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0.04km from Kiccyou
Previously visited Arashiyama and found this hotel is located in great place but not pricey. Therefore, I booked this hotel for my second trip to Arashiyama a month ago. I planned my route to go directly from Kansai airport to Arashiyama by last direct JR train. Therefore, the time of arrival to hotel was around midnight. The problem was...door to the lobby was shut and nobody was there. I found a doorbell and pushed it several times. None appeared. Then I found a side door to the kitchen which was surprisingly open. But nobody was there too. I and my family waited there for around half hour and a staff(not a receptionist, but an old management crew) finally appeared and lead us to the lobby and called the receptionist. We managed to enter the room around 1 a.m. For my hundreds of trips to various hotels, I sometimes arrived at 2 a.m.or later, but there always was a receptionist at that time. I cannot understand how the hotel closed its door at midnight especially when their booked customer haven't arrived yet. The hotel was beautiful.Its inner garden and garden toward the river were both wonderful. View from the room was also fine. Room was old and small but it can be allowed for its wonderful loacation and relatively low rate. However, the long night waiting was a nightmare. I was puzzled especially because there was no alternative hotels or way to go back to downtown at that remote place.
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0.09km from Kiccyou
Gorgeous view of the autumn colours of Arashiyama's hills and Katsura river from our tatami-mat room. Staff are attentive and kaiseki dinner and breakfast are served personally in your room. Despite being fully booked, the onsen was always quiet and often times empty. Kaiseki dinner is delicious and prepared with the freshest ingredients. It is also a stone's throw away from the famous % Arabica coffee joint and a short walk to the bamboo grove and Tenryuji temple. We would highly recommend this ryokan to anyone looking to stay in Arashiyama. Be sure to book in advance!
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0.11km from Kiccyou
Extremely not recommended is a luxury series in the marriott. Hotel location is OK, Kyoto jr stand out and take a taxi for half an hour. A 3-minute walk from the hotel is the Net Red Shop% Coffee Shop and Michelin Aussie. Looking back and feeling, this hotel did not feel the service of high-end brands at all, let alone the so-called Japanese service. I live in a room with a hot spring in the yard. About 10,000 rmb a night. Of course, there are also reasons for the price increase of the holiday. Usually, it is estimated to be seven or eight thousand. First of all, the room is very simple and there is nothing special. This is ignored first. 1, breakfast is only available in Japanese and Western styles, but it is really very simple and not very delicious. Western style is basically omelet and sausage ham, plus bread and coffee. Mainly still do not eat well. Breakfast is not to win more.      Let's talk about the service of breakfast. The Japanese English is understandable, but where is the awareness of active service? It is really not comparable to the service quality of major hotels or restaurants in China. After the tea was finished, I didn’t know how to add it. I called the waiter three or four times to add water. When you give bread, don't ask which one you want. If you let go, don't ask if you need butter. In fact, there are not many guests, only a total of 5 small tables, 10 people are not. The four waiters were too busy to fly and didn't know what they were doing, and they turned their heads. The things you ask for basically have to wait a long time. If you are going to the sights, it will be a waste of your time. After eating for an hour, I have to ask myself to get the bread from the set. I really don't know if I met a group of new people in Zhongfu? 2, the service is very inconspicuous, just write the member number (according to copy) to write the wrong, write an e-mail to them to send the bill, to the app to see or wrong, really do not understand the copy can also write wrong? There are still a lot of small mistakes that can't be remembered. This small mistake has not been seen in other hotels. And this shouldn't be tied to the level of the hotel, it's too rough. 3, do not call the meal delivery service, it may be okay to order cheaper, think about the hotel meal less than where to go, at night, too lazy to call the cow rice (unit price 5,000 yen and service charge) to open a real look There is no difference between the taste and the meat quality and the Yoshinoya tens of dollars. 4, stayed for two nights, the deep feeling is a Westernized hotel, did not live in Kyoto Hongxi Noya, but if someone is living in which one, I would not recommend you to Tsui, very worthless. Too many domestic service qualities are much higher than them, not to mention the fact that there are more guests in the country than they are. The hotel is very small. There is no other place to go except for a small yard. The restaurant only has A very small hotel, the so-called luxury experience is nothing, rough things, and compared to some street food restaurants in Kyoto. I really don't understand the price and level. Why is this service level? Very very, very not recommended! Don't waste money!
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0.33km from Kiccyou
Stayed two nights in this traditional ryokan, we booked the room with private semi outdoor onsen (Mokuren room). Location is convenient and easy to find, only 3 mins by taxi from JR Saga Arashiyama station, we arranged pickup and confirmed by email but they didn't show up so we just take the taxi. The place is beautiful and unique, very good service. Very convenient: It's just right next to the famous Togetsukyo, around the corner (1 min walk) to the entrance of Monkey park and sightseeing boat cruise entrance, across the bridge heaps of small local shops and eatery, Tenryu temple also around 5 mins of walk. During our three days stay we can go back to the ryokan anytime and enjoy afternoon onsen and then go to sightseeing again, very handy. Dinner - 1st night Kaiseki style served in room, many dishes and very tasty, it's very special experience and we love it. 2nd night they served us Shabu shabu (japanese hotpot), it's still good but it's more simple than the 1st night, personally would prefer Kaiseki (traditional japanese) Breakfast will be serve in the restaurant on the selected time we choose, anytime from 7am-9am, breakfast is traditional Japanese breakfast with alot of side dishes served in the bento box, rice, soup, we can choose either bacon, salmon or fish, and they also served with famous Tofu in hotpot. Free fill of juice, tea and coffee, egg, fruit. It is very delicious and content to start the day. They usually put all Non japanese guests right in the middle of the restaurant and japanese guest on the quiet and more privacy side. The room is very comfortable, private onsen is perfect, can use anytime. We also rent the outdoor private onsen for 40 mins which is around 1500 yen, well if you have the private onsen in the room, you don't need to spend extra $, the outdoor onsen is abit bigger and maybe because it's around 9pm, we cannot see much view outside and it's very cold in / out the onsen. There is free yuzu juice and water in the resting area next to the in house onsen, but it will run out and no refill. Reminder: If you want to drink milk or make your own tea / coffee, there is no milk provided and around 10 mins walk to the nearest convenient store (closed at night). Free drop off after check out which is very convenient. It's expensive, we did enjoy the stay and definitely once in the lifetime experience.
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0.39km from Kiccyou
My girlfriend and I went here for a single night and we went with my elderly parents as well who stayed in the room next to us. In general we found the stay very interesting. Dinner is included in the price which is quite neat and it is served to you in your room, and they were very good to accomodate all four of us eating in our room so that we could eat together. It is extremely well presented and you have lots of small courses (about seven courses I think it was). I can't say we liked eating everything we got (in general we liked about 50% of it and my family are extremely non-fussy eaters who experiment a lot and normally like everything), however it didn't really matter that there were things we didn't like, as it was interesting. The biggest problem though that kind of ruined dinner is that we didn't know what we were eating 90% of the time. The woman who was serving us had pretty much no English, and as you are eating in your room you only interact with that one person and so can't get help from another staff member. They do provide a written menu but it is only in Japanese (I asked if they had it in English and even the next day at reception so that we could find out what we had eaten, but No). Location is pretty good, just across an enjoyable walk across the bridge to the touristy shopping area, temple and bamboo gardens. Some rooms look out over the river, but our room was actually in a totally different building that was across the road, and we looked out onto a steep bank, but they had made it look quite nice with plants, stones etc. Sleeping is on a thin mattress which is rolled out directly onto the tatami mats that you walk around on (the staff prepare and remove all the bedding for you). This is a fun way to sleep, however be warned... if you like a soft-to-medium bed it will be an uncomfortable night as these are extremely hard. I normally like a fairly hard bed and I was surprised just how hard this was. Also the pillows are tiny (and also very hard). They provided two which worked OK for me, but my partner ended up with those two and also one of the cushions from the room to make a decent pillow. The buffet breakfast was in the main building which does look out over a canal that runs parallel to the main river. This was OK but nothing amazing. The shared onsen was quite good though it is totally indoors with no windows so feels a bit like an enclosed box, unlike most other onsens I have been to here. One thing that I did like was that they had a little sauna, and even better they had a cold water pool as well which was nice to swap back and forth between. The staff in general were very polite and good, though their English wasn't very good.
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0.41km from Kiccyou
Set in a prime location of Kyoto, Musubi-an Arashiyama Guest House puts everything the city has to offer just outside your doorstep. The hotel offers a wide range of amenities and perks to ensure you have a great time. All the necessary facilities, including car park, restaurant, coffee shop, smoking area, are at hand. Guestrooms are designed to provide an optimal level of comfort with welcoming decor and some offering convenient amenities like internet access – wireless, internet access – wireless (complimentary), non smoking rooms, balcony/terrace, blackout curtains. Access to the hotel's hot spring bath will further enhance your satisfying stay. Musubi-an Arashiyama Guest House combines warm hospitality with a lovely ambiance to make your stay in Kyoto unforgettable.
4.1/5Very Good3 Reviews
0.44km from Kiccyou
Excellent location in the town near the Togetsu-kyo bridge. Nice views. Small but comfortable western style room. Typical Japanese breakfast. Staff did not speak English but they used a real-time translation service by phone. In Arashiyama, we enjoyed the old railroad ride next to the Hozugawa river, that goes to the start of the exciting river boat ride. We enjoyed walking trails along the river and up to the garden and Tenryu-ji temple. We were there at the end of November and enjoyed the peak foliage.
4.4/5Excellent9 Reviews
0.53km from Kiccyou
This hotel is really nice. #1 The check-in guy was very polite and helpful with excellent English. #2 The rooms are large and clean and fully furnished with fridge, microwave, tv and more. #3 The location is very good.* #4 Fast and faultless wi-fi. However, when you walk to your room the fronts of the rooms look very grey and boring, like a prison. Don't worry though because when you open the door you will be pleasantly surprised how bit and nice the rooms are. *The location is great, BUT it's important to know about the secret path alongside the hotel and canal. If you don't know about that, you will feel it's a long way to the big bridge, but when you know about it, it's great. From the Saga Arishiyama JR station it's a 20 minute walk, but from Hankyu Arashiyama station it's a 1 minute walk.
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0.62km from Kiccyou
Breakfast is one of Japanese style and American style. The environment is ok, but it is not recommended if it is for hot springs because the bathroom is small and the pool is small. The best thing is to get out of the subway station Make a reservation when you need to check in at the hotel because all the surrounding areas are scenic at around 7pm. All restaurants are closed, so if you haven't booked a hotel dinner, you can only eat at the convenience store
4.8/5Outstanding57 Reviews
0.77km from Kiccyou
Lushan and his party were very happy. Because of the change in the itinerary, they repeatedly hesitated in Himeji and Lushan. They chose Lushan in the end. The hotel is on the side of Lushan Station. It is not difficult to find a small road. I confirmed the arrival time in advance, helped to put the luggage and introduced the room and the nearby itinerary. It is recommended that the bicycle rental proved to be very correct. Because of the lack of interest in the conventional mainstream attractions, the arrangement at the beginning was near Dajue Temple. The back boss helped us optimize the itinerary and made better suggestions. Finally, Lushan’s favorite two courtyards and Huaye Buddhist Temple were outside the plan but the boss suggested. At the entrance of the hotel, there is a 28-way door that leads directly to Kyoto Station. There is a house wine house on the side (I don’t know if it’s a problem or something, I don’t really like it) Booked in a tatami room, on the 3rd floor, there will be staff to help with luggage at check-out, 2 toilets on the 3rd floor, 2 bathrooms, although public but relatively satisfactory for everyone. The first floor is a common part. There are some simple board games, comics, etc. There are kitchens, microwave ovens, oven refrigerators, etc. It is very complete. The water purifier can be drunk directly. I hope I have the opportunity to experience it in the Maple Leaf season.
3.8/53 Reviews
0.85km from Kiccyou
Check in staff speak some English. All staff are very polite. Our room faced the city, and all is quiet. The room is clean. At 6pm, the staff came to lay out mattresses for us. The in-room wifi signal is strong. The room has a balcony with 2 chairs and a coffee table. The en-suite toilet stall is small. There is a wash hand basin, and some toiletries are provided. We take our baths and showers at Level 1 public bath. We had Kaiseki dinner Y5000 at the hotel’s restaurant. It is value for money. Location: the hotel is well located as we walked to major tourist attractions in Arashiyama. It is beside two train stations: Saga-Arashiyama JR train station and Torokko Saga train station. The hotel is located in a relatively peaceful part of Arashiyama. About 3 blocks away is the crowded and noisy tourist strip around the bridge and temple.
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0.97km from Kiccyou
The hotel is a 5 minute (with luggage) walk away from the Saga Arashiyama station. While it is relatively quiet around the hotel itself it is only a 10 minute walk to the main street in Arashiyama. It was very convenient for us to get to the main sights every day. Due to it's great location, we manage to arrive at the bamboo forest by 730am before the huge crowds arrived. We stayed in the annex room and it was wonderful, as it felt like we had a little corner house all to ourselves. The room was clean, comfortable and peaceful. Nespresso coffee was also served in the room. The hotel was also kind enough to leave us a little Japanese souvenir (cloth and coin purse) in the room. If you are looking for a base to explore Arashiyama, we highly recommend this hotel. We would definitely stay here again.

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4.8/5448 Reviews
Kyoto Station
Love this hotel! One of the best I’ve ever been. They’ve recently open in 2019 and it’s not very crowded here as there are a few hotels beside and The Thousand is just right connected to the Kyoto Century Hotel so if you are taking taxi, you would like to mention Kyoto Century Hotel and they will alight you right in front of The Thousand. It’s not only new, the amenities are so high tech even the toilet bowl cover automatically open up when detected. Undoubtedly, this hotel has a very nice, warm and homely feel. When you step right in, the woody lemongrass fragrance will make you feel so welcome! Most importantly, the hotel staff converse very well in English and are extremely kind and helpful and patient. It definitely deserves a 5-star rating! Everything is so perfect here that I wish I could have stayed longer in Kyoto!
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4.8/51170 Reviews
This hotel is about a 20-minute walk from Yasaka Shrine and Kiyomizu Temple. There are direct buses to Kinkakuji and Lanshan. 10 minutes walk to Nijo Castle. Kyoto Station is only about four stops from the hotel. All in all the location of this hotel is good. Room for two people was just right. The air conditioning and bath water were very powerful. The shower gel and shampoo are both POLA. So you do n’t need to bring any toiletries here. The room has a washing machine to dry and a microwave. Free coffee in the hotel lobby. Overall this hotel is very good.
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4.8/5987 Reviews
Kyoto Station
This is the best service hotel I have stayed in several times so far! A very gentle Japanese lady at the front desk, smiling all the way to the service, English is also good, helped us upgrade the room, and also helped us to send luggage to the room. During the chat, the children heard that it was a birthday trip. The next day we went out and saw a surprise! A birthday card, three-colored petals, balloon stars ... and cookies.! The child was so moved that he wrote a compliment letter and handed it to the front desk when checking out ... 5 stars praise, 6 stars recommendation
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4.7/5719 Reviews
As for this hotel, I really have to praise it. I ca n’t speak English, I do n’t know Japanese. I went with my baby. The location of the hotel is especially convenient. It ’s close to the bus station. Follow Google. The route he recommends is not necessarily the most convenient. You can choose, it is closer to the hotel bus. I can remember the road once. After getting off the plane, I do n’t remember what tickets I bought at the airport, but I just entered from the ticket office, opposite, b. You can go to the front door of Uniqlo on the back of bus 104. There is a trail opposite Uniqlo. It is especially easy to find when you go in. The hotel service is really great. The first day check-in is a Chinese-speaking beauty. There is also a handsome guy who also speaks Chinese. The room I stayed in Osaka is not as good as this hotel. It is highly recommended, geographical advantage, and the room is clean. In Japan, this room is quite large, 29 inches, 22 inches luggage can I opened the two at the same time, I put the two beds together, and the side was very spacious. I came to Kyoto in the future and chose this one. It was a super happy trip
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4.8/51307 Reviews
Last weekend, my wife and I stayed in this Hotel Gracey Kyoto Sanjo for the third time since January 2019, with satisfaction.The service was consistantly of high quality, other than the convenient location and moderate pricing. However, I would like to reflect one minor comment to the hotel management, because the bed sheets were a bit rough this round, compared to the previous visits. Cheers:-) Wellington FUNG
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4.6/52069 Reviews
Kyoto Station
Hotel is conveniently located. Right opposite the train station and next door to Kyoto tower and Big electrical store Yodobashi. Rooms however a bit outdated. Their housekeeping service were great! If we visit Kyoto again, likely we will use this hotel again for its reasonable pricing.
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