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0.13km from Om Nom Organics
In this dark time of pandemic. The staff of the ACE Hotel provided a much needed resting place. The Clean room was comfortable and quiet. The more than helpful staff was a joy to interact with. Their dedication to providing me with the best service available was superfluous. I cant wait until the current worldwide sickness issues has abated. So I may see a show in the theater and eat and drink from the more than ample services that were closed during my stay. Big thanks to everyone on staff still holding strong and making it happen for wayward guests like myself at the ACE Hotel Downtown Los Angeles.
4.7/5Outstanding26 Reviews
0.18km from Om Nom Organics
I called LEVELS in the morning to confirm a 2 bedroom corner suite that I’d booked was all set (trying to get a floor number) and was told everything was set but couldn’t confirm the floor. About half way into, and getting a call to say due to maintenance that my reservation would get split into two 1 bedroom suites. We arrived late on Saturday to see about 25 people standing outside being checked by security (it looked like a nightclub) for guest entrance to the building. Valet let us know they would not be offering their services but that it was still the same $60/night for parking (almost suggesting we might want to park elsewhere and not pay). When trying to unload everything near the lobby was repeatedly asked to move my car (there were some exotics around but maybe the Lexus LX wasn’t the right look for the driveway)… At check-in I asked again to see if there was no way to keep the 2 bedroom or maybe get a 3 bedroom. None of these were options – I got the room keys for the two rooms and signed the room agreement detailing music/quiet hours and a $1,000 fine for smoking or evidence of it in the room. The lobby was very loud and the elevator area was crowed with people waiting to go upstairs. The multiple signs that marked that it was 1 person per elevator or everyone in the same party/family were completely ignored and no one was enforcing that. Once we got into the elevator 2 other groups of people joined. People were easily touching. We got to our floor which stank of marijuana smoke and there was thumping music coming from a few different rooms on that floor (I think it was 9). After getting into the room quickly noticed that the floors were sticky (maybe beer?) there were no pillows on the bed, Netflix had been left on either from the last guest or cleaning crew, the fan was on in the bathroom and toilet seat was up. Pictures of all of that are attached. There were also no soaps in either room. People were partying on balconies and in their rooms and you could hear it from any deck. I’ve attached a video from the hallway. The following morning we had coffee and watched as one of the above rooms started throwing balloons filled with confetti off their balcony (probably around 30 of them) and as we left for brunch around 11am, noticed that someone had left their leftover McDonalds chicken tenders near the elevator windows and all over the ground. I mentioned everything to the front desk who apologized and offered no compensation for the quality of the property/room/experience but said he would block out a 2-bedroom room as originally booked for the last night. We got back around 9:30pm (did not want to stay at or near the property) and was told by that team that there was no record of a hold and that they’d struggle to find an available room. We moved to a new room (I believe on the 21st floor) which was communicated as a 2 bedroom suite. It was a 1 bedroom suite with a second bed behind closet doors. In this room
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0.24km from Om Nom Organics
At first glance it's a bit dark inside but all very relaxed and welcoming. We made a mistake on our booking and had a room with four bunk beds, on realising this the reception staff changed us to a very nice King room , without fuss and only small price difference. NB there is a resort tax added to your bill, ours was £25 per night, it's in the small print. There is nice tiling to admire near the lift area and the lifts have the historic dial above the door to show which floor it's on. Our room and bathroom very pleasant, nice tiling around shower etc. Plenty of hooks to hang clothes as well as small wardrobe . There is a bit of traffic noise if facing the road, even on 8th floor. If you have breakfast downstairs notice that filter coffee is free for all guests. Nice. Location is very good for downtown LA shops and restaurants. Underground metro also nearby. We enjoyed our stay here, the restaurant is a little too dark/loud/busy for us hence the four stars PS do check out top floor bar /pool , especially in the evening when all lit up.
5/5Perfect1 Reviews
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This hotel is wildly misrepresented online. We only came down for one night to go to a King's game at the Staples Center down the street so I figured for one night, the Stillwell looked nice enough to stay for one night. Until we got there. The lobby is dirty, disgusting, and there are no accurate pictures of this online. We were informed by a rather apathetic & unfriendly lady at the front desk that the "hotel" is actually a private residence and all guests would have to sign in and leave their ID at the front desk until they left. So there are residents who live in the rooms full time and only some rooms are actually part of the "hotel". Based on that information and the poor hygiene of the lobby we decided that there was no way in hell we were going to stay there. The only positive experience we had with this place was that we had no problem getting our full refund back. I never would have booked this place had there been accurate pictures or accurate reviews. Just terrible. Hopefully this saves someone else from making this mistake.
5/5Perfect5 Reviews
0.4km from Om Nom Organics
I’m giving The Hoxton five stars, because it met every expectation that a hotel should meet. It was beautifully furnished, the atmosphere was laid back, the style and decor was modern yet classy, the staff (parking attendants, front desk workers, and bar tenders) were friendly and helpful, the room furniture was comfortable. We stayed here for the LA Marathon, and we were charmed by its location and the style it exuded. My only gripe is that it lacked the things we wanted most after running, and that is more a testament to our poor planning rather than a mark against the hotel. The two things we realized we wanted most after running for six hours was a hot tub or a bath tub to soak in, and greasy junk food to eat. Unfortunately the room only had a shower (a beautiful room devoted solely to a rain head shower), and the rooftop only had a pool with no hot tub/spa. We swam around in the heated pool for a bit to make the most of it. After returning to our room we read the room service menu, and for what we were feeling, we were left wanting more. Our hearts (and stomachs) were set on burgers or burritos and we were less excited about the bone broth, egg plant dip, and other exotic dishes offered. Again, these gripes are solely about us not finding a place that better suited our post-marathon wants/needs; and should not be seen as something the hotel was lacking in. We enjoyed every other aspect of our stay here, and would recommend the hotel to anyone looking to experience Downtown LA in style.
4.5/5Excellent5 Reviews
0.41km from Om Nom Organics
I used to live in DTLA and decided to return for a staycation at my old stomping grounds. The current Covid environment has made many of us explore our own backyards, and I had always heard amazing things about the Los Angeles Athletic Club and it’s Gentleman’s Club Members only vibe. We drove up to the front entrance of the LAAC and were a little confused as how to enter but spoke to Brian, who was clear, concise and explicit on how to get to the parking garage and how to buzz to be allowed in. Brian also helped us with check in, dinner reservations and more. Give this guy a raise! Our suite was quite impressive – a beautiful and spacious suite with fabulous views of the DTLA skyline from both the living area an the bedroom area. For me, the highlights were the outside restaurant which had a Tiki meets country club feel. The level of service from each person was spectacular. From the person who greeted us, to the persons who seated us, to the person who served us- they constantly were checking in on us to make sure we were okay WITHOUT being too obtrusive or overbearing. Some places check in on you so often that you cannot enjoy your meal! But here, the staff found the right balance. Food and cocktails were brought quickly and everything tasted great too! Also impressive was the Health Club which was also outside. In fact, this almost felt better than a “real” gym because it was outside with fresh air, cool breeze and killer views. Most importantly I felt safe here. Signage was placed in appropriate area and hand sanitizer was everywhere. I strongly suggest you treat yourself to this hotel. Los Angeles Athletic club gave me a VIP Private Club feel and level of service without it feeling too cold or impersonal. We would up staying an extra day because we loved the hotel so much, and we will certainly return.
4.6/5Outstanding221 Reviews
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My cell phone was lost on the Uber during my ride from Sheraton grand Los Angeles to the restaurant. And, the driver wouldn’t want to return the cell phone to me according to the Uber return item policy, he wanted me to pay him with a so-called “fair” amount of money. As I had a morning flight to catch on the next day, I didn’t have a whole day to deal with driver that like. So, I went up to the hotel front desk seek help from them, the front desk staff, a very very kind lady called the hotel security right away to discuss with me on the situation. They suggested me to report it to the LAPD and they will have the security be there for me when the driver comes. When the driver arrived, the hotel security went out to the drive way with me, reminded me to keep a good distance with the driver, they video taped the whole scene and called LAPD for their help. Eventually, the LAPD and hotel security got the case settled and the driver returned the phone back to me. I really appreciate that, big thanks to the front desk and security of Sheraton Grand Los Angeles, without their kind assistance and professional advices, I don’t think I would be able to get my cell phone back. Apparently, choosing a good hotel is the most important thing for your trip.
4.5/5Excellent3 Reviews
0.6km from Om Nom Organics
The check in was quick and easy thanks to HeeSun (I’m not sure of the spelling of his name). He informed of us when brunch is served at the Rooftop and that reservations should be made. Once we got to our room there were a few things we were a little disappointed by. The room noticeably does not have a space to store your suitcase/clothes. There is no closet or drawers to put your luggage or clothes into. There is only one waste basket in the room so if you need to discard anything, you will put it away in the bathroom. Another noticeable item missing in the room was hand soap. This is a biggie dealing with COVID-19. There was no hand soap in the bathroom at all. There was a package of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand sanitizer in a package located under the bathroom sink but no soap which we thought was odd. The rooftop lounge is very nice. The staff is pleasant and friendly but reservations are highly recommended. We were able to get squeezed in when we went up to check out the space after checking in which was nice and appreciated. At least one food item is required with drinks so come with a little room for food. If you are not from California, the prices can be a bit on the high side. We paid about $53 for 2 margaritas and 6 small beignets. At the time of our visit, the governor of California restricted indoor dining to outdoor eating only. However, due to the lack of space/options in our room to enjoy our dinner we opted to eat dinner in the lobby area which had ample table and seating available only to be told that we could not eat there. It was disappointing but we understood that we had to adhere to the current conditions so we took our food to our room to eat on the one stool and ottoman we had available. We parked at the lot within a few feet of the hotel. The sign said $6 for parking up to 3am but once you stay overnight, it will be $25 at checkout.
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0.61km from Om Nom Organics
Location is great a few blocks from the convention center, which was the reason for the selection. However, the lobby bar/restaurant is undergoing renovations and this is quite disruptive. Parking is charged by the day and for $32 is steep. The rooms are small and narrow. The window faced another building, with its air conditioning unit running right there, so it was noisy. There is an in room ironing board, although the iron did not work. There is an in room fridge and a coffee maker. There is NO cell reception, so no texting and no phone calls, which is a pain (phone is Samsung on T-Mobile). The breakfast is cramped into the remaining space where the restaurant is being renovated. The sink does not drain because of the shape, so anything dumped into it, is still there several hours later, unless you run a boat-load of water to try to rinse it out. For two of the days there was no hot water. Really -- in the 21st century in the middle of the largest city in the USA, there was no hot water. I was assured it would come back -- but with a convention running from 7 am, I couldn't wait. Again, the next day, I was told the "pilot light is out" and so there was again no hot water. You would think this type of major inconvenience when you are paying for a service would result in a reduction of the room cost. After asking, I was told I would not have to pay the "Resort Fee" for that day. Incredulous, I had to "beg" to get it waived for both days of no hot water from a manager. Clearly, as a hotel, they have no interest in service, too busy keeping up with their Instagram or Tick-Tock feeds that keeping the hotel working. A Resort fee should be providing "resort-quality" service -- but service as spotty as you would have in a developing nation.
4/5Very Good20 Reviews
0.75km from Om Nom Organics
I wanted to add an additional night to a pre-existing reservation. Supervisor told me that not only was the room I'd booked not available the additional night, I would have to down grade AND pay more for both nights?! Within 24 hrs they revised that to keep the original rate for the 1 night, still downgraded me and charged me $50+ more for the add night. Mid-week, winter, during coronavirus. Really? No complimentary water, coffee, tea in lobby. Restaurant limited hours. No room service after 11. Tiny room, had to walk sideways to get past the end of the bed. Comfortable bed. Water Grill restaurant across the street was the best thing going for this hotel. Hilton Honors member, didn't feel the love. Very disappointing!
4.5/5Excellent46 Reviews
0.79km from Om Nom Organics
I am worried that the price of blog posts is not good. The room is the same as the picture, so there is nothing to complain about, the facilities are complete, especially the bottled water is beautiful. Guests can have breakfast in the cafe on the ground floor, and they can also bring juice, fruit, bread, oatmeal, etc. from the swimming pool, so that my son can swim and I can relax. The room is comfortable and there is a sterilizer in the closet. The bed rails are a bit uncomfortable. The staff are friendly and kind, but the refrigerators are broken and useless. Even if you leave Uber late, there will always be security at the front door of the hotel. There is an article saying that parking lots are hard to find. This is a one-way street, so I can't find this way. Of course, the parking fee is extra. Parking spaces are always free.
4.2/5Very Good240 Reviews
0.82km from Om Nom Organics
It's abominable for California hotels to raise taxes at will, but fortunately Ctrip has a role to play. The hotel location is actually quite good, the subway buses are very convenient, go to the Staples two stops subway or walk for 15 minutes. The opposite Pershing parking lot costs $ 20 a night and the price of conscience is nearby. However, the hotel seems to be stingy, not even a small refrigerator, and free mineral water. The facilities are generally old and the windows can feel the 1950s. This is a hotel with a very historic feel. It has a deep connection with the Oscar film and television circle. The lobby and tea restaurant are full of the style of the early last century and are magnificent. On the day of check-in, the reporter from the police car around the gate looked around the Singapore flag, and it was estimated that he would stay at the hotel again. The surrounding law and order is OK, there are security guards on duty, there are indeed a lot of homeless people in downtown, but they are basically not aggressive, they just seem to be more nervous, don't talk to them. Staying here as a traveler for a night or two is more recommended.

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5/51 Reviews
Venice Beach
The environment is very good, because several hotels resident on this day moved to here for three nights without rooms, the price is slightly expensive, but the hotel environment and room settings are really good, super warm and sweet feeling, Small promenade and open air area outside Big Love Hotel
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4.6/536 Reviews
Amy Bloch, the Concierge, contacted us about 2 weeks before our arrival asking if there was anything she could do for us either setting up any tours, restaurant suggestions and reservations or anything we might need. After asking for suggestions on restaurants she did send me quite a selection of different types of restaurants along with things to do around Hollywood and Los Angeles. When my friend and I arrived Amy greeted us at the front desk, welcoming us to the Roosevelt Hotel. The entire staff from the front desk, the guys at the valet parking, housekeeping and room service were outstanding. They couldn't do enough for us. Everyone at the hotel, especially Amy made our stay simply fantastic. The Roosevelt Hotel is the only place we would stay in Hollywood.
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3.9/548 Reviews
Downtown Los Angeles
It's a big place like Los Angeles, and the room is so small, I feel drunk too. It is too small to open the luggage, which is inconvenient to open. I specifically explained that I want a quiet room. The garbage truck on the street started to pull garbage less than 5:00 in the morning. The staff talked. I thought the window was not closed. As a result, there was no window for you to open. It was just a piece of glass with light. Just come in. A small refrigerator, placed on a shelf, but not in a cabinet. There is nothing in the refrigerator, but it is plugged in, and the operation noise is noisy all night. It will collapse when you live one day. No one will help you. Carry luggage. No one asks if you need help. Is this still Los Angeles I know? The beds are ok, moderately hard and soft. The location is good. It is convenient to walk everywhere, and around breakfast. Walking on HIlls street towards 3rd street, everything is there. May not stay here next time, unless there is no choice.
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4.5/5661 Reviews
Los Angeles International Airport Area
Because of the proximity to the airport, the sound of the plane taking off and landing has never stopped, quiet is not enough, and I can sleep. The hotel room did not actively provide slippers, toothbrushes and toothpaste. It was okay to call to ask the housekeeping to arrive. The bathtub has no glass door, just a plastic shower curtain. The shower faucet is fixed to the wall. There is a free shuttle to the airport 24 hours. The driver also helped to carry luggage up and down. The service was good.
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4.8/54 Reviews
My family has been using the Anza hotel for all of our trips to the Calabasas/LA area for the past 4 years or so, and we love it here. I hope we can continue to rely on the Anza for years to come. Beautiful rooms, superb location, and best of all they allow pets! The prices for rooms are very reasonable and they all have a nice "boutique feel" to them which adds something special. I want to add an extra note about my last stay here, which took place during the first days of the Covid-19 outbreak. I traveled alone without my husband and child to Calabasas/California because I needed to be with a gravely ill parent who soon passed away. Being able to stay in a comfortable hotel during this awful period was such a comfort to me, and I want to add that Ryan, who works at the Bistro restaurant and bar, was especially great to me during this time. Ryan prepared delicious meals for me, got to know me and my love for an evening glass of wine right away, and was a warm, friendly presence when I came home from the hospital at night (and in later days, came home to the hotel after days spent making final arrangements). Ryan and the team at the Anza who continued to work during the stressful days of Covid-19 "stay at home restrictions" were truly a blessing to me and I value, and am so grateful for, their work on the behalf of me and other guests who really needed a hotel stay for emergency reasons.
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5/51 Reviews
Everything was on point! All the staff were very accommodating! I arrived early Saturday and I was lucky to get a room early. Which helped a lot since we were on the go per our Soccer Tournament. When we needed a space to have our potluck in the evening they helped with our set up. Everyone was very friendly and customer service was amazing!
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