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3.54km from Smoothie King
There is an energy here that I cannot describe but I have had the pleasure of enjoying more than once or twice. One needn't be a golf enthusiast to enjoy but that may add to the intrigue. This hotel is a trove of photos, memorabilia, etc. from the career of Arnold Palmer. It also is a most comfortable, non-conforming structure which offers comfort, great food and excellent service. And the energy. I have posted various reviews, but anyone familiar with my posts will realize that this is the only place to which I refer to the energy. It is good. It is safe. It is comfortable. The service staff will please above and beyond. The aforementioned food is of consistent high quality. Enjoying a beverage - perhaps at the hands of Sheryle - will begin a lifelong appreciation and friendship of good people.
4.6/5Outstanding51 Reviews
4.49km from Smoothie King
In the United States, there are so many hotels with the worst front desk service. It may be too late at 11 o'clock in the evening. The big sister at the front desk was black-faced + impatient. She didn't smile from beginning to end, and arranged a room for us. It takes 10 minutes to walk from the lobby to the room. I can see that it is a parking lot outside the window. (It's not that the room has to arrange this room, we are not the worst room type.) For the rest of the four days, most of them spent in Disney World, and it was a place to rest. There are 5 knives for each day, but they have never been taken away. There is no water in the room. I have to go to the corridor vending machine to buy it. Housekeeping came to clean the door at 8 o'clock every day, and it was also dedicated. The hotel's shuttle bus to the world can be said to be very convenient! It takes 15 minutes to get off from 7 am to 2 am.
4.8/5Outstanding36 Reviews
4.67km from Smoothie King
The good?: location, express passes, location, activity clerk was great, location, internet service was good. The bad?: there are many, the main thing was the housekeeping was bad, the room was dirty - stuff to pick up off the floor from previous guests, black stuff on the mirror, unwiped counter tops, etc. I brought disinfectant wipes and cleaned the bathroom sink and counters myself. Flagged down a housekeeper to clean the mirror. Sheets were worn and thin, there was a rip in my bed. I needed distilled water which they said they carried, the front desk clerk called room service to verify that they did have it in stock, then told me to when I return to my room, call room service. I did only to have room service tell me that they don't have it, I said you do, I was put on hold and when she picked up again she did apologize and said it would be up to my room in 15-20 minutes. 40 minutes later it arrived. Other guests were greeted with leis, we were not. I see other reviews mentioning a breakfast buffet, there was none for us. (Maybe if you go for the premium rooms?) On our last morning there, the clerk at the Tuk Tuk Market informed the guest in front of me that if you kept the Starbucks coffee cup, you could get a refill for free on the same day. Previous two mornings, no mention of free refills. Would I stay there again? Maybe, but I would be more vocal if things weren't up to par. The location is wonderful and the grounds/trails are beautiful. But there were a lot of missed opportunities for good customer service from the staff. When I checked out, I was asked how my stay was and I replied "Good except for the housekeeping staff's ability to clean the room" and the answer I got was "I'm glad you enjoyed your stay, you're all checked out."
4.6/5Outstanding6 Reviews
4.84km from Smoothie King
IGNORE ALL THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS. We booked up to stay at the Portofino Bay for 3 weeks (01/03/2020 - 22/03/2020) and I became increasingly concerned as it neared the time of the holiday by the sudden rise in negative reviews (Due to construction work. It never, ever became an inconvenience to us). I was literally worrying over nothing. I received an email a few days before we were due to arrive by Dan, who is the front desk manager (Such a nice guy, I cant thank Dan enough for everything he did for us) asking if there was anything that they could do to ensure our arrival was as smooth and welcoming as possible. When we did arrive, Molly, who was checking us in was amazing! Honestly, I cant speak highly enough of her - so helpful. She covered everything and was just prepared to go above and beyond for us. We paid for the club room, which includes breakfast, dinner and evening treats. Everybody, and I mean everybody who worked in the club room again had amazing service and was so friendly! I need to give a special shout out to Greg though (Who works in the club room). Constantly working, never standing still and always checking on all guests. Fantastic service and incredibly polite. Faith in concierge also deserves a mention. We had some issues during the stay regarding confirmation of a booking to the Kennedy space centre and Faith helped with all phone calls. We even got charged for a phone call we made ourselves to the space centre prior to going to Faith for help, which the hotel sorted for us, meaning we didn't have to pay the whopping $200 charge! The rooms were gorgeous and clean, bathroom was huge and beds were unbeliavbly comfy! The maids got used to the fact I sleep with two pillows and not four which the beds are made as standard, so they always made my bed up with two pillows! We were upgraded to a room which had a balcony overlooking the harbour, and you could even see Rip Ride Rockit, Men in Black and The Simpsons ride from our balcony, and it was still incredibly peaceful. No noise whatsoever despite being so close to the attractions. (We booked two rooms and the balcony linked the two rooms together). Unfortunatly, our stay did end early due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. This meant the theme parks and hotels had to close. The club room did close which meant we were unable to take advantage of the breakfast, meals and evening snacks, however the hotel did provide vouchers to one of the resturants on site to cover the remaining days. The breakfast voucher was valid for the Trattoria del Porto resturant, and the food and service was outstanding. I believe the voucher for dinner was valid at Sals. We got refunded the remianing days left in terms of the car parking on the day of check out, which happened 4 days before the end of the holiday as our orginal flight home on the 22nd got cancelled by Virgin. We were NOT informed of this cancellation by Virgin. Infact, we had absoluetly zero contact from Virgin during the whole holiday.
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5km from Smoothie King
I stayed in this hotel March 5-7 2020. I checked in changed and left the hotel for dinner that night. The staff was very nice. When I had come back from dinner I was sitting on the bed and on the phone when I looked down and saw hair that wasn't mine and a live bug crawling across my bed. Upon deeper inspection there were stains everywhere. I called housekeeping and they didn't respond. I then called the front desk and they put me on hold then told me they would call me back. 15 minutes later the night manager on duty Jacquona knocked on my door and looked and said that is not okay. They worked on getting me a new room and did. She walked me to my new room and let me look at everything to make sure it was okay. It was not. Stains were still everywhere and I had to wait on housekeeping to show up to change all the sheets and then they didn't bring the right so they had to walk to get everything they needed. I just told her I needed to be asleep by 1am and they were done by 12:30am. Overall it took about 2 hours. I asked Jacquona for any sort of compensation and she offered food, but I already had plans so denied the offer. She let me know she wrote it up and passed it to the manager above her and I said I would give them a few days and a chance to rectify the situation before I go on social media and write my reviews. It's been about a week now and I've heard nothing. The morning I checked out there was a huge bug in the bathroom too. I was done! Upsetting experience as I expected more from the reviews I've read for this location. If you have a choice do not stay here. Pics include hair and stains found in both rooms.
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5.07km from Smoothie King
This hotel needs to step up their game. I felt that this hotel was a bit stingy/low quality for a hotel in this class. We had a jr. king suite with a small kitchenette. The mattress was awful - it felt worn out/no support at all. We had one trash can in the entire room (in the bathroom) and only had 3, fairly rough, bath towels. We did ask for more & received them but when the room was cleaned the next day we were back to 3 towels again and 2 washcloths. The pullout sofa was pretty good considering and very adequate for a teenager or two. Breakfast was ok but again fairly stingy & low quality for a hotel in this class. Also, the hotel had a water dispenser out by the front desk, but only in the late afternoon - really should have this all day. There are a ton of hotels in this area in this hotel class and even some in a lower class that are much nicer in that they offer better mattresses, towels, & selections/quality of breakfasts.
3.2/510 Reviews
5.08km from Smoothie King
This place is awesome. They make check in easy, and fast. The rooms are clean and the beds are big and super comfortable. All the staff are amazing. I really appreciate the Manager Alex, he always helps me the best way possible and very resourceful. I also like Tj the maintenance man, he definitely doesn't mind helping a customer in need if he can. I come here often for work but I definitely recommend this location. Close to a lot of stores and activities.
5/5Perfect1 Reviews
5.1km from Smoothie King
Awesome stay😉 Staff members are nice, noticed me immediately! when I walked in; the hotel manager Giovanny Gutuirrez was very nice and polite😊 allowed us to checking early free of charged also no security deposit yayyy! Hotel itself looks good, Beds were clean nice bedding, fluffy pillows, Tv with good channels ( shark tank) lol, I had pool view and lake view, pool was clean over all comfortable stay The location was convenient bus across street from the hotel, IHOP, KFC,Taco Bell within walking distance from the hotel across the high way Hooters, Korean restaurant, Waffle house and McDonald's others stores and gas station near by (walking). NO BED BUDS OR ROACHES IN MY ROOM!! Tips Make sure that you don't leave anything on top of the otherwise the housekeeper won't make your bed because they cannot touch any of your belongings. Disliked · Okay, I saw one of the housekeeper cleaning the bathroom 🤔 in my room very sloppy job 1.Bathroom ceiling have dots of mold 2. Around the edges of the have balls of dust, should be vacuum 3. No changing sheets after 3 days of stay 4. Bath towels are replace after 4:00 pm 5. BREAKFAST, THE WORSE SCRAMBLE EGGS AND COFFEE I EVER HAD HORRIBLE 😕 6. Pool isn't heated. Hopefully in the future they might put it heated for cool days....I couldn't use it 😔 7.Room chairs were dirty 8.Lamp shades could be replace 9. Dresser have burns or screw hole 10. Pillows are okay but after a while they become uncomfortable.
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5.11km from Smoothie King
So me and my mum stayed for 10 nights and had previously stayed at the Rosen down the way but thought we would upgrade! Well it was a downgrade. The only plus side was the security to the pool and rooms. On arrival we were greeted promptly and basic information was explained. Upon arriving in room it was ground floor - not great with two ladies on their own. Anyway we had two beds - brilliant until sleeping on them and they made the worst noises. Fridge was sufficent and a microwave which we would not wish to use as not cleaned. Then the safe - right by front door not hidden at all - great security. Also no wardrobe just a pole with a few hangers and two drawers under microwave. Really not sufficent for two people let alone any more. The toilet/bathroom was disgusting - the fan was broken and there was mould behind it, the toilet was stained and did not flush well at all. The floor had rubbish in it and the bath was just disgusting. The towels given were also not very clean and had dirty marks on them. The pool was nice although prepare for many children screaming! No breakfast is included and a bottle of small water was $3.46 inc TAX whereas a massive bottle from Walgreens was less than that! You also needed to ask for extra cups if you used them and also toilet roll as they were not replaced. The concierge when there are mostly helpful but get them when you can. Also the desk staff were standard - not very helpful. Overall will def not be paying them another visit.
3.6/55 Reviews
5.12km from Smoothie King
I went to the hotel in early march with my little sister for a weekend getaway. The hotel itself exceed all my expectations plenty of space in the room. Has a modern and luxurious look very well clean. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Good breakfast. Close to plenty of restaurants a korean bbq my favorite. Gift shops and Universal Studios. Free shuttle to parks. Nice spot to walk though International Drive. I will it love is the breakfast was included in the package since you have to paid it every morning $6 per person.
5/5Perfect2 Reviews
5.13km from Smoothie King
This is walking distance (.08 mi) to Universal and very doable for a mama and a 10 year old girl - even after a long day. There is a shuttle and we took it every morning, but then walked back in the evenings because the shuttle times didn't fit our schedule. You can also Uber for around $6. The hotel was very standard and what you expect from this price point. The bonus and reason for the review is to commend the excellent management and staff at this location. Friendly staff - always at desk, always a "yes" answer, right down to housekeeping. A friendly staff will make up for any other shortcoming.
4.7/5Outstanding6 Reviews
5.14km from Smoothie King
I spent 4 nights at this hotel - my first-time ever at this Southwest Orlando location, but I’ve been loyal to the Hampton Inn brand for over 20 years. This is an aging hotel, and you can see the aging in the room and in the community areas. The hot water was instant and plentiful in the bathroom, and the A.C. unit worked properly in the room. The HDTV worked good, as did all of the lighting. Several issues I experienced with this visit: I should not have to reopen the drains for both the shower as well as the bathroom sink when I return back to the room in the evening. I had to do that almost every night. They should never be closed except for when they are being cleaned. One night when I returned back to the room it was frigid. The A.C. was set for 62 degrees - 11 degrees below what I intentionally set it for during my entire stay ! Needless to say I had to completely shut-off the A.C. for the rest of the night in order to “thaw-out”. The WiFi does not work properly. When it’s actively being utilized it works fine, but after just a couple of minutes of inactivity the WiFi is completely disconnected from the device. I probably had to manually reconnect to the WiFi on my iPad about 15 to 20 times per night, or up to 80 times during my visit. It was extremely annoying, and I don’t think that I’ve ever experienced that before. I may or may not stay at this location again. It wasn’t a bad stay, but it was definitely below the normal Hampton Inn experience that I’m accustomed to.

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4.8/520 Reviews
International Drive
My partner and I came here because we planned to visit Universal Studios and this was one of the most reasonably priced hotels in the area. We saw that it was advertised that there is shuttle service from the hotel to the parks, so that was part of the reason we booked this hotel. The hotel isn't bad at all. It serves the purpose, it is nearby several attractions and has a pool, hot tub, restaurant, and vending machines. The only suggestions I would make would be to add more shuttle times to Universal Studios. There were two early morning pick up times (from the hotel to the park) and two drop off times (from the park to the hotel). We selected not to take the shuttle because we didn't want to wake up that early. Also, another suggestion I would make is that the concierge seemed a bit pushy when we arrived and we were simply looking at brochures. He conversed with us and asked us our plans and informed us about a discount to Universal Studios if you take a tour at another IHG facility (golf cart tour and I believe sitting through a presentation). This seemed to sound a bit cheesy and this is the last thing we wanted to hear, especially coming directly off our flight (We really just wanted to relax in our room and look at the brochures). He made us feel pressured. Also, I believe there is a taxi service at the hotel and the taxi driver/operator made a few snide remarks to us as we were getting into our Uber.
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4.5/584 Reviews
Disneyland Resort
We originally booked 5 nites through Groupon at a very reasonable discounted rate and decided to stay an additional 2 nites and found a much better rate thru The property and limited amenities (due to COVID-19) are very nice and the staff that we had direct dealings with were great. However the in room fridge barely cools a bootle of water, even after being switched out by maintenance. And the toilet and sink were (and still is) slow to drain this even after being serviced by maintenance. It’s not enough to check out or become irate about, but it is annoying and I will be contact guest services again after posting this review. 😉
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5/51 Reviews
International Drive
So first I want to say that Beatrice, Shawnte and Ashley were the stars of this vacation for my family. It was a rough start and we checked in during the wee hours of the morning to escape a previous property. Beatrice checked us in without any hiccups and was very knowledgeable in general. She answered every question I had. Beatrice was truly a ray of Sunshine on a ROUGH NIGHT to say the least. Ashley was always upbeat, responsive and helpful no matter what chaos was around her and finally Shawnte... she was the person who actually resolved our biggest issues during our stay. I didn't give a 5 because the breakfast was very limited: eggs, precooked pancakes, sausage or bacon. There was no decaf already made but they happily made some for me. There were maybe 3 or 4 cereal options. This limited version is 100% due to COVID so I get it but as a family with allergies, it just didn't help at all. The rooms - the bathrooms weren't as clean as I would like. There were random hairs in various places. I called down to describe the issue a total of 4 times and each time was promised that someone would tend to it. No one did until I talked to Shawnte on our second to last day. She made sure the rooms were cleaned while we went out the enjoy the day and we came back to clean rooms. It took 3 days but eventually it got done, thanks to Shawnte. Also, on the last day a housekeeper walked in on my guy in his undies. She didn't knock or anything. She was very apologetic but isn't protocol to knock and wait for a reply? ijs... Last issue was that I saw several people walking through the lobby without masks and going on and off the elevators mask-free. Not cool. I talked to Ashley about it and she mentioned a 3 strikes rule. I am not sure how well it is enforced but it did make me wonder how focused they are on protecting the inside of the hotel. Oh, they don't have smart TV's so not streaming or Netflix is possible. They do offer a good array of channels though. That said, we quite enjoyed our stay and the pool which was pretty quiet most of the time. The rooms are nice and comfortable. The hotel is pretty too. You can tell it is an older property but they keep it pretty clean in the common areas and it is central to EVERYTHING.
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5/51 Reviews
Orlando International Airport Area
This Hotel is so CLEAN and Modern looking with all the Techie stuff! The SERVICE is some of the BEST I have ever seen from the Sales Manager to the Service/Check In-Desk they are so friendly, upbeat, helpful and accommodating- this staff really CARES about it's Guests! This PRICE was a great VALUE and it included breakfast, AIRPORT transfers, and an airport shuttle that helps you get around locally within a few miles BUT the restaurants, Shopping, Bars were right across the street-short walk so BEST location! This HOTEL has it ALL so BOOK with CONFIDENCE!
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4.7/535 Reviews
Universal Studios Area
Going to Universal Studios and choosing this hotel nearby, the price is very high. Stayed for three nights, including breakfast, less than 2,000 RMB. Next time I go to the world, I must still live here. Room: What impressed me the most was that the room was super big and there was 30+ flat. I thought that like this kind of hotel chain would be like a domestic 7 days, a room is enough to put a bed. The room has an air-conditioning and heating machine, a 1.8-meter bed, a sofa coffee table desk, and a coffee machine refrigerator microwave. There is only one drawback. The toilet in such a large room is small and not very harmonious. The room only has shower gel shampoo conditioner, no toothbrush and toothpaste, but you can go to the front desk for free. Restaurant: Breakfast included, the style is very rich, although the same every day, but I did not eat the same three days. It's fun to have an automatic pancake machine. Press a button and it will squeeze out a creamy look. Then, like a toaster, it will become a pancake. It will be a pancake every time. It is delicious with honey butter. . Facilities: There is a water dispenser next to the restaurant in the lobby, and a hot and cold espresso machine is available 24 hours. That is, hot water is not available very quickly, and water is not often renewed. Shuttle bus: To the shuttle bus to Universal Studios, you need to make an appointment at the front desk. It is free, there is a time limit, and the reservation is not full, but I did not go to the appointment in order to catch up early. It is very convenient to play UBER, and you can go to the world around 10 knives. The shuttle bus will pick up at several hotels, which is a bit of a hassle. Not bad, it will hit UBER, very close. But walking is impossible.
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3.7/57 Reviews
International Drive
I placed my reservation through for "Rodeway Inn". When I arrived at the hotel apparently it had changed to Clarion Inn. When I walked into the lobby it looked like it was thrown together in 5 minutes. Just an empty room with 3 makeshift desks, no decor. Not welcoming at all just like the employees. Walking up to the clerks I did not receive any sort of greeting. I stood there for 5-10 minutes while they carried on a conversation before they decided to acknowledge my presence and help me. The cashier that confirmed my reservation even stopped processing my paperwork to go on Facebook to read comments on a post. We finally got our room key and made our way to our room which was on the 4th floor. We had no idea where the elevators were because there were no signs. When we found the elevators, they did not work so I had to lug all my stuff up 4 flights of stairs, which was a disgusting experience in itself. It smelled like pee and at one point someone threw their garbage in the stair well. My room was less than spectacular. My reservation said there was a refrigerator, there was no refrigerator in the room. Just an empty spot where it was supposed to be. The beds were not comfortable and it felt like I was sleeping on a concrete slab. Overall the only good thing about the hotel is it's location on I-drive. It's within walking distance of plenty of restaurants and stores. Very disappointed
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