Hotels Near Magokoro-An

Hotels Near Magokoro-An In Kobe

4.5/5Excellent32 Reviews
0.35km from downtown
Very satisfied stay, good location, turn left for 2 minutes to Motomachi station, turn right for 10 minutes to Sannomiya station, there is a restaurant, convenience store and even a shopping street downstairs The hotel facilities are complete. The top-level hot spring pool is clean and tidy. There are two indoor and outdoor pools to choose from. The toiletries are all on the 13th front desk and restaurant. Upper room size There is a sofa next to the bed and 2 drop boxes can be opened. The only drawback is facing the street. Downstairs is the train station. Occasional noise can be heard.
4.5/5Excellent402 Reviews
0.15km from downtown
The room was clean and spacious, and I was satisfied. The water area is also the latest equipment and is easy to use. However, I am a little dissatisfied with the lighting, and when I sleep in bed, there is ceiling lighting directly above and it is too bright. The atmosphere from the hotel entrance to the reception spoils the facilities of the fine rooms. It was a pity that the cost performance was good.
4.5/5Excellent15 Reviews
0.44km from downtown
Very good location, very close to each station, convenient for shopping, convenient for dining
4/5Very Good11 Reviews
0.49km from downtown
Good location
4/5Very Good28 Reviews
0.15km from downtown
コロナの影響で仕事がテレワーク中心になったので、気分転換で宿泊しました。 部屋はとてもきれい。仕事しやすいデスクがありました。バスタブはありませんでしたが、一般的なホテルのユニットバスだとどちらにせよシャワーだけになるので、こういった高機能シャワーのほうがむしろよかったです。トイレが別なのもGood。テレビも大きくて見やすかったです。 宿泊者はラウンジで無料でコーヒーが飲めますが、ちょうどチェックインの時間と重なったのかスタッフの方が常駐しておらず、どうすればよいかわからずに待っている人が私を含めて何人かいました。実際には勝手に中のコーヒーメーカーで作って飲めばよかったとのこと。チェックインのときこの点を案内してくれればよかったな、と思いました。これとは別にウエルカムドリンクがつきます。おいしい日本酒をいただきました。 立地は三宮の繁華街にあり、夕食後は真向いのドンキでお酒とつまみを買い込んで、部屋でのんびりしました。また今回朝食はつけませんでしたので、すぐとなりのガストのモーニングをいただきました。つまり、立地は最高です。 宿泊料は開業記念で信じられない安さでした。今後ある程度値段が高くなったとしても十分価値があると思うので、また宿泊したいです。
3.4/514 Reviews
0.03km from downtown
Although there are not many breakfasts, they are especially exquisite. You can also enjoy free afternoon tea. The front desk is especially good. On the day of the arrival, you will be given a blindfold and a rest time. The room was small and the bed was not big, but the overall experience was very good.
4.6/5Outstanding154 Reviews
0.61km from downtown
The luxurious room has better details than the ordinary room. There is an extra clothes hook on the wall. The outside of the room is facing the best view of Chinatown, and it is the highest floor. It is very close to JR Motomachi Station. Go straight to the left of the hotel and go to Motomachi Station. It is only a few minutes walk (unfortunately, I did n’t recognize the road when I first arrived, I walked around Nanjing Town and watched the scenery); humidifier I also prepared a small kettle for receiving water. This is by far the first one to see such intimate details; although there are not many types of breakfast, the croissants are delicious, and the Chinese porridge is also very suitable for the Chinese stomach; beside the first floor of the hotel It is the convenience store for the whole family. There is also 711 nearby. Go out on the first floor and walk straight to the right. It is very close to Kobe Port Tower, American Park, and the Mosaic Ferris Wheel. There is no pressure to walk to Sannomiya Station.
4.4/5Excellent20 Reviews
0.15km from downtown
Clean hotel The staff also responded politely. There is also a special floor for ladies, so you can rest assured. If there is a chance, I want to use it again! Thank you for this time
4.7/5Outstanding436 Reviews
0.17km from downtown
Small but complete! We ordered a triple room. Although the space is not large, three 26-inch boxes and two 20-inch small boxes can still be opened. One was slightly smaller for an extra bed and the bedding looked clean. Only one person can enter the bathroom. The exhaust fan is very good. There is no odor in the air circulation. The shower is very strong. The shower is very comfortable. Some are even better!
4.4/5Excellent16 Reviews
0.63km from downtown
For business trips alone, the rooms seem to be smoking, a bit of smoke. The ordinary room feels a bit small, I like room 06, the corner is slightly larger. It's super convenient to go to Sannomiya or Daimaru, and the surroundings are still quiet. The key is to take the luggage to the airport bus. Recently, the Kobe and Kansai highways were partially repaired. The original 65-minute drive was about an hour and a half now. Breakfast, that's it. (Four stars after all?) It feels that there is still a gap with 5 stars. The map is convenient for transportation.
0/50 Reviews
0.13km from downtown
The During the trip Sannomiya is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. Visitors to Kobe will find that the During the trip Sannomiya is a fantastic accommodation choice. The hotel is only 900m from JR Motomachi Station and 10km from Kobe Airport, giving guests a number of convenient transportation options. The closest major public transportation, Kenchomae Station Metro Station, is only 800m away. Keeping busy is easy, with Former Catherine Andersen Residence, Choueke Family Residence and Tor Road all nearby. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel.
4.9/5Perfect14 Reviews
0.64km from downtown
For the first time in Japan to experience such a hotel, the location is very good in Nanjing Town, very clean, everyone in a room is very quiet, try to make less noise, this season is not stuffy, it feels good, that is, wooden sound insulation and anti-vibration Too good, the top bunk turned over, you can feel it next door, the dressing table is quite big, the rain and the bathroom are also relatively clean, except for the large luggage moving up and down the stairs is not convenient.

Hotels Near Magokoro-An In Kobe Review

4.7/518 Reviews
Arima Onsen Hotspring
The hotel is located in the mid-levels, about ten minutes walk from the tram station is a very sloping road, but it can be agreed in advance to ask the hotel to send a car to pick up and drop off for free. This time, we hit the bus and got on the Arima. When we got off the bus at the stop before Arima Station, we only had to walk on a flat road for about ten minutes, which was easy to handle. The hotel's hot spring facilities are very good, it is said that it is a hot spring, and the hotel is also happy to give coupons to the hot spring street to soak in the gold and silver hot springs. Two meals per night are good. The room has a small terrace with a pleasant view!
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4.5/546 Reviews
Rocco Island
This is a very general hotel. 1. Reservations need to freeze my room rate, credit card means that this month is the need to pay back the attractions. It means to advance the cost in advance. The departure hotel needs to pay at the store. The money that Ctrip has frozen has not returned since I returned to China for half a month. 2. My family room has 2 beds and a small bed with a bunk. The wonderful thing is that the hotel does not give the cot a mattress and quilt. Need to pay extra, then I want to ask, I spent so much money to set up a family room, in order to put a bed in my room to see? It seems that you have to pay more than 300 quilts. 3. Next to the hotel is the hospital. When I was in the hot springs, I was a little worried that the patients would also come to a bubble, because after all, the hotel hot springs are not just for receiving hotel guests, they also receive daily guests.
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4.2/516 Reviews
Kobe Harbor
The hotel seems to have no breakfast. When I started, I didn’t know why it was only for adults. Later, I realized that it was really a couple hotel for couples and couples. It really has some 18-year-old content, so it would be nice if the young couple came to live. More recommended, the location is a bit far from the subway station.
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4.3/513 Reviews
Kobe Harbor
It’s not far from the surrounding stations. It’s about eight or nine minutes’ walk away. The service is great. Breakfast has natto, a lot of choices, and free coffee. You can go downstairs if you are hungry. Instant noodles are available at the front desk.
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4.7/575 Reviews
Kobe Harbor
The location of the hotel is very good, because I took a bus directly from Sanma to Arima Onsen, and after a day of staying there I took the bus directly to Universal Studios Osaka. With the baby, the high-speed bus is really convenient, the time is right, the number of passengers is small, and it is on time! Big bed room, comfortable bed, no photo left! The breakfast at the restaurant is delicious, which is more pleasant for those who don't like Japanese breakfast and baby. Four options are available. The front desk can store luggage for free, and the service is very good! This time it was too bad, the Rokkosan Ranch was not open, and the lady at the front desk was eager to help call to confirm! I will choose to stay next time!
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4.4/514 Reviews
Arima Onsen Hotspring
The hostel is a little out of the way but absolutely worth it. The hosts are very kind and went above and beyond for us which we were grateful for. We were able to leave our luggage there prior to check in and the host helped us figure out a restaurant for dinner AND walked us there to introduce us to the cook. We returned to Brucke for dessert and even received a complimentary drink (Aperol for my friend, red wine for me) which was really unexpected! The twin room had a lovely view of the stream and was comfy and cosy. We loved wearing their quirky yukata to the onsens that evening. The following morning I thoroughly enjoyed breakfast!
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