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0.46km from The Cafe (at MIA)
This hotel has two types of rooms, the difference is very big, one is called hotel room, which is the city view, the sea view, belongs to the hotel room, the floor is relatively high, the interior is relatively modern, the other is the cheapest, called standard room, the corresponding room is very old, there is a smell in it, the bathroom is very simple. I chose both room types because of a business trip delay. I lived well first. When I moved away, the difference was very large. Fortunately, with the help of Ctrip customer service, my order was upgraded to a good room type. ps, the price on this hotel is much cheaper than the hotel walk in price, including the price difference to upgrade the room type. The hotel front desk upgrade room type requires 200QAR / night, about 360 RMB / night, while the Ctrip price difference is only 130 RMB / night. . . Finally, thanks to Ctrip customer service!
4.2/5Very Good1 Reviews
0.47km from The Cafe (at MIA)
Hotel in the tourist center. Nearby attractions. Large swimming pool and many facilities of the hotel. Super buffet including two meals. Perfect for a stopover in Doha. Small and old room
4.7/5Outstanding7 Reviews
0.93km from The Cafe (at MIA)
We stay for 3 bedrooms apartment, the room are spacious, clean and good for family gatherings. Quite place. Location is accessible, near the mall. The staff were very helpful. Check-in and checkout are hassle free. Some electrical outlets were not working in the kitchen, oven not working, two times we ask for the maintenance to fix, but the good thing on the second time he resolved the issue. The sink clog in the washroom. Pool timing, the reservation area must know and aware that during Friday pool timing starts at 11am, due to some swimming class. they must inform their guest ahead, like us we stay in the hotel so our kids can enjoy their facilities. only indoor pool is accessible at 11am, due to some maintenance are on going. Receptionist insist that they are not aware on the swimming class are on going. which they verified 1st and they give us late checkout for that matter.
4.5/5Excellent3 Reviews
1.18km from The Cafe (at MIA)
I’ve stayed at this place for some time now. Usually courteous reception staff &/- manager. Unfortunately, a few recurrent /persistent things here &/- there, are really annoying. The most unbelievable of them, is finding the door to my room, open, on more than one occasion. And that’s despite the manager promising, that cleaning staff would systematically verify, that the doors are indeed /properly closed behind them after they leave the rooms. Initially, it was an issue with door alignment /friction that prevented the doors from returning automatically to their fully-closed position. More recently, cleaning staff left the door lock in its locked position, so it wouldn’t close automatically. Only problem, they forget to return it to its unlocked position after servicing the room. Therefore the door stayed open /did not return to its fully closed position. This security concern, and the possibility of theft by other people who’d notice the door was left open, is very unsettling. Not sure why the cleaning staff would even have to block the door from closing, in such a fashion. Think twice before staying at this place !
4.7/5Outstanding2 Reviews
1.2km from The Cafe (at MIA)
We have been staying with Rabban/ Fraser suites for 2.5 years and it became our home away from home. When the franchise was terminated and it became a local brand we were still committed to the hotel and we wanted to give it a chance Then all the wonderful employees were gradually terminated and the services , cleanliness , staff quality declined as well. And the final stroke they wanted to increase our monthly rent more than 30%. And instead of rewarding their loyal customers they totally disregarded us. We are leaving our apartment in an impeccable state as we treated it as though it was our own! I’m saddened by the current state of the hotel! It’s the most beautiful building with the highest taste, and most beautiful interior design and the remaining staff are so sweet, but definitely there is lack of management and direction. I do hope it would change back to its prior state, such a waste, such a waste!!!
4.7/5Outstanding6 Reviews
1.35km from The Cafe (at MIA)
I stayed in Marriott Marquis end of February, just before the lockdown. Thus, the review is a bit late already. For the most part, I enjoyed my almost two week stay at the hotel. From the room, breakfast buffet, hospitability of the staff - they were all great. The hotel has various restaurants, bars, spa, and a direct access to the mall which is very convenient to guests like me. Also, the hotel has granted my request of early breakfast as I usually go to the site before the breakfast buffet opens. I really enjoyed the variety of breakfast, and you can always request the smoothie of the day. I could have rated it 5 stars, but due to one incident I will make it 4 for the time being as this could be a room for improvement for the hotel. My request for a 2-day extension wasn’t granted, and was told that the hotel was fully booked already. Understandable. However, my colleague, to my surprise, was able to extend his stay considering that we requested at the same time. I found about it when I was checking out to move to another hotel, and my colleague informed me that he was staying at Marriott Marquis as his request for extension was granted. During that time, I wondered what could have been the reason why my colleague was granted the extension, and me wasn’t. Yes, it was months ago, but I can still remember it clearly.
4.5/5Excellent5 Reviews
1.38km from The Cafe (at MIA)
This hotel is disgusting! Your covid policies do NOT align with the MOI! Your staff is extremely unhelpful, and have no idea what is going on at any point in time! No one has any sort of clue about anything! Absolutely disgusting service! My husband is staying there for a 7 day quarantine and he previously asked about specific restrictions, when tests are done and services offered. Now that he's there, your tune has changed. The doctors keep saying different things to him as do the reception staff. Your staff BLATANTLY lied to him about alcohol policies! He asked to order a few beers which is well within hotel policy and his residency permit allowances, and the staff LIED and said they received instructions from the MOI that this is restricted. This was certainly not said while choosing this hotel, and damn near every other hotel on the quarantine list has never heard of such. For the price that we are paying for his stay, this is a blatant attempt to either take advantage of people who are already away from their families by lying when they book just so you can get money, or a management problem whereby staff is untrained and uninformed. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone. The prices are certainly not worth the terrible service, misinformed and lazy staff and the advantageous lies handed out. I've been told that the guests staying there suring quarantine are treated like prisoners!
4.6/5Outstanding17 Reviews
1.52km from The Cafe (at MIA)
Amazing ambience great staff since The time I have checked in, location is the best in Doha Qatar, clean room beautiful view. I have to thank Asel Zhusupbekova for all her support during my stay one of the best staff in Sheraton Hotel. Thank you Asel... definitely will be back again in Sheraton. Regards Ramy
4.5/5Excellent5 Reviews
1.65km from The Cafe (at MIA)
Dusit Doha Total ranking for expectation towards a 5 star hotel 3 from 5 points Check-in Experience: (4 from 5 points) Very friendly welcome at arrival by thai people in traditional clothing. The process was slightly complicated but maybe caused while I did my booking via . This again was caused due to the fact that my direct booking via Dusitgold did not work as the webpage collapsed while booking. The overall welcome is friendly, warm and 100% Thai - if you don’t know you are in Qatar you think you check-in somewhere in Bangkok as all the employees are from Thailand. As I love Asia and Thailand in specific this is of course a nice surprise. Lobby Experience: (3 from 5 points) The entrance and arrival experience is good. Surprising there is a huge Rolls Royce Oldtimer in the middle of the entrance hall - the car is beautiful but I do not know the connection to the hotel somehow. As I was on a business trip there were no real options for a business seating and unfortunately the booked Club Lounge just opens from 12:00 onwards. Room Experience: (3 from 5 points) The room, I stayed in the 15th floor with windows from the ceiling to the floor give a nice view to the around buildings. It seems many of the rooms have a connecting door to the neighboring rooms which I do not prefer. A change of the room was not possible for the first night - as for the second night I was moved to another room on the same floor but unfortunately again with a connecting room. The room itself is designed bright and mixed with white marble floor followed by a nice bright carpet. The rooms are stretched long and specious. There is one comfortable chair for seating and another different chair for the desk. The room is equipped with a big flat screen TV. Minibar and sweets are available but were not refilled while my stay of 3 nights. A Nespresso machine with 3 capsules of Nespresso might be not enough when the room is occupied with a couple. Very speedy and accessible WLAN connection - which is working on any floor level. The lights in the room are bright (slightly clinical) and can be switched on and off via a touchpad next to the bed. The air-condition is quite strong but loud. Highlight of the room is the bathroom which is within a glass box with a nice bathtub in the bathroom. The bed and mattress are from a good quality. So as for me the firmness of the mattress was ok. Bed linen and pillows are from a good quality as well and you feel comfortable. The room phone seems from an older generation with a cable. Important some lines as Concierge or Housekeeping were not always picked up and you are advised to speak on an answering machine. Bathroom Experience: (3 from 5 points) The bathroom is designed somehow in a modern style covered in a glass-box in the room. It’s equipped with middle class Duravit instruments and for me at least the tap as well as the shower first follows the style and then the functionality. However everything is nice and good
4.6/5Outstanding3 Reviews
1.67km from The Cafe (at MIA)
If you don’t wanna read the rest, just read this line: THE BEST FIVE STAR HOTEL WITH AN AFFORDABLE PRICE WHILE GIVING THE DEFINITION OF LUXURY AND COMFORT WITHIN ITS ROOMS. Satisfied with that comment? If not, then read more below At the Start: To be honest, all the process going to your room is as smooth as butter. They receive and give you a warm welcome, although I forgot the name of the person who assisted me on October 22 2020, 12am (JW Marriott, if you guys are seeing this review, leave a thanks again to him for me). Anyway, the nurse, who was a Filipina by the way was accommodating. After that, I was immediately transferred to my hotel room. Every person was wearing masks and gloves which made me feel safer. Staying in the hotel: -Customer relations was on point, and I would like to emphasize this part. Throughout my seven days of stay, I was taken care of (by phone) JJ and Emily from the General Attendant/Operators. They were both Filipinos so, often, we talked in our native language. They spoke English fluently and they would assist you gladly, like legit I only asked for a couple bottles of water and a shower gel. Instead, they gave me a whole set of each. Damn. HAHAHA 🤣 Cheers to these people! -Amenities WERE SO OVERWHELMING. This was not my first stay at a JW Marriott because I have stayed in one near the Staples Center in Los Angeles. JW Marriott still keeps its promise of really giving it all to the customers! The quality of the amenities were beyond comparable to the ones offered in other hotels in Doha (though I won’t mention).🤩 -Food was delivered on time and honestly, they did not cater different types of cuisine. However, I hoped for better and more flexible meals served because it mostly focused on Arabic and Indian meals (if I am not mistaken).😰 -Clearly, fast wifi is available although you can purchase the more expensive one. Anyhow, I did not purchase any of those. Chromecast is also available. Shoutout to the IT team they assisted me when I was having a hard time connecting my little outdated laptop to the internet. 😅 -They allow food deliveries or orders from outside but you have to pay it online. No contact payment is allowed within their premises. When I ordered food from outside, food was delivered quick to my room. -THE ROOM HAS A FREAKIN NESPRESSO MACHINE! Leaving the Hotel: Again, I was assisted accordingly. Paperworks were delivered to my room easily. I went down for the checkout and was greeted by the lovely Nadine from the front desk. Everything was fixed because of the staff and I was ready to go home. 🤩🤩🤩
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1.8km from The Cafe (at MIA)
I have been here thrice, always around this time of the year. I like this hotel location wise as it is very close to the mall, a few walks away only to The City Center. Transport is easy by taxi if you wish to go farther. Uber ride is also convenient in this place. I like the hotel, space wise. This is a very family friendly hotel as you can choose which suite is suited for you. We always book the 3-bedroom suite. Master bedroom is big with its own bathroom. The rate is also not expensive. For a 3-bedroom suite you can get it at just over Qar900 riyals with free breakfast for 6! And since the rate is not really expensive, you can consider staying for a longer period of time. Negative sides: Although there are towels and soap and shampoo, there are no toothbrushes and toothpaste like the usual freebies in a hotel or aparto-hotels. If you plan to visit this place, make sure you bring one. Pool is small. Kids won’t really be happy. Also, i am not sure but I only see one restaurant. For those visiting Doha and want to save on hotel costs, I recommend this one. This is also in the heart of the city center so staying here isn’t bad at all.
4.1/5Very Good10 Reviews
1.84km from The Cafe (at MIA)
We stayed in a 2-bed flat for roughly 1.5 years and found everything to be excellent. The entire staff - especially Violeta, Jake and Sarah - are all extremely accommodating, professional and friendly. The apartment is nicely furnished and the beds are very comfortable. The only small issue is the layout of the kitchen - if you cook a fair amount like we did, it may not be the best layout. But we found ways to make it work. Highly recommended.

Hotels Near Orient Pearl Restaurant In Doha Review

4.9/59 Reviews
We were put here for an overnight stay while waiting for a flight connection. The hotel is smart and clean without being too big. Staff are efficient and friendly and very helpful. The rooms are spotless and very comfortable. All usual city amenities are available eg pool and gym although not used by us as we didn't have our luggage with us. We did, however, use the rest for lunch. The choice of food and the quality was outstanding. A thoroughly enjoyable experience. Having been disappointed initially by the need to disrupt our journey, in the end we actually enjoyed it. Would recommend this hotel for either a short or longer stay.
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4.8/5105 Reviews
Arrived at six in the morning Thanks to the front desk girl, checkin gave back an upgrade at 11 o'clock Hotel works well, smart switch, auto off indicator Not expensive, with Shanghai Garden Buffet next to it, very convenient About 10 minutes by car from the city center
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4.8/519 Reviews
I'd say that my stay at the Al Najada was good. I arrived at the hotel pretty early since my flight landed early and the front desk staff were nice enough to check in early. The bed was super comfy and I was able to sleep soundly to ward off some of my jet lag. Also, I found the location superb. It was right by the souk and the museums were a few minutes cab ride -- and even a short walk if it weren't for the scorching heat -- which gave me ample time to explore a bit of the city within the limited time I had. The hotel's cafe was nice and all the staff I interacted with were warm and friendly. I'd definitely consider staying at Al Najada during my next trip or transit in Doha.
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4.7/511 Reviews
This was complimentary due to flying business class with extended layover, 9 hrs. I would think that Qatar air would do better to find a more suitable hotel for its clients. It took 90 minutes for the hotel to collect us in the designated area. This was after 2 calls by the Qatar air host at the desk. The hotel room was so,so. It is certainly unworthy of a business class passenger's customary accommodation. It was clean but the towels were not of high quality,nor were the bed linens. We asked for a wake up call for a morning flight. They did not call us, but fortunately we set our alarms. Then we waited in their courtesy shuttle for over 20 minutes while they waited for another customer. What should have been a restful stay was not.
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3.7/540 Reviews
I haven't been to the hair dryer, although Ctrip's housekeeper has asked for it many times, saying that there is no or nothing ... the breakfast is great. The party next door at night was really noisy.
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4.5/55 Reviews
we had a meeting in millennium hotel doha at 27th february. the meeting room was really well setting and clean. mr adnan was with as during the meeting and really i appreciate him for his support and service during the lunch time as well doing the needfull. thanks for the lovely time and for sure we will come back for our coming meetings thanks and best regards
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