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0.02km from La Casa Pizza
We chose this hotel based on its proximity to where we had to be for a family event. Occupied two rooms for four nights. It turned out to be a great little spot within walking distance to public transportation (though public transportation was on strike during our visit), restaurants, a convenience store. It was also located within a short drive from the city's landmarks. The rooms weren't large but what you would expect in this price range in a major city. If I could complain about anything, it would be the traditional column radiator that did not seem to keep the room warm enough for my liking. My review would be incomplete if I didn't mention the very friendly staff. We saw three different people during our stay, and all three were nice and helpful. We would not hesitate to stay here again.
3.8/510 Reviews
0.12km from La Casa Pizza
Booked room with eBookers three months before arrival. Checked booking day before arrival, and it said the reservation was canceled. Called hotel, they could not help. Checked availability from eBookers and it still showed two available rooms. Agreed on the phone to make new reservation. I made a new reservation and then sent an email asking if it is now ok. No answer. Called to hotel again. New person told me he had not seen the email. - "Could you please read the email I send?" - "No." - "What, can you not read it?" - "No, my colleague got the email." - "Ok, do you want me to send the email again?" - "No" So this is the level of service you can expect. Finally called again after an hour and I was told that "Don't came, we don't take you, we are full." Avoid at all costs.
3.9/512 Reviews
0.14km from La Casa Pizza
Comfortable stay in a well equipped room with Good shower. The hotel location is nearby all services & restaurants and supermarkets, but not close to tourist attractions. Very close to metro and bus stations unfortunately metro was not functioning due to the strike! The staff are super nice Especially Azza and Arsal. at front desk. I would definitely like to stay there again.
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0.18km from La Casa Pizza
This was my first visit to Paris, as i did not know the city i was searching for safe and nice place not so expensive in a well connected area,when i found it on Airbnb it looked nice,the price of 96€ city tax and breakfast included for a double room private bath was also good,so i choose it and honestly it was ok.We arrived early in the morning and found Jasmine at reception, a very nice and kind lady, she give us the room before check in time,only minus is the fact of fotocopies of the id card,as i'm working in the tourism is not allowed by client privacy law to do and keep fotocopies from client documents,the identification process is done at the check in by completing the clients dates,but next morning she gave us back the copies and being such a nice person made us feel very warm welcomed.The area is near center 25/30 minutes by bus to Eiffel Tour,and is a safe area with all services arround also from Orly airport we got a direct bus just at 200 meters from hotel.The room was very nice too ,clean ,with high quality beds and laundry,we appreciated the hot water pressure from the private internal bath which was very functional.Buffet breakfast delicious.If i turn back for sure will be on my list for a place to stay!
4.4/5Excellent24 Reviews
0.35km from La Casa Pizza
Staying here currently on our first of two nights and wish we had stayed elsewhere! On our first night (last night) we woke up to realise there had been a power cut all night as neither of our phones had charged and were dead (which isn’t too helpful as I’m sure most of you also reading this, use your phone for maps when exploring new cities!). Anyway I made my way down to reception from the top floor down 8 flights of stairs as the lift was out of order at 7am and asked if we were the only ones, seemingly we weren’t alone but the power seemed to be fine in reception!! Granted these things can’t be helped but the VERY rude man on reception proceeded to tell me it would be back up in 10 mins, so I went back up stairs. Giving the hotel the benefit of the doubt I waited until 9.30am and still the power was still not back up so we couldn’t get ready as our room is pitch black. I went downstairs again to ask if there was any update. I waited in reception for 10 mins and there was no staff around (noting the power was still working fine in the lobby) finally when the man I spoke to earlier appeared, he went on to serve the queue that had formed up behind me and ignored me!Totally shocked by this, I still waited for him to proceed serving the 2 couples waiting behind. Finally, I said to him our power is still not on please could we use another room to shower in etc until it’s back up, with absolutely no help at all from him he said it’s being sorted and walked off with no update at all! I know these things can’t be helped but the way it has been handled and how I have been dealt with is totally appalling. Aside from this issue, the hotel has very dark rooms, there’s no ceiling lights only two beside lights one of which is actually missing in our room, typical! Maybe we’ve just been unlucky but we have not been impressed by the staff or service here at all, so for that reason I wouldn’t recommend staying here! We spent a night before this staying at hotel opera opal and that was absolutely lovely and the staff could not have been more accommodating and friendly so maybe try there instead of your looking to come to Paris!
4.4/5Excellent10 Reviews
0.4km from La Casa Pizza
First off we booked a bargain room on The price was moderate for our needs. Then we informed the hotel that we were in need of a room for people with disabilities. We were then upgraded to a deluxe suite, as that is the only suite available befitting our needs. Nothing that is too expensive, only an extra 20 Euros a night. Also no need of a lift because this suite is on the Ground floor. Excellent so far. So were set for accommodation when we arrived in Paris. I drove my little turquoise Agila from London, via the A roads rather than the expressways. It took a little longer, it was a bright and sunny day, so we enjoyed the weather and the relaxedness of the journey. we stopped for coffee at Calais upon arrival, after the short trip through the EuroTunnel on the train. Then we got underway properly, arriving in Paris in the late afternoon. Through a gateway, along a small winding path through an almost jungle-like garden, found us at the reception of the Hotel Max. We were greeted pleasantly and politely. Shown our room and left to our own devices. When we had an enquiry, the staff, Bessah and Moussa, answered our questions or took care of the situation without fuss or bother. We felt that we were made not only welcome, but that we were treated almost as one of their family. We had no major problems, the door to our suite was a bit on the heavy side and I didn't realise that, so we asked for help with that, the first time. Being on the Ground floor, our suite was one wall thickness from the sidewalk. That wasn't a problem as there were thick curtains which blocked the lights and sounds from the thoroughfare. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Hotel Max. I took my Fureya there for her birthday, and besides the elation of spending her birthday in Paris, Fureya was blown away by how thoughtful the hotel had been in providing for her disability. The seat in shower room was very well received. Staying in that suite we felt enabled, and it set a wonderful tone for our visit to France's capitol city. Thanks, guys.
3.8/511 Reviews
0.49km from La Casa Pizza
This hotel is located in a wonderful neighborhood next to a park. It is out of the bustling tourist areas, but the subway and tram stations are very close by to get you to the main tourist attractions quickly. We had a two-room suite on the 6th floor. It was nice enough except we arrived in a heatwave, and there is no air conditioning (only reason for taking away a star). The hotel bought new fans the day we arrived, and that worked ok in the evenings. The restaurants nearby are very good, especially Chinchin where lots of people sit outside for drinks after the sun goes down. You can get a feel for the Parisian life staying here.
3.8/512 Reviews
0.56km from La Casa Pizza
About 500 meters from the subway station, the second last station on the 4th line, belonging to the subway line 1 area, buy the cheapest 1.9 subway ticket to the major attractions in the city of Paris (recommended to buy 10 a book at a time, an average of one Zhang 1.49), triple room, the room is quite small, only one box can be opened, the shower room and the bathroom are separated, the bathing room is not wrong, the bath room is too small, and the water leaks out, but the price is also in Paris. Can't ask too much. Breakfast 6 euros a person, croissants are delicious, there is a tram next to the subway station, a few stops to the Chinese area, there are many Chinese restaurants, but the Chinese area is more chaotic, more black people, more drunks, after eating black It’s better to go back to the hotel.
4.3/5Excellent47 Reviews
0.65km from La Casa Pizza
There are toothbrush paper cups, hair dryers, and bath towels. Bring the rest yourself. The bathroom was leaking halfway, the processing speed was very fast, and the receptionist was very nice. The heating is super powerful. It is near the subway station Line 4 and eats around. There are many drugstores. It is very convenient to travel to Line 4. Paris is more chaotic, return to the hotel before dark.
4/5Very Good13 Reviews
0.76km from La Casa Pizza
We spent 3 nights in this hotel and the overall experience was excellent. The room was small, but the space was used at its best and we didn't need more space. It was clean, very comfortable and the air conditioning system was working at our arrival so the temperature was excellent. The breakfast was delicious, with a large variety of food. In the room we found a bottle of water and some gummy bears at our arrival. The staff is very kind, they did the best for their guests and was there whenever we needed. The hotel is located near the metro so you can reach anywhere. Between -1 and 0 floor is a map of the world with a lot of flags so you can mark your country. Overall it was an excellent experience and we'll come back.
4/5Very Good18 Reviews
0.87km from La Casa Pizza
The hotel stayed a total of 6 nights, and the location is very convenient in Paris. The corner is a bus stop, and a subway station can be reached within 10 minutes. The bed pillows in the room are soft, and some staff will help you lay them in advance; the bathroom is independent, the water pressure is just right, the water temperature is also easy to control, and there is a hairdryer near the mirror; The whole bottle; the request for printing was also immediately satisfied, and the service attitude was good. If you live in Paris for a week, starting from Tuesday and Tuesday, it is recommended that you get a weekly bus card, which saves a lot of costs. You can buy it at the airport and subway station. It costs less than 23 euros and you can post a one-inch photo. It is a stored value card, so even if you come back next time, you can recharge and use it again. Once again, I wish everyone auspicious New Year, a smooth and safe, and bless Wuhan.
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0.96km from La Casa Pizza
We stayed at fiap for 8 days as we were visiting Paris. The location was good “the metro station was very close”. The breakfast was very clean and fresh and the dining room staff were very friendly. The bar tenders were very good, always smiling and they give you a great positive energy “which is really not a common thing among French waiters or bar tenders whom would frown at you from the moment you enter to the moment you leave” I loved having Coffe there every morning. Unfortunately, the reception staff were not friendly at all, except for one lady with a curly hair she was always smiling and very helpful. The other receptionists were very lame and one of them almost shouted at me only because I asked for a scale and he didn’t know where it was so he told me that they don’t have one and when I insisted that my friends used it the same day he was very rude and shouted, it was in the drawer behind him! The rooms were always kept very clean thanks to the housekeepers, we had five rooms and none of us saw any ants! Actually it was one of the cleanest hotels I’ve ever stayed in. When I read the reviews I was really worried because the idea that you can not enter with any food bothered me. However, you won’t even need any food from outside, the hotel offers almost everything you would want to eat and it’s not pricey at all. In brief, a very good place to stay at and try to avoid asking the reception staff, they don’t have any answers.

Hotels Near La Casa Pizza In Paris Review

4.8/5291 Reviews
The hotel location is very good, very close to the Arc de Triomphe, a five minute walk to the subway station can also take a direct bus to and from Charles de Gaulle and Orly Airport. Facilities breakfast also fully reached the four-star standard, the gym is relatively small. The front desk is more enthusiastic. There is a little brother who can speak Chinese, which makes communication more convenient.
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4.7/5184 Reviews
The hotel location is very good, in the Disneyland area, only ten minutes to Disney. The hotel has a shuttle bus at any time, the service is very good and convenient! The hotel facilities and services are very good, the staff is very warm and polite, and there is a dedicated parking lot
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4.2/522 Reviews
I regret the booking of this hotel. The gentleman at the service desk when I checked in was incredibly rude and condescending throughout the process. The room was as small as expected however the beds and pillows were incredibly uncomfortable. The shower had minimal pressure. The AC whenever it was turned on left a gathering of dust over everything in my room. Whilst it is located quite a distance from the centre, there are several stations close by which is handy, unfortunately the food options close by the hotel are terrible. I left the hotel after three nights instead of the five I had booked and paid for.
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4.4/5102 Reviews
Good location, nearby Carrefour, franprix and other supermarkets! I live on the 2nd floor facing the street, and it is very quiet at night, but the sound insulation between the room and the room is really average. The room is not large and has a balcony (not every room, so it is best to leave a message to tell the room with a balcony when booking) ), There is also a door in the bathroom sharing a balcony with the room, so the balcony is quite large. The hotel only provides shampoo, shower gel and hair dryer. Slippers, toothbrushes and toothpaste are not provided, so it is recommended to bring your own toiletries. Lines 7 and 10 are only 5 minutes' walk from the surrounding area. Line 4 is about 15 minutes away. The 5th district is a Latin area, surrounded by universities, so it is safe! The hotel has access control locks, staff need to help open the door to enter! Breakfast is an ordinary western-style breakfast, bread, milk, eggs, oatmeal, sausage and cheese. A tax of 1.88 euros per person per night, which must be paid to the front desk when checking out. This Ctrip will also call you when you are in China to inform you that this tax must be paid to the hotel separately! The hotel provides free wlan, but the Internet speed is average, the room has air conditioning and heating. In short, the price is high!
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4.7/548 Reviews
Stayed at the B&B hotel for three nights while visiting Disney. Anyone looking for a cheap place to stay this is perfect. Hotel is spotlessly clean, really friendly staff, good sized rooms with comfortable beds and shower room. The hotel serves a simple dinner of pasta or pizza which is great, easy to order and quick to come. Breakfast is simple but just want you need at the start of the day. Tables were cleared quickly and everything very clean and presented well. We were worried about the shuttle overcrowding but there are a few services which only run from the B&B hotel and others which go to the other four hotels on the complex which makes it easy. We always got on a bus even if it was busy and never had to wait long! Lockers are available to store luggage if your arrive before your room is ready or check out early. We will be back on our next disney trip!
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4.6/5109 Reviews
For the first time in a hotel model, the century-old building is said to be a historical cultural relics protection unit in Paris, so it is completely banned. My old cigarette can only smoke in a small yard. Miss Luo is very enthusiastic, let us have the feeling of going home. There is a black guy in night shift who speaks Chinese very well. He said that he read a book in Guangzhou. In the morning, the girl named Marty also speaks Chinese. There is no problem at all, and at the same time give us a lot of advice on the tour, much stronger than those that are not reliable. It is very convenient to exit the subway 50 meters away. This area is a safe place for French people to live in. The room is big enough to be the floor-to-ceiling glass window in Europe. Our bedroom is very close to the yard, so the living room is a bit noisy. It is highly recommended to add a Chinese breakfast. It is really not suitable for those cheese breads, and it is better to have Chinese TV. If you have the opportunity to come back to Paris, you will still come to the Paris Residence.
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