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1.72km from Mayflower Restaurant
We visited SF during Fleet Week so prices for accommodation were high - the Mission Inn came in at $160 per night which was comparatively reasonable compared with more central properties. We were assigned a ground floor room which was clean but in need of refurbishment: scruffy paintwork, unfilled screw holes in the walls, worn carpet and worn out bathroom. The heating also seemed to be stuck on low but a fan was provided. The bed was comfortable however and the room has a coffee maker and plenty of TV channels if you need them. I believe that some of the other rooms may have been refurbished. There is plenty of complementary parking at the motel and we had no concerns about leaving our car in the car park day or night. A free continental breakfast is provided - coffee, cereal, toast and pancakes available. The motel is an hour from the city by bus (take the 14 or 14R from over the road and catch a connecting bus from Union Square if needed) or a 20 min walk to the closest Bart station at Balboa Park. The area is mostly residential and seems safe to walk around during the day. In summary the hotel is a fair option if you’re looking for cheap accommodation and don’t mind travelling to get in to the city.
4.7/5Outstanding6 Reviews
3.41km from Mayflower Restaurant
Recently, I stayed at this location and experienced horrendous customer service. On the second night of my stay, I received a phone call after 10 p.m. telling me "your card has been declined and we've changed the locks on your room". A normal business would give me a chance to fix it BEFORE locking me out of my room. It turns out, my credit card's fraud prevention flagged the hotel for some reason. I gave them the updated info, but still had to go check back in late at night to receive new keys. I expressed my displeasure at what occurred to the front desk clerk and she just kept saying "that's fine" over and over in a rude manner. She clearly didn't care. The next morning I returned to the front to complain about what had occurred and a different clerk told me "yes, staff turnover here is high" and promised me a 25% discount for my troubles. Surprise, surprise, there was no discount given. It took several calls to reach the hotel when the manager would be in. Finally, they were in but the front desk clerk refused to put me through. I asked over and over to speak to the manager, but never got through. This is not how you treat customers or run a business..
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4.13km from Mayflower Restaurant
I had to go to UCSF on Parnassus for a procedure we just happened to run across this hotel and thought it would be kind of nice to stay near the beach I'm glad we did The staff was great it was clean The rooms were very nice we are going back again this week because I have another appointment at the hospital this I think will become our hotel to go to thank you for taking such pride
4.3/5Excellent3 Reviews
4.87km from Mayflower Restaurant
Driving through San Francisco in my way home I decided to stay at Stanyan Park for the night. I found the hotel clean, the room was basic in terms of amenities but nice enough, and the location was perfect. The front desk staff were all amazing at all points of contact; during and after my stay. I left my toiletry bag in the bathroom and didn’t discover this until I arrived home in San Diego. I panicked, my toiletry bag had several medications that were not only VERY expensive, but mediation that MUST be taken daily. I immediately called the hotel and they informed me that it was located and that once I arranged for shipping they would send it out right away. Of course I arranged with Fedex for shipping, confirmed with the desk agent that she had received the shipping label and was told it would be sent right away. The next day I noticed that the packages had not been received by Fedex yet, so I called the hotel again and was told the GM had taken it home with him and was dropping it off to be shipped. Over the next 3 days I waited for it to arrive per my email, but Fedex hadn’t actually received the package yet. I called on Monday morning asking to speak with the GM, who was not in yet. I again pressed the urgency of the issue about getting my bag. I went as far as having to say “this is my health and should not be treated so casually”. It wasn’t until that phone call that the GM then took my bag to Fedex...adding another 3 days to my wait. I NEVER received a call from the GM, and have only received an apology from the desk agents. I am a hotel GM and have been for many years (Marriott properties and a luxury resort) and I’m honestly blown away by his lack of urgency and follow through. All he needed to do was drop the package off. Instead I had to call 2 times to get it done and then borrow medication from friends to get by until it arrives. The desk staff are the only reason this isn’t a 1 start review. Seriously poor leadership.
2.7/52 Reviews
5.14km from Mayflower Restaurant
We stayed here as we were travelling around America and needed to budget on cheaper hotels, most of the hotels in SF are not cheap, especially for our budget so we found this place and just thought, whatever it’s just a place to stay. It smelt bad, the bath had paint coming off it and stains, didn’t look like anything had been cleaned hence the cob webs in the corners. we didn’t have a proper curtain it was just hanging by a wire! Also our room was facing the street so at night it got loud with people hanging about and the window didn’t fully close. Honestly this hotel needs a revamp, felt so uneasy staying here! I understand it was a cheap stay but would of rather paid abit more to stay in a better place, I wouldn’t even call this a hotel.
4.5/5Excellent10 Reviews
5.2km from Mayflower Restaurant
If I'd had an elegant and lovely Victorian grandma, I'm sure she'd have been right at home at the Inn San Francisco. Owner Marty is a sweetheart, showed us all the hallway photos and gave us a detailed orientation to the city and the hotel. Without his intro, we'd have missed the truly amazing rooftop view. His hand-drawn map of all the restaurants in the area is absolutely impressive. Marty, GREAT GOLD is a fabulous new Italian restaurant on 24th that deserves to be added to your map--from the same folks who brought SF flour+water. Fresh flowers in the bathroom and bedroom: lovely. Sherry and port on silver trays: elegant. Breakfast beyond breakfasts. Stargazer lilies in the common room: ugh, I'm not a fan of that pervasive strong smell but I know that's my personal nose-wrinkle. Coffee was bitter, maybe bring in something from Portland? ;) You absolutely cannot beat the personal touches throughout the Inn and of course, there's the uber-hip Mission district right outside the door. The Inn is an easy 10-minute walk from 2 BART stations and about a half hour walk to the Castro. If your taste leans more toward Zen minimalist decor, don't stay here. But otherwise, go out, wander around, enjoy the hubbub and excitement of the diverse neighborhood, then return to your dream grandma's quiet mansion for evening sherry.
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5.28km from Mayflower Restaurant
The room was clean with window and quiet facing courtyard. Low budget furniture but worth the money since i was only sleeping in the room. Flat screen tv with a lot of channels but the best of all was the location! Clean neighborhood right beside Castro area and walking distance to the center. surronded by bars, restaurangs and supermarket.
4.2/5Very Good4 Reviews
5.55km from Mayflower Restaurant
Beware of this hotel, my girlfriend and I accidentally booked a single room instead of a double room through and the hotel let us know that when we arrived. Since there was no way we were going to stay in a twin bed, we wanted to upgrade to a double room. We were charged an extra $15 for that "upgrade" but after we were charged Jay, the manager, said that the $15 was just for allowing another person to stay in our single room, not for a different room. They were out of double rooms entirely. If we had known this, we would have cancelled the reservation and gone somewhere else with a bigger bed. Even moments after he had just ran our card, he refused to give us a refund. So we paid for three days in a single twin bed at this hotel and had an extremely uncomfortable night the first night, and then booked somewhere else for the other nights because the bed was just too small for two people. The decent thing to do would have been to cancel our charge because we never wanted to stay in a twin in the first place, but Jay took advantage of us and charged us for the twin anyway. We talked to multiple employees at the hotel and none of them were able to help us. Really disrespectful and I would have thought they would have the human decency to refund us after we clearly did not want that room and they knew that. Stay away from this hotel.
4.6/5Outstanding3 Reviews
5.57km from Mayflower Restaurant
Well yes I know this hotel might not be everybody's cuppa tea. I get that. But if you are looking for an absolutely amazing value there is little to complain about in this family-run clean-as-a-whistle hotel located in the heart of the vibrant, sunny Valencia corridor. This restaurant row, which I compare to Paris' Mouffetard district, is ever surprising. It's a place where you can have street food or haute cuisine, whichever you prefer! And yes you might have an impromptu jam session under your window one night, hey this is the City, go with the flow! (Seriously if the noise gets to be too much, do bring a blindfold and earplugs if you are a light sleeper, especially on weekends.) The location is an easy walk to the BART 16th Street Station makes coming and going to the airport a breeze, as well as to the Muni to whisk you cheaply around the City. I do suggest booking a "queen room with bay window" you will find the extra space is welcome. The rooms have a small fridge and a microwave, very handy for those leftover burritos and other delicacies. Highly recommended!
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5.91km from Mayflower Restaurant
Comfortable, clean, simple room. Excellent location! Ocean beach, right across the street. Located at the south west entrance to Golden Gate Park, this is an excellent place to start your Golden Gate excursions from.
3.5/510 Reviews
6.01km from Mayflower Restaurant
Tho this is a 3 1/2 star hotel imo, it gets 4 for a few reasons. The neighborhood is very good. We stay in SF six or more times a year-Union Square, Market, the Tenderloin, all have a multitude of issues with sanitation, panhandlers etc. There is none of that here (too far from the action, so to speak) The rooms have been remodeled-our bathroom seemed to be brand new. Microwave, refrigerator, satellite TV and really comfortable bed. There’s FREE parking y’all. Parking usually runs us $60+ a night plus the room. There’s free WiFi-we take that for granted too-even some upscale hotels charge $12 for WiFi. There’s a nice coffee bar half a block up and another restaurant the other way. Could the proprietors pay more attention to the overflowing trash can or the dusty baseboards or the dated maple furniture? Of course. The two important areas, the bed & the bathroom, are just fine and maybe people need to get over themselves. Or go ahead, pay $400 a night plus parking somewhere closer to the city center but remember, watch your step.
4/5Very Good5 Reviews
6.09km from Mayflower Restaurant
When I checked in the young lady seemed friendly although really emphasised the “no parties” aspect even though I was on my own. I was on the third floor and had a huge case because I’d been travelling for three months. There’s no lift and was advised to take items out of my case and do multiple trips. I’m not carrying my clothes up three flights of stairs in portions. The stairway, corridor and hallways are dirty and have marks all on the walls (guessing from people hauling their case). I got to the room and it smelled BADLY of urine, after a check round the bathroom was dirty. Also not as bad of an issue but the windows are single pane and the street is extremely noisy, but usually I don’t mind this if it’s alone. The TV has near no signal with few channels and set to Spanish? I absolutely never complain and have never tried to leave a hotel without staying but I went down and said I’d like to leave and try somewhere else. I was told it was non refundable and could be shown a different room. She said the smell was the new furniture? But the furniture definitely didn’t look new and the smell was not furniture. Also, she was livid. Absolutely furious. The next rooms bathroom was at least clean so out of pure awkwardness of this girl being rude and refusing a refund I said it was fine. On leaving for dinner I said goodbye at the front desk and she ignored me. However, on staying there was another older lady on reception and a young boy who were both very pleasant and helpful. And they’re the reason the scoring isn’t lower than it is which I believe it should be.

Hotels Near Mayflower Restaurant In San Francisco Review

5/51 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown
The front desk staff (Ben & Daimler) greeted me with HUGE smiles after a long flight. They offered me a much needed quiet room and even upgraded me to a beautiful suite. Complimentary wine tasting was going on in the lobby with live music. My room was beautiful and very clean. After unpacking, I realized I forgot toothpaste. I went downstairs on my way to dinner and asked the front desk if they had any extras, they brought it to my room along with an extra toothbrush while I was gone (amazing!). Great location. Walkable to so many restaurants. Will definitely stay again.
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4/5147 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown
From Seattle to Vancouver by car, I chose the Hilton Hotel at the first stop. I thought it was good in China, but I did n’t expect it to be a nightmare. Two large bed rooms were booked at Ctrip, but the front desk gave me an ultra-small room, and beside the elevator, this check-in felt like being next to the runway of an airplane, and I couldn't sleep at all. Negotiating with the hotel was useless. Negotiating with Ctrip. The hotel responded that the room was full and there was no way to change the room. I wonder if the hotel ca n’t sleep in this room?
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4.6/5152 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown
We made our yearly trek to the Nikko in mid October. Obviously with the pandemic, things were markedly different. Our first clue was landing at Oakland Airport, when we got off the plane it was like a ghost town. BART was less crowded, but there is a bit more riff/raff on the train than normal. When we arrived at the hotel, we entered through the garage, as the front entry was boarded up. Check in was easy as always and we had a wonderful room. They were very much in "Covid prevention" mode with only 2 people (unless same group) in the elevator, everyone was masked up. Rooms were impeccably clean and you let them know when you wanted housekeeping, and you had to be out of the room for them to take care of that. There were very few guests in the hotel and I think we had the whole floor to ourselves. The Imperial Club lounge is closed temporarily, and you could use the workout room for a nominal fee. The restaurant was closed Sun/Mon/Tues and open for dinner the other nights. It was very surreal to be in the restaurant with so few guests, but the food was outstanding as well as the service. Dominique was awesome. They do have a food truck and we were able to sample one of the items and it was also great. We look forward to our visit next year and hopefully the world will be back to a more normal state.
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4.6/5211 Reviews
South of Market
The male staff in the evening shift is very friendly, very patient, always smiling, and the service is very good! It rained outside and I also borrowed an umbrella for me. The room was great, my room was on the top floor, there was a balcony in the room and the bed was very comfortable! The location is very good, just in the city center, to various attractions, shopping and shopping, the surrounding restaurants are very convenient, it should be the best hotel I have ever stayed on this trip! If you have the chance to go to Berlin again, you have to choose this hotel!
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5/52 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown
Extended Weekend visit to the city for pleasure. Mini vacay. 2/10/2020 Breakfast at the Cafe. - Morning shift Cafe hostess/cashier was very competent with a little bit of attitude. Attitude changed when it was tip time. :-) - Food was great 2/10/2020 Evening at the Cafe - Hostess / Cashier was super helpful and pleasant. - Needed to heat up some leftover pizza and she was happy to accommodate by heating up in the toaster over. Waaay better than microwaved. Rooms were very nice. - We were assigned an ADA room - Minimal counter space in the bathroom as a result. All good. - Bed was a bit on the hard side. Sore back after a couple of night. - Room doors slam shut. Would be nice to have anti-slam devices installed. We lived through it. Added a towel to the door when closing and minimized door rattle when neighbor doors were shut and softened the slam when we closed our own door. Overall: Excellent stay with super helpful and cheerful staff. Thank you!
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4.4/554 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown
The male staff in the evening shift is very friendly, very patient, always smiling, and the service is very good! It rained outside and I also borrowed an umbrella for me. The room was great, my room was on the top floor, there was a balcony in the room and the bed was very comfortable! The location is very good, just in the city center, to various attractions, shopping and shopping, the surrounding restaurants are very convenient, it should be the best hotel I have ever stayed on this trip! If you have the chance to go to Berlin again, you have to choose this hotel!
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