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4.1/5Very Good10 Reviews
0.35km from Hector-Peterson-Schule
We came across the Rewari Hotel while searching for accommodation for our family of four for our mini break in Berlin. We selected a four bedded room at the Rewari and were very surprised by how spacious it was (not something you often get in a capital city). The room was clean and quiet. The bathroom was equally spacious with a nice powerful shower. Breakfast was fresh and ample (Get down there at 7am and you will find that the bread is still warm which is a plus point for me). Staff were courteous, helpful and friendly. We'd arrived fairly easily by train and U-Bahn but they showed us an even easier way to return using the U-Bahn and bus. The location was good - no problems with street noise, there was easy access to public transport (and less than 5 minutes from 'Mama Cook', which is a great place to eat, as you will see from a separate review I have written). So are there any negatives? I have to search hard for anything you might think of as a negative and these are the only things I could come up with. 1) We ran out of soap/shower gel in the shower on one day. I guess it would have been nice of the bottle had been filled prior to our arrival. That said, it was replaced the very next day and we'd still got the bottle over the sink to use. The only other things I can think of was that the wash basin was cracked No that doesn't matter to us as it didn't leak or anything) and 2) it seemed like the previous occupants may have been smokers as it appeared that there was a vague smell of smokers in the room. I could be wrong about this, but I did say I had to scratch around to find anything at all negative that I might comment upon. All in all a great stay - we'd definitely stay again.
4.2/5Very Good1 Reviews
0.39km from Hector-Peterson-Schule
Location was great, within walking distance to many attractions and transportation points. The staff was very professional, helpful, and knowledgeable about the city. Another feature of this hotel I found helpful was the fact that bicycle rental was handled right through the front desk which was easier than dealing with the variety of confusing telephone applications available. Bicycles rented were in great shape and an awesome additional to the trip. There were two sad things, for long stays add a coffee pot in the room, and bar service was lacking if you wanted anything beyond beer. Overall I will be back here on my next trip! Thank you.
4.9/5Perfect19 Reviews
0.39km from Hector-Peterson-Schule
We arrived early and room not ready so went out for walk. Came back and attempted to use restaurant for lunch only to be told it was full due to a conference. There was no other area to eat, the bar area is shut off in the day. So there is not actual hotel lounge just the reception sofa's. Been to many Crowne Plazas and you can eat somewhere but for a resident not to be able to get food is not good! Throughout our 4 night stay there were conference/meetings so there was always a number of people around the foyer area in the day. We got upgraded to a superdelux at no extra cost and the room was lovely and spotless. The cleaning staff were all very friendly. Again the restaurant lets the hotel down with breakfast. In other Crowne Plazas you are shown to table but here they mark you off and that's it no explanation of food available, what to do or shown to a table. Due to the conferences it was always full so people wandering around trying to find a table!! The food is varied with large selection and caters to all tastes. Hotel's location is great. 10mins from checkpoint charlie and 20 mins walk to Brandenburg gate. The hotel staff are attentive and friendly. There is table service in the bar area during evening. Wifi very good. The place is spotless. Overall a lovely hotel.
5/5Perfect5 Reviews
0.42km from Hector-Peterson-Schule
coincidentially we booked this hotel, when looking to be close to the Bergmann Kietz in the center of Kreuzberg. I would call it a gift to had a chance staying at the Vihelm 7. Beside the very authentic, typical Berlin backyard architecture, the way this building was refurbished, is absolutely great. No playfulness, no glitter but the plain style of late 1890 / early 1900 with a light influence of modern art. There is some nice history about this building, which was a cotton textile factory in the early days of industrialization. We had a nice double bed room, which is quite big with a box-spring bed of very good quality. bathroom is big as well , including a shower. The hotel is very clean and managed very well. The breakfast is made with organic food, everything produced in the greater region of Berlin and great quality. Our special THANKs to Yvonne, the Manger of the Vihelm 7, who is so wonderful warmhearted and gave us so much insight into the history of this nice place. This Hotel is absolutely recommended ...
3.5/510 Reviews
0.56km from Hector-Peterson-Schule
I stayed here with 4 friends for 3 nights, all women 25-35 years old: Pros: - clean sheets/clean room/clean bathroom - good price £54 for 3 nights - good location - lots of transport/bars - went in November - the room was really warm - great restaurant over the road Bangkok City - breakfast is basic/not disgusting - lockers (bring a big padlock) - Wifi was good Cons: - feels kind of like a prison cell/old mental asylum/horror film set - children that live there running around the hallway all night - very creepy - only given a tiny hand towel for whole body which isn't changed, you will flash people - room lighting is very dim - went out with wonky make up - one small room mirror for 5 women to get ready - dodgy entrance and lift that feels like its gonna break at any moment - filled with all sorts of ravers, at all hours wandering about in all sorts of states Overall, we had fun here, if anything the instagram videos of us pretending to be in jail was the best part. I probably wouldn't stay here again out of choice, but it wasn't awful.... Advice; - unless you're poor, spend a bit more on a decent hotel lol... - bring a towel & mirror if more than one women - don't share a mixed dorm if you can help it - it would be horrific.
4.5/5Excellent12 Reviews
0.61km from Hector-Peterson-Schule
I have stayed at this hotel twice in the past few months, and, while it is a very good mid-range option in Central Berlin with comfortable, quiet rooms, the thing that really stands out is the excellent service provided by the staff. I especially want to recognize the front office manager (man) and housekeeping manager (woman) - I wish I had asked their names, but I didn't think to at the time. Both went well beyond the call of duty to help me with difficult problems. In the first case, The front office manager forced through a resolution of a long running, infuriating problem I had with Club Accor who had frozen my account and refused to unfreeze it. In the second case, the housekeeping manager dealt with an unruly guest who had been smoking pot in his room day and night for a week, against all rules, and really stunk up an entire corner of the building. What was outstanding about both of them is that they acknowledged the problem immediately and took executive action to resolve it promptly. Such a level of personal responsibility is all to rare in the hospitality industry. I am glad to see that it is still prized at this hotel.
4.9/5Perfect7 Reviews
0.65km from Hector-Peterson-Schule
Arriving after midnight, I got an unpleasant suprise at “zhe” doorsteps of Movenpick Berlin. I rang the bell multiple times. Nobody replied/opened the door. After 7 hours of driving, not a warm welcome from a hotel that is passionate about making moments. Just saying… Puzzled by this “welcome”, I decided to give them a call. It took a while but a friendly Makram replied and openend the door. A bit upset, I asked why nobody answered the doorbell. “Well sir, you need a card to have access to the hotel.” Probably the coolsummernight messed up with my braincells…. I replied: “But how on earth do I get that card if you do not allow a customer entrance to zhe hotel?!” - Well, sir I am very sorry, but I was in the back working on different things. (ok, mr Miyagi wins in my brain, wax in...wax out) “Apologies accepted, but before we do the registration, could I visit the bathroom downstairs? I had a long drive and my bladder is in some discomfort.” - Yes, ofcourse sir. See you in a second. So after taking the stairs to the basement…..I found out that the toiletarea was closed. Oh, lucky day. Where is the hidden-camera-prank? If you ever need a moment of “oh my holy hare krishna in a hyundai”, try running up the stairs again with a full bladder under some serious tension. “Makram, the accessdoor to the toilets is closed! I need your help!” Friendly Makram ran with me down the stairs making Usain B. look like a snail to find out that the door was indeed locked. Yes, they succeeded again in making moments. Just saying…. In my room while unpacking my luggage, I tried to hang my shirts on a clotheshanger. Guess what? The first one broke down the moment I hung up my shirt. Oh boy, I can feel it coming in the movenpick-air tonight, oh lohooord. Just saying…. When I made my reservation, I made sure that I could use an iron(bugeleisen in german; funny word) and iron board. I called before travelling to Berlin and asked if it could be arranged. Friendly man, who talked like an uzi made it unmoglich to hear his name properly: “sir, when you arrive in your room, I make sure that the bugel and board will be there already.” Briljant! Passionate about making moments, it became an invisible bugel and board. Just saying….. Before going out for diner the next day, I request by phone to make it happen anyway. Friendly Paul apologised for the inconveniences and was going to take care of it jetzt. “Anything else sir?” Yes, some clotheshangers, bitte. The first I had, broke down. “Sorry to hear that sir. How many do you need?” Good man, always finding a solution right away. Within 5 minutes a friendly lady delivers zhe bugel and board and clothhangers. When I was about to iron my shirt, I found out that zhe bugel was made before zhe German wall came down. You know zhe one I mean? Yes, without waterreservoir in it! Just the iron….. Berliner Zeitung: “Movenpick Berlin never misses an opportunity to make a moment.” Just saying…. So picture this: a 4
5/5Perfect2 Reviews
0.65km from Hector-Peterson-Schule
My wife and I stayed at the hotel for 3 nights as part of a wedding anniversary gift from our three grown up children. We really enjoyed our stay as the hotel was conveniently situated close to the centre of the city. The underground station is barely a 5 minute walk away and has direct links to many of the main tourist sites. The hotel is very clean and comfortable and the breakfast buffet consists of both cooked and continental style breakfasts with some lovely fresh products on offer. The staff are few but very friendly and helpful. as the hotel doesn't offer any other meals on site other than breakfast it is good know that there are quite number of decent restaurants within 5 or 10 minutes' walk.
4.7/5Outstanding18 Reviews
0.7km from Hector-Peterson-Schule
The Novotel is the ‘big’ sister of three Ibis hotels in a row next to Anhalter Strasse S-Bahn station. The location is convenient (apart from the local transit it’s an easy walk to Checkpoint Charlie or Potsdamer Platz and only 15 minutes to the Philharmonie, for example) but also boring and rather characterless for Berlin. And big sis is alike her two younger siblings (same separation of bathroom and WC [some people find this a plus others a minus], same one piece plastic shower cubicle that always leaks water onto the bathroom floor however careful you are, same breakfast for a higher price (this was a surprise), same unresponsive heating/airco system and similar Ibis atmosphere; but her rooms are bigger, the TV is bigger, there’s a table and (why I booked) a refrigerator and microwave. But no plates or cutlery beyond one teaspoon. Faced with a choice I book Ibis for predictability and price – at least that works at the cheaper end which is why I return to the Ibis Budget at Alexanderplatz. The more upmarket Ibis (they prefer I call them Accor, but most people find that confusing) are a bit lost in hotel land. They are an upgrade to the basic Ibis on some aspects but not on others; the same-breakfast-but for-a-higher-price is unforgivable; the predictability is a plus but at around the €90 level of this Novotel small independents start to offer more character (albeit unpredictably). I think for more money I prefer more character over predictability, so it’s back to my trusted alternatives of either the Ibis Budget on Alexanderplatz or try something more upmarket and unknown. But if it’s predictability you’re after (and maybe Accor loyalty points) and you know what to expect from an Ibis, this hotel will be fine for you. Corona: As a plus point it’s worth mentioning that early September 2020 this hotel was doing well on covid-19 safety measures: Facemask in all areas except when eating; disposable gloves for serving yourself at the buffet breakfast (and please book your timeslot to enable contact tracing if necessary) and anti-viral liquid dispensers at key points. Name: A negative point for being economical with the truth (sure, you're not the only guilty one but that's no excuse). 'Potsdamer Platz' is one S-Bahn stop away (About 600 metres). A 'Suite' is a 'set of rooms' not one room a bit bigger than in the neighbouring hotels.
4.2/5Very Good4 Reviews
0.71km from Hector-Peterson-Schule
Just leaving here as one writes this. Stayed 7-9 march 4 of us. One good thing is the GM and relations manager who i was in contact with prior to staying and as was charged in € and not £ bank charged me but the GM offerrd us free breakfast to compensate this much appreciated although no one checks you in to breakfast so anyone can eat without having to pay. Check in staff were VERY ignorant and rude especially the ladies on check in at 11am on sat 7th shockingly rude and not good customer service at all. Rooms ok water comes through and stinks like sewage not good. Rooms are more like a ibis budget and no tea / coffee facilities which isnt good. The black guy in the evening on sunday julian I believe his name was VERY rude and near on shouted at me and my friend who had separate booking to us , he had email from customer relations manager stating he could have free complimentary drink for his stay AND julians basically said its not valid and he doesn’t care who email from even if was from a high management and shouted at us to speak them not him he is disgustingly rude and said something in german to us and he abd his colleague laughed so cleary wasn’t something nice. Location is good though and some cafe restaurant and bars etc nearby and a lidl 2min walk away. I may stay again if new staff are employed ill be writing to accor to complain may stay at NOVOTEL next time
5/5Perfect2 Reviews
0.74km from Hector-Peterson-Schule
We spent a weekend at the Relexa Hotel Stuttgarter Hof and had no complaints. Check in was very quick and the staff were quite friendly. Our room was comfortable, clean and all we needed. There's good wifi throughout the building and a computer and printer in the lobby if you need to print your boarding pass. Breakfast was not included and we decided against it as it was €15 pp, and we thought that was too much. There's a nice cafe at the end of the street and plenty of bakeries around Berlin any way. The hotel is walking distance from the Berlin hot air balloon, Trabi World, Topography of Terror, a panorama of the wall and Checkpoint Charlie and the museum. It's also only about 5-10 minutes from the centre of Berlin by U-bahn. The hotel is a two minute walk from the U-bahn.
4/5Very Good10 Reviews
0.75km from Hector-Peterson-Schule
Centrally located a 10-minute walk from the popular Bergmannstrasse street, this apartment rental offers individual rooms in a shared apartment. Rooms are warmly decorated and have access to a shared kitchen. Apartments also have free Wi-Fi.Rooms at Excellent Apartments Kreuzberg feature wooden furniture. Each one comes with a refrigerator, seating area, and access to a shared bathroom. Bed linen and towels are included free of charge.Guests of Excellent Apartments Kreuzberg can use the kitchen facilities to prepare their own meals. The apartment is located within 100 metres of the nearest restaurant and is within 500 metres of many cafes, bars, and shops.Excellent Apartments Kreuzberg is located a 5-minute walk from Hallesches Tor U-Bahn Train Station and is a 9-minute walk from Gneisenaustra?e U-Bahn Train Station. Tempelhof Park is a 20-minute walk.

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4.9/543 Reviews
Breakfast is okay, but it is still more monotonous than the domestic hotel. The location is very good, the entrance is the Potsdamer Platz, there is also a subway station, the Brandenburg Gate, the Parliament Building, the Berlin Shopping Center are very close, and there is a Mobai at the door, very convenient. There are also other companies sharing bicycles with children's seats, but the QR code can't be scanned. I don't know how to use them, but the hotel has a bicycle with a child seat for rent, 30 euros a day, 15 euros a day. To the northwest of the hotel is a large Tiergarten park, which is in a good environment with trees, grass and water.
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5/51 Reviews
Prenzlauer Berg
Stayed here back in December last year, for a long weekend for the christmas markets before all the covid stuff had kicked off. We had hoped to return this year but due to the ongoing pandemic, its probably going to be 2022 now. The hotel is located in the East of the city. We flew in Tegel and found it a long , inconvenient journey but our return flight wasout of SXF which was much more convenient so the hotel will be pretty convenient for the new Berlin airport which opens soon. The lobby was spacious, trendy and contemporary as were the guest rooms. Our room was quiet though 2 of the lads we were travelling with had rooms overlooking a trainline, so request rooms away from trains. Beds were exceptionally comfortable and we slept well . Everything felt very clean. We booked a hotel with spa facilities so had been expecting an indoor pool! disappointed that there was not one in the hotel however they did have a really relaxing spa area that had a hot whirlpool aswell as the usual saunas , so that was a nice way to chill out in the evenings after a long, cold day in Berlin! Please note however, its strictly trunks off. You have to use the area completely naked , which they say is for hygiene reasons. Although this was a little out of my comfort zone it did not detract us from enjoying the facility, I felt more embarrassed about my friends who i was travelling with having to see me naked though since we were sharing rooms we all owned up to sleeping naked anyway which no longer made it a big deal but for some guests particularly ladies it might be out of your comfort zone, so just making you aware, as its a mixed sex facility though was mainly men the two occasions that we used it which made it a little less awkward!. Breakfast was an extensive buffet which is free and had a great selection of hot and cold food that we thought was above average for a hotel buffet. Its very accesible for getting into alexanderplatz on the tram. Berlin is one of our favorate European cities, its cool, quirky and there is so much to see and do at anytime of the year. This is a great hotel and we look forward to another long weekend once all this horrible covid stuff is over. Staying safe and positive for now because we know that one day we will travel again!!!
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4.1/596 Reviews
Our room on the 13th floor was standard category. Spartan in decor, purely functional in layout, the room was clean, the tv worked and it had a minibar plus good view . No tea or coffee making facilities but that might just be a Radisson feature. However, when I needed help in checking in on line for a flight home, the wonderful lady at the Customer Relations desk was just amazing. I never established her name, but think her surname was 'Williti'. She is absolutely a gem and patiently managed to get us check-in with EasyJet, and printed out our boarding cards. Thank you so much. My wife and I were then treated to a trip to the 37th floor to enjoy the magnificent views. It was a very kind gesture and one we won't forget. I hope Radisson Alexanderplatz management appreciate they have a star on their team.
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4.9/54 Reviews
I stayed at this hotel for 3 nights on a city break. The hotel itself was ok, it was clean it was functional without being anything special. It was a little dull is how I would describe it without anything being really wrong. The staff were fine without being friendly. The lobby is poorly planned and the staff are locked away being big columns which are terribly placed. Two criticisms, one was that the lift was out of order and hence left one lift to cater for 4 floors and during Covid times the lift was always busy and long waits were standard. The second was that the bathroom had a glass panel from the room which let light in but overlooked the toilet and I thought it a little inappropriate that someone in the room could easily watch you doing a number 2 the other side of the glass. Not ideal. For these two reasons I gave it a 3 out of 5. Poorly designed. But the location was 10/10. 100m from Checkpoint Charlie and the Topography of Terrors. Lovely pub opposite side of the road.
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4.9/56 Reviews
We had a lovely stay. The rooms were stylish and very clean and quiet. The only thing missing was a tea/coffee making facility. We were impressed with the environmentally sensitive touches. We were happy to pass on the room service each day and were rewarded with a drink voucher each day. We used these for a delicious hot chocolate at bedtime on our last night. The breakfast selection was varied and of good quality. So much choice you couldn't fail to find things you wanted and there were plenty of healthy options. Our favourite was the automatic pancake maker. Gluten free options are available. There were plenty of tables and the restauraunt staff are helpful, friendly and efficient. The reception staff were welcoming and helpful. We purchased our travel day ticket each day from the reception (validate it as you get on the tram each day). The hotel is well located to access the transport system and we used the trams, underground, rural train system and buses using our ticket. We would definitely stay again. The only reason we are not awarding 5 stars is the lack of tea/ coffee making facilities. Thank you for making our time so enjoyable.
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4.7/547 Reviews
The Riu Plaza is a 4-star place owned by the Spanish Riu chain, obviously aimed primarily at business and conference people. But it's a good place to stay for holidaymakers too. - Very well located in Schöneberg, 150 metres from Wittenbergplatz (and a little further to Nollendorfplatz in the other direction), so pretty easy access on the U-bahn to almost everywhere, and only 1 stop from Zoo Garden terminal for airport buses. - large, airy rooms, with good views (we were on 16th floor), comfortable bed, excellent and spacious shower and good bathroom in general, fast lifts - a good bar, with friendly bar and wait staff, and not overpriced, just off the reception desk area - generally friendly and efficient front desk staff (but see further on) - not expensive, at least in winter; we paid only just over 100 euros a night, which is good value Its flaws are minimal, but...: - Breakfast is too expensive. Sure, it has all the usual breakfast buffet stuff, but it significantly adds to the cost of the holiday to cough up 19 euros pp each day (we stayed 4 nights). Having just come from an excellent central hotel in Lisbon, where we had an excellent breakfast for 12 euros pp each morning, it seemed excessive, so we settled for a nearby cafe each day. - Make sure you put the 'do not disturb' sign on your door each day if you don't want to get up early. The first day we were there, Monday, having arrived in Berlin at half past midnight, we were woken up at 8.45 am by a cleaner banging on the door. Happened again at the same time a couple of days later when we forgot to put the sign out. Sorry, when you're staying for 4 days, there's no reason to clean the room that early - and I blame the management, not the cleaners, who just do what they're told. - Some of the staff are a little slapdash. E.g., the kettle in our room had been ruined by an idiot previous occupant trying to use it as a coffee perculator, so there was a baked-on layer of coffee on the bottom of it. On our way out the next morning, we took it down to the front desk - the guy there actually asked us to take it back up to our room on the 16th floor, and assured us it would be replaced by the cleaners. When we returned from sightseeing 6 hours later, guess what - the ruined kettle was still there in our room. Fail! I know this is a 1st-world problem, but the original front desk guy should have just taken the kettle and organised to get it replaced. When we took it down again, this time the woman on the front desk took it from us, and a short time later a new kettle was in our room. I don't want to criticise the place too much, as it was pretty good overall and we'd stay there again. But it felt a little impersonal, and while most of the staff were excellent, some were not well-trained or motivated enough to deal properly with issues, relatively minor though our's were. Thus, it gets 4 stars, not 5.
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