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4.2/5Very Good4 Reviews
0.06km from Inafuku
It is opening of a newly built hotel.Various international cuisine options are available within a walking distance.
4.7/5Outstanding134 Reviews
0.13km from Inafuku
Ok, so there are some pros and cons to this hotel. Pros: It is in a convenient location for the subway line with easy access to the rest of Tokyo It is in a quieter area of Tokyo with significantly less tourists than, say, Shinjuku The staff was extremely friendly and helpful both before and during our stay The price point was extremely decent for over the New Years Holiday Cons: The rooms are SMALL. And, listen, I've traveled to a number of countries. I do not expect American sized hotel rooms anywhere else in the world. But the pictures here do not do the small size of the room justice. We reserved a wide double bed room. When we opened the door, there was barely enough space for us to fit our 2 suitcases and ourselves. We could only get ready on at a time because there wasn't enough space to open both suitcases at the same time. If a suitcase was open, we had to step over it and each other to get to the bathroom. This setup may work for an individual, but definitely not a couple. Perhaps they have rooms that are larger, but that was not our case. The beds are hard as rocks. It was like sleeping on the floor. As a woman, I have hips and felt like my hips were bruised from sleeping on my side. I even eventually asked for an extra blanket and laid down on top of that to help cushion it a little. Due to it being in a less touristy area, there was almost nothing over while we were there (it was the New Year's Holiday and we were prepared for a lot of things to be closed but not for EVERYTHING to be closed). So overall, there are a lot of great aspects about this hotel. Clean, convenient, great staff. But , for me, the cons outweigh those great aspects so I can't recommend it to anyone without those warnings and I certainly will not be able to stay here again.
4.6/5Outstanding48 Reviews
0.16km from Inafuku
New hotel, great location just 5 mins walk from Ningyōchō Station, self service laundry is available, convenience stores are around the corner. Check in process was smooth handled by friendly staff, however the front office staff (a guy) handled our check out was rude, requested him to help to call a local car rental shop, he said: “cannot help” and looked at me with a poker face not even a thank you from him. This is my first time received this kind of respond from a decent hotel that the staff cannot even help to call to a local contact. Even a budget hotel can do this. Please, if he is tired of working in service Industry, please deal with non living things.
4.8/5Outstanding74 Reviews
0.19km from Inafuku
Although the hotel rooms are small, the location is good. The subway Ningyocho Station can be reached within 10 minutes on foot. There are many convenience stores in the annex, and there is a supermarket next to Ningyocho Station. The room was relatively clean. Under the spit, the smoking room was arranged without a reservation for a non-smoking room. The smoking room was arranged the previous time. Fortunately, the staff reminded that it was changed to a non-smoking room. In addition, the tea leaves offered are nearing expiration. As a compliment, the hotel provides free luggage storage. I went to Hokkaido halfway and returned to stay at this hotel. I left a piece of luggage in the hotel.
3.5/55 Reviews
0.21km from Inafuku
On this system, I can only select the last year's accommodation day, but I stayed at this hotel about twenty years ago, and I spent so pleasant and enjoyable experience. A tatami room and a simple Japanese-style breakfast, a TV cannot watch without the coins. We called these "Showa Retro," and I remembered nostalgic days of past. I think only old Japanese feels sentimentally like me. However, I recommend this hotel for you who like dramas and movies of the Showa will be valuable experiences.
4.6/5Outstanding693 Reviews
0.26km from Inafuku
It’s about 10 mins walk from Tokyo station and the facilities are good, the room is cosy. Lots of food places around. The only thing bothers me was the coffee, they don’t provide instant coffee in the room ( strange ) but there’s a coffee machine in the lobby near the entrance, it’s not 24/7 and at times only start serving after 3 pm? It’s taking the points off of this place, especially when you can easily make a quick coffee in room rather than having the hassle of getting your coffee in the public area after already changed and being cosy in the room. They do provide kettle in the room though.
4.5/5Excellent11 Reviews
0.27km from Inafuku
My Sept 2018 review (3 night stay) Dislikes: very little standing space in the bathroom, no live English TV station just prerecorded international news, noisy plumbing and room is a little dated. Likes: best air-conditioning cause it's super quiet, secure double glazed tilt opening window, secure door locks, good hot shower and very happy staff serving breakfast. Bed comfort: firm mattress but you sleep well, we had the king size which was actually two single beds pushed together. Room standard: showing signs of wear, limited walking space, no rooms face the main street but you get a good side on view. Breakfast: very basic Japanese buffet selection e.g. miso soup, two choice of sushi, mashed egg with mayonnaise, meat ball, tea and coffee. Wi-Fi: reasonable speed Access: easy to arrive at the wrong hotel with same name as there are many Toyoko Inn's in the area. Easy to see this hotel at night with its huge neon sign above plus limited English spoke at reception. Location: safe residential/business area, 10 minutes walk to restaurants, shops, subway Why I choose this accommodation: just after a simple clean room with breakfast included and not too far from central railway station. Will I stay at this place again: Possibly, unless I can find newer hotel for similar money. Tip: 15 minutes walk to Ningyocho subway station for direct subway train line to Haneda airport.
4.2/5Very Good1 Reviews
0.32km from Inafuku
Breakfast is a light meal, the room is small, no extra bed, the hotel chain has a self-service laundry function.
5/5Perfect1 Reviews
0.34km from Inafuku
5-minute walk from Chibacho Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Tozai Line!
4.7/5Outstanding9 Reviews
0.34km from Inafuku
Hotel adjacent to Tokyo! Very friendly and facilities are clean. The bedding was very comfortable and the bathroom was clean. The breakfast room and the meal are great. The bread is so delicious.
3.9/590 Reviews
0.4km from Inafuku
We stayed here with a friend for ten whole days exploring Tokyo. The location is in Chuo / Akihabara, and it has very good transportation connections to different subway and train lines. The closest station is Kodemmacho, but we used other stations as well, varying where we were going (e.g. Ningyocho to the airport, Bakuroyokoyama to Shinjuku). It has many restaurants nearby (we found a nice ramen restaurant who also served cheap gyoza!), and a konbini right next door. The hotel itself was nice, especially during New Years with their gorgeous decorations. The staff was very friendly (as expected from Japan), and they accommodated to all our needs - extra pillows and blankets delivered to our door, and some Aspirin in the long hours. They're available 24/7, and they speak good English. The room was small, but clean and sufficient to our needs. You couldn't hear anything from other rooms, but if someone was talking in the hallway, you could hear it like they were standing next to you. The room came with a pocket wifi/telephone (300 yen / day), which was very handy! They also had a laundromat and a dryer (100 yen / laundry, 100 yen / 30 min of drying). Washing powder was included. I would recommend this hotel, if you're a bit on a budget, and don't mind a small room - that being said, Japanese hotel rooms are quite small in general. The location is great, the staff is great, and it had all the things I look for in a hotel. Mini-fridge was necessary, as the hotel didn't provide breakfast, only hot coffee in the lobby every morning. As there was a Family mart right next door, we didn't need a breakfast service either. Thank you for having us!
4.5/5Excellent82 Reviews
0.4km from Inafuku
We travel standby and make hotel reservations at the very last minute. So, we typically panic a bit and cross our fingers we've made a solid decision. We really scored with this hotel. Excellent choice if you want a room with breakfast to start your day of explorations nicely. The staff was helpful and communication was very good. It helped that my wife could make a connection with her limited Japanese but the staff at the front desk spoke English well enough for us. No complaint. Adjust your expectations...rooms in Japan are small by western standards but we were not at all cramped in this room. Cozy! The room was a solid "A" for cleanliness. The bed was comfy, the aircon efficient and not noisy, the amenities all you'd want (kettle, refrigerator, fast wifi, nightlight, emergency flashlight). Lots of baseball and cartoons on tv but that was only for pre-nap noise. The bathroom had a deep tub to soak your muscles after a long day of walking - you will walk a lot each day. The shower was wonderful and the typical Japanese "magic" toilet seat should be required in the USA! The mirror over the sink had an anti-fog coating, too. Sound insulation is perfect as we never heard a peep from adjoining rooms or the street and only a faint muffle from the hallway if someone was right outside our door. Laundry facilities available at modest cost. Breakfast suited out tastes. I enjoyed the 2 soups each morning and the matcha swirl bread, toasted and buttered. Each day's breakfast was different and we did not repeat until the 4th day. The little circles of meatloaf in a tomato sauce were also a favorite. The scrambled eggs were sometimes cold but you can nuke them in the microwave. The small breakfast room was never crowded for us. The hotel is quite small and well located. We had a very easy walk from the nearest train station after a no-transfers ride from HND. There are inexpensive places ($7-14 per person) to eat along the main street within 15 minutes walk. Our routine became one of enjoying the day and tiring ourselves out exploring the city, then taking a late afternoon to early evening nap. Then, we'd walk to find some dinner and enjoy the less hot part of the day. Note, we visited during an unprecedented heat wave. The best budget places to eat were nearer the Kanda Station and that's where there was some night life if you're into that. There's a Family Mart, 7-Eleven or Lawson's store seemingly every block and the Family Mart 3 minutes from the hotel was perfect for a late night ice cream or a few cans of Kirin to bring back to the room. A few doors down there's a good ramen place that's open very late. Everywhere we felt safe. The people are uncommonly friendly, helpful and English was spoken and understood at important places like the train stations where we could verify what platform, etc, we should be on. Take the trains everywhere. There are station accesses all along the main street near the hotel. Enjoy. We'd re

Hotels Near Inafuku In Tokyo Review

4.7/51173 Reviews
If you loves omakase breakfast at Toyosu market, shopping at Venus Fort, Diver City, Aqua City, visiting the TeamLab Borderless and TeamLab Planets, and hot-spring at Ooedo Onsen, that's the perfect location. Even gives you quick access to Disney resort and Haneda Airport! Small rooms as usual but the one with twin double beds is excellent for parents with two young children. The only downside is no car-rental nearby.
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4.6/51531 Reviews
Ikebukuro commercial
this hotel is always my favourite. the location is very convenient for shopping, for food & for transport. However, it took me over 45minutes to check in hotel because they couldn't find my booking although I provided the's confirmation number but I had no hotel confirmation number. Owing to the super typhoon which I must stay in the hotel, the hotel staff provided quality services & very good food. Overall, I enjoyed the stay.
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4.6/54215 Reviews
Check in was a breeze, efficient and high tech. Godzilla head is an interesting feature of the hotel (esp. for fans), and location is great, right in the middle of the happening area. room size is good, can even be bigger if the toilet is joined with the bathing area. can bring the 2 single beds together to form a large bed.
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4.7/51151 Reviews
Suidobashi/Tokyo Dome
Their service is nothing short of excellent. They have staff who are fluent in English (and other languages as well, I suspect). Me and my friend came thinking that we would be staying in a Single Room with Extra Bed since that was what we booked as we attempted to be more economic. However, to our pleasant surprise, our room was upgraded to a much much bigger room for free. We are very thankful to the helpful staff for making our stay pleasant and extremely comfortable. The location is great as it in located somewhere in between Iidabashi and Suidobashi which is pretty much close to the geographical center of Tokyo. Head east you will be able to visit Akihabara and Asakusa quick. Head west, you will be able to hit Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Shibuya. The neighbourhood is fairly quiet and the Tokyo Dome is just a 10-15 minute stroll away. If I am coming back to visit Japan, this hotel will be a clear top choice for me. Haven't had the opportunity to have the breakfast at this hotel, but I will certainly try it out on my next stay here.
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4.7/5955 Reviews
Great location with walking distance to metro station. Very comfortable room, housekeeping staff is doing a very good job.. super clean and no dust at all.. very impressive! Love the coffee sachet and green tea provided at the front desk.. they even give lady a Japanese facial mask upon check in, so thoughtful 🥳
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4.6/51293 Reviews
Ikebukuro commercial
Good hotel. Location is great and convenient, pretty much inside Sunshine city mall. There’s also a 24/7 family mart as well. Didn’t encounter any elevator problems in regards to having to wait long queue times.
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