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4.1/5Very Good3 Reviews
0.56km from Olive
Stayed in Rurikoh for 3 nights. I have to say this hotel is quite popular with tour groups and most of them stay here on their way to see Central Japan. The hotel is a bit dated but still clean. All things are large here to accommodate the big crowds - ie Conference rooms, lounges, hotel lobby and restaurants and even the Public Onsen is large. We stayed here to experience the onsens and were not disappointed. There is one indoor + outdoor Public bath, and one private bath. We didn’t try the private one as its chargeable, so we went to the public one only. By staying in Rurikoh, we can even go to the sister hotel, Hatori, to experience their onsen baths there. There are 2 public baths there and many private ones. When we compare the 2 onsen baths, we find that Hatori’s is newer but smaller. Rurikoh’s has its charms and I am sure it used to be the best in the 80’s. Rurikoh has the larger bath and when crowded, you don’t see much of other bathers. As for the room, it is rather dated. We booked the twin room, western style Type A and it was large for Japan Standards. We didn’t take the meals options as there are plenty of Izakayas and restaurants if you drive around. Most restaurants charge less for food and if you dont mind driving around instead of eating in the hotel, you can save quite a fair bit. As for amenities, the hotel is very generous with things like onsen towels, use of Yukatas, water moisturisers, plentiful of toothbrushes and combs. As for the service, staff here are very courteous and they speak English well. One good point with the service is that they will park your car for you and bring it to the front every morning without you even asking. Overall, for the price that we paid and the service and amenities that we got, i would give this a 4star.
4.1/5Very Good10 Reviews
0.64km from Olive
This is a large ryokan, although the lay out makes it seem and feel more intimate. Check in was professional and friendly as was our orientation with a cup of green tea made by staff in our room. We had the Japanese style room. The room was beautifully traditional and minimalist with a beautiful tokonoma, but also included a TV, fridge and excellent amenities. Of course yukatas and "happi coats" (a short coat over the yukata) in different sizes and sandals were also provided. The room even included a couple of beautiful origami birds. During our dinner our beds of comfortable futons were laid on the tatami mat floors. All in all very comfortable. The onsen was wonderfully relaxing after a day of touring with three different temperatures available; equally great was going into the onsen bath as a way of energizing oneself early in the morning. This ryokan had extended hours. As novices we were thankful that it wasn't busy. But you soon get the hang of the various steps in an onsen bath - especially making sure your tenugui or small towel never touches the water. All in all this ryokan was an excellent and enjoyable introduction to another aspect of Japanese life.
4.1/5Very Good2 Reviews
0.65km from Olive
Very great hotel, the buffet is very rich, and the room is not as small as it is supposed to be, clean and hygienic, not many guests, but the service is great, absolutely praise
4.6/5Outstanding5 Reviews
0.66km from Olive
Fantastic place! Easy to get from Kaga station because they provide a shuttle bus to pick you and also bring you back to the station when you leave. People at the reception were really nice and helpful. They explained everything I needed to know and then showed me to my room. I had a single room which was in a bit of funny place on top of the stairway. It's location was actually pretty good because it was away from the other rooms so it was really quiet in there. Room itself was great and looked like it was renovated not so long ago. And being little above the top floor the view over the town was also good. Hotel has twon onsen and they were both good. One had a stone interior and the other had a wooden one. Wooden one also has outside baths too. Dinner and breakfast were ryokan style so there was lots of food and everything was delicious. Service at the restaurant was also great. I would definitely stay here again if I'm visiting somewhere near Kaga again.
3/55 Reviews
0.76km from Olive
We came to Yuzankaku as a family; my wife and kids love hot springs and I do not. By all accounts they had a great time in the baths. Much less impressive was the food: we had a dinner and breakfast buffet and all of us found the selection and flavor not to our liking. Everything was a little too bland, a little too dry. The karaage was nigh inedible; how do you get karaage wrong?? Even my wife, who was mainly excited for the crab legs, said they were skinny and not satisfying. Dinner did include unlimited beer, sake, and other alcohol which was a nice gesture. I would not return to this hotel.
3.7/57 Reviews
0.84km from Olive
Located in Yamashiro Onsen, Hotel Kikyou is a perfect starting point from which to explore Kaga Onsen. The hotel offers guests a range of services and amenities designed to provide comfort and convenience. To be found at the hotel are daily housekeeping, taxi service, luggage storage, Wi-Fi in public areas, car park. Guestrooms are fitted with all the amenities you need for a good night's sleep. In some of the rooms, guests can find clothes rack, complimentary tea, linens, mirror, slippers. Entertain the hotel's recreational facilities, including hot spring bath, games room. A welcoming atmosphere and excellent service are what you can expect during your stay at Hotel Kikyou.
4.2/5Very Good1 Reviews
0.86km from Olive
1) Breakfast is Japanese style and tastes good; 2) Of course you have to pay for extra beds; 3) Let's go to the side and say that it has a history of 200 years, and when we find out that it really feels like 200 years, we retreat. When I left, I found that there was a very good bath in the first floor of the hotel. I didn't know why the front desk didn't say anything. 4) The hotel service is good. The girls are carrying luggage, which is embarrassing. Although it is the Hoshino Group, this "world" is obviously inferior to Hongxi Yanuo. It ’s a different sub-brand, the surrounding environment is very bad and it ’s not worth it
4.5/5Excellent5 Reviews
0.87km from Olive
I love the check in reception area with its beautiful bamboo garden in the background. It relaxes you instantly. I was shocked though once you enter the hotel, it leads you to a long escalator. We had a lot luggages and boxes so I was a little embarrassed that the staff incluiding a old lady had to carry our shopping bags all the way up by stairs, which was next to the escalator. The staff were extremely helpful including the receptionists. The reception was on the second floor. The outdoor onsen is very relaxing as you are looking at the forest. The check on area was for both men and women so it was a bit confusing, ladies onsen was upstairs. We were guided to the room and the staff was trying her best to explain everything in English. The dinner service staff could not speak English and there was no English menu for the dinner served. The food was of average quality. We wanted to drink the sake we brought and the corkage charge for 3000 Yen and they could not even serve us properly. They gave us a tall wine holder that cannot put ice. We later told them to change it to a container that is wider. The bellhop was very helpful and managed to help us squeeze all the 5 lugguages and 4 carton boxes into our car at check out.
4.5/5Excellent5 Reviews
0.88km from Olive
We were after the most traditional luxury ryokan experience we could find in Ishikawa prefecture. The prerequisite was that it be aimed predominantly at Japanese clients (why bother coming to Japan if you’re after an experience for foreigners?). Araya Totoan did not disappoint. We had a private bath, but one of the highlights was using the ryokan’s three shared (‘public’) onsen baths. As we stayed on a Monday night, while I can’t be certain whether there weren’t other guests around, we were very lucky to have all three onsen to ourselves. Two of them had baths set in a Japanese outdoor garden setting. Oh, yes! This is the dream you had of Japan - sitting in the outdoor hot spring by yourself and having a drink float towards you. Other than the excellent art, which you should read up on and appreciate, the kaiseki meal was excellent. It was comparable to ones at the high-end ryotei in Kanazawa. Araya Totoan appeared to have the traditional management structure - we met the Okami on arrival and the Waka-Okami at check out. Our stay started with a tea ceremony - we apologise for our lack of manners as we didn’t learn how to do a Kaga-style ceremony until we had a lesson in Kanazawa a few days later! One minor issue was that my request for the courtesy shuttle from Kagaonsen station wasn’t picked up. This was most likely JTB’s fault (the ryokan’s English booking agency). However this didn’t turn out to be a problem, as the local tourism officer at the train station (Alexander the Frenchman) greeted us on arrival and called the ryokan. A quintessential experience if you are in Ishikawa.
4/5Very Good10 Reviews
0.91km from Olive
We had a complete renewal in 2003. You can experience the pleasant feeling of walking bare-footed on our paulownia-wood flooring in the lobby and corridor.
5/5Perfect1 Reviews
0.91km from Olive
This Japanese-style inn features four new open-air baths, Teien, Urushi, Shigarakiyaki, and Hinoki! You can also enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine served in the comfort of your own room.
5/5Perfect2 Reviews
0.95km from Olive
This hotel is invincible, the price including two meals is very reasonable, the child charge is also very reasonable, the bath is small and big enough, the service attitude is very good, breakfast and dinner are very exquisite, the variety is definitely enough although it is the same every day, even Stayed for three days, very close to the bus station, even if there is no shuttle bus, it is very convenient. The bus station also has two high-speed buses that go directly to Kanazawa Station and the main attractions twice a day, which definitely exceeded expectations

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5/51 Reviews
Hanamurasaki ticks off most of the boxes when it comes to a top-tier luxury onsen ryokan. It's located in Yamanaka town (the best of the 3 in the Kaga area) near the famous Kakusensei footpath, it has polished and attentive service, and the food, especially during the Zuwai-gani (local Snow Crab) season, extraordinary food. The main drawback is that meals are not served in your own room, which is unlike some of the nicer ryokans like Gora Kadan (in Hakone.) We booked the top room at Hanamurasai - #101, the Comfort Suite Haru, which is 170 square meters of spaciousness. The living room is huge, with large couch and a dining table (which is strange, given they don't serve meals in the rooms.) The separate bedroom is on the small side, by comparison. Comfort Suite Haru has a bathroom, shower, a sauna and a private onsen bath. What it doesn't have is any views, nor is there a private garden (since it's on an upper floor, and I'm not sure if rooms on the ground floor have gardens in any case.) It's a very nice room to laze away, but I wouldn't consider it an idyllic experience. The highlight - and the main reason anyone would come here - is the food... especially the regional specialty during the Winter - Zuwai-gani (Snow Crab.) It blows away any other crab, and enjoyed it in a variety of ways, including sashimi style, which is the best. The crab was sweet and savory, with wonderfully firm texture. The breakfast spread is equally impressive. There was a LOT of food in both meals, but because it's light, non-oily and healthy, we never felt bloated afterwards. One issue regarding dinner - they have a crazy extensive menu (both in English and Japanese), and it's very difficult to decide what to have. To further complicate matters, many of the food items are not familiar to most people (including Japanese), so ordering seems a bit like a crapshoot. What puzzled us was the omission of Crab sashimi from the menu itself. Enjoying Zuwai-gani sashimi is one of the world's culinary delights, and most fine establishments offer it when in season. In Hanamurasaki's case, we had to speak directly to the food & beverage manager to request that they serve it. His reply - "I guess we can do that." I strongly suggest that they provide it as an integral part of the Winter dinner menu. The public (for the ryokan guests) onsen bath is open-air and very nice, and not unlike those found in other properties. It's definitely worth experiencing during one's stay, even if you have an onsen bath in your room. Hanamurasaki was hosted to a very high standard. All of the ryokan staff were gracious and unwavering in their desire to ensure a great stay at both Hanamurasaki as well as the local area. We had a great time here, but it wasn't perfect. If the private in-room onsen bath had a view (or at least was open-air), ordering dinner was not so complicated, Zuwai-gani sashimi was at least on the menu and meals were served in our suite, we would consider Hanamurasa
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5/53 Reviews
Friendly hotel especially the owner. An enjoyable stay
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4.8/518 Reviews
I wanted to take my husband to a relaxing trip with lots of good food, and he also wanted to walk around the shopping street nearby. I chose this place because I read that the food here is delicious, and it really was!! Both dinner and breakfast are full Japanese course. There were several options you can choose for drinks. The seafood is very fresh because this town is located near the sea and is famous for its fishing ports. My husband was very satisfied with both dinner and breakfast. The lady that served us was a very professional nice lady, she moves so fast but elegant, and she explained about every food in detail. The dinner/breakfast place was very spacey so we was not bothered at all by the other people, it felt very private. We chose a room with a private onsen, and my husband really loves it as well. The onsen in our room is a half-rotenburo (half open air onsen, which means it’s indoor but it has a very big window so you can look at the scenery outside and breath fresh air while enjoying the bath) This hotel has a sister hotel at the other side of the town, and they provide a free transport between the two hotels for the people who stayed at either of these hotel. We had a little mishap here. We walked along the pathway of the forest nearby to enjoy the autumn leaves and arrived at its sister hotel. We asked the sister hotel’s receptionist whether we can take the free transport back to our hotel because we didn’t want to walk back, and he told us to wait a few minutes since the car is currently out sending someone else back to the hotel. We waited for about 30 minutes and we wondered why the car hasn’t returned yet, and it turns out the receptionist forgot about us lol. He immediately arranged one so we safely returned to our hotel. The staff at our hotel apologized alot for the mishap. I think they were notified of the mistake the sister hotel made because the staff literally ran out of the lobby to welcome us back when they saw our car coming. The service was also really great so we did not feel bitter at all despite the small mistake made by their sister hotel. They have a free service of Japanese-style snack and tea at the lobby. They also have free foot-onsen near the lobby, and also free rental of yukata (summer kimonos) for women. Overall it was a very delightful experience: really great full and it feels like we received a lot of hospitality. I will stay in this hotel again if we have another chance to visit Kaga Onsen.
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4.4/53 Reviews
We stayed here for two nights during the Sakura season. The food and the service blew us away. They provided shuttle service from the Kagaonsen train station. On our second day there the staff drove us to the train station so we could go sightseeing in Kanazawa. We were late getting to the Kanazawa train station, missed our train and thus our previously agreed upon pickup time. To my surprise they were at the station waiting for us when we got back to the Kagaonsen, a couple hours later. The food was delicious and portion generous. We had a hard time finishing what was offered during breakfast and dinner. They were also very accommodating to my daughter's picky eating habits. We dined in our own room so we could just dress in yukata to enjoy our meals after enjoying the onsen. The room we stayed at, which has a private outdoor onsen, is a bit dated but clean. It was facing the river so the setting is very peaceful. There is also a private family onsen which we utilized quite a bit. It was very difficult to leave such a lovely place. Highly recommended!
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5/51 Reviews
Relax stay. Love it.
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5/51 Reviews
In October I again stayed 2 nights here and the food experience was again a delight. I am really surprised at their rather low rating here. The onsens are also very nice and never crowded. The hotel has also a very good service, for example picking up their guests from the train station.
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