Hotels Near Gin Long Canteen In Adelaide

3.8/515 Reviews
0.42km from Gin Long Canteen
Adelaide is in the palm of your hand. This hotel is in the north. It takes four stops by bus to the city center, and it takes about 25 minutes to walk. There are direct trains to the market. It is surrounded by places to eat. I booked a room with a balcony, can sleep four people, have a refrigerator and so on. be quiet. Bottled water is charged, but there are tips. The hotel restaurant is good. A family of four definitely does not need an extra bed. Recommended.
4.2/5Very Good11 Reviews
0.61km from Gin Long Canteen
Clean enough but curtains were worn or been eaten by silverfish still comfortable clean and just needs a proper upgrade of carpets and curtains and some furniture is showing wear.i know that they are getting things done bit by bit
4.5/5Excellent14 Reviews
0.89km from Gin Long Canteen
The exterior of the hotel is very obvious. The blue exterior wall, at a glance, knows where it is. Ade is a very quiet and comfortable city, and you can park near the street. When I checked in, it was 10 pm. There was no staff. The experience of calling in at the door was wonderful. After entering the room, the room was a certain year, but the room was clean and tidy. It is the mural on the wall of the room. It is a little cautious to live alone. However, not every one is the same mural, and sometimes it is very curious about the aesthetics of foreigners. I am visiting friends and teachers. For my student party, this is a very affordable option. I am very satisfied that the daily cleaning work will clean up the room in a neat and orderly manner, and will not put things in a mess, and the beds will be neatly stacked every day. There are many places to eat around, and this street is not far from the city, even if it takes only ten minutes to walk. The overall housing experience is very good, if you come back to Ade next time, you should still choose here.
4.2/5Very Good15 Reviews
1.23km from Gin Long Canteen
Parking is free, which is important for self-driving, because parking fees in Australia are a bit expensive. The room is a suite and the single bed is actually a sofa bed. There are refrigerators and kettles, as well as free cola flake chips. Although the location is not in the city center, but because Adelaide itself is not large, it is 20 minutes to walk to the city center. It is convenient to eat around.
4.7/5Outstanding22 Reviews
1.56km from Gin Long Canteen
Everything is good, but the service is too poor! If you don't mind calling your room at the front desk at 11 pm and don't mind the front desk staff discriminating against you, then here is good. The lady at the front desk looks like a Hong Konger, and came after us. All other guests checked in smoothly. Only our family of Chinese people allowed them to stay. I stayed in Adelaide for 4 years. This time I took my parents to the graduation ceremony. For the first time, I encountered a fool who discriminated against Chinese people.
4.4/5Excellent68 Reviews
1.58km from Gin Long Canteen
The hotel is in the CBD of the city center, opposite the casino and next to the Trinity Church. The location is very good. There is a restaurant on the first floor of the hotel, which is very convenient for breakfast. There is a kitchen, tableware, and dining table in the room. If you like to cook it yourself, you can buy food and spices. Washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc. are all available. There is also a dining table on the balcony. The front desk service was also great. It helped me to send a courier to Melbourne and also called a taxi. I booked a family suite, both bedrooms are large beds, and the living room also has a large sofa, which is suitable for the whole family. The picture is the sunset of the balcony.
4.6/5Outstanding135 Reviews
1.65km from Gin Long Canteen
Hotel location is great, easy walk to all attracctions in the city. I think the hotel is a bit understaffed, need to wait long in line if we need anything. The breaksfast is okay, take very2 long time tonget served even just for 2 slices of toast. Overall, it's pleasant stay and will come back if going to adelaide again
4.8/5Outstanding14 Reviews
1.78km from Gin Long Canteen
The location of the hotel is very good, the environment is good, the transportation is convenient, there are buses and supermarkets around, the shopping is convenient, the waiter is warm, the room is clean and clean, the personal beauty is that the deposit is refunded for a long time, check out on the 29th. The deposit has not been refunded yet. Check the items after check-out. There is no damage to anything. You can retire. It should be a very simple matter. The hotel's door is best located outside because it is stretched into the road. Easy to find.
4.1/5Very Good10 Reviews
1.85km from Gin Long Canteen
We missed our first night due to our daughter being admitted to hospital and had tried to notify the hotel via email to which we received no reply. We arrived for our second night to be told our room was no longer valid and had been cancelled and we would have to pay their room rate if we wanted to stay the night (despite having paid for both nights upfront). In the end they admitted their fault in not getting back to us and offered us a room, but it made what was meant to be a relaxing weekend away, into more stress, and upset given the circumstances. The hotel was nice. The rooms were quite small and costly for what you get. There was no mini bar in our room or it hadn't been set up (probably a good thing), the pool was closed under maintenance, and the buffet was fairly small and you needed a staff member to help to serve your food because you weren't allowed to access it yourself (because of COVID). Overall, they did try to help us out, and we were able to get one of our nights in, but it did dampen our experience by starting out to a disappointing start. However we would stay again, but wouldn't be a regular place we would like to stay compared to some of the other options around Adelaide.
4.6/5Outstanding161 Reviews
1.9km from Gin Long Canteen
From double room to double room, the space is better. The house is fully equipped, clean and tidy, with 24 hours hot water. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer views of the city. The free Wi-Fi link is convenient and the speed is good. The room was a little less soundproofed.
3.8/514 Reviews
2.02km from Gin Long Canteen
Recommend to backpackers! The atmosphere is great and the accommodation is great. The location is also close to Rundle shopping center. Best because the bus terminal and train station are nearby
3.3/513 Reviews
2.03km from Gin Long Canteen
The hotel is very good, located in the center of the city, surrounded by a lot of coffee shops, seven or eight minutes walk from the University of Adelaide, two bedrooms in the suite, a large terrace facing the street park, full of sunshine.