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4.5/5Excellent3 Reviews
0.12km from Grand Bo Ky Restaurant
Opted to stay at Sohotel as it is one of the few hotels in NY that offers twin rooms as standard - and Sohotel did not disappoint. The hotel was spotless and in a great location: loved escaping the mayhem of Times Square to return to a quieter neighbourhood with great restaurants and bars (Fiat Cafe was my favourite). Really appreciated the cheerful greeting we received each morning from the hotel attendant and his tips on the weather and places to go. Would definitely stay again.
4.1/5Very Good53 Reviews
0.22km from Grand Bo Ky Restaurant
This stay was taken during COVID and noted for clarifying my experience. This was also my first hotel experience in general. Check-in was quick and easy. We were greeted, and after an ID check, my information was found. For the safety of staff and guests, there were plastic guards, which made it a bit more difficult for me to hear in addition to speaking through masks. The only difficult part of the experience is using the key card for the elevator. We often found ourselves swiping a few times to get the green light and holding down the desired floor a bit longer until it lit up. The key card worked effortlessly for our room. The room is pristine and a digital thermostat is available by the entrance. We got there towards the early evening, so we were a bit puzzled on how to turn on the light fixtures, not realizing there were brown rocker switches underneath, on the wall. It became second nature once we figured it out. I'm not certain if the ID was specifically mentioned, but it was easy to find the guest wifi and connect to it. While the TV has many channels and offerings, we wanted to use our own devices and external services we've been accustomed to. We needed to ask the front desk for a technician to come and take down the TV in order to access the HDMI ports, located in the back. An Amazon Fire TV stick just barely connects to the lower outlet (connecting with the TV outlet makes it difficult to remount the TV). After minutes, we were set up and running. The TV is easy to unmount after knowing what to look for, but is best left for professionals for safety. In addition, staff were ready to answer questions and assist where possible. The front desk had single use pouches of toothpaste should you forget your own. They will point out convenience stores nearby for your needs, and greet you as you exit and re-enter the lobby. I hate calling by phone, so it was important to me to be able to approach the front desk and request housekeeping needs. Located in Chinatown, there isn't a shortage of eateries. However, due to Covid the rooftop bar was not available. The property owner did not update this in Google, and while not owned by the hotel, it was an attraction we were looking forward to, especially for some good photo opportunities. We did find another rooftop bar not too far away, but again, it was an unfortunate inconvenience that was not noted beforehand. Overall, our experience was great. My only minor gripes were fiddling with the key card in the elevator, and accessing the HDMI ports on the TV. The key card is just trial and error, but having HDMI extender cables already hooked to the back of the TV would simplify customer experience.
4.2/5Very Good10 Reviews
0.27km from Grand Bo Ky Restaurant
Hotel location is good, no breakfast, but there is a nice breakfast shop opposite. It is close to Chinatown and Little Italy Street and has convenient eating. There are two subway stations nearby, with convenient transportation and security. There is a parking lot at the corner, 20 knives for 12 hours and 43 knives for 24 hours. The bad place is that the room is small, there is no refrigerator, the air conditioner is noisy, there is no airport shuttle bus, but you can help call the car, the airport to the hotel 60 knives. In general, it is ok.
3/511 Reviews
0.28km from Grand Bo Ky Restaurant
We booked it because of the price. Hotels were very high priced at the start of the 2019 holiday season and we found the Windsor on a booking website (that in itself was an issue since I was booking for 4 people, two adults, two teens. The booking website allowed four of us but the Windsor insisted we had booked a room for three people (I had confirmation for four) many emails between the Windsor and us and between the booking company and us and we were forced to "upgrade" for $35 per night to a larger room to accommodate the four of us. I should have cancelled then but rooms were outrageous the week we were planning to be there so I agreed to the the extra $35 a night and hoped for the best. We were on the top floor (7, aka "The Penthouse") which I don't think had been rented in some time. It was FREEZING. The marble floor hurt to walk on but after our 4th day/night of having the heat on became bearable. The elevator opens directly into the room and that was weird and unnerving but ultimately was no big issue. Elevator cards didn't work well and had to be changed out several times. Unfortunately, the elevator also stopped working into our stay so we were forced to climb up and down the 7 stories. The hotel is just tired and desperately in need of a good cleaning and some newer accoutrements. The 8 or 9 windows in the penthouse had old, dingy, bent and broken white mini binds and they looked horrible and did nothing to keep the light out (and there are a lot of lights on the rooftop terrace that are on all night long). The window on the opposite side of the room had the only curtain in the room and it was filthy and worn, shoved under the in window AC unit. None of the light fixtures had a full compliment of working lightbulbs, the floor lamp didn't work at all. There was a refrigerator and safe in the room (we didn't use the 'fridge so I don't know if it works or not). Wifi works. No coffee maker in room (no cups or plastic drinking glasses either). No coffee in lobby either (thankfully there is a decent store/deli on the corner for coffee and breakfast sandwiches/bagels). Our room came with a King sized bed (very firm mattress) and a twin (lovely mattress) and we also had a rollaway (also a good mattress). All of the sheets were clean (flat and fitted) and there were extra blankets in a dresser which we needed the first and second nights while the room warmed up. Thankfully NO bedbugs (probably it was too cold for them!). Hot water took about 10 minutes to get to our room, but when it finally arrived it was nice and hot and we got two consecutive hot showers out of it. Towels were clean but old and scratchy. No washcloths or hand towels were provided. Rooftop terrace (directly accessible from the penthouse and accessible via stairwell for the rest of the building) was the best part of the experience. Views of Lower Manhattan were fantastic, views of midtown were also good. The Windsor is directly across the street from park and
4.6/5Outstanding50 Reviews
0.35km from Grand Bo Ky Restaurant
Hotel 50 Bowery literally is one of, if not, the BEST hotel experiences we've had. The decor, the staff, the room, the bar and the breathtaking VIEWS! Everything is amazing there. Subway entrances are walking distance, the bar on top not only has breathtaking views but the aroma in the room is incredible! Our bartender Jose was extremely friendly and just a great guy to talk to. The gym downstairs is truly awesome. Small but has everything you need for a quick but good workout. The room was awesome! The bed is so comfortable, the ac/heater worked and the bathroom was stylish. Everything was great! I promise youll love it!
3.9/53 Reviews
0.37km from Grand Bo Ky Restaurant
On a recent business trip to NY I was looking for a strategically located hotel near Manhattan. I came across Off Soho by chance and after reading a few reviews, decided to give them a chance. When I first arrived, I disnt know what to expect judging from the exterior, but as soon as I walked in, I really like the vibe. My room was a three room suite with hardwood floor, spacious en suite bathroom, and queen size bed. The room was exceptionally clean, the temperature perfect, and quiet other than the typical street noise. The desk manager Gabe was first rate and took vare of my every need. I will definitely stay with them again!
4.3/5Excellent16 Reviews
0.39km from Grand Bo Ky Restaurant
My wife & I stayed here for 6 days on our honeymoon. On first impression, it was a nice hotel with modern interiors. On the final morning of our honeymoon, we were packing up and the receipt attached was put under our door amounting to $278.40 for expenses that we didn’t incur. I read swiftly through the receipt and became very angry. I don’t take well to being scammed or to someone trying to scam me out of $278.40. We both couldn’t believe our eyes. After staying at their hotel for six nights and giving this hotel our business…this is how they behaved. I would strongly advise either; NEVER STAY IN THIS HOTEL or alternatively STAY IN THIS HOTEL IF YOU’D LIKE TO BE SCAMMED. Having travelled extensively, I’d seen this kind of thing in some shadier parts of the world, but never would have expected to see this in New York! So, instead of leaving our room in a good mood after our honeymoon, we left with an incredibly bad taste in our mouths knowing that we now had to have an argument with the receptionist…brilliant! We had a full blown argument with the receptionist and she said initially that we can pay half…you’ve gotta be kidding me. We then continued arguing and the receptionist finally said we’ll waive it this time. Thanks for that! So, it was a case of the hotel chancing their arm that an unsuspecting customer would be happy paying an additional 300 bucks. On entering the room, we noticed a tray with snacks and drinks on it with extortionate price tags. For example $10 for bottled water! (Attached photos) We immediately put this tray into the cupboard so as not to accidently use any of it and be overly charged. This left a slightly bad taste in our mouths. There was no free tea & coffee available in the room which I’ve never seen before having previously travelled extensively. In the middle of the room was a door which led into the room beside us, this had no sound proofing whatsoever…which we found out. Three days into the holiday, a group of adults came in at 230am in the morning and were shouting loudly. We called reception and security came and told them to be quiet. About ten minutes later, they again started up until 5am. The next morning we complained to reception; there was no apology whatsoever and we were told that the group next door wouldn’t be staying another night. In other hotels I’ve been to this would have warranted a 20% discount or more on the rate of the room for that particular night. This again left a pretty sour taste in our mouths as we were both exhausted for the entire day due to this occurring. In summary; the only good thing about this hotel was the view from the 24th floor & I’m very surprised that they don’t try and charge customers for the view. (Hopefully they don’t get any ideas from reading this review).
4.5/5Excellent10 Reviews
0.39km from Grand Bo Ky Restaurant
Our stay at the Broome Hotel was nothing short of perfect. The quality and charm of the room, the hygiene standards they maintained during COVID, and the service were excellent. Couldn't write a review without mentioning the amazing complimentary breakfast as well!!!! Could not recommend a stay here more. Thank you for a wonderful few days!
3.6/53 Reviews
0.52km from Grand Bo Ky Restaurant
We are just back from New York and has a fantastic stay in the Walker Hotel. It is in a great location on the edge of Chinatown and is great as a base for walking or using the subway. There is a rooftop bar and restaurant that are due to open within the next few weeks and there is already a really cool coffee shop based on the ground floor. The staff were young and informal and could not have been nicer - and they were really helpful when I lost my wireless earphone in the bed frame! The rooms are small - we were in a king room and the bed was raised in a platform and you had to be a bit organised but it was really modern and very good value - we were under £100 a night which is amazing value for what we got. We would recommend
3.9/510 Reviews
0.64km from Grand Bo Ky Restaurant
This was a last-minute booking for me, because most of the hotels in the area were fully booked. I was pleasantly greeted by Victor who did everything to give me an earlier c-in, but as you know it is not available every time... I came back after a few hours and the lady at the reception (Sandra) was kind enough to c/in in my new room. Sandra has exceptional hospitality skills and is very kind. Staff in this hotel is really helpful! This hotel is in a perfect location and has some perks to the restaurants near by (staff will give you a discount card on c-in). Personally, I haven't used it, but I see this as a added value. There's also breakfast included in the hotel rate. It was a great stay overall. Thank you so much, L.
5/5Perfect1 Reviews
0.66km from Grand Bo Ky Restaurant
I've stayed at a few hotels in Manhattan over the past few months and the Gatsby is my favorite. It's got everything. Location, comfort, views, cleanliness, and a most accommodating staff. Easily the best choice you could make for a hotel stay in the city. The Gatsby has no hidden charges, unlike some other hotels in the city and in these post-covid days when so many hotel staff are weary and blunt and far less interested in taking care of their guests than they were in the past, the excellent staff at The Gatsby are at the top of their game. Friendly, helpful, caring and exactly the sort of people you want running a hotel. Angela is the General Manager and she sets the calm and pleasant tone there with both her staff and the hotel guests. I stayed for a week and then extended my stay even longer because I was so pleased. I highly recommend The Gatsby. It's better than many hotels at twice the price!
3.8/510 Reviews
0.7km from Grand Bo Ky Restaurant
My husband and I stayed at sixty les for our 5th year anniversary. The room was amazing! Very clean, well stocked bar and lots of snacks in the room! They were convenient... the prices for the snacks seemed high until you walk around NY and realize the prices are about normal. The view in the room was also amazing! The staff was friendly. We got to go on the rooftop to celebrate and they even let us be alone and made it feel special! The bed was firm but comfortable. There’s tons of restaurants near by. The only thing to keep in mind was the parking. Parking cost $75 a day and it’s a little walk(4 blocks) to the nearest parking garage. However we had a nice peace of mind knowing our car was safe in there. You can drop your luggage off in the lobby when arriving so you don’t have to carry it. The staff are very friendly and helpful. There is no room service because of Covid but if you need something they bring it right up to you. There was no issues with that for us. This is a true NY experience if that’s what your looking for. We was and extremely pleased we choose this hotel. Will definitely be back

Hotels Near Grand Bo Ky Restaurant In New York Review

4.5/596 Reviews
Wall Street/Financial District
The hotel's configuration is good, dishwasher, microwave, induction cooker, refrigerator, dishes and cutlery are very full! It's just that the scoop and shovel are not easy to use, but you can do it! The hotel room is large, a dressing room, and two large closets. There is an anteroom in the entrance. The kitchen has an island and a dining table. The family is definitely very relaxed. But the shortcomings are too prominent, that is, the refrigerator is very noisy. At night, the noise is not good at all. The sound of the air conditioner is louder and the heat is very fast. It is sleeping in an air conditioner. The noise feels like sleeping in the open hood. Next to it, the booming night collapsed! If the air conditioner is turned off first, the second refrigerator is still very noisy and can't be turned off, so sleep and fear the noise to give up! In addition, the curtains are blinds, and they are not shaded at all. This is not human! Let's talk about the advantages. The hotel is just outside the Wall Street subway station. There is an exit on the 2. and 3 lines in the hotel. It is especially convenient. It is also very close to the 4th and 5th lines! The hotel is very convenient for transportation. It is a 5-minute walk from Trinity Church and a 10-minute walk from Wall Street Copper Bull. The opposite side of Tongniu is the Museum of American Indians. The building is particularly beautiful! It’s also about 10 minutes walk from the boat dock to see the Statue of Liberty. It’s really convenient, and the surrounding security is better. There are not so many tramps! The hotel has a big food supermarket for 3 minutes. The food for cooking can be fully purchased. Turn right and go straight for 5 minutes. There is a very complete daily necessities supermarket. It is also convenient. In short, in addition to huge noise, other The place is worth experiencing, the bathroom is easy to use, the toiletries are all L'Occitane, the mattress is soft but comfortable, the pillows and quilts are also very soft and comfortable, the bed is USB charging and humanized, except for the bathroom mirror I don’t know what to do with the nonsense owls. It’s very scary to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. The others are very human! In addition, I saw that there is a guest feedback that there is no smoke exhauster. In fact, I have not found a place. The switch of the smoke exhauster is on the microwave oven. The light is the light of the hood. The FAN is the switch of the smoke exhauster. The blinds next to the air conditioner outlet are seen. It is one piece, it is actually a cover, and the air conditioner switch is hidden inside.
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5/51 Reviews
Times Square
My boyfriend and I spent the night here awhile ago and we couldn't be happier with our stay. The hotel feels very sexy so it was perfect for our little staycation. We're right next to Times Square so we got to be tourist in our city. The rooftop is gorgeous. We had the king suite overlooking the street with wall to wall windows. It was a great change and escape from our tiny Brooklyn apartment. Would highly recommend for a sexy night in NY:) Also shout out to the GM Jeremy Poon if he's still there. Amazing hospitality from the bellman to the front desk to the housekeeping team.
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4.3/5428 Reviews
Wall Street/Financial District
1. Good location: 9/11 new building and Memorial Museum just outside the window. 2. Convenient for travel. It takes 3 minutes to walk to New York's line 1, 2, 3, E, R, W. Taking a taxi is also very convenient. 3. Good service: there are people in the lobby 24 hours, and a deposit of 250 yuan for 5 nights. 4. The room size is OK and the facilities are complete.
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4.6/568 Reviews
Upper West Side
It ’s not the time to come out this time to catch the epidemic every day. This hotel is not cost-effective. The deposit is 600. Breakfast is basic for more than 100. Every night, the food is delivered to the room for more than 130. The 600 deposit is not enough. I ca n’t say that the deposit is refundable. The bathroom is super small, especially the shower and hand basin. What ’s wrong? Drop the ensuite sofa into the toilet. The sofa can be turned into a bed. I think the next time I go I will choose to live in New Jersey across the Madison River to see the buildings in Manhattan. It was so noisy that at least ten policemen were parked downstairs 24 hours a day.
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3.8/527 Reviews
Times Square
I was going to NYC to see Elton John and was to stay at The New Yorker. Well... neither happened. I had made non-refundable reservations but called the hotel to see if their policy would change during this crisis. Every person I spoke to was so nice and helpful. One person that really stood out was Neida Aldama, a supervisor at the front desk. She was incredibly kind and compassionate about the situation, and offered that my prepayment be used as a credit that I can apply anytime in the next year (hopefully if/when Elton John reschedules!!). I feel that this was very generous, given the fact that they had every right to tell me I was SOL. Neida even went so far as to call me to directly answer a question I had. I know that they are dealing with a lot and are working with a skeleton crew, so that phone call really blew me away. Thank you Neida and The New Yorker!
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4.9/55 Reviews
Stayed here 3 times it’s a great place to stay away from Manhattan. Close by to a liquor store and supermarket for everything you need since all the rooms have a kitchen with utensils. The breakfast is great too
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