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1.14km from Il Tramezzino
1) W Hotel LA can be booked at the price of 3290 (tax included) / 3 nights / double bed. It was quite affordable. At the time of booking, Ctrip's price was much lower than Agoda and booking. It was a bit scary. Afraid, get the hotel's confirmation number and rest assured. 2) Good location, in West Beverly, near UCLA, in a very safe location ... from the airport, it will take about 20mins. 3) The room is really big! Cost-effective thief! There are several disadvantages: first: all the lights in the room must be turned on and off by themselves, which is inconvenient; second: it is not particularly friendly or the shower head is fixed and cannot be adjusted, and it is very high, and it is very small It's inconvenient for children and the water is quite big ... Third: It's too dry in the room, we didn't dare to turn on the air conditioner, it's still so dry, and the room is much colder than the outside ... It's strange. In summary, next time I come to LA, if I can still get it at such a favorable price, I will definitely choose again!
4.7/5Outstanding5 Reviews
1.37km from Il Tramezzino
We stayed at the Palihotel for 4 nights and I must say that from the moment we came in, literally at 2am, all the staff we encountered could not have done a better job, they were incredibly friendly and always willing to go above and beyond. It’s important to mention that we stayed there during the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, I had few meetings in LA and was super anxious about being away from home or in contact with anyone. The hotel had every measure in place to keep us all safe, the reception provided extra disinfectant upon my request and when they heard we couldn’t find hand sanitizers at any store they also made some available to us. Roxy & Marco deserve a special mention, they were so understanding of my needs and always one step ahead to help, they would even heat up my food since restaurants were closed and I didn’t want to be out, they would check on us and make sure that everything was perfect during our time in LA. This is a boutique hotel and the atmosphere is so special that it really felt like home to me, but Roxy & Marco brought the property from good to outstanding. I really appreciate everything they have done during our stay and everything they continue to do to make sure the hotel keeps running during this global crisis. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
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1.41km from Il Tramezzino
Place is immediately next to Denny's Restaurant. Parking is a bit odd. There are tandem stalls in front of the Hotel. You need to leave your keys at the front desk if you park in outside stalls. There are also around a dozen diagonal narrow stalls on the right side of the hotel that can be used. The place does not look impressive at all. Not a great reception area and a small elevator. When you get to the rooms however, you will find a large room, two queen sie beds, a nice table, and a sink and refrigerator. tt looks dated but satisfactory but what is impressive is the new upgraded bathroom. (It looks out of place so I am surmising that they just upgraded all of the bathrooms only at this time.) You'll get free internet, a quiet room in a great neighorhood with Target and Trader Joe's a few minutes walk away. i had to go to the UCLA Medical Center and while I drove to it for my appointment, I walked it the night before, a 15 to 20 minute safe walk.
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1.47km from Il Tramezzino
1. The hotel has a good location, only 10 kilometers away from LA Airport, and it is easy to reach by navigating. 2. The surrounding public security is relatively good, only 1 km away from UCLA, within walking distance. Husband goes to UCLA for morning jogs every morning to feel the sun and blue sky. There are many places to eat in the annex. There is a Sichuan restaurant, a Mexican bar, and a Jenny's (pancake) chain store across the street downstairs; a little farther away there are Chinese restaurants, Japanese cuisine, pizza, seafood, etc., and you can eat different kinds of food every day . 3. The hotel is fully equipped with a full kitchen, and there are 4 different types of pots, which are enough to meet the needs of cooking enthusiasts. The seasoning is equipped with the most basic salt and pepper. The capsule coffee machine is also one of the highlights. It is super convenient. It not only prepares coffee and tea for adults, but also provides hot cocoa for children to drink. The most worrying thing is the washing machine and dryer, which saves a lot of effort for this mother. 4. The front desk is full of handsome white guys who are very enthusiastic at all times. 5. It is especially suitable for children with children. The sofa in the living room is opened as a small bed, so children can sleep comfortably. 6. The hotel is small and exquisite, and the garden has a Mediterranean style. There is also a nice terrace on the roof, suitable for hair dryer and BBQ.
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1.52km from Il Tramezzino
I travelled here with my adult daughter in September 2019. Many, many years ago I saw an advert in my hotel room channel for The Bel Air Hotel. It was a long advert narrated by a man with what the kids would call an ''ASMR voice'' and it was such effective marketing it stuck in my mind for about 15 years until I finally made it through the doors in September 2019. Was it worth the wait? Yes and then some. The hotel is just paradise. We stayed in the Canyon studio room. These rooms are on the south side of the hotel and are located on the upper floors so you have a lovely view of the canyon, a lot of privacy and the private patio with a little plunge pool and fireplace is delightful. Inside the rooms are sleek, modern and well appointed and for us Europeans very 'California'. We could have stayed in our room for the weekend! We stayed here after taking a cruise and before our cruise we stayed at another 5 star hotel in Beverly Hills that was a comedy of errors and just a horrible experience. We came to The Bel Air with some trepidation that we would again be paying handsomely to get shoved aside in favour of VIP guests and connected locals. Well, no such worries were needed. We were made to feel so welcome and with the large gardens and privacy of our suite it often felt like we the only guests. The pool was busy over the weekend but we were always welcomed and provided with lounge chairs and they were not holding the best seats for VIPs like the other hotel. Every guest was treated equally which is such a relief when you are just a nobody like us. You can take the house car within a 3 mile radius and they have a car that will take you to their sister hotel The Beverly Hills Hotel where you can use their pool and you also have charging privileges. This hotel is also beautiful though of course busier. I highly recommend the Fountain coffee shop for coffee and cake. The staff was amazing in every way. Great attention to detail. I never mentioned it was my birthday. I traveled through 3 international airports, stayed in 2 other hotels and took a cruise. Nobody noticed the DOB on my passport. Checked into The Bel Air and 30 minutes later they are at my room with cake and champagne because they noticed. My daughter works as a writer for a talk show in our country. She told our house car driver this and about her love of comedy. Our driver had the concierge get us tickets to the Comedy Store, they agreed to drop us in the house car AND the driver (a different man) took a little detour to show my daughter the house that her idol Joan Rivers lived in during the height of her talk show fame. I mean.......that's the level of care and detail they put into each guest. My room tip is to go for a room/suite that has outdoor space. We reserved through the Dorchester Diamond Club and the extra benefits you get cancel out the extra cost of the higher category of room. Diamond Club is also the best of its kind - they upgrade you on booking and w
4.1/5Very Good41 Reviews
1.58km from Il Tramezzino
I promised my partner I wouldn’t leave a bad review about how horrible our stay was but ever since we checked out this has been on my mind. The older gentlemen that checked us in seemed to hate his job and did not once thank me for being an IHG member even though I booked this stay with points which was a mistake and I wish there was a way to get those points back. We got to the hotel around 7 because we weren’t sure if we should go or not but being our 3 year wedding anniversary we found someone last minute to take care of our doggos so we can enjoy a night in Beverly Hills like we’ve been wanting to all year. From the moment we checked in I felt like we made a mistake in choosing this property as the level of professionalism lacked heavily as the older gentlemen was not interested in why we were they, probably anti-lgbtq+ if you ask me.. at night we called for some extra pillows which never showed up and were abruptly waken up at 9 in the morning by a loud sawing noise that was coming from the hallway. When I called the front desk to ask what it was about the lady on the phone informed me that they were taking off the locks off doors near our room and did not apologize for the inconvenience. As we walked out of our room to the pool and back the individuals who were literally sawing into the doors with loud handheld motor saw (imagine someone drilling into metal) they were also having loud and inappropriate conversations as to who they slept with the night before. Overall a 0/0 and I would recommend anyone interested in staying here and is a member of IHG to consider spending a little more and staying at a better property with actual hospitality professionals at the front desk and throughout the property. We thought because it was Beverly Hills it would be amazing but sadly I lost a big chunk of points that I had saved up to use on a special occasion on this 2 star hotel.
4.8/5Outstanding23 Reviews
1.83km from Il Tramezzino
I decided to celebrate my wife’s birthday in Beverly Hills. Her day was great until we came back after dinner. The room was a little cold so we went to turn on the heater to discover the thermostat was locked. Strike one. At around 10:30pm we decided to go to the jacuzzi to relax together. After 12 minutes, someone from the hotel tells me we can not be here in the jacuzzi because it was too late. I apologized and answered by saying there aren’t any signs posted stating otherwise. He said he knows there’s nothing posted but we have to go. Strike 2! Later, we decided to get ready for bed and we discovered while brushing our teeth, that we were not getting hot water. We then ran the shower for at least 20 minutes and nothing but freezing water. We called the front desk to informed them of the problem and it seemed as if the guy who answered did not believe me. I explained that we ran the water and he continued to tell me that it was impossible. We both decided to send someone up to check. By now it’s around midnight and my incredible night with my wife is becoming a cold nightmare. We were told he would be in the room in 5 minutes but that turned into 28 minutes. Once he arrived, he went directly to the bathroom and ran the water for approximately 19 minutes to come to a conclusion and said we don’t have running warm water. At this point my wife is tired and irritated. The guy called someone and said that they can move us, but it’s going to take time because they were not sure if that room had warm water. It’s now close to 1am and they want us to pack up our things, walk to another room that may not have warm water and start over. At this point, all I can do is apologize to my wife. Because we were at the beach earlier in the day, we had to do the best we could by showering in freezing water. At check out on Sunday morning, we asked the guy at the desk if we could speak to a manager, he said we can’t and he promised to have someone call me. Well it’s now Monday the 2nd of November and we are STILL waiting. Just a word of advice before staying at The Beverly Hills Plaza and Spa, walk through your room and check everything first. Informed them of your itinerary and check how late or early you could enjoy the few amenities they have to offer. Or, stay somewhere else!
4.4/5Excellent22 Reviews
2.15km from Il Tramezzino
I stayed in Hotel Angeleno in early September. This was not a good experience. First, they lost my reservation, and it took them a long time to find it. I had to show the prove of booking and yet Brad at the front desk said that there was none, despite me showing him the confirmation. When he finally found it after 30 minutes lost, he did not bother to apologize. The room was on the 3rd floor right above the hotel entry and across from elevators, very noisy. Linen had dirty spots on it. I traveled alone but the room I got had a connected room with a light door so I could hear all the noises there. The baby over there cried and coughed all night - why would they put a family with a baby in a room connected to a stranger, I cannot explain. However, I would expect them to have remote thermometers to ensure that people who stay there have no fever, but they did not care. When I checked out, all I got was "You're all set", nothing like "Thank you for staying with us." I think the hotel menegement relies on location rather than service, and it is a proven strategy to fail. Very sad.
4.6/5Outstanding14 Reviews
2.21km from Il Tramezzino
Very bad experience. Obviously pre-paid and included breakfast, the front desk told me not to include breakfast. I questioned and asked me to get a confirmation form. The lobby signal was very poor. I could n’t open the Ctrip app. Staff; then asked me for a credit card. I did n’t pay attention. I thought I had a voucher. It was plain and plain, and the normal deposit was 100 knives. Far more than paid. When I went up to check in, I was given a room near the road on the far side, which was very noisy. I went downstairs and asked about the deposit. The one who originally worked was not there. Another admitted to misuse and said that the pre-authorization was changed to $ 300. However, I never received a new bank message and called the bank. The bank said that according to the consumption deduction of 871.73 knives, then the front desk gave me a receipt for the modified deposit of 300 knives. Messy stay experience. Some of the mini bars in the room are displayed on the pad, and some are not. The water in the bathtub was not smooth! There was a smell in the room. Not worth the price! In addition, the frozen knife was 871.73, but a receipt of $ 300 was given. After checking out, the wrong operation will occur again. Who can I find?
4.6/5Outstanding9 Reviews
2.95km from Il Tramezzino
Breakfast is very simple, basically eggs, meatloaf and bread, the bread is cold. There is coffee and juice! Apple oranges and bananas! Basically no tricks there for three days! The worst part is that it is too noisy. We also specifically asked to live in a relatively quiet room, but the noise of the cars on the road around at night was still loud, especially the police cars, one by one with the harsh flute! I really can't sleep well! There are subway, 7-eleven, and Japanese udon on the other side of the road, so eating is more convenient! The attitude of the hotel staff is also very good.
4.9/5Perfect13 Reviews
3.26km from Il Tramezzino
We have been going to the Peninsula hotel for years. The hotel is a beautiful Beverly Hills Hotel with five star amenities and five star service. However, on this particular visit, we witnessed something that should never take place at a hotel of this caliber by the Roof Garden Manager. Upon arrival of the roof top garden, we were told that the was no tables and that we had to wait 20-30 minutes. The staff was kind enough to allow us to sit by the pool while we waited. A waiter came by and said we could order by the pool so we went ahead and ordered a bunch of items. One of our dishes was fish tacos and as soon as it was placed in front of us it was INFESTED with (fruit) FLIES to a point it was inedible. We showed it to the server, Juan, and he apologized for the issue and asked if we wanted a replacement but we said no, that was fine, and he said that they would take it off the bill. When the bill came, the fish tacos were on the bill. We asked the server and he said he would go check with the manager. A few minutes later, the roof garden manager, Joseph Demare, came by. When he showed up, he was filled with rage and anger and was yelling at out party. We asked him why he was yelling and he said he had a “Loud voice”. He asked us to pay for the entire bill and to leave or else security would be called. At this point, we did not know why he had so much rage and anger. We asked for a hotel manager and he refused. He said we could speak to security but not a manager. We asked for his card and he originally refused (he eventually ended up giving us his card after we paid the bill). He was accusing us of lying about the incident and continued to berate and talk down to us. The other hotel guests noticed this and started to feel uncomfortable. Finally, one of us called the hotel and asked for the hotel manager to come up. Once he saw this, he said that he would take the item off our bill. But at this point it was too late because he had shaken up our party and embarrassed all of us. The hotel manager, Oliver, came up right away. He asked what happened and when we told him, he apologized and tried to diffuse the situation. when Oliver realized what occurred, he asked the other manager and security to leave. The other hotel patrons that saw the whole incident told the hotel manager what happened and confirmed that the restaurant manager acted improperly, with extreme hostility and rudeness. It seemed he had some vendetta against us for some reason. I won’t get into why I think he acted this way. But This was no way to treat patrons for any reasons, let alone a minor issue. We decided to leave and the other hotel guests apologized to us for what had occurred because they too felt bad and embarrassed by the managers behavior. The servers, waiters and hotel Manager, Oliver, were super nice, apologetic, and gracious the whole time. The hotel as a whole should not be categorized by one Restuarant manager’s behavior. But the way
4.8/5Outstanding3 Reviews
3.43km from Il Tramezzino
Would've been a perfect room except for…..the nasty stale smell of old cigarettes that seemed embedded deep into the furniture and carpets!!! I'll start from the beginning. This hotel is in the most random part of Los Angeles. There's not much within walking distance, so for decent food, you'll have to order delivery or drive somewhere. It's newly remodeled and I think used to be another hotel, but even though it's been remodeled for about a year, they still have a vinyl sign stuck to the outside, so if you blink, you may miss the turn into the valet. Parking is valet, which is $2/half hour, or $20 for overnight. The lobby is nothing fancy, just a small counter with many signs to socially distance yourself from other guests. Checking in was easy. Check in is 3pm, but they let me check in fairly early, around 2. Also in the lobby were fixtures where breakfast usually is served, but because of the pandemic, no breakfast. My room was beautiful and HUGE! I booked a loft suite with high ceilings, spiral staircase, and hanging bulb chandelier. So the only problem? The gross cigarette smell. It's kinda disappointing in an age where deep cleaning is essential that this is an issue. By mistake, the manager Mike almost entered my room (even though the Do Not Disturb button was lit). But I thought, while he's here to help me close the window that I opened because I tried to air out the cigarette smell. He was able to help with the window, but when I asked for some air freshener, his response was, , "Uhh….umm..well….I don't know if we have it…..ummmm…" Not very proactive for a manager. He eventually called to say they didn't have any. I guess I'll just have to live with the smell. There were a few drawers, one that seemed to be some kind of fridge. I don't know because it wasn't plugged in nor was there a way to plug it in. But everything else from the living room/ seating area to the cool room design and lighting were GREAT!! The high ceilings gave great acoustics when I felt like bursting out into song. And the many channels fro Direct TV made me feel right at home. There is a tub/shower, a small Keurig machine, a safe, and a microwave. But it was the bougie room design and furnishings that did it for me. You will enjoy staying here. But is you stay in room 406, bring your own Glade plug-ins.

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5/51 Reviews
Venice Beach
The environment is very good, because several hotels resident on this day moved to here for three nights without rooms, the price is slightly expensive, but the hotel environment and room settings are really good, super warm and sweet feeling, Small promenade and open air area outside Big Love Hotel
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4.6/536 Reviews
Amy Bloch, the Concierge, contacted us about 2 weeks before our arrival asking if there was anything she could do for us either setting up any tours, restaurant suggestions and reservations or anything we might need. After asking for suggestions on restaurants she did send me quite a selection of different types of restaurants along with things to do around Hollywood and Los Angeles. When my friend and I arrived Amy greeted us at the front desk, welcoming us to the Roosevelt Hotel. The entire staff from the front desk, the guys at the valet parking, housekeeping and room service were outstanding. They couldn't do enough for us. Everyone at the hotel, especially Amy made our stay simply fantastic. The Roosevelt Hotel is the only place we would stay in Hollywood.
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3.9/548 Reviews
Downtown Los Angeles
It's a big place like Los Angeles, and the room is so small, I feel drunk too. It is too small to open the luggage, which is inconvenient to open. I specifically explained that I want a quiet room. The garbage truck on the street started to pull garbage less than 5:00 in the morning. The staff talked. I thought the window was not closed. As a result, there was no window for you to open. It was just a piece of glass with light. Just come in. A small refrigerator, placed on a shelf, but not in a cabinet. There is nothing in the refrigerator, but it is plugged in, and the operation noise is noisy all night. It will collapse when you live one day. No one will help you. Carry luggage. No one asks if you need help. Is this still Los Angeles I know? The beds are ok, moderately hard and soft. The location is good. It is convenient to walk everywhere, and around breakfast. Walking on HIlls street towards 3rd street, everything is there. May not stay here next time, unless there is no choice.
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4.8/54 Reviews
My family has been using the Anza hotel for all of our trips to the Calabasas/LA area for the past 4 years or so, and we love it here. I hope we can continue to rely on the Anza for years to come. Beautiful rooms, superb location, and best of all they allow pets! The prices for rooms are very reasonable and they all have a nice "boutique feel" to them which adds something special. I want to add an extra note about my last stay here, which took place during the first days of the Covid-19 outbreak. I traveled alone without my husband and child to Calabasas/California because I needed to be with a gravely ill parent who soon passed away. Being able to stay in a comfortable hotel during this awful period was such a comfort to me, and I want to add that Ryan, who works at the Bistro restaurant and bar, was especially great to me during this time. Ryan prepared delicious meals for me, got to know me and my love for an evening glass of wine right away, and was a warm, friendly presence when I came home from the hospital at night (and in later days, came home to the hotel after days spent making final arrangements). Ryan and the team at the Anza who continued to work during the stressful days of Covid-19 "stay at home restrictions" were truly a blessing to me and I value, and am so grateful for, their work on the behalf of me and other guests who really needed a hotel stay for emergency reasons.
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4.2/5615 Reviews
Los Angeles International Airport Area
Pros: the staff is really professional and accommodating, excellent customer service Close to the airport with a few Cons: shuttle comes every 30 minutes and I was told I had the wrong shuttle when I’m fact I did have the right one and I had to wait an hour to get picked up Not the nest neighborhood, hallway smells like weed, but don’t blame the hotel staff as there’s nothing they can do Suggestion: both your shuttles look the same but aren’t the same holiday inn/holiday inn express Make sure they’re clearly marked as I asked the driver “ is this lax holiday inn” and he told me no, the same driver came back an hour later and told me no again but I got on anyways and discovered I was right. Nobody wants to be stranded at the airport. Your check in staff was great thanks
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5/52 Reviews
Los Angeles International Airport Area
My daughter and I planned a mother- daughter Pre-college trip to LA despite the Covid-19 concerns. After searching hotels and Airbnb’s for countless hours we chose this hotel and I’m SO GLAD we did. This hotel was SUPER CLEAN and modern! Rooms were clearly sanitized with seals in place on door and labeled. No carpeting in entire hotel and always saw people cleaning. Every staff member we encountered was friendly and professional. The outdoor space was so beautiful complete with weather proof couches and seating, lighting, fireplace and bar. I enjoyed drinking my morning tea out there. Convenient to everywhere we wanted to go: Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood Hills, Malibu, etc. You will need to rent a car but hotel had convenient parking on premises. Breakfast was included in our room which was SO convenient! Grab-and-go ( because of COVID-19) plus menu items offered at low prices if desired. Located in a low key corporate park with Trip Advisor right around the corner! We were so glad we stayed here!
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