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3.4/512 Reviews
0.33km from Ichi Ro Sushi
Good location, convenient to various art galleries and museums
4/5Very Good17 Reviews
0.43km from Ichi Ro Sushi
It is still 20 minutes walk from Central Park. Fortunately, the Upper East Side is quiet, much better than the bustling time square. When you come back late at night, there is no tramp to sleep in the street. It is also convenient to go out and take the subway to play uber. The hotel itself is quite old, the room is compact, the bathroom is slightly crowded, the most painful thing is that the old house has a large air-conditioning sound, and the room has to be turned off to sleep at night. Overall worth recommending, Buddhism selection
4.9/5Perfect14 Reviews
1.14km from Ichi Ro Sushi
The hotel is very close to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a walk takes place. The rooms are small but beautifully furnished. Two bottles of Evian mineral water are delivered every day. The first day has fruit bowls. Many people in the lobby elevators wear clothes to highlight New York fashion. It was unfortunate that I met an Oolong front desk man and gave me two pre-authorizations. I had to pay a hundred for the prepayment of the house. He brushed a hundred and then brushed for 590 dollars. I didn't point out that he didn't explain this to me. When I showed the text message of payment, he went to the office and said something to another person. Then the person came out and checked that they didn't collect more money, everything was OK, then I asked. What should I do with this money? The man said that he will be able to return it to me. This is a mistake. This is of course a mistake. The lady who came to check did not apologize and said that there was no problem. I am very dissatisfied with this. I didn’t receive more than five hundred dollars in the morning, but I returned a hundred dollars. It was too much. I checked this matter with them when I checked out. They said that they didn’t collect more money. The pre-authorization will be after I left. I gave it back in a few days. They did not collect the money but brushed up the pre-authorization, and did not release the pre-authorization when I left. It was almost a month before I received the automatic cancellation. The rooms in the hotel are very good and good value for money, but for the work at the front desk, remind the Chinese compatriots to pay attention!
4.2/5Very Good6 Reviews
1.16km from Ichi Ro Sushi
My friends and I stayed at the hotel last month to celebrate a staycation birthday. As this stay was during covid and indoor dining was not allowed in New York State, the hotel was quiet. Although it was quiet, it still was very beautiful and clean. We were welcomed into our stunning, modern art deco styled suite with balloons and a thoughtful card left by the hotel staff. Not only that, but they also brought up a pretty pink display on a bar cart after we asked for a bucket of ice and some wine glasses. Whenever we needed something, they went above and beyond to bring it to our room. Unfortunately, our stay was ruined after our departure. I noted an extra charge on my bill that didn’t seem right so I called the hotel to clarify. I was told the charge was for a bottle of tequila. Not only a bottle of tequila, but a bottle of clase azul. My friends and I did not drink any of the liquor, especially a bottle that is that recognizable and known to be very expensive. After denying these allegations and disputing the check with the accounting manager, they decided to give me 50% of the charge back. I could not believe that after spending almost $1,000 on a one night stay, they thought I would be trying to rip them off and steal a bottle of clase azul. I am deeply disappointed in these allegations and it unfortunately ruined our experience staying at this hotel.
4.7/5Outstanding12 Reviews
1.93km from Ichi Ro Sushi
The location is very convenient. The area in the Upper East Side Hotel is oversized. There is a kitchen, but there is no ventilation. Once there is cooking, the smell is very difficult to disperse.
4.3/5Excellent12 Reviews
2km from Ichi Ro Sushi
The hotel is located in Queens and the price is cheap in New York. Free parking is available. The surrounding safety is OK. The street lights are very bright at night, and there are often police cars passing by. There are many supermarkets and restaurants, and life is convenient. It is far from the subway station and there are many buses next to it, which is convenient for travel. Hotel facilities are standard on the motel. However, there is a smell in the room and it feels so worried. The breakfast area is small.
5/5Perfect11 Reviews
2.22km from Ichi Ro Sushi
Near Fifth Avenue
2.8/515 Reviews
2.27km from Ichi Ro Sushi
The hotel entrance is a display, and even suspected tramps use the refrigerator in the hotel to store food. An old lady complained to me that her room door could not be locked; the toilet and the shower were in the same house and there was only one (I do n’t know what was happening in the area A and the other door); there was a group of up and down rooms Shop, I ’m on the shop, the bed is thin, the mattress is thin, and the charging bar is relatively small; there are some distances from various attractions. It is 20+ minutes walk from the Central Park Reservoir to the met. You can make full use of Day tickets. The time to the Natural History Museum is about the same, and it is still a little far from other attractions. There is citibike directly opposite the shop entrance.
3.8/516 Reviews
2.28km from Ichi Ro Sushi
Very nice hotel. Just in the heart of Manhattan, just a few minutes walk from the 72nd Street subway station, right next to Central Park, and go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art through Central Park, very convenient. The room is not too big or too small, the bathroom is quite big, and the breakfast is not bad. As long as 90 knives a night, naturally can not be required by the standards of high-end hotels.
3/55 Reviews
2.29km from Ichi Ro Sushi
The staff Ali and Eslam were very helpful in accommodating my needs and telling me about town. Being right downtown meant I was close to the Egyptian museum and the market. Stay at the voyage hotel and be close to the action!
3.5/510 Reviews
2.3km from Ichi Ro Sushi
My own fault for not reading the small print! SHARE TOILET AND SHOWER ROOMS! The room was clean , beds comfortable but the aircon was very loud and prevented us from getting any sleep. The shared toilet was clean but the shower unit far too small and needs a lot of work to be done to it. If your are going to have us share a shower room at least make it appealing No elevators so had to walk up top floor! The stairs creaked as we walked upstairs. The reception is very basic but the two ladies that were saw were pleasant We booked out the very next day loosing all our monies and booked into another hotel with full comforts and more accessible to New York Didn’t like the area much . I would fully recommend you read the description first before booking or call up. One of my top three worst places I stayed
4.3/5Excellent14 Reviews
2.31km from Ichi Ro Sushi
Very attentive service, surrounded by many good restaurants. It is a five-star hotel under the Tata Group of India, right next to Central Park. Close to the Museum of Modern Art, just on Fifth Avenue.

Hotels Near Ichi Ro Sushi In New York Review

4.2/525 Reviews
John F. Kennedy International Airport Area
No breakfast at the hotel. The hotel is an express hotel next to the airport. The price is too expensive, that is, for the morning shift night flight. The twin beds are all 1.3 m beds. We passed the check in at 2 o'clock in the middle of the night, took the airtrain to the memorial circle, called the hotel front desk, and arrived in 20 minutes. Fortunately, the phone number of Ctrip's note is correct. Since it is a fast hotel, if the conditions are similar, it is recommended to choose the Holiday Inn directly, their car has been waiting there.
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3.9/514 Reviews
Wall Street/Financial District
The guy on the front desk needs to learn more his job he’s too slow (he’s not really the front desk person but some kind of janitor or something who kind of helps) however the check in with him is a long slow unbearable process
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3.4/535 Reviews
John F. Kennedy International Airport Area
It's okay to stay alone for one night, the room is not large, the breakfast is not much, and it can barely cope. This hotel is not suitable for a few days; the security is OK [Advantages]: Very close to the airport, there is a microwave in the room! !! !! !! And a kettle! !! The hotel provides a free bus to take you to the airport, every 4 hours from 4 am to 11:30 am; every hour from 12 noon to 2 pm. However, there are many black people in this hotel. Among the five or six hotels I have stayed in, there are more black people. The composition of the people in the hotel is about 70% to 75% white Asians and 25% to 30% blacks. I only stayed for one night. It feels safe for me, but it is best not to stay for a long time. no problem
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4.6/519 Reviews
LaGuardia Airport Area
It is a general motel class hotel. However, their pick-up service was particularly good. After getting off the baggage, they called the front desk. The car arrived in about 3 minutes. I have not seen such a fast pick-up service after so many places. I have to pay special awards. Breakfast..... not how, don't expect too much.
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4.1/518 Reviews
LaGuardia Airport Area
The hotel is very good, about 5-10 minutes walk from the subway station, near the NW line, a little farther away from the E, NQRW line. The overall style of the hotel was old and retro. At the beginning, I was afraid of noisy on the second floor (actually soundproofed). The hotel helped me to switch to a 12-room room with a balcony. Finally, when checking out, the average weekly service tax of about 20 knives is collected every day.
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3.3/59 Reviews
This was an incredible experience. It starts with the doormen (who could not be more accommodating or welcoming) opening the doors for you with your luggage. They are amazing resources for hotel processes and go out of their way to provide you with anything you may need. Then there is the front desk staff, who are great. We came here for a birthday, and the front desk reached out to me separately to coordinate a surprise for my girlfriend! The room is even more beautiful than I could imagine, with perfect lighting and shade control through the panel. The iPad in the room makes ordering anything from food to laundry service seamless. As an EQX member, I received free gym clothes laundering, which allowed me to pack lighter for the trip! It’s also delivered within 2 hours of pickup, which is unheard of at a normal stay with laundry. The gym is big and had plenty of equipment. Exactly the layout you would expect from an Equinox, and it wasn’t busy either weekend morning. My only complaint is I did not enjoy the pot of coffee, but that is more the fault of La Colombe roast than EQX hotel’s. Lastly, the location is perfection. Hudson Yards is a blast, and it has an easy in/out area for ubers/cabs to drop off/pick up. Strongly recommend. This place was worth every penny.
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4.2/510 Reviews
New York City Center
Stayed there for 4 days and it was probably the worst Hilton brand experience I ever had! 1. Room A/C is noisy !! And it's right next to the bed! Was in room 901 had to down grade to 405 because the A/C in 901 sounds like a train running on rail! Moved to 405 it got better but not that much better, sounds like a airplane cabin instead. 2. If you book king bed with walkout balcony, you will be surprised how much you are misleaded to think there is a balcony. It's literally a balcony about 10 inches out. The only way to get a real balcony is to get a room to the back side, but note that there is no table or chair. It's pretty much no good. By the way if you get a king bed, it's so tiny you don't even get a table to eat on. And the queen bed with desk gets you a table that's falling apart for 1 person to eat on. Plus I am sure that queen bed is not even real queen size. It's really like a full size bed. It doesn't even fill the entire bed frame they had there. 3. Poorly maintained and not clean! With all the covid19 going around you'd think they make sure they clean it well. But nope they don't. There is mold in the bathroom glass and shower. They uses pump bottle instead of one time use shampoo. There is a fridge in the room and it wasn't wiped down. Table … nope not clean, night stand..Nope not clean, coffee maker , nope not clean, the capsules were missing and not refilled when we checked into the room. The book on shelf display has dust on it so it's not wiped down. Tv has alot of finger oil prints on it. And the floor omg so dirty. The vents from the A/C is so dirty it's unbelievable, while it's also poorly designed. You can have the a/C blow at your face all night (with blackout blind open) or running full power all night (with blackout blind closed... Because the blackout blinds are right on top of the A/C vent. Yup so you can sleep cold and bright or hot and dark. Did I mention the shelf's and lights are broken as well? 4. Weed! You like weed?! If you do, you'd love this hotel, in this hotel people smokes weed and even if you report to the front desk in this smoke free hotel, they don't do anything. They say they will charge them cleaning fee. But how's that going to solve my issue of enjoying a drug and smoke free hotel? Nothing. You get to smell it every night, especially in the elevator. When I report it, they ask me if I can identify which exact room it's coming from. Yup they expect you to be the drug sniffing dog from the airport. 5. You don't get anything. Gold member gets 2 bottle of water for the entire stay total! if you remember to ask them. No breakfast, no upgrade, nothing else. Yup nothing else is available to you from this hotel, no slipper. In fact if you want new towel you gotta ask for it. Do you own cleaning or request it daily. 6. After they changed my room, their system charge me the wrong rate. I had to ask them to fix it. Well front desk told me, I had to call Hilton honors to fix it myself. They can't do it. Too
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4.1/515 Reviews
Times Square
There are not many people who comment on it. The hotel is on 49th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. The roads in Manhattan are easy to recognize, just right and street. Start on Fifth Avenue and then sixth, seventh, Broadway and eighth. In the middle is the street. The Port Authority's main station (that is, the coach station) is on 42nd Street, Times Square is on 47th Street, and the subway can be a 50th Street station, very close. A lot of food nearby (Ichiran Ramen, Shake Burger, Michelin Steak House). The hotel is not a well-known brand in the chain, it is relatively small and not luxurious, but the price is not cheaper than the surrounding Marriott or the like. Last year, I stayed at Marriott very large. The exterior looks larger and more luxurious than this. After all, his infrastructure is very early. But this good place is closer to Times Square than the quiet Marriott there, rooms have microwaves, coffee machines, free fruit and apples, bananas, potato chips, ice water for 24 hours downstairs. There is coffee and tea on the second floor, and friends can sit there. There are slippers, umbrellas and toiletries in the room. L'Occitane. These are not available in American hotels. Dental appliances are not. I booked an agent's twin room at Ctrip at first, which was 500 yuan cheaper than the official website. There are two types of twin beds on the official website. One is ordinary and the other is a barrier-free room with a handrail. The difference between these two types is 500. The double bed marked on Ctrip did not say that it was an accessible room. I booked Ctrip for a small farmer. The fact that I got the room was a barrier-free room, and that 500 was not bad. And it was very low on the third floor. It was super dark in high-rise New York. I went to the front desk to upgrade the suite. The front desk gave me a good discount and added me 50 dollars a day. Hall, bedroom with double bed, double sofa bed in the hall, both bath and shower, and 3 cloakrooms with bathrobe hangers. Ctrip's hotel booking is really very metaphysical, the price and official website are not bad, the room type is difficult to determine, I have learned lessons before. Anyway, the hotel location is convenient and the facilities can be serviced or not. The price is not bad. People do not look at their choices. There is a parking lot on the side of the hotel, and you can also park on behalf of the guests. On the side is the Ambassador Theater staged by Ryoko Micura of Chicago, which is opposite the Mormon Theater.
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3.5/515 Reviews
Greenwich Village
The breakfast was good but very small. The painting on the wall of the room was original and the quality was great. Everyday the lobby bar was full of people, mostly young people. According to the local residents, the clothing week was full of talented men and women. It was the four days before the municipal government dug for 3 days. The road stopped for three days of water. Sometimes it was too tight to go out and go out before 8:30.
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4.5/57 Reviews
I had a great stay here earlier this month. Prior to check-in I reached out to management to see if they had any rooms with a bathtub due to a surgery I had scheduled. The GM, Chris, was quick to reach back out and block me one of their accessible rooms and clearly had taken note of my preference for a high floor as well which is appreciated as a Titanium Elite. Matt at the desk really stood out over the course of my four nights on the property. He was always on it in remembering my name and made a point to check-in on me following the procedure. He had a great recommendation for lunch that was truly tailored to what I was asking for with all the restrictions I was given post-op. Minor issues like missing remotes and a broken chair were addressed reasonably fast. It seemed like the property was trying to work through some bad furniture that they got delivered for their opening still as even the replacements were still a little wonky. The bed was exceptionally comfortable and the desk is a lot better than what other new properties are trying to pass off as a workspace. Pro Tip: Book of Mormon makes a nice mousepad since the laser doesn’t do well with the glass. Internet was fast and reliable. TV was updated with all the streaming services like Netflix and YouTube to give you plenty to do if you must stay in the room. Rates were reasonable and due to current events points were offered in lieu of food and beverage and the destination fee was waived due to the restrictions in place. I believe the bar re-opened during my stay but I had enough pain meds that I didn’t need to add any booze to the mix ;-). I’d gladly return again in the future and am watching the rates daily in case a good deal comes back around like last time! Thanks!
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4.3/520 Reviews
The hotel is on the 8th Avenue, very convenient, the room is small, but it is clean, there is only such a clean hotel in the Eight Avenues. The shortage is that there is no refrigerator at this price, there is nothing in the breakfast, the American is not as good as going out to buy a cup of tea. Buns or something
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3.5/518 Reviews
New York City Center
very good. I did not expect that hotels in the United States could achieve this level. Arrived at the peak of the stay on Friday afternoon, I was told that I had to wait an hour to go to the restaurant next to my lunch. When I asked again, I was upgraded to a suite. It is much better than the St Regis service in Florence, and the breakfast is just fine. The typical American breakfast, which can eat 50%, is very good. Oh. Breakfast is a single point~ Shopping for a meal is recommended to go to the northeast for 3 minutes to Madison Ave, better than Fifth Avenue, too few people.
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4.1/510 Reviews
We booked the West End Suite at Colonial House. From the moment we booked to the moment we left the staff was amazing! So polite, kind, courteous and friendly. The suite was incredible.. so large and well arranged. A great view of the garden. The kitchen was so awesome to have. The suite was beautiful, hard wood floors , well decorated, warm, inviting and spacious. If I was traveling back to Manhattan, the first thing I would do is book this suite! The continental breakfast and the company out in the main area was great every morning, the coffee was great! Family takes a minimum of one trip a year and every member of this family agrees that this was the best place we have ever stayed.
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4.6/512 Reviews
Wall Street/Financial District
The room is small and cannot accommodate an extra bed. The location is excellent, and the Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, Ground Zero and other attractions are within walking distance; the subway station has Fulton Station, and the Municipal Park can take the Park Station on Lines 2 and 3. There are slippers and an electric kettle can ask the front desk. The downstairs bar is good. There are many places to buy breakfast around the hotel, and there is a supermarket to buy fruit drinks.
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4.3/510 Reviews
Chinatown/Little Italy
This is a totally basic 2-star hotel with virtually no amenities. It is fine if you are spending a night in NYC and just need a relatively inexpensive (for NYC: $150/night during holiday season), clean place to sleep, but it is totally inappropriate for even a short family vacation (in my case, a long weekend). I don’t understand all of the 5-star reviews; they sound suspect to me. I should mention that I am from NYC and know the city well. I have stayed in countless NYC hotels, and this is by far the shabbiest, even given the low price. In fact, this is the first mediocre hotel review I have ever left in my many years of international travel. Just two examples of the lack of hospitality (that might not bother other people): 1) When I arrived at the hotel, it seemed almost empty (as it did turn out to be), yet the Front Desk was unwilling even to consider giving us an upgrade, even if I paid a surcharge of their choosing, so that we could move to a larger, less shabby room with any view. Their polite answer was that I had paid for a cheap room without a view, and even if they had a larger room available, which they sounded as if they did (they would not say one way or the other), they could only put me in the room I had paid for already, and that was that. 2) The Front Desk neglected to give us our breakfast chits when we checked in, and then when I had to return to the hotel the next morning to retrieve them, they gave me just one chit. Finally the restaurant had to call the hotel when I returned again to ask if we were really entitled to feed both of my kids. Here are the overall pros and cons: Pros: • Inexpensive • Clean, if unpainted and drab • Very comfortable beds • Quiet • Room temperature is fine • Few rooms per floor mean that the elevator is quick • Location in Chinatown is unique, close to Little Italy • Bad coffee is available in the lobby in the morning, along with one small area to sit • Staff is polite Cons: • Small rooms and bathrooms • Hallways and rooms are drab, with chipped paint, and desperately need a paint job. • Spare lobby is reminiscent of most cheap hotels in other countries (rarely in the US), with just one couch and two chairs. • Awful view onto an airshaft from many rooms • Free breakfast was barely edible (to us), so we skipped it after the first morning. (My kids eat practically anything for breakfast, so this was pretty rubbery food.) • No amenities: no workout room; no coffee machine in the rooms, just a kettle • Staff, while polite, is untrained in hospitality and seem as if they could be working in any office setting • (A minor issue for us, but worth mentioning:) Not near an express subway stop or many subway lines, so a long walk or transferring trains is often necessary to get to many prime NYC locations (for example, the Village, Tribeca, west Soho, Times Square theaters, or the Upper West Side).
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3.6/517 Reviews
Times Square
The hotel is in the city center, good location. It is convenient to go to various attractions in New York. But the facilities are a bit old. The bed is not very comfortable, too soft. It sunk in the middle.
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5/511 Reviews
New York City Center
I read a lot of comments and chose this hotel. I really didn't choose the wrong one. The location is very good, whether it is a long-distance bus or subway, or take the airport bus to the airport, or want to go to the Grand Central Railway Station, very close. . . There is also Times Square. . . At the intersection of 41st Street and Madison Avenue, the door is small, mainly the name on the door is written in a special font, which made us not notice when we first went there. 200 meters away from the New York City Public Library, which is not 200 meters away from Fifth Avenue, it is not necessary. There are three types of rooms in the hotel, which are about 19, 25, and 33 square meters, and 19 is relatively small. I booked 25 for the second night, but the order information sent by Ctrip to the hotel was wrong. The first night I checked in was the 19 room. It was very late to react. The size of the room was wrong. I coordinated with the front desk and Ctrip. Ctrip immediately found the problem and made compensation, and moved to the largest room of 33 the next day. If it is a single person, the room of 19 is enough. For two people, the baggage can't be opened, and it can only be put to the bedside. In addition, in particular, after the store, the hotel charges a fee of 20 US dollars per day. This fee is breakfast, all-day coffee snacks, afternoon tea, which is very worthwhile. Especially afternoon tea, with cheese, fruit, a variety of small snacks, red and white wine and champagne. . . . In addition, this location is on 41st Street, when the 99th Street in Central Park in New York is basically a full 2km. I ran in the morning and ran another 10km in Central Park. I am very happy. Central Park is a must-see for everyone who loves sports. Running, cycling, and dog-walking are all very good. . .
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3.8/514 Reviews
New York City Center
Very interesting hotel, a little hostel taste, but it is the pattern of the hotel. There is a personal bathroom, and you can easily find food around. Good location, not far from the subway. Get off the plane from JFK and take the Greyhound bus to the Port Authority station. This is a good place to stay.
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3.7/510 Reviews
Lower East Side
My husband and I stayed at sixty les for our 5th year anniversary. The room was amazing! Very clean, well stocked bar and lots of snacks in the room! They were convenient... the prices for the snacks seemed high until you walk around NY and realize the prices are about normal. The view in the room was also amazing! The staff was friendly. We got to go on the rooftop to celebrate and they even let us be alone and made it feel special! The bed was firm but comfortable. There’s tons of restaurants near by. The only thing to keep in mind was the parking. Parking cost $75 a day and it’s a little walk(4 blocks) to the nearest parking garage. However we had a nice peace of mind knowing our car was safe in there. You can drop your luggage off in the lobby when arriving so you don’t have to carry it. The staff are very friendly and helpful. There is no room service because of Covid but if you need something they bring it right up to you. There was no issues with that for us. This is a true NY experience if that’s what your looking for. We was and extremely pleased we choose this hotel. Will definitely be back
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4.2/562 Reviews
Midtown West
The hotel is located south of Central Park, two streets away from the park. The exterior walls of the hotel are being renovated, and the shelves are not seen. The road at the entrance is also under construction and is enclosed. Next to the hotel is Starbucks, when there are many people. Many office workers leave wherever they buy breakfast, mostly tourists. Hotel facilities are older, but check in and check out are fast. The subway station is also close. There is a bakery on the first floor, cakes and coffee, and where to eat breakfast. The decorative paintings in the room are portraits of people, and the bedrooms and bathrooms.
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3.8/547 Reviews
Times Square
There are not many traditional Chinese hotels in the empire. They are not many Chinese, hidden in the downtown, but they are prosperous when entering, quiet, comfortable bedding, rich breakfast, especially convenient transportation. Just around the corner, Broadway Theatre is waiting around, Times Square is brightly lit, and the World Fashion Center is in full swing. Because it suits my preference to stay for three consecutive days, it is highly recommended that people of the same taste stay.
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4.6/512 Reviews
Upper West Side
The hotel is located on the Broadway side, leaving the 72nd Street subway station quite close, the location is ok. The hardware facilities are relatively old, the room does not provide toothbrush, toothpaste and slippers, and the front desk service is quite good.
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4.4/510 Reviews
SAMI!!!! Hats down! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! You truly are a man of your word and DELIVERED! I’m so grateful that Jess and I experience at the ROXY Hotel was made all possible and all thanks to YOU! Thank you for taking the time to support my vision of this surprise for my partner, making our stay so memorable. Thank you for going above and beyond, being such a pivotal component to a memorable moment in “our” History✨Words can’t explain how thankful and grateful I am 🙏🏽 In addition, I’d like to thank the amazing staff, everyone, so welcoming from the moment we’ve set foot in the hotel, the staff at the door, to the front desk, to the housekeeping, to the restaurant and the amazing artists’s solos playing so delicately their musical instruments, truly music to our ears, allowing the essence of what to us The ROXY Hotel stands for. My partner Jessikah was just in awe and felt so inspired, definitely recharged, to continue her craft at creating as an artist herself. Truly you all set the tone for quality service even during a pandemic! Such a central location to experience NYC, Thank you! Thank You! We are so grateful and are so looking forward to many more stays. With Gratitude, Lo and Jess
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3/511 Reviews
Times Square
Hotel location is very good. Three minutes walk from the port authority station. It is close to Times Square and rockfeller. The front desk of the hotel looks very good. You have to queue up to send your luggage downstairs... but the room is completely different. The room is very small. For a long time, when the water is cold, it is very hot to call the front desk.
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3.6/516 Reviews
The hotel is in a good location, just 5 minutes walk to the Empire State Building! However, the room is different from the domestic ones. There are no slippers, no toothbrush and toothpaste, and there is no water! You need to bring your own! The room is small and the overall feeling is like living in a slightly better hotel! On the edge of the hotel is a Parisian sweet can go to buy some bread for breakfast, including several Korean restaurants nearby are also open 24 hours!
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4.3/529 Reviews
Times Square
First of all, Ctrip information is inaccurate. All the guests of the hotel provide free breakfast. The Ctrip room type is written without breakfast. I have encountered similar problems several times, Ctrip should pay attention to it. The front desk of the hotel will also increase taxes and service charges. Nearly $ 30 a night, which is quite expensive. The hotel is in a good location, within walking distance of Times Square, Fifth Avenue and several subway lines. And there are many popular restaurants nearby, which is a good choice for tourists. In Manhattan, where the land is so rich, the rooms are not small. The disadvantage is that it is too old, the facilities are very aging, and the hotel is poorly soundproofed. In addition, hygiene is also very scribbled. The free breakfast at the hotel is bread slices, muffins, fruits, yogurt and oatmeal. It is very simple. The only hot food is toast the bread slices. The Chinese stomach still can't eat ...
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2/511 Reviews
They advertised Complimentary Breakfast , that occurred once during our entire stay , that was Sunday. Told Monday and Tuesday - no food . Monday, ran out and the staff indicated they didn't have a credit card to buy more food. Tuesday a sign was posted indicating management changed the policy on Complimentary Breakfast. Arrived from CA on red eye at 11am Sat room not ready no big deal ( expected) . Came back at 3pm set up in Donna Reed rm 404 to a moldy bathroom that they would not let us move out of until Monday . Monday got moved to 402 where TV and bed were broken, phone did not work , moved again to another room 404 ( Ann Margaret) no working phone , but no mold in bathroom Complained to management Took pictures, have pictures which were provided to your staff This place has charm but not the charm it's advertising nor the pictures used to embolden the look/feel of the place. False advertising Requesting a refund as the staff lied consistently , forced us to stay in a health hazard room for an unnecessary amount of time. The day we left the contractor hired to deal with the moldy Donna Reed bathroom thanked us for the referral and work No face towels were ever provided after repeatedly being asked Channels available on your TV required re-scanning 2x a day to view properly The extra locks on the doors to the rooms don't lock , but not a worry as I room bound as I got was sick, so any one breaking in would have caught me throwing up in the moldy bathroom I've written to NYC BBB the NYC tourist board. It feels like this place went thru some sort of major management change from the time I researched booking this place to the time my party arrived
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4.2/523 Reviews
Times Square
Hotel location is very good! Downstairs is Times Square and Broadway! Then there is no more! The room was very broken. I upgraded the top floor of the suite and the facilities were very old. The tea bar does not have a capsule coffee machine or a regular coffee machine tea bag. Really sorry for this brand of W! This hotel is really good except for the view.
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4.2/517 Reviews
The bed was very comfortable, the booking was a wonderful room, a big bed, and the front desk was kind enough to ask if you would have an extra bed. There is a supermarket next to it, you can buy something very late. I received 100 dollars of dollars and returned to it in three days.
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John F. Kennedy International Airport Area
This B&B is a bed and breakfast located very close to the Kennedy International Airport in Queens, Jamaica (less than 20 USD taxi ride). It is a private residence with several comfortable rooms as shown in the picture. The owner works hard to make the guests feel comfortable. Please be sure to contact him before arrival to ensure a smooth check-in procedure.
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