Hotels Near Kitajima Animal Clinic In Soka Review

4.6/510 Reviews
The room service staff was enthusiastic and worked carefully. The reception at the front desk was a bit cold, maybe this season, the possibility of a little worry about the epidemic. . .
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4.5/513 Reviews
The level of this hotel is equivalent to China ’s seven days like home. The biggest problem is that her home is not allowed to locate. According to the hotel name, it is located at Caojia Station, which is very close to it. Asked Luca, the address was located in さ い ま た City, which is a two-city city. The train is about an hour away, and you have to reverse in the middle. The second picture has the distance between the two cities. The last one is the way card provided by Ctrip. Remember to use the hotel name to locate, don't use the hotel address to locate. I was dumped into the wilderness by 11 o'clock in the middle of the night. That address was a residential area. If I went wrong, I would walk for more than an hour to reach the station. Very far. A taxi to the station will cost more than 10,000 yen.
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