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0.04km from Iyashian
Everything about this hotel is quite satisfactory. It's clean, beds are alright, staff understand English and are pleasant. There's a 24/7 shop in the same building, which is incredibly convenient. The location is central, yet quiet. The design takes you back to the '70s. Overall tidy, neat & alright. No particular charm.
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0.08km from Iyashian
Very good location, clean rooms, next time you choose
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0.19km from Iyashian
Only a 3-minute walk from Gion Shijo Subway Station, Musubi-an Gion Kamogawa features both dormitory-style and private rooms. Free Wi-Fi is available at the entire property and guests can enjoy refreshments at the ground floor café. Kawaramachi Train Station is a 5-minute walk away.Guests can choose from a variety of rooms, ranging from private rooms with traditional futon bedding to dormitory-style rooms with bunk beds. All rooms feature mountain or river rooms. Private rooms come with an en suite bathroom.Luggage storage is offered at the front desk and lockers are available as well. Shared shower rooms are on site. Smoothies and soup are served at the Musubi Café.Kamogawa Gion Musubi-an is a 5-minute walk from Kennin-ji Temple and a 20-minute public bus ride from Kiyomizu Temple. Kyoto Station is a 20-minute train ride away.
4.7/5Outstanding15 Reviews
0.19km from Iyashian
As it is a new hotel, not only everything is clean, but the rooms are large and comfortable! There was a supermarket and cafe in the hotel, and there was even a coffee service in the hotel lobby! The bus stop is close to the station, so the transportation is very convenient. I would like to use it again.
4.2/5Very Good21 Reviews
0.24km from Iyashian
Staying here for the second time, because I like to stay in a familiar place, it is also the most lively place in Kyoto, and it is very convenient to eat. There is a direct bus from Kyoto Station, get off at Shijo Kawaramachi Station, and you can see one star and eight grams in less than three minutes. There is an elevator to the hotel lobby at the door, and the second floor is up. At the time of check-in, I paid Kyoto hotel accommodation tax at the front desk, and I received cash. I didn’t understand how to calculate the charge. I didn’t have this tax at the beginning of the year. This time you need to leave the room key & #128273; to the front desk for safekeeping, come back and take it very conveniently, don't worry about losing. There are some maps, coffee, hair circles opposite the front desk... for guests to pick up. Booked twin room, the room is not too small, the bathroom is still too small. Since I was staying for the second time, I didn't think about taking photos at the beginning. I took a photo when I checked out. It was a little messy.
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0.24km from Iyashian
It is close to the Shijo-Shijo and Heyuan-cho subway station, and the flower-seeing road is next to it, and it is a 20-minute walk to Kiyomizu-dera Temple. The hotel is very creative and design style, breakfast is Japanese and self-service is also very attentive, the room is too small, 16,000, 7 live in the hotel space.
4.5/5Excellent10 Reviews
0.25km from Iyashian
Guest house Rinn -Shijo Takasegawa tei- is a renovated traditional townhouse situated in Kyoto, 1.3 km from Kyoto International Manga Museum. Guests will have the entire townhouse to themselves during their stay. Free WiFi is provided throughout the property. Kiyomizu-dera Temple is 1.6 km away. The unit equipped with a kitchen with a microwave and fridge. Towels and bed linen are featured at Shijo Takasegawa . Heian Shrine is 2 km from Guest house Rinn -Shijo Takasegawa tei-, while Nijo Castle is 2.4 km from the property. The nearest airport is Osaka Itami Airport, 39 km from Guest house Rinn -Shijo Takasegawa tei-.
4.6/5Outstanding18 Reviews
0.26km from Iyashian
This Kyoto hotel is very good! Just in the vicinity of the four, although there is no breakfast, but the equipment, microwave oven, coffee machine is all right, you can get some free, the room is near the Yachuan River, the scenery and its beauty, our family of three live without an extra bed, a room Big double bed, another tatami room, Chinese service at the front desk, very warm, on the day of the trip, help to take a taxi to Kyoto Station~
4/5Very Good5 Reviews
0.27km from Iyashian
Check-in was easy and fast. Very accessible. Most buses and trains are about 5-10mins walking distance. Reasonable priced, no hidden cost. Peaceful neighbourhood. Clean. Polite staffs. They have a hand-held translator equipment! GREAT!! They provide pyjamas too, just infront of the lift. Free size.
4.7/5Outstanding23 Reviews
0.27km from Iyashian
A unique hotel consisting of an outdoor community space lined with artificial turf, a historic stone school building, and a modern new building. Tenant restaurants and libraries are on the first floor. The library is less than one-tenth the size you expected, and it's open to the shoulders ... Kyoto-related books are available, and guests can borrow up to three books, so it's fun to read slowly in the lounge. The reception, bar and breakfast venue are on the east facing glass top floor with great views! At first glance, the lounge feels cramped if you don't consider the outdoor space of the patio. Soft drinks in the refrigerator are mysterious choice PET bottles ... The bonfire on the patio at night is full of atmosphere and the marshmallow service is also attentive. The guest rooms are simple and stylish, MUJI-style, and there is nothing special to mention. The corridor from the elevator to the room was too long. The staff is nice, but it's like a student part-time job at a high-class restaurant.
4.6/5Outstanding62 Reviews
0.27km from Iyashian
I took my parents out to play, ta men was very impressed with the hotel, and said that they would stay at this hhh next time The location is next to Shijo Shopping Street, 5 minutes from Gion Shijo Station and 10 minutes from Kyoto Kawaramachi Station. 10 minutes to Yasaka Shrine and 5 minutes to Hanamikoji. There is a lot of food nearby, as well as Takashimaya. There are a lot of toiletries in the room, men have shavers and calming lotions, women have cleansing oil, facial cleanser and moisturizing water, all of which are DHC disposable bags. Since I lived with my mother, my father was alone, when I checked in on the first day, I had a set of men's supplies and a set of women's supplies. When I checkedin, I bought a lot of ladies' supplies. Days will change to two sets of ladies. When we entered the room, the front desk came over again and knocked on the door, saying that they were afraid they were not enough, and made up a lot. Sanitation is no good, good. The room and bathroom are quite big.
4.2/5Very Good60 Reviews
0.28km from Iyashian
The location is great because there was a problem with the reservation. I have been waiting at the counter for a while and I have confirmed it, but there are no major problems! You need to enter your password to enter and exit, so take a picture with your phone! The hot spring also needs a password. It is located next to the counter on the third floor. I want to make it in the morning, but the restaurant is next to me. The girl will be a little embarrassed.

Hotels Near Ian In Kyoto Review

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Kyoto Station
The breakfast service was in place and the foreign lady was sent to the room. It is suitable for bringing children, the room is clean and tidy, there are two buildings in the north building of the South Building, and there is a young lady who can speak Chinese. Miss Japan's front desk is very warm, beautiful, very good hotel. The district committee is also good, and there are many Japanese-style houses around, you can take pictures.
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4.4/573 Reviews
Extremely not recommended is a luxury series in the marriott. Hotel location is OK, Kyoto jr stand out and take a taxi for half an hour. A 3-minute walk from the hotel is the Net Red Shop% Coffee Shop and Michelin Aussie. Looking back and feeling, this hotel did not feel the service of high-end brands at all, let alone the so-called Japanese service. I live in a room with a hot spring in the yard. About 10,000 rmb a night. Of course, there are also reasons for the price increase of the holiday. Usually, it is estimated to be seven or eight thousand. First of all, the room is very simple and there is nothing special. This is ignored first. 1, breakfast is only available in Japanese and Western styles, but it is really very simple and not very delicious. Western style is basically omelet and sausage ham, plus bread and coffee. Mainly still do not eat well. Breakfast is not to win more.      Let's talk about the service of breakfast. The Japanese English is understandable, but where is the awareness of active service? It is really not comparable to the service quality of major hotels or restaurants in China. After the tea was finished, I didn’t know how to add it. I called the waiter three or four times to add water. When you give bread, don't ask which one you want. If you let go, don't ask if you need butter. In fact, there are not many guests, only a total of 5 small tables, 10 people are not. The four waiters were too busy to fly and didn't know what they were doing, and they turned their heads. The things you ask for basically have to wait a long time. If you are going to the sights, it will be a waste of your time. After eating for an hour, I have to ask myself to get the bread from the set. I really don't know if I met a group of new people in Zhongfu? 2, the service is very inconspicuous, just write the member number (according to copy) to write the wrong, write an e-mail to them to send the bill, to the app to see or wrong, really do not understand the copy can also write wrong? There are still a lot of small mistakes that can't be remembered. This small mistake has not been seen in other hotels. And this shouldn't be tied to the level of the hotel, it's too rough. 3, do not call the meal delivery service, it may be okay to order cheaper, think about the hotel meal less than where to go, at night, too lazy to call the cow rice (unit price 5,000 yen and service charge) to open a real look There is no difference between the taste and the meat quality and the Yoshinoya tens of dollars. 4, stayed for two nights, the deep feeling is a Westernized hotel, did not live in Kyoto Hongxi Noya, but if someone is living in which one, I would not recommend you to Tsui, very worthless. Too many domestic service qualities are much higher than them, not to mention the fact that there are more guests in the country than they are. The hotel is very small. There is no other place to go except for a small yard. The restaurant only has A very small hotel, the so-called luxury experience is nothing, rough things, and compared to some street food restaurants in Kyoto. I really don't understand the price and level. Why is this service level? Very very, very not recommended! Don't waste money!
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Nijo Castle
For the first time staying, just write something 1.Convenient transportation The video was taken at the crossroads of the four access roads and the Xidongyuan access road (the road where the hotel is located). There is a big country drug store on the opposite side of the road. The tax can be refunded when it reaches 5,000. There are four young Chinese sisters and a Chinese-speaking Japanese brother . There is a convenience store for the whole family next to it. Picture 1 is Exit 26 of the Karasuma Subway Line (Green Line). There is a coffee shop next to SUINA Muromachi. At the end of the underground passage is Exit 26. When you walk up the escalator, you will see four passages (there is a bus stop). Go back to the exit and go to the left. The third intersection is the video. Cross the road at the third crossroad and walk left to pass the family convenience store about 50 meters to the hotel. 2. Check-in procedure Unfortunately the front desk only speaks Japanese and English After giving the passport to the front desk, you will be asked to fill in the Chinese address, phone number and signature (fill in Chinese only). Then there are things to note: ① For safety, when you go upstairs to the black square of the elevator, you must press the room card to press the elevator button. See figure eight ② Breakfast is on the second floor. You need to take the breakfast voucher to go. I will give you a brand "In Food", put the brand on a large black plate, and then take a plate, chopsticks, knife and fork, wipe the towel and so on. After you finish eating, return the “Food” sign to the person at the door, and leave the other plates on the table. However, the Japanese-style breakfast food is okay, the taste is ok, and there are too few varieties. If you are not used to it, go to the family convenience store. See Figures 4 and 5 ③ There is a men's and women's bathhouse next to the elevator on the first floor. Bath towels are not provided. Bring a large towel in your room when you go. It is recommended to bring a small towel. The door of the bathhouse should be opened with a room card. The man's card is dark brown and the woman's card is white. Don't make a mistake. After entering, drag it on the shoe rack to remember your number, don't get it wrong when you leave. Then take off your clothes (you can change to a bathrobe in the room), put the room card, clothes, and bath towels in the frame, lock the wardrobe door, and remove the key and put it on your wrist. If you are carrying gold bricks or diamonds, you can store them in a steel valuables locker. Close the door and remove the key strap on your wrist. Entering naked (the door is a sliding door, the push cannot be opened, bring a small towel.), It is a Japanese habit to take a bath, bathe, and soak. If you go to the bath without washing up, I'm sorry I don't know you, unless there is no one, I look at you with contempt. It is very comfortable to take a bath in the day and sleep well. It is recommended to take a bath for about 5-10 minutes, otherwise it will peel and it is easy to heat stroke. After coming out, the towels were used up and thrown directly into the box where the towels were recycled. There were cotton swabs and a hairdryer next to them. See figure seven ④ Check-out time is 11 o'clock. Pay attention to the use time, some need half an hour in advance. 3. If you do n’t have enough cash, you can change it on the first floor exchange machine. You can choose Chinese. See figure six 4. The room is small and the whole is clean. The two bottles of water in the refrigerator and the tea bags on the table are free and you can drink as much as you want. See Figures 2 and 3 5. The hotel is close to Kyoto Imperial Palace, Nishiki Market, Daimaru Department Store, and Anime Museum. 5 star praise, will choose here next time.
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5/59 Reviews
Gion/Kiyomizu Temple
Un hotel acogedor y súper bien ubicado en la ciudad, esta cerca para tomar el tren, el bus y bicis para moverte!! El lugar es muy cómodo y tiene buen servicio. Wyur es una excelente ayuda en todo, te recibe de lo más cariñoso y hace que sea acogedor tu estancia, te apoya en todo ya que es de las poquitas personas que habla y entiende perfecto el inglés (es más fácil de comunic**** estando aquí y te ayuda 24/7) es un amor! Increíble estancia! 🙌🏼
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4.6/5225 Reviews
I used it when I was traveling in Kyoto with two people. It was very convenient because it is located in Kawaramachi, a downtown area of Kyoto, and is close to izakaya and amusement facilities. Also, I used to stay without meals, but I didn't have any trouble with breakfast because there was a shop nearby that was open from the morning. Amenity-related items were also substantial, and it was a very cospa-friendly stay.
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3.9/515 Reviews
Very good store, the boss is very nice, very warm, the room is clean and tidy. In the evening, they lived with an old couple, and they were very good. In addition, the paid breakfast on the first floor is also very good.
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