Hotels Near Old Bus Stand Sabji Mandi In Dungarpur Review

4.1/510 Reviews
Bottom of our list of 'palace' hotels in Rajasthan. The Udai Bilas Palace is an unsophisticated, rather threadbare establishment. This is certainly a Hotel That Time Forgot, The immediate first impression is of flaking paint, cracked pathways, weeds and dead leaves left uncollected. Check-in was not welcoming or communicative. Our suite proved disappointing. Admittedly large and with a lake view, it was drably decorated (think, granny's old house), with charmless vintage furniture. On the plus side, the hotel dining room boasts a striking marble water feature and pebble mosaic murals. The food however was a let-down. Dinner was limited to an average quality buffet. And breakfast - surprisingly charged as an extra - was basic. A further standout feature was the spectacularly eccentric bar housed *****side the maharaja's classic car collection. But it was difficult to enjoy the space amid an ear-piercingly loud soundtrack of rock music and bar staff who did not quite know how to fix even the simplest of drinks. Indeed, the hotel's elderly staff seemed to lack training. And the ***ager in charge was frankly not much of a cheery presence and showed little sign of how to embrace feedback. My partner booked a massage. The 'spa' room was mortuary-like cold. But the ***ager seemed not to get the point when we explained this. It was met with no apology or understanding. Overall, the property misses a major beat lacking financial investment and tip-top service. Will we go back? No.
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