prefecture In Paris Review

3.7/510 Reviews
We just finished up staying here for 6 days and could not be happier. The room was exactly as we expected, smaller than some but it was a decent size and not cramped, best of all it was very clean! The staff in the hotel are so lovely, very friendly and willing to help. The location of the hotel is fantastic- there is a bakery around the corner and is very close to the metro, shops and is easily accessible. We couldn’t be more delighted, we will definitely be back! :)
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4.6/556 Reviews
The hotel is in a good location, the rooms are large and clean, new, and the public order is good. The hotel lobby is a glass sliding door. You need to swipe your room card to enter. The room was flat with 2 large boxes without pressure. The toilets are also very large. There are 2 sets of L'Occitane in a house, and a large bottle of mineral water is given away. Walk to the LV main store for 2 minutes, and make early purchase without pressure. It only takes 2 minutes to the Hermes George Avenue branch, and Bulgari is also nearby. If you want to buy luxury goods, you can put it back in the hotel before you continue. Do n’t worry about safety. 7-8 minutes walking distance to the Arc de Triomphe. The only bad thing is that the front desk called me at 10 o'clock in the morning on the day of check-out. This is a bad experience ... The hotel can help call a taxi to the airport. The hotel said the price was basically the same. The cafeteria and gym are located in B1. There is a Royal Treasure in the hotel, not sure if it is the same as Shanghai.
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4.1/510 Reviews
Such a great experience to be here. Easy to get to from the train station. Actually all subways in Paris are easy to navigate. The hotel is really close to everything, Eiffel, Champs Elysees, Arc de Triumph. And lots of Brasseries. Markets, bakeries and coffee shops. A safe neighbourhood. The room was great. Very comfortable beds. A breakfast is only $10EU each daily, far more cost effective than buying outside the hotel. Save your money for lunch or dinner. Lovely staff, so very friendly and helpful. This is a family owned and managed hotel. We'll go back here for sure.
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4/510 Reviews
Great budget / good value type hotel. Pleasant, efficient and attentive staff, who are on duty 24 hours and speak very good english. We had two rooms and they were nicely decorated in a modern way, with TV, kettle + mini bar. Don't miss out on the smashing breakfast. Location is about 30 minutes on foot from Gare de Nord and similar from central Paris - for example the Centre Georges Pompidou, and is easy to get about the landmarks of just have a look around the interesting backstreets. A number of good cafes nearby and a carrefour store if required,
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4.8/512 Reviews
The breakfast was ok, affordable, good quality. The room has a sense of design, but I really want the hotel staff to be very enthusiastic. When I change hotels, they also help me send my luggage to another hotel.
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4.8/512 Reviews
The location is very good. Only 50.m from the Champs Elysées, the lobby is directly the door to the room. When the box is opened, it is difficult to move around in the basic room. The room is small. The service is good.
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4.7/516 Reviews
The location is very good, the travel is very convenient, the front desk service is very good, there are restaurants, supermarkets, and a KFC, close to the M12 line convention subway station.
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3.7/515 Reviews
The room is really small~ The front desk is basically just love to take care of it~ There are about five or six things for breakfast~ Cleaning is OK. The location of the hotel is ok, in a small intersection, but not too far from the subway.
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4/510 Reviews
There had been mix up over the dates of my booking, which was entirely my fault. The receptionist could not have been more helpful to resolve the situation. Although my booking had been fully pre-paid and was not in theory refundable, he could not have have been more helpful. I was very impressed; the room was fine as was the bathroom, although the facilities were a little basic. There is a funny lift which starts just above the first floor and goes almost to the top floor - which does not make luggage transfers too easy. However, as I have already stated service at the reception was second to none. Breakfast was included in the double room rate (large) of €129.00, which is a real bargain for a hotel in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. We enjoyed our stay here for a week - located just off the Jardin des Tuilleries.
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3.4/510 Reviews
Hotel location is very good, very close to the train station, travel is very convenient, the boss is super good, we started living for five days, then came back to Paris from Frankfurt for another three days, washing clothes every day in the summer, the room is clean and tidy, the boss is The second stay also offered a discount on the room rate and breakfast. It was a very good person. I hope to go to Paris next time to stay at this hotel! Recommend everyone to stay! Thank you
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5/511 Reviews
Pastoral feeling! I really like their small garden, a quiet and comfortable place! It’s very close to the subway station and the tower...
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2.6/513 Reviews
Breakfast was very French, yogurt oatmeal coffee white cheese apple puree bacon, I ate with the old French lady next to me. What she eats what I eat haha. It is a small room of 9 square meters, but it also has a separate toilet and bathroom, which is good. Living alone is really suitable. The staff is also very nice and speaks English. But there was no inspection when checking out. So I dropped my earphones ...
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4/510 Reviews
Very good location, unique design
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4.2/574 Reviews
Very close to the Arc de Triomphe and a ten minute walk. . When I checked in, an old man at the front desk asked me to add money to see the Arc de Triomphe, saying that my room type could not be seen. . But I obviously saw a lot of other netizens see my room type. . After emailing Ctrip's complaint, Ctrip immediately contacted the hotel and changed the 5th floor for me the next day. . The Arc de Triomphe can be seen from the window. . I have been satisfied with Ctrip after sales. . Remember to be dissatisfied in the European room to go to the front desk to change or complain, no need to bear. . Strive to reason. .
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4.5/510 Reviews
A very cute hotel. We were in the bottom room, with windows that opened to the street. It was a little loud first thing in the morning or when other guest were rowdy due to being located right next to the lobby, but overall that was only the most minor of things we noticed. The bathroom was fantastic- heat towel rack, quality products, wonderful hot water/high pressure. Lots of closet/storage space. Seperate WC. the room was larger than we expected as well. Front desk was so friendly- greeted us each time we arrived, and were able to provide us ice on request (I tore my acl just before the trip, so needed ice regularly after a day of touring). I loved the writing desk in the morning sun- although the view was of the sidewalk, the transparent curtains we perfect for allowing in light while softening the view. The windows both had shutters inside to block out light/sound, and enough still space you could sit and read a book. Location was ideal...the Montmartre area is wonderful. Very close to the Blanche metro line, a short walk to two others. Although just two blocks from Moulin Rouge, absolutely no issues with noise or crazy crowds at night- in fact, it meant some great street food places were open late! Very near to bakeries, fruit stands cheesemonger, easy to grab something quick if you needed. Several cafes a stone throw away with perfect breakfasts and coffee. Near to Van Gough's apartment. A beautiful stroll to the love wall, sacred heart, dali museum and artist square- and thays with me being hobbled with my completely torn ACL! There is a secret food tour that starts and ends in the same area as the hotel to give you an idea of how wonderful all the nearby choices are for eating. 12/10 stay, would definitely stay at this location again. Beautiful location, beautiful service, beautiful city.
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3.9/510 Reviews
Lovely and clean hotel conveniently located just below Montmartre. The staff is very nice and helpful and managed to resolve all questions I might have had. The decor is quite nice, it has a cozy feeling. The breakfast is quite lovely, nice selection of french goodies, so definitely a plus. The only downside is reflected in the location: if you go to central Paris, you often go small for this price. So a single room gets the fun part of not being able to properly unpack my small hand luggage and the elevator is definitely designed for slender crowd. Would recommend and would stay again.
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4.6/599 Reviews
The location is very good, the transportation is very convenient, the door is the subway station, there is a big Carrefour next to it, it is very convenient to buy ingredients, and it is also close to Chinese restaurants. The attitude of the waiter is very friendly, the door of the apartment is closed for management, the entrance is controlled, and you need to swipe your card. Free coffee and tea are available in the lobby on the first floor. The room is not big, although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs, and it has a full set of kitchen facilities. There is no problem at all when you start your own business. There is also a laundry room in the public area, which is very convenient for washing clothes.
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4.7/519 Reviews
A budget 3 star hotel. It is more convenient to take the subway station for about 7 or 8 minutes. The room was small, except for the bed and luggage, there was no place to go. Breakfast is just like nothing, no surprises. The wine station is very close to Chinatown and it is convenient to eat Chinese food. There is a small memorial hall nearby, which is cheap and good, but sometimes there are many people. In short, if the requirements are not high, it is good to live.
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4.1/5176 Reviews
The hotel is conveniently located close to the subway station. From Charles de Gaulle Airport, take the RER line B to Denfert-Rochereau, change line 6 to Cambrinne, exit the station and walk past the traffic lights. The road on the left can see the Ibis hotel sign. There is no elevator or escalator on this section of the subway line 6 of Denfert-Rochereau. You have to carry your luggage up and down. Do not take Line 6 when returning. From the hotel, take a taxi to Denfert-Rochereau (approximately 7 minutes, 19 euros, 20 yuan). Denfert-Rochereau has an elevator to the airport RER line, so you do n’t have to carry your luggage up and down Off! Taxi in Paris is expensive, if the locals are at the airport-hotel, take a taxi to and from it * o * Next to the subway station there is a bakery and a small shop selling Kebab (Kebab, Middle Eastern food), which are all delicious! (Put a few photos of Kabab Kebab). The lobby on the first floor of the hotel is spacious with Cafe and bar. If you can't sleep at night, you can go downstairs for a cup of coffee or a small wine, which is very comfortable. The room is small, 12 square meters. Although small, it is enough to put a suitcase and sleep. It is very convenient for the freelancer to live here! Will stay here next time I come to Paris! The house prices here are cheap in terms of prices in Paris, and convenient transportation is the main reason, which gives praise to five stars!
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4.7/512 Reviews
I was traveling alone in Paris. I asked if I was alone when I checked in, but then I was charged tax based on two people when I renewed my stay. I suggested that you must have the invoice details after checkout. I suggested that she overcharged, and she said it would be returned , But then it's gone.
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4.8/513 Reviews
Close to the train station in Lyon, Baidu mobile navigation will arrive soon, I will set the single room, bed 90, against the wall, the room layout is very compact and clean, ten yuan breakfast is worth, croissant is good 👍
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4.7/513 Reviews
The very friendly welcome, the perfect room, with towels, soap / shampoo, shower mat, the bed is very comfortable, the storage space is very good, the breakfast gives a lot of choice, TV included. In short at the top!
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4.7/518 Reviews
When I returned to Paris and lived next to the Lyon train station in Paris, I could n’t help feeling that Paris was more than just land and gold, and hotel details were well done. For example, the double-layer sound insulation glass is really impossible for the capitals of too many countries. Things, such as Beijing and Athens I just went to At the front desk, you can see the platform of the train that is about to leave and whether it is on time. The supermarket is very close downstairs. It is very close to the subway or the bus to the airport. The only downside is that you can't store your luggage for more than 12 hours unless you book the next hotel right away. Newly renovated, new equipment, small space is well utilized. All in all it's pretty good.
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4/510 Reviews
The Hotel is good situated at Place du Clichy. The Montmartre area and on the other Hand Grands Magasins/ Opéra ca be easily reached by food in ca. 15 minutes walk. We had a quiet room, which was small but still OK. The breakfast was ok with a good choice, but nothing special typical Parisienne. The room was clean and the bed comfortable. Finally I need to mention the very friendly staff. The best argument to choose the hotel is the good location
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4.5/56 Reviews
I cannot say enough good things about this place. From the second you walk in the door, the staff is so friendly. Everything is just beautiful and so clean. The rooms- oh the rooms- are just lovely. Quiet, safe, spacious, comfortable beds and the windows open for a nice breeze and sounds of the city. The only thing better than the comfy beds and room is the breakfast- I would be in heaven if I could eat there every morning. My only regret is getting back every night too late to enjoy the wine they offer. Please stay here when visiting Paris. You will not be disappointed. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance (Pizza San Giovanni is right down the street and has to die for Italian). Thank you, B55, for making our stay in Paris wonderful. <3
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4.7/513 Reviews
Nice budget hotel, right next to the Moulin Rouge. It is relatively clean, and it is a relatively standard chain economy hotel in the vicinity. The car park is a public car park. For a fee, the hotel can offer a discount. The only thing to note is that there is a cemetery next to the hotel, and some of the cemeteries can be seen from the window of the room.
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4/512 Reviews
The Ibis conditions are quite good, but the surrounding environment is too bad. When we heated the food at the front desk, because of the large amount of luggage, we managed poorly. We didn’t know when someone had taken a bag and was stolen some cash. One person ran back sweating and said that he saw someone taking our bag and he was chasing it back. Then we checked that the cash was gone. But the two of us were too stupid, and thanked each other. Later, the people around me should be the thief... Then we contacted the hotel right away, the hotel expressed anger, but we finally had no right to monitor even the monitoring, who did not know who to take How to get it, can't recover it. Although there are a lot of French policemen around the market looking at the market, everyone said it was useless. . In Paris, I really want to remind all of you who have just come, pay more attention.
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4.3/511 Reviews
First of all, the price is very favorable. I lived with a mix of men and women. I lived with girls. I felt very good and very safe. Will stay here next time in Paris, suitable for people who save money to travel alone.
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4.7/523 Reviews
The room is quite large. Although it is not in the city center, it only takes more than ten minutes from the city center by subway. The hotel is very close to the subway station, less than 5 minutes on foot, and it is also very close to the Lyon train station. Go to Switzerland or Italy by train Basically, I take a train at Lyon railway station, so it is very convenient to live here in other countries. There is also an airport bus next to the hotel, which is also convenient to get to and from the airport without having to take the subway several times. The hotel's breakfast is really the best I've had in a four-star hotel of the same level throughout Europe, especially the French toast. It's really memorable, and homemade vegetable juice. Anyway, if I go to Paris again, I will definitely choose this hotel again!
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4/519 Reviews
For colleagues to book, the location is better, very convenient, every time you go to live in this hotel, close to the customer company, shopping around is very convenient, breakfast is not bad
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