Hotels Near Kasr El Shouq

Hotels Near Kasr El Shouq In Giza

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0.54km from downtown
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1.05km from downtown
Thanks to all your kindnees. Good performe and good hotel in egypt. Nice and perfect hotel
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1.49km from downtown
With the famous pyramids of Cairo just a stroll away from this 3-star hotel, guests can enjoy a comfortable accommodation in a privileged location near the city centre.The strategic position of Hor Moheb Hotel means you are within easy reach of the popular cinemas, theatres, opera houses, entertainment centres and main shopping precincts and markets. Come and discover the many sides of this bustling city.After soaking up the many impressions during your hours of sightseeing, retreat to the comfort of your cosy room. Relax at the bar and enjoy a drink before savouring a tasty dish in our restaurant. A work out or a break in the sauna are always a nice way to round off your day.
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1.5km from downtown
Thanks to the recognition of the first quarter of the hotel service from Egypt's Cairo-Aswan-Abu Simbel-Luxor-Red Sea, she returned to her arms. The service standards of the Four Seasons Hotel are still relatively uniform throughout the world. If you admire modernity and cherish the quality of service, she will not let you down. Although located in the Giza area, the hotel is located in the center of the city from the Cairo City Bridge. The hotel’s street-facing room is close to the Cairo Zoo (across the road, known as the largest and oldest in Africa). The aforementioned landscape can also be seen from the Nile. The breakfast is rich but not very Chinese. The children (within 12 years old) do not charge meals. It is good to have a singer in the evening at the hotel pool and sing a glass of wine to listen quietly.
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1.83km from downtown
There is no way for customers to ask for it, and the price is barely enough xhzghdjjdbdjdjbdhjsjdbdhjsjdjdjjdhdbdj
4.2/5Very Good77 Reviews
2.72km from downtown
Not far from the Nile, convenient to travel, the rooms are well-formed, and the breakfast is rich, but mainly Western and Egyptian food, there are many desserts, and the service attitude is good.
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2.85km from downtown
Nothing is good except for the swimming pool. Hot water often does not come out, and the staff definitely will not come to help unless you call many times. Get mentally prepared.
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2.94km from downtown
The New York Hostel provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. The New York Hostel offers a pleasant stay in Cairo for those traveling for business or leisure. Boasting a convenient location, the hotel is just 5km from Misr Cairo Central Station and 22km from Cairo International Airport. Being just minutes away from AlSayyeda Zeinab Metro Station allows guests to explore the city with ease. Keeping busy is easy, with National Geographic Society Museum, Makan Egyptian Center for Culture and Art and "Call & Go" Holidays all nearby. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel.
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2.96km from downtown
The hotel environment is good, but the mattress is too soft and backache. In addition, the details of the hotel are not in place. There is a lot of dust on the lamp of the hotel just after moving in. It is recommended that people with dust allergies be cautious
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2.96km from downtown
The location is good, the breakfast is good, and the service staff are good and some are so average. The tourist products in the hotel are not recommended, too pit too pit, I may not bargain. Chartered the car to the pyramid for 50 dollars, then pulled down a place to sell paintings, 200 lbs. Bought the smallest one, and later found 20 lbs. Comfort yourself with different qualities. Arrived at the place and said to ride a horse or camel or carriage, it cost 1,000 lbs. After the tip was 20 dollars, I gave 120 lbs. I am totally wrong.
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3.16km from downtown
There are at least two types of hotels, and, of course, this is a huge generalisation: the city hotel and the out of town establishment. The former ordinarily caters for the business community, hosting seminars and the overnight visitor. The latter ordinarily is equipped to host the tourist and the long term client. The Four Seasons, Cairo Nile Plaza falls squarely within the former category. It is modern, clean and pretty to look at and has great views if you book a room overlooking the Nile. But it's a bit like city people: generally nice, quick to exchange pleasantries but too to busy to stop and talk. This is quite unlike country or out of town folk who will gladly engage in conversation and exude a genuine sense of friendship. The staff at the hotel, from door staff to managers all exchanged pleasantries but it was clear they were busy so, like the rest of the hotel, they acted efficiently and moved on. Whilst none of what they did was open to criticism, it lacked the warmth and heart that we encountered in other hotels. The hotel appears to pride itself on its ability to swiftly respond to any request proudly displaying posters of text bubbles of an imaginary conversation with a guest in which the hotel responds within a minute. Unfortunately we had to put this boast to the test when the air conditioning unit began to smell as if it was burning. The technicians arrived longer than advertised but, thankfully, solved the issue. Of greatest concern in this luxury hotel was the complete lack of availability of a hot main vegetarian dish at the buffet restaurant. It beggars belief that the management at the Four Seasons Cairo could not cater to anyone other than a meat eater. At dinner when asked for the vegetarian main dish, we were told that there was salad at the buffet bar or we could have a bowl of sad looking pasta which could be made to order or we could order a la carte! When the restaurant supervisor and then the manager were spoken to, their explanation was that this is how Egyptian food is served. It really did seem as if the hotel hadn't caught up with the rest of the world with regard to food choices. Over two evenings every hot main dish was a meat dish. No vegetarian dish and no fish dish: just meat. But credit to the restaurant supervisor who hurriedly tried to rustle up vegetarian Egyptian dishes within minutes and provided a veritable feast of vegetarian dishes the following evening to make up for what had happened the evening before. The restaurant supervisor and the manager were extraordinary in their desire to make us happy with vegetarian dishes and it was clear that there are many, many delicious Egyptian hot main dishes which would please any vegetarian. What's inexplicable is why these or similar dishes were not available as a matter of course. It should not have taken us complaining about the lack of a vegetarian option to produce the reaction from the hotel staff: they are not to blame. They were a credit to the hotel
4.6/5Outstanding74 Reviews
3.22km from downtown
The club's river view room, breakfast on the 26th floor, the landscape is invincible, few people, although the breakfast variety is not too much, but the quality assurance, service is very good. On the first day, I sent a teddy bear to the child, thank you very much! An extra bed is available, but it costs more than $30 per night.

Hotels Near Kasr El Shouq In Giza Review

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The location is very good, just by the Nile River, reception is very good, breakfast is average, parking charges
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3 people business, breakfast can be, can be an extra bed, the hotel can be inside. The outside of the hotel is particularly blocked, the car is particularly large, the environment is general, the location is close to the living area, especially congested.
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As I lay here awake well past 10pm, the incredibly loud DJ music from some nearby club or music enthusiast (not sure which) is blaring at a volume to rival the lollapalooza center stage. This is our third night at this hotel and the third in a row with noise that is so crisp, loud and clear I have questioned if it’s coming from my room television (it’s not). This is of course only outdone by the (not even kidding) two ROOSTERS that begin their crowing right outside our window at 0400am. That’s the ambiance sorted, now onto the rest. The rooms are worn and dated but mostly clean. The bright spot is the breakfast. The downstairs restaurant is the one spot in the hotel that appears to have been updated recently. The food is good, but not exceptional. The area is not good for walking and taxis are no where to be found in the suicidal death dance that is Cairo’s uncontrolled traffic (seriously guys, how about a stop light or two?!?) And the hotel will only set up ‘tours’ for you at what I considered a high cost (USD 50) for only transport to/from destinations like the main museum. They also set up legit tours, but if you only need transport (which you will need) you will spend a fortune here just to get back and forth to dinner. Finally, the staff are professional but clearly trained to push tours on the guests. This is what we expected and thus was fine with us. The service staff are all uniformed and attentive, but seemed a little out of place in this sort of hotel. Ultimately, it feels a bit like a Fawlty Towers episode if it were filmed in the overcrowded, trash strewn, feral dog and cat infested streets of Cairo. But if you are coming to Cairo, virtually all the hotels are in those streets, so you can’t blame the hotel for the landfill outside. Not sure where the 3 star rating came from, but it’s more aptly a 2.5. If you want a one day two night stop over for ONLY the pyramids, this is a suitable and inexpensive location. If you want more? Well, not sure what to tell you. Good luck!!!
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5/514 Reviews
Thanks to all your kindnees. Good performe and good hotel in egypt. Nice and perfect hotel
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