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0.13km from Green Cafe
We needed a reasonably priced place to stay while visiting family in the neighborhood. Our usual chain hotel was unavailable, and the Franklin seemed affordable. It's OK if you just need a place to sleep and don't expect any amenities (coffee, breakfast, ice, minibar, etc.) The room is adequate, like a small European hotel, but the bathroom is tiny. Best for small-to-average-sized people with minimal luggage. Pros: clean, updated tile and bathroom fixtures, hair dryer, iron, good WiFi, safe, comfortable bed with modern linens, excellent daily housekeeping, convenient to Upper East Side cafes, museums, transportation, reasonable rates for the neighborhood. Cons: no thermostat (window opens wide if you flip it out from the top), no coffee or ice, only one chair in room, small entryway that isn't even a lobby, grubby carpet in public spaces, inadequate bathroom shelves. We didn't turn on the TV or AC. Staff were basically friendly, but could be better about greeting guests as they come and go. Descriptions on travel sites are exaggerated. Breakfast has been discontinued. The "designer" toiletries are standard hotel mini-shampoos. It's not the unique boutique hotel that is advertised. It's just a room.
4/5Very Good18 Reviews
0.72km from Green Cafe
As I had things to do at a nearby senior home and wanted to minimize the chances of not only my contracting COVID-19 but also the possibility exposing a very vulnerable group of people to the disease, I booked this hotel because their website states 'Face coverings are required in all indoor public areas'. However, during my stay, there were several instances when guests and even staff were not wearing face coverings. Once when I approached a man in the elevator who was not wearing a face covering, his reply was "then get your ass off the elevator" which I did. I talked to the manager, Martyn, about my concerns and he assured me he would have a discussion with the staff. Either he was giving me lip service or the staff ignored his recommendations as throughout my stay I still witnessed several instances where both the staff and guests were not wearing face coverings. One evening the reception expressed annoyance when I told her there was a guest in the lobby who was not wearing a face covering. She did nothing about it. In the end, after I had finished my business, I cut my stay short as the hotel failed to do as stated on their website and I did not want to risk contracting COVID-19 so I could visit my friends who lived in the city. To add insult to injury, when checking out, the receptionist appeared annoyed when I asked her to print out my invoice, she kept saying it was sent in an email. At my insistence, she finally printed it and I noticed that my first night (booked as a separate reservation) was not included. Then she seemed to reprimand me as she said 'you should have told me in the first place'. I never received an email with the invoice for that first night. Oh, the housekeeping staff were friendly and provided very good service.
4.9/5Perfect5 Reviews
0.97km from Green Cafe
The hotel is very close to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a walk takes place. The rooms are small but beautifully furnished. Two bottles of Evian mineral water are delivered every day. The first day has fruit bowls. Many people in the lobby elevators wear clothes to highlight New York fashion. It was unfortunate that I met an Oolong front desk man and gave me two pre-authorizations. I had to pay a hundred for the prepayment of the house. He brushed a hundred and then brushed for 590 dollars. I didn't point out that he didn't explain this to me. When I showed the text message of payment, he went to the office and said something to another person. Then the person came out and checked that they didn't collect more money, everything was OK, then I asked. What should I do with this money? The man said that he will be able to return it to me. This is a mistake. This is of course a mistake. The lady who came to check did not apologize and said that there was no problem. I am very dissatisfied with this. I didn’t receive more than five hundred dollars in the morning, but I returned a hundred dollars. It was too much. I checked this matter with them when I checked out. They said that they didn’t collect more money. The pre-authorization will be after I left. I gave it back in a few days. They did not collect the money but brushed up the pre-authorization, and did not release the pre-authorization when I left. It was almost a month before I received the automatic cancellation. The rooms in the hotel are very good and good value for money, but for the work at the front desk, remind the Chinese compatriots to pay attention!
4.2/5Very Good1 Reviews
1.02km from Green Cafe
Located a block away from Central Park this hotels location allowed us to enjoy to different side of NYC From arrival to departure the staff could not have been more welcoming and no request was too much trouble Having not stayed on the Upper East Side before, it gave a chance to see and experience a totally different area of NYC Our room was spacious and had a very homely feel to it The hotel is very upbeat in the bar, then provides a very relaxed feel in the restaurant Decor throughout is very interesting with murals adorning many of the walls in both rooms and other areas Beds are super comfy and the rooms very quiet to outside noise, the presentation of the room is like no other hotel i have ever stayed in, truly first class Looking forward to a return stay
2.8/55 Reviews
1.89km from Green Cafe
I was stranded in NYC for a couple of days due to flight cancellations. This place was a perfect, cost effective way to manage the situation. There is a 24-7 front desk so I was able to quickly reserve online and check-in in the middle of the night. This was my first experience not only as a solo traveler, but my first stay at a Hostel so I didn’t know what to expect. I found the place to be clean and safe and the staff was friendly and helpful. There is no AC and no fan. I wish they at least offered a room fan, both for ventilation and to block out the night time construction street noise. It’s actually a relatively peaceful and quiet neighborhood in the upper west side, but the construction at night was noisy. It’s a short walk to Central Park and plenty of nice eateries around with a Dutch flare. If ever I’m in NYC again, I would have no issues with staying here.
4.7/5Outstanding2 Reviews
1.98km from Green Cafe
My wife and I stayed in a garden patio suite (first floor) with our dog for six nights. The patio makes the suites feel very spacious and lets in lots of fresh air on warm nights. The compact kitchen has pretty much everything one needs for a stay and the service is low key, but very friendly. Rates are very reasonable for what you get especially if you take advantage of the discounts they offer, but they are still higher than other parts of the city not as convenient to hospitals. Excellent nearby groceries make cooking and easting in your suite quite convenient. Only two minor gripes: The quoted hotel rate for parking is substantially higher than what you can find on your own very nearby and the large patios could use a bit ore dressing up with planters etc.
3.5/517 Reviews
2.01km from Green Cafe
I HIGHLY regret booking this hostel. Please, just don´t book this one. just don´t! There are plenty of better options nearby. The receptionist didn´t even know that there was a better one very close to them (Hi Hostel at Amsterdam Street) with similar price, even cheaper depending on the time of the year. They charge you USD5.00 PER BAG if you need to store your bags after checkout!!! So you have to count this cost as well. (At least this Jazz on the park hostel could have written on their website with big and bold letters) 'Jazz on the park' hostel doesn´t even have cutlery and cups to use (any AT ALL, not even plastic ones, for the lazy and not eco-friendly hostels...). I had to walk on the street at night looking for... a spoon. I ´ve been to a bunch of other hostels. This is by far, DEFINITELY, the worst of all. It is just mean, the owners should visit the other options nearby to realize how unfair they are with their own price compared to other hostels. Worst cost-benefit. Owners of this hostel: you almost sounded mean by being so lazy in so many issues. Please, improve your place ASAP. It sounded as if we were in Cuba with low competition from other hostels/hotels, not in New York, where you have plenty of options.
3.9/58 Reviews
2.02km from Green Cafe
I stayed here with my daughter earlier this month. This is a great UWS location if you want be in a neighborhood I kept missing the hotel entrance because it totally blends in with the vibe of the area. So easy to walk to central park, natural history museum, tons of places to eat and shop without getting on a train. The best part is we found parking on the street. The room itself was not big but comfortable looking out on the street which is pretty quiet. Don't plan on the breakfast but walk out the door take a right and lots of places within a minute walk. We stayed at marriott battery park a few days later much nicer room but paid $50 for parking so factor that into your decision.
3.1/597 Reviews
2.02km from Green Cafe
It's just close to Central Park. I won't stay at this hotel next time. The price is better, but the room is not very comfortable. The basic functions are: when the front desk sees a black sister's indignation, it is estimated that it is unpleasant service. There are small grocery shops and fried chicken shops nearby, which is convenient for children to eat.
4.3/5Excellent36 Reviews
2.05km from Green Cafe
I usually stay at a different place every time I visit NYC but I will return to Hotel Newton. Location is perfect for me- subway station is just steps from the door- with redline 1,2,3 trains. It's in the upper west side with a classic diner just next door and Symphony Hall across the street . We got to our hotel at midnight and the front desk were friendly and helpful. They upgraded us to a bigger room for no reason. For a NYC hotel room, I felt the size was was very good with a foyer and bedroom that you didn't have to squeeze around the bed to get around. Bathroom was exceptionally clean - great water pressure from the shower. Our room was a bit warm so we turned on the air conditioner which was a little noisy but not bothersome for us. There was a small food station with cookies and hot beverage in the evening and fruit in the morning. Some people may feel the hotel is dated but I felt it was comfortable and welcoming- no weird smells. For the price, Hotel Newton was an excellent value.
3.5/510 Reviews
2.07km from Green Cafe
My own fault for not reading the small print! SHARE TOILET AND SHOWER ROOMS! The room was clean , beds comfortable but the aircon was very loud and prevented us from getting any sleep. The shared toilet was clean but the shower unit far too small and needs a lot of work to be done to it. If your are going to have us share a shower room at least make it appealing No elevators so had to walk up top floor! The stairs creaked as we walked upstairs. The reception is very basic but the two ladies that were saw were pleasant We booked out the very next day loosing all our monies and booked into another hotel with full comforts and more accessible to New York Didn’t like the area much . I would fully recommend you read the description first before booking or call up. One of my top three worst places I stayed
4.8/5Outstanding10 Reviews
2.09km from Green Cafe
I stayed here for 4 nights. While the public rooms were beautiful my room was somewhat dated. (I got rid of my hunt prints years ago.) But spacious and comfortable. I would ask for one of the updated rooms. I had breakfast daily, once in the dining room as well as room service when I came down with the flu. Breakfast in the dining room is lovely, impeccable service on beautiful china. Unfortunately the food.... not horrible but not up to this beautiful hotel. Toast and a bagel on different days, burnt. French toast?, please, my grandchildren make better. Its not supposed to be dry bread in the middle. Again, impeccable service, beautiful surroundings but just not well prepared food. Doormen. Hmmm. One of them was great, always with smile.....but others? Its always your first and last impression of a hotel. Rarely would they open both doors for you or even offer to get you a cab. At times they were on the house phone and you were an afterthought. When I left the doorman asked if he could get a cab to the airport for me. Great, I was struggling with my luggage, already out front. No cab. Finally a cab drops off a couple, I go over to ask if he could take me to the airport. The doorman finally comes back (where did he go?) and loads the suitcases I took over to the cab myself. Not the service expected. Beautiful property, either fantastic service or a disappointment. Oh how I wanted to love you.....

Hotels Near Green Cafe In New York Review

4.4/595 Reviews
Wall Street/Financial District
The hotel's configuration is good, dishwasher, microwave, induction cooker, refrigerator, dishes and cutlery are very full! It's just that the scoop and shovel are not easy to use, but you can do it! The hotel room is large, a dressing room, and two large closets. There is an anteroom in the entrance. The kitchen has an island and a dining table. The family is definitely very relaxed. But the shortcomings are too prominent, that is, the refrigerator is very noisy. At night, the noise is not good at all. The sound of the air conditioner is louder and the heat is very fast. It is sleeping in an air conditioner. The noise feels like sleeping in the open hood. Next to it, the booming night collapsed! If the air conditioner is turned off first, the second refrigerator is still very noisy and can't be turned off, so sleep and fear the noise to give up! In addition, the curtains are blinds, and they are not shaded at all. This is not human! Let's talk about the advantages. The hotel is just outside the Wall Street subway station. There is an exit on the 2. and 3 lines in the hotel. It is especially convenient. It is also very close to the 4th and 5th lines! The hotel is very convenient for transportation. It is a 5-minute walk from Trinity Church and a 10-minute walk from Wall Street Copper Bull. The opposite side of Tongniu is the Museum of American Indians. The building is particularly beautiful! It’s also about 10 minutes walk from the boat dock to see the Statue of Liberty. It’s really convenient, and the surrounding security is better. There are not so many tramps! The hotel has a big food supermarket for 3 minutes. The food for cooking can be fully purchased. Turn right and go straight for 5 minutes. There is a very complete daily necessities supermarket. It is also convenient. In short, in addition to huge noise, other The place is worth experiencing, the bathroom is easy to use, the toiletries are all L'Occitane, the mattress is soft but comfortable, the pillows and quilts are also very soft and comfortable, the bed is USB charging and humanized, except for the bathroom mirror I don’t know what to do with the nonsense owls. It’s very scary to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. The others are very human! In addition, I saw that there is a guest feedback that there is no smoke exhauster. In fact, I have not found a place. The switch of the smoke exhauster is on the microwave oven. The light is the light of the hood. The FAN is the switch of the smoke exhauster. The blinds next to the air conditioner outlet are seen. It is one piece, it is actually a cover, and the air conditioner switch is hidden inside.
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5/51 Reviews
Times Square
My boyfriend and I spent the night here awhile ago and we couldn't be happier with our stay. The hotel feels very sexy so it was perfect for our little staycation. We're right next to Times Square so we got to be tourist in our city. The rooftop is gorgeous. We had the king suite overlooking the street with wall to wall windows. It was a great change and escape from our tiny Brooklyn apartment. Would highly recommend for a sexy night in NY:) Also shout out to the GM Jeremy Poon if he's still there. Amazing hospitality from the bellman to the front desk to the housekeeping team.
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4.3/5426 Reviews
Wall Street/Financial District
1. Good location: 9/11 new building and Memorial Museum just outside the window. 2. Convenient for travel. It takes 3 minutes to walk to New York's line 1, 2, 3, E, R, W. Taking a taxi is also very convenient. 3. Good service: there are people in the lobby 24 hours, and a deposit of 250 yuan for 5 nights. 4. The room size is OK and the facilities are complete.
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3.8/527 Reviews
Times Square
I was going to NYC to see Elton John and was to stay at The New Yorker. Well... neither happened. I had made non-refundable reservations but called the hotel to see if their policy would change during this crisis. Every person I spoke to was so nice and helpful. One person that really stood out was Neida Aldama, a supervisor at the front desk. She was incredibly kind and compassionate about the situation, and offered that my prepayment be used as a credit that I can apply anytime in the next year (hopefully if/when Elton John reschedules!!). I feel that this was very generous, given the fact that they had every right to tell me I was SOL. Neida even went so far as to call me to directly answer a question I had. I know that they are dealing with a lot and are working with a skeleton crew, so that phone call really blew me away. Thank you Neida and The New Yorker!
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4.6/568 Reviews
Upper West Side
It ’s not the time to come out this time to catch the epidemic every day. This hotel is not cost-effective. The deposit is 600. Breakfast is basic for more than 100. Every night, the food is delivered to the room for more than 130. The 600 deposit is not enough. I ca n’t say that the deposit is refundable. The bathroom is super small, especially the shower and hand basin. What ’s wrong? Drop the ensuite sofa into the toilet. The sofa can be turned into a bed. I think the next time I go I will choose to live in New Jersey across the Madison River to see the buildings in Manhattan. It was so noisy that at least ten policemen were parked downstairs 24 hours a day.
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4.6/54 Reviews
New York City Center
I’m going to tell you a secret and you have to promise not to tell anyone. You can taste New York without New York money. How? The eminent Concorde hotel. I’m here now, writing this review. It’s midnight and the Upper East Side looks so beautiful from up here. This window is four times the size of my body and yet I feel so large. It’s all in the room, I think. It makes me feel like I’m Wilson Fisk. I'm Tony Stark. I'm Bruce Wayne upon Gotham. In this moment, I run New York. Wait a moment. Something caught my eye. I wonder why a single room light is on the 61st floor of the Bloomberg building? Is Mike home? You really need to see the Bloomberg building at midnight from this floor. What a view. Back to the Concorde. Every place is defined by its people, so let’s talk folk. All Concorde staff I encountered were excellent, from the courteous doormen to the tireless housekeepers. A few to note: the amiable Christopher Shepard, the efficient Rada Drascovic, the soigné Dukens Alexandre. They exemplify luxury hospitality. Meet them and consider yourself lucky. Look, we all agree that that hospitality in New York is a gamble, regardless of star ratings or thousands paid. Well, not the Concorde – it’s consistently well reviewed as far as excellence in customer service and I got to experience first-hand why. New York is not known for consistency in anything. I was impressed. Let’s now talk about the space. Understand that this hotel is less boutique and more New York history. It was born as a residential high-rise owned by a major airline to provide exclusive lodging to visiting crew. Keep in mind that corporations take it very seriously that the people flying their billion-dollar aircraft get the pinnacle of luxury for their night’s rest. So, you will too. The Concorde is designed with your comfort in mind. That’s why every floor only has four rooms. That’s why the beds are so soft. That’s why the soothing tones of mid-century modern mellow your eyes. That’s why I’m typing this with my laptop on a marble table top. That’s why… the bathrooms. Oh, the bathrooms. God damn. We’re talking bathrooms the size of a New York city studio. Professional vanity mirror taking up a warehouse chunk of wall real estate. Walk-in shower and soaking tub. That’s right - and. Have you ever finished a run in Central Park with a perfectly-temperature-controlled Bahamas waterfall of a chilled shower, soak your tired muscles in a home spa of a soothing bubble bath, then back to the Bahamas you go? I have. A bit about the amenities. Well, there’s the essential WIFI, but note that you can ask for a network cable for better Zooming or Teaming. 92 Mbps down / 94 Mbps up during my stay, by the way. My TV is quite big and has all the usual channels and music. A fridge (mind you, much mini) lets me keep a few refreshments cool for when needed. Finally, an iron and board in the room let me have my pilot uniform looking crisp for my flight out.
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