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0.33km from Le Petit Tibet
The area is very dangerous and as the hotel is down as a side street, as two girls we felt quite uncomfortable walking there. Rude service on reception, we attempted to speak French (didn't want to be the annoying Brits who expect everyone to be English) but the man just didn't care and didn't really help us. Finally got checked in, went up the old rickety stairs to the tiny room, our window was broken and smashed. The rooms were not soundproof. Left to find somewhere to eat that evening and a different member of staff advised us not to leave the hotel and if we did to be careful because it's dangerous for us (he was nice and we appreciated that). The stay in general was underwhelming but for the price I wasn't expecting much. If it was in a better area I wouldn't have minded, but we were put off staying out too late because it was scary to walk back to in the dark.
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0.4km from Le Petit Tibet
For our first time travel in the city of Paris we chose to stay in this hostel. It's a budget place to stay, do not expect any luxury but you can expect kindness and warm welcome from the staff. Room was nice and clean, nice view and amazing location for city exploration. There is wonderful park 10-15 min away for walking enthusiasts, vicinity of public transport, 2-3 min walk from hostel itself, many restaurants and street food around and small shops as well. You'll need 20 min to get to the Champs-Élysées by metro. In hostel amenities there are nice little bar with decent prices and happy hour options and self service kitchen if you like to prepare your own dishes. We got what we expected, we could say that this was a good deal when you take into consideration price and service given. Definitely recommend.
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0.42km from Le Petit Tibet
On arrival the man at reception was rude and told us he was ‘too tired to speak English’ and told us to speak in French and then started serving another customer. Very unwelcoming. When we tried to speak French he started to laugh at us. Was also promised a garden room over email which we did not receive. Asked for an extra pillow for my back and was told by the man at reception that he was too busy whilst watching tv in the reception area. As soon as I mentioned Trip Advisor, he couldn’t have gotten up quicker to get it for me. Room was ok, minus a few stains on the bedsheets, had to go down to reception to get more and change the sheets myself. Overall, very disappointing stay, don’t know if there’s a possibility of getting money back but I doubt it. Really wouldn’t recommend, there are some other 3 star hotels in the area that are probably better. Particularly because it was a holiday to celebrate my birthday.
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0.45km from Le Petit Tibet
Hotel at gare du nord ... lovely hotel on a corner. Beds are comfy and clean , tv and safe . 3 tables and swing open modern windows and curtains . Salvatore looks a bit sketchy but works , quadrangle is nice with bits to sit at. 4 minute walk from gare du nord or gare de lest ( north and east stations ) Gare du nord is Europe’s biggest train station so the area is very busy especially on a Friday if it’s sunny . If you come out the hotel and turn right and cross the bridge it looks a very sketchy area , also don’t trust the bridge adjacent , turn left instead and then first right over the safer bridge , this will take you to gare du nord Or left outside hotel criss the road over the heating vent square and there is a lovely ristorante, for example 1 calzone and pizza and one brew dog punk ipa = 30 odd euro , they then may give you two glasses of wine while you wait and appetisers. Gare du nord staff are very helpful and presented well. They have a vending machine with ice tea chocolate crisps etc iirc. Overall I was very pleased with my stay and will return in the future without a doubt .
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0.46km from Le Petit Tibet
I booked this after reading all these good reviews here but unfortunately nothing was true. Overall horrible experience. The staff at checkin desk took forever, the rude lady messed up my credit card, kept charging again and again. Finally after 20 minutes gave me a room but when I went there, there was already someones luggage in the room. When I went back to reception they were totally confused staff this whole drama continued made me shuffle between rooms and further 15 minutes later I got a room but the rude reception lady was shouting at me. I mean what the hell I paid a good 150 euros for one night you are not giving me charity! Instead of apologizing for all this mess up they were shouting at me, probably a very Parisian attitude! Further to this the neighbourhood is so shady, you can see all sorts of gangsters walking around in groups doing all sorts of weird things. I did not feel safe walking to the hotel even. Coming to the room, the hotel is made in a very old worn out building, the paint was torn, carpet was burnt, no AC, dont let the pictures fool you. The TV has no international channels. Overall when I pay 150 euros a night the least I expect is respect from the staff and I was not even given that. Please avoid at all cost, go and stay at a hostel I bet that would be much better than this piece of crap!
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0.47km from Le Petit Tibet
I have been staying at this hotel for 5 years ...usually 4-5 times a year.The staff are excellent very helpful and friendly.The breakfast is very good for the price.It is in a good location for Eurostar travellers 12-15 minutes metro steps to deal with with luggage!.I would not stay anywhere else in Paris and I have stayed in quite a number of Paris hotels before I found Ibis Chateau Landon Gare do Nord.
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0.48km from Le Petit Tibet
This was probably the worse hotel i have ever stayed at in my life. I was not expecting much but still a big disappointment for me. Okay lets start, first of all the Pros: 1 minute walk to the train station (Jaures) Close to the Gare du nord station (13 mins walk) Mcdonalds downstairs Cons: 1. NO FAN ( During summer months in paris July & August it gets till about 35 degrees during the day and at night its about 20 degree with humidity. They do NOT provide a single fan , i repeat DO NOT provide a fan. They expect the windows to do the job. Hello!! its so hot in the room and outside. how do you expect the wind will just cool it down if there is no wind) 2. Very noisy at night ( Since the train is so close, you could here the train running till about 2am and drunk people everywhere screaming) 3. Sketchy area ( please be careful of this side of paris, its scary) 4. Free breakfast is crap ( why have a free breakfast? if you cannot afford a free breakfast after all?) 5. The whole hotel is very old and sketchy. I did not feel safe staying here, Not being it old or anything but it just feels like theres a ghost or something. I am not sure, its scary place for me. Because of this hotel and its area i really did see the dark side of paris. Paris is beautiful just dont go to this part of the city.
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0.49km from Le Petit Tibet
When we first arrived at the Kube Hotel, we were greeted by the manager who was very pleasant. We were impressed by his professionalism and kindness. Our room was not yet available, so we were taken to the breakfast area where we were met with a very rude member of staff. He made us feel incredibly unwelcome and was exceptionally rude. This started our stay on a sour note, and unfortunately this continued throughout our stay. One aspect we were really impressed by, was the interior of the hotel. Our room was incredible. The bed was super comfy and large, the TV was great with a fabulous selection of movies, the bath tub was a bonus and the coffee machine was a saviour for our early mornings! The room was clean and well kept, and very modern. We enjoyed visiting the hotel’s ice bar, which was truly a highlight of our trip. I would definitely recommend this. We also sampled starters from the hotels menu which were gorgeous. Unfortunately, as we had read in previous reviews, the area the hotel is situated in isn’t a nice area. As a woman, I would have felt uncomfortable walking the surrounding streets alone even in day light. I was glad to be with my partner, so luckily this was not an issue. On the second night of our stay, the hotel fire alarm sounded for 5 minutes around 9pm. We were horrified that staff made no attempt to alert guests it was a false alarm, and one staff member even shut the door between the bar and the hotel bedrooms which was extremely scary. Although the manager tried to offer a response to this, we still think it was very poorly handled and was incredibly dangerous. I have highlighted this to management, so hopefully it is something they will reconsider in future. As well as this, the noise levels coming from the courtyard at night was appalling. I understand the hotel has a vibrant restaurant and bar, but it was extremely difficult to sleep, and we had a horrible night’s sleep both nights. The hotels security guard was amazing, and made an effort to try and help the noise situation, but it is simply unavoidable in such a badly laid out hotel with a loud courtyard in the middle. If you are looking for a hotel where you are able to sleep, this simply isn’t the hotel for you. I would not recommend this hotel at all- sadly. It has all the makings to be a lovely stay, but hotel staff ruined it on this occasion for us.
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0.52km from Le Petit Tibet
My husband and I stayed 7 nights here. The first night was in an standard room (#304). It was nice and clean but very small (yes, I know many hotel rooms are small in Paris). Window to the quite dull backyard. The big downside was that about 60-70cm from the bed's foot end, was the shower and toilet. Only separated with a shower curtain. No door! They had taken away all previous glass doors due to risk of accidents. Me and my husband of course know each other very well, but without any privacy in the toilet - and all "sounds" from there right by the bed, it's far from ideal. At least for us. (We had actually ordered a superior room from the booking site, but there had been an unrepairable mistake. That's why we got the standard room ... Anyway, the supernice staff made it possible to upgrade to a superior room the next day. That made all the difference in the world! Thank you for making this possible! Room 202, was just lovely. A big larger, a solid door to the bathroom (bathtub and toilet) and streetview. There's a waterkettle and mugs in each room but no tea nor coffee. Windows are well sound isolated if you keep them shut, of course. We chose to have our window open during all night. After a night or two we were not at all disturbed by the metro (not beeing underground at the Jaurés station nereby) nor the traffic and typical citynoice. Inner walls ar not as sound isolated though. There is a very small elevator in the building. It starts at the second floor to which there are 20 steps. That's where the reception is too. The staff was very kind and carried our suitcases up the stairs from/to the street. Avenue Sécretan is a lively street with "everything" you need very close and a fresh baguette is just across the hotel entrance. Location is perfect with different metro lines, the nice canal, shops, cafés and restaurants close by. Sunday is market day on the hotel street, starting quite early. This is a hotel we definitely will return to, making sure to book a superior room!
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0.52km from Le Petit Tibet
I reserved and paid in advance a non-refundable fee. Big mistake, I could have waited until the price went down by $20 ($82 to $62), which it did!. Anyhow, the hotel is clean, the lobby is tiny and the area is a little dirty (the canal has some homeless people). The elevator is not at the same level as the rooms, you have to walk few steps upstairs to get to them. There is a McDonald's across the hotel where many guys with motorcycles gather outside at night. Location: It is half a block from the Jaures metro station with good connections to Montmartre (3 or 4 lines) and other centric places. We did not have the hotel breakfast, but there is a great bakery on the right-hand side as you leave the hotel. It has great coffee and pastries. We bought bread and cider here, tomatoes on the other side of the hotel entrance (200 feet), then went to a Serrano ham store on Blvd. Saint Michel (Pierre Oteiza, Basque ham, prosciutto-like), made our own sandwiches, and voila! Picnic at The Tuileries Garden. On the left hand of the hotel, as you exit, there are several shops to buy groceries (tomatoes!) and other useful stuff (umbrellas). Overall, it was good for the price. And YES! It has decent AC, a luxury in the summer.
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0.64km from Le Petit Tibet
Stayed here last week for a night with my partner and my four year old son after a trip to Disneyland Paris. We picked the hotel due to it's location near the train station and we wanted to take my son to see Paris. Our room was very narrow for three people but spacious enough, however it felt like it was half finished. There was a blind missing from one of the bathroom windows (with glue across the top of the window as though it had been ripped off and not fixed), there was no door on the shower room, the hairdryer was half melted and did not look safe to use and the duvet was missing from my son's bed. When we reported the duvet being missing, the receptionist quickly rectified this and was very helpful. The water in the shower was freezing cold, when I told the receptionist about this not warming up he told me to run it for a long time before getting in. The shower ran for 5-10 minutes and was lukewarm at best. Breakfast was nice however was quite limited. There is free Nespresso coffee at breakfast and also Nespresso coffee machines in the rooms, which is probably the only positive I have regarding this stay. We had paid for our room on arrival, when we had arrived it was late at night. On check out we were told we had not paid. We explained we had paid on arrival and my partner showed the receptionist his bank statement where the money had been taken from by the hotel. The receptionist told us it was a mistake and we would need to pay again. My partner went up to the room to try to find the receipt from the evening before and the receptionist and another member of hotel staff stood in front of me and my son shaking their heads and speaking in French (which we clearly did not understand) whilst staring at us. My partner returned and asked if they would call the person who had been on shift the night before. He confirmed we had in fact paid and they gave us a brief apology over this. Although they have apologised and I understand people make mistakes, the receptionist's attitude regarding this was awful. This is not somewhere we would stay again when visiting Paris.
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0.65km from Le Petit Tibet
I know someone may say far but belive me 30 min by metro you by Louvre! We Enjoyed our 2 night stay with small kids! Staff absolutely great polite and helpful! Very clean! We just wanted to say Thank you for looking after us and tidying our room 801 even we did not needed! We did not heard any single noise or wd did have had no issues! For 2 nights was brilliant! There is supermarket walking towards metro Blanc smth:) Also very nice restaurants by the cannal. 20 min to montmarte to sacre-coare. U get 2 different metro lines in walking distance -10-15 min really no problem! We felt safe and area seems as everywhere! We had unpleasant experience in the centre other than hotel area! So you never know:) Really nice hotel for short stay! Breakfast ok! Lovely croissants and what else u need:) heh

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4.8/5291 Reviews
The hotel location is very good, very close to the Arc de Triomphe, a five minute walk to the subway station can also take a direct bus to and from Charles de Gaulle and Orly Airport. Facilities breakfast also fully reached the four-star standard, the gym is relatively small. The front desk is more enthusiastic. There is a little brother who can speak Chinese, which makes communication more convenient.
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4.7/5185 Reviews
The hotel location is very good, in the Disneyland area, only ten minutes to Disney. The hotel has a shuttle bus at any time, the service is very good and convenient! The hotel facilities and services are very good, the staff is very warm and polite, and there is a dedicated parking lot
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4.2/522 Reviews
I regret the booking of this hotel. The gentleman at the service desk when I checked in was incredibly rude and condescending throughout the process. The room was as small as expected however the beds and pillows were incredibly uncomfortable. The shower had minimal pressure. The AC whenever it was turned on left a gathering of dust over everything in my room. Whilst it is located quite a distance from the centre, there are several stations close by which is handy, unfortunately the food options close by the hotel are terrible. I left the hotel after three nights instead of the five I had booked and paid for.
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4.4/5101 Reviews
Good location, nearby Carrefour, franprix and other supermarkets! I live on the 2nd floor facing the street, and it is very quiet at night, but the sound insulation between the room and the room is really average. The room is not large and has a balcony (not every room, so it is best to leave a message to tell the room with a balcony when booking) ), There is also a door in the bathroom sharing a balcony with the room, so the balcony is quite large. The hotel only provides shampoo, shower gel and hair dryer. Slippers, toothbrushes and toothpaste are not provided, so it is recommended to bring your own toiletries. Lines 7 and 10 are only 5 minutes' walk from the surrounding area. Line 4 is about 15 minutes away. The 5th district is a Latin area, surrounded by universities, so it is safe! The hotel has access control locks, staff need to help open the door to enter! Breakfast is an ordinary western-style breakfast, bread, milk, eggs, oatmeal, sausage and cheese. A tax of 1.88 euros per person per night, which must be paid to the front desk when checking out. This Ctrip will also call you when you are in China to inform you that this tax must be paid to the hotel separately! The hotel provides free wlan, but the Internet speed is average, the room has air conditioning and heating. In short, the price is high!
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4.7/548 Reviews
Stayed at the B&B hotel for three nights while visiting Disney. Anyone looking for a cheap place to stay this is perfect. Hotel is spotlessly clean, really friendly staff, good sized rooms with comfortable beds and shower room. The hotel serves a simple dinner of pasta or pizza which is great, easy to order and quick to come. Breakfast is simple but just want you need at the start of the day. Tables were cleared quickly and everything very clean and presented well. We were worried about the shuttle overcrowding but there are a few services which only run from the B&B hotel and others which go to the other four hotels on the complex which makes it easy. We always got on a bus even if it was busy and never had to wait long! Lockers are available to store luggage if your arrive before your room is ready or check out early. We will be back on our next disney trip!
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4.6/5113 Reviews
For the first time in a hotel model, the century-old building is said to be a historical cultural relics protection unit in Paris, so it is completely banned. My old cigarette can only smoke in a small yard. Miss Luo is very enthusiastic, let us have the feeling of going home. There is a black guy in night shift who speaks Chinese very well. He said that he read a book in Guangzhou. In the morning, the girl named Marty also speaks Chinese. There is no problem at all, and at the same time give us a lot of advice on the tour, much stronger than those that are not reliable. It is very convenient to exit the subway 50 meters away. This area is a safe place for French people to live in. The room is big enough to be the floor-to-ceiling glass window in Europe. Our bedroom is very close to the yard, so the living room is a bit noisy. It is highly recommended to add a Chinese breakfast. It is really not suitable for those cheese breads, and it is better to have Chinese TV. If you have the opportunity to come back to Paris, you will still come to the Paris Residence.
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