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0.08km from Haussmann-Saint-Lazare
I saw the evaluation saying that the hygiene was very poor. I was very worried. The result was really good after I went. I brought my own sheets and wrapped myself in bed, but I can see that it is very clean and the carpet is very clean. The most important thing is the location, about 5 minutes from Lafayette, Paris spring, there is a McDonald's breakfast next to the hotel, we did not eat the hotel breakfast 18 euros a person ~ no need ~ there is a seafood shop between McDonald's and the hotel Especially affordable, the four of us ate 98 euros but the seafood is invincible~ I didn't see the Raiders recommend this one, but it was really good. The location of this hotel is really good. It is also good to rely on a seafood restaurant in this hotel. It is more expensive and not suitable for our student party~ but next door to this luxurious restaurant is what I said above. The home is very good. It is also close to the subway station nearby, and it is convenient to go anywhere. The only problem we have for a room of 4 people is that the toilet and the bathroom are separate. When you use the bathroom, you have to go around the bathroom to wash your hands. I personally think that going to the toilet is very good, because the sound is not good, if you don't mind this. , then it is perfect. I saw that there was no elevator at the front desk on the first floor. Actually, there may be new renovations. I don't know ~ there are also Chinese restaurants nearby, Yunnan Sanhe Restaurant, walking for 2 minutes, their rice noodles, dry pots are OK, of course not comparable to domestic, but for our study abroad party is good, the price is very affordable, Per capita 15 euros is estimated to be good to eat ~
4/5Very Good27 Reviews
0.1km from Haussmann-Saint-Lazare
It was our first time traveling with a baby, and the staff went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. We requested and got a very early check-in so baby could nap while others went exploring. We hadn't requested an infant bed but they thought of it anyway so we didn't end up setting up the bed we'd brought. They offered to help us with our stuff, to store anything we didn't want in the room, etc. The room was plenty big enough for the infant bed (120×60) and for a play area and for all the stuff we brought (I think I'd reserved the slightly upgraded double room since Paris hotel rooms can be tiny). The elevator was reasonably sized by Paris standards. The breakfast was good and the staff offered to bring me food from the buffet or hold baby so I could eat more comfortably. They also gave us excellent recommendations for restaurants in the neighborhood. Having the train/metro station across the street was very convenient. Hotel was good; staff made it stellar.
4.6/5Outstanding73 Reviews
0.13km from Haussmann-Saint-Lazare
Convenient hotel near the train station and mall Gallery Lafayette. Hotel near Opera Garniye. Staff friendly and helpfu. Feeling a bit disappointed after get the room. The rooms do not match the pictures of the advertised on the website. They tried to explain to me. Which they know inside that they have a room But I was a guest who had never known And I have never experienced an event like this before comparing to other hotels It is similar to indirect guest fraud. Which other rooms are open for sale on the website. They understand that I don't like that room that they give me. Which he and her claims is the same The difference is that the windows are not the same. They would think that I am very much They will find a change room for me according to the pictures I have booked. But it's not what I'm complaining about For me, if they think like that It's wrong that the hotel sells the room, not the advertised image. I am therefore worried and finding the truth that my room matches the price that I paid or not, and they and their managers are trying to explain that the room is very large, cannot be posted on the website at all. Which is their excuse If he can change the room for me. Actually why have to wait for me to complain? They should give me the room that same picture I have booked since check in. My opinion, the hotel sells the room, should post pictures to match the type of the room. That has already been posted, the guest does not complain like my case. That doesn't mean having to advertise all the rooms in the hotel. If not able to do it like other hotels The guests see on the website must think like me, when choosing which room style they should get what they choose. After they explained I didn't want to move the room when he said it was the same type of room of privilege. And I didn't ask for anything because there was a slight communication problem so it wasn't as smooth as it should be. Good and clean rooms in face There is a free mini bar for my room privilege. But the first day the staff lady came to make my room very late. I came back almost in the afternoon. My room wasn't cleaned. While i was in the room The staff came in to clean my room. I saw her take out the pillowcase to change it. Which is very dirty, has hair and small dust in the pillow I try to do it and sleep. Because I'm the only one person in Europe I don't want to have many problems Even if I have the right to make a claim I woke up in the morning, my face had a red rash and peeled. I then put a towel on the pillow to prevent dirt. Usually I am not someone who likes to complain for no reason. But i complain because it is my right I didn't go to ask for a free stay. I saw what I said as I saw. This is the first hotel I complained about on social media.
4.2/5Very Good18 Reviews
0.16km from Haussmann-Saint-Lazare
It is very convenient for sightseeing near the center of Paris. It is also convenient to dine in the room because famous department stores are nearby and you can buy famous store dishes, cold wine and beer in the basement of the department store. (Because it is a famous store, you can get plastic knives, forks and napkins) As expected, I bought a glass of plastic at a supermarket in the basement of Saint Lazare station. (6 pieces for 2.9 euros) It was very convenient to eat out as you could walk to the Passage Panorama. It was nice to have an old man who speaks Katakoto Japanese at the front desk. However, 2/3 of the guests are Japanese and there is no chance of being in Paris.
4/5Very Good20 Reviews
0.16km from Haussmann-Saint-Lazare
When I first entered it, I was a bit surprised by its size. Everything is tiny. The receptionists speak several languages. Their English is fluent. I had a room on the 2nd floor. The lift is only for 2 people. Rooms are locked by a card. There is a safe deposit box, a wardrobe, a lamp, 2 glasses, an electic kettle, and a chair in this room. I booked a single room, but they offered me a double one. It had 2 beds placed together. The room was a bit old, but relatively clean and neat. The view from the room was awful. You can see a photo below. On the plus side is the room service. Towels were changed every day. Although dust wasn't wiped well. It also smells stuffy with some mixture of other smells in the room. The breakfast was very basic. Croissants, pastry/ jam/ yogurt/ tea/ milk/kakao/juice /water. The location of the hotel is its best advantage. It's a 1 minute walk from Gare Saint Lazare metro station and a 10 minute walk to the Opera Garnier. You can also enjoy your 20 minute walk to Monmarte. I wouldn't recommend it to people, who dislike narrow rooms and proper breakfast.
4.6/5Outstanding15 Reviews
0.23km from Haussmann-Saint-Lazare
Family of 4 (15, 13 year-old). Room 502 with 2 double beds and a twin bed. Great sized room for Paris. Lovely balcony with view. Great sized bathroom. Good breakfast. Excellent, friendly customer service. Grateful for the elevator (goes to 5th floor, not 6th). Fantastic location. Lots of restaurants and shopping nearby AND the St. Lazare train/metro station. So convenient. Don't hesitate staying here!
4.3/5Excellent11 Reviews
0.23km from Haussmann-Saint-Lazare
In the middle of a holiday of more than 20 days, I booked several service apartments for washing machines. The location of this hotel is quite good You need to swipe the card to enter the elevator and the surrounding area is convenient for more than 300 meters. There is Carrefour, but the hotel itself does not have a front desk. It ’s completely by phone. We arrived in Paris very late. After seeing the security guard, after seeing the security guard, he found that he can only speak French, English, but I ca n’t speak French, and that ’s the two sentences. Thank you. The result was that I finally understood that I needed the key, but he did n’t know it. The phone for the hotel said that adding a rummage to find the key was a very good attitude. The hotel also had a good attitude on the phone and gave me a 50 euro reduction. The next morning a tall female employee came to knock. The door did n’t speak English either. I talked for a long time with the chicken and duck, so I had to call the hotel again to find out that it was the big sister who wanted to clean the bathroom for me, so the lever proved the importance of going to a place to learn local dialects The reason for losing one star is that the washing machine will give an error message of IE for ten minutes. A very ordinary LG laundry I tried it several times and I had to change it by hand and then put it in the clothes dryer to dry it. Because the hand wash ca n’t be screwed, the dry-drying took a long time, but it was completely dry without wrinkles. Very good. The coffee machine also had problems. I have used this coffee machine many times. When I encountered this situation for the first time, I called the hotel and reported a malfunction. Later, I thought that the other party might not be nearby. I do n’t need either. I sent a message saying it ’s not used. Of course, this may be both. The occasional situation I encountered may not represent the consistent quality of the hotel. The hotel's kitchen is very well equipped. The tableware is adequate and the seasoning is a pity. I hardly use the refrigerator. There are three cans of beverage countertops and several kinds of chocolates for guests to eat. I almost did n’t eat to lose weight. One thing I need to mention is that I saw other guests mentioning that the curtains in the hotel are not well shaded. Maybe I did n’t find a switch on the wall to control the roller shutter outside the window. It was out of reach. Five-finger black
4.2/5Very Good11 Reviews
0.24km from Haussmann-Saint-Lazare
I highly recommend this hotel. My wife and I stayed for 4 nights. The staff were so welcoming and helpful. The room was perfect, clean and comfortable. The breakfast had good choices and was good value. Belleval is very centrally located and within walking distance of many sights. We will return.
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0.25km from Haussmann-Saint-Lazare
Just 450 metres from St Lazare Train Station, Bridgestreet Opera offers contemporary apartments and studios. It is a 10-minute walk from Galeries Lafayette department store, the chic Madeleine district and the Grands Boulevards.Free Wi-Fi access and a TV with a DVD player are standard facilities in the apartments and studios at Bridgestreet Opera. All are decorated in a contemporary style and some feature Parisian-style mirrored doors. Some accommodation types are serviced by a lift.Meals can be prepared in the accommodation’s kitchen, which features a mini oven, dishwasher and washing machine. Alternatively, guests can dine in one of the many cafés and restaurants in the local area.The Champs Elysées, the French president’s palace and the Opéra Garnier are all a 15-minute walk from the residence. For guests arriving by Eurostar, Gare du Nord is 10 minutes away in a taxi.
4.1/5Very Good12 Reviews
0.27km from Haussmann-Saint-Lazare
Let me start off by saying you get what you pay for so expectations should be tempered but even then I found myself very disappointed. I will skip past room size as it's usually a given that they are small. The cons: - tired, dated hotel. the mini fridge has a VERY strong moldy odor - no AC, just an old fan - only two usable outlets in the room under the desk by the door (both which become occupied by the fan in this heat and the fridge to store chocolates in the hope they don't melt though i truly fear the terrible smell will be absorbed) unless you choose to climb onto the desk to unplug the tv at the top and your charging cable is long enough - room was not completely cleaned, garbage can was full with previous occupant's trash The pros: - decent location i suppose? To be fair I had not booked this room personally but cannot really recommend for the value or lack thereof. Suppose it may be a better choice come winter when you don't need to use up outlets on the fridge nor fan.
4.5/5Excellent21 Reviews
0.27km from Haussmann-Saint-Lazare
I booked a twin room for a triple room. Because the family is four big and one small, the small one is a four-year-old girl. The hotel still has added more than 220 euros and has booked a single room. I didn’t expect it. The room in the first night of the twin room was sleeping in the middle of the night. There were many black worms on the wall. It was terrible. The next morning, the service to the front desk immediately changed us to a twin room and retired. The room rate of the twin room is still very fast. The room size of the room is much larger. It is better than the room layout on the first night. It is a blessing in disguise.        Hotel location is very good, we are from the airport to RER to the subway and then walk to the hotel in ten minutes, next to the bakery is very good, I go to buy bread every morning to return to the family to have breakfast.       The hotel is very close to Lafayette and the Opera House. It is within walking distance and there is a chance to stay in Paris.
3.8/515 Reviews
0.29km from Haussmann-Saint-Lazare
This is a great hotel and to be honest, for the money and the location you aren't going to do much better in Central Paris. Room is small bit fine, a few tell tail signs that mark this out as a three star rather than four. Big old chip in the glass side table by the bed, a fee for the bottled water in the mini bar fridge, no robe or slippers etc. However, as I said this is kind of the standard I expected. Staff are very helpful and un intrusive. I forgot my adaptor plug and reception were able to provide me with one at no extra cost. My one main issue that made this a 3 star rather than 4 star experience was a separate incident. I had just returned from exploring the city on a very hot day. I got back to my room and was in the process of getting changed when there was a knock at the door. I thought I would ignore it but then to my surprise the door partially opened so I began to shout as I was not dressed. It turned out to be someone doing maintenance on the room. Once dressed I asked them what they wanted and we just about managed to understand each other. As the workman was not dressed in any kind of uniform, there was a few moments that I was very scared about who he was and whether he was legit. This made me a bit uncomfortable about who was going to walk in for my entire stay, as a woman travelling alone. Otherwise all OK.

Hotels Near Haussmann-Saint-Lazare In Paris Review

4.8/5291 Reviews
The hotel location is very good, very close to the Arc de Triomphe, a five minute walk to the subway station can also take a direct bus to and from Charles de Gaulle and Orly Airport. Facilities breakfast also fully reached the four-star standard, the gym is relatively small. The front desk is more enthusiastic. There is a little brother who can speak Chinese, which makes communication more convenient.
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4.7/5185 Reviews
The hotel location is very good, in the Disneyland area, only ten minutes to Disney. The hotel has a shuttle bus at any time, the service is very good and convenient! The hotel facilities and services are very good, the staff is very warm and polite, and there is a dedicated parking lot
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4.2/522 Reviews
I regret the booking of this hotel. The gentleman at the service desk when I checked in was incredibly rude and condescending throughout the process. The room was as small as expected however the beds and pillows were incredibly uncomfortable. The shower had minimal pressure. The AC whenever it was turned on left a gathering of dust over everything in my room. Whilst it is located quite a distance from the centre, there are several stations close by which is handy, unfortunately the food options close by the hotel are terrible. I left the hotel after three nights instead of the five I had booked and paid for.
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4.4/5101 Reviews
Good location, nearby Carrefour, franprix and other supermarkets! I live on the 2nd floor facing the street, and it is very quiet at night, but the sound insulation between the room and the room is really average. The room is not large and has a balcony (not every room, so it is best to leave a message to tell the room with a balcony when booking) ), There is also a door in the bathroom sharing a balcony with the room, so the balcony is quite large. The hotel only provides shampoo, shower gel and hair dryer. Slippers, toothbrushes and toothpaste are not provided, so it is recommended to bring your own toiletries. Lines 7 and 10 are only 5 minutes' walk from the surrounding area. Line 4 is about 15 minutes away. The 5th district is a Latin area, surrounded by universities, so it is safe! The hotel has access control locks, staff need to help open the door to enter! Breakfast is an ordinary western-style breakfast, bread, milk, eggs, oatmeal, sausage and cheese. A tax of 1.88 euros per person per night, which must be paid to the front desk when checking out. This Ctrip will also call you when you are in China to inform you that this tax must be paid to the hotel separately! The hotel provides free wlan, but the Internet speed is average, the room has air conditioning and heating. In short, the price is high!
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4.7/548 Reviews
Stayed at the B&B hotel for three nights while visiting Disney. Anyone looking for a cheap place to stay this is perfect. Hotel is spotlessly clean, really friendly staff, good sized rooms with comfortable beds and shower room. The hotel serves a simple dinner of pasta or pizza which is great, easy to order and quick to come. Breakfast is simple but just want you need at the start of the day. Tables were cleared quickly and everything very clean and presented well. We were worried about the shuttle overcrowding but there are a few services which only run from the B&B hotel and others which go to the other four hotels on the complex which makes it easy. We always got on a bus even if it was busy and never had to wait long! Lockers are available to store luggage if your arrive before your room is ready or check out early. We will be back on our next disney trip!
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4.6/5113 Reviews
For the first time in a hotel model, the century-old building is said to be a historical cultural relics protection unit in Paris, so it is completely banned. My old cigarette can only smoke in a small yard. Miss Luo is very enthusiastic, let us have the feeling of going home. There is a black guy in night shift who speaks Chinese very well. He said that he read a book in Guangzhou. In the morning, the girl named Marty also speaks Chinese. There is no problem at all, and at the same time give us a lot of advice on the tour, much stronger than those that are not reliable. It is very convenient to exit the subway 50 meters away. This area is a safe place for French people to live in. The room is big enough to be the floor-to-ceiling glass window in Europe. Our bedroom is very close to the yard, so the living room is a bit noisy. It is highly recommended to add a Chinese breakfast. It is really not suitable for those cheese breads, and it is better to have Chinese TV. If you have the opportunity to come back to Paris, you will still come to the Paris Residence.
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