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4/5Very Good10 Reviews
0.13km from Pasala Rico
My family and I stayed here while on a recent road trip. The hotel was clean, breakfast was good, the beds were comfortable, and overall we enjoyed our stay. Most of all though, I would like to say a public thank you to the manager that helped us track down my daughter’s missing blanket and mail it to us after we had left the state. She has slept with it since she was a baby and was devastated to have left it behind - we so much appreciate your thoughtfulness.
3.6/510 Reviews
0.19km from Pasala Rico
My family and I stayed here over the weekend, to visit family. This is our first time traveling since COVID and it was a difficult decision on where to stay, but I am extremely glad we choose this hotel. Even with all the current restrictions, staff made it a great experience. They went above and beyond to make sure everything is cleaned and sanitized. They had grab and go breakfast bags available as well as coffee, but also were able to suggest many local restaurants in the area.We really are thankful we choose this hotel, and we will definitely be back when we are back in the area.
3.9/510 Reviews
0.25km from Pasala Rico
Good location. Beds very comfortable and hotel very clean, quiet. The male, blonde staff member that works night shift we didn’t get his name but was very kind, professional and was accommodating to all our needs I cannot say more about how great he was! On the other hand, the staff member during days Nick was very rude and unprofessional we specifically came for the pool and hot tub asked when we were booking the hotel three times to make sure it was open due to COVID she said yes. During days as we were going to the pool and was told by NIck we needed to make a reservation for the pool and unfortunately they were all filled for the day . No available pool times. As we explained we were not told this and it was the only reason we picked this hotel he literally told us that was the rule even after we asked to speak to management and ShUT the door to the office in our face so rude! Other than the experience with this staff member Nick we had a good time. Hope this staff member gets spoken to about professionalism.
4/5Very Good10 Reviews
0.59km from Pasala Rico
My daughter and I arrived at Courtyard by Marriott Indianapolis Northwest unexpectedly after fighting 4-1/2 hours of white-knuckle driving in a snowstorm. Our decision to pull over for the night was validated as soon as we walked in the door and met friendly Sally at the desk. Sally could tell we were tired, hungry and shaken from the scary driving, so she got us checked in as quickly as possible, and invited us back downstairs to the Bistro for wine on the house. She came to chat with us at our table as her counterpart fixed us a delicious dinner...which spoke of the pride she has for this gem of a Marriott. We will look forward to coming back.
3.7/510 Reviews
0.62km from Pasala Rico
The hotel is pretty average and a little worn but we didn’t expect a lot given a $169 rate for the Big 10 Championship night (downtown hotels were sold out at $500+ per night). Walls are kind of thin and we could hear the people in the room next to us who seemed to be talking in a normal tone of voice. We were ready to leave in the morning when I returned our keycards and requested a receipt at the front desk. The front desk clerk did not have a receipt pre-printed for us and told me that she could not give me a receipt and explained that it was because I had booked on the internet. I was puzzled by this assertion as I had booked directly, not with a third party. I asked her several times to print a duplicate receipt from the system and she refused. It was clear to me that she did not know how to the print the receipt and I suggested that she call someone who understood how to do it. At this point she became frustrated and started raising her voice. She was extremely sarcastic and said things like: “Do you want me to go get the breakfast attendant?” At no time did I raise my voice to her although I did tell her that her behavior was rude. A simple and reasonable request which should have been quickly accomplished turned into a 30 minute ordeal as I gave up on the desk clerk and tried to contact Choice customer service to see if they could provide a receipt by email (it took awhile, but they were able to do it). The customer service rep assured me that it was normal procedure to receive a receipt from the hotel and that the computer system did allow for the printing of a duplicate receipt. At the end of the day, this was a management failure. The desk clerk was poorly trained, both in the computer system and in customer service. She was working by herself on what was likely one of the busiest days of the year with virtually all of the hotels in or near the city booked. And I also overheard her tell her employer that she was upset because she had a seriously ill family member. I feel sorry for her but this was an extremely bad customer service experience which could have been avoided with appropriate training and staffing by management.
4/5Very Good5 Reviews
0.68km from Pasala Rico
Outstanding customer service by all of the staff. From the manager on there was always a smile and a friendly hello. The breakfast was well maintained and was not your typical "Carb Buffet" ...they have some good hot items to choose from. I think the only thing I would like changed is earlier hours for the pool to open. Other then that all was great!
4.2/5Very Good10 Reviews
0.83km from Pasala Rico
This hotel is a good value for money, but compared to other Marriott hotels I would say it is below average. Breakfast is of lower quality, carpet in the suite is old, sofa bed makes noises. If you are limited to a budget, and you need to be in a hotel under a reputable management, this hotel will be a good choice.
4.3/5Excellent10 Reviews
0.9km from Pasala Rico
To be fair, the rooms are just fine other than there are only a small handful of rooms without connecting doors to other rooms. The reason for my rating is that the hotel management team are incredibly cheap. Even more importantly, they have no integrity. Case in point - during my last stay a few weeks ago, I asked for a couple of bottles of water from the front desk attendant; these were in addition to the two free bottles they gave me upon check-in. And we're talking about generic brand bottles of water, not Dasani or some other expensive brand. As a lifetime Diamond member, EVERY hotel I stay at is always willing to give me a couple of additional free bottles of water. Not this hotel; not only did they charge me, but they charged me $3.00 A BOTTLE! When I called to express my extreme disappointment, they told me they would credit my card for the $6.00 charge. This was a lie as a credit to my card was never posted. I will NEVER stay at this property again as I refuse to do business with people devoid of integrity. If you are a frequent business traveler, I would recommend avoiding this hotel as they care NOTHING about customer loyalty.
3.5/510 Reviews
1.1km from Pasala Rico
I've stayed here in the past and always liked the quiet corporate neighborhood, but where to start about this visit... In a week's time I saw front desk staff wear a mask once after the manager came out in one and told a guest they should be wearing one (but not the staff also standing there in no mask as usual). The employee then slipped one on (and probably back off as soon as the manager was gone). The carpet in my room was literally sticky. I sprayed some of the stains with my disinfectant spray and they came right up, so why have them in this condition? I did get the manager to clean the carpets by just happening to catch him on a day he'd rented a carpet cleaner for the lobby, but that was a really lucky break and without it I'd have had filthy floors all week. Every chair was also heavily stained. On my first night I had to be witness to a loud drama that included parking lot screaming then an unmasked woman smoking in the stairway and making it necessary to squeeze by her with my luggage without social distancing. A week after that I listened to a dog howl for several hours while the front desk told me it was "ok because the owners are in the room" (how does that change anything) then the next day literally nobody could admit a dog had been howling. The staff (the same staff that had no idea a woman was screaming at the top of her lungs a week before until being told) never once heard the dog over 5+ hours. All requests to go and listen for themselves were answered with "it's ok there are people in the room with the dog". I didn't realize noise that disturbs other guests only counts if people aren't in the room, just a weird take. Also because the staff refused to believe this nonstop din was going on it had been left up to me to figure out what room it was coming from (the front desk clerk later denied asking me to do this). I expressed how I wasn't comfortable creeping around to listen at doors since that should be their job but was told to let them know when I figured out what room it was coming from, so how else to do that. After I'd had to do this the woman who owned the dog came pounding on my door threatening me. I called the front desk to tell them this and in the background the same woman had made her way back to the front and was yelling "Is that her on the phone? I'm going to do" (such and such to me). So in short I was put in the awkward position of having to document excessive noise (which I had already patiently put up with for a few hours before even saying anything) and then because I was put in that position I was threatened by the other guest. In the end the front desk clerk (who seemed to be chummy with the dog howling guest) didn't even mention to her manager that the other guest had threatened me, and the clerk suddenly said "I can't understand you over the phone you need to come down to the front". This was a woman who'd had no issue understanding me over multiple calls, so I had the imp
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3.32km from Pasala Rico
Suitable for people who have stayed for more than a week, the room has a kitchen (picture 1), you can cook for yourself, pots and pans can be borrowed (Figure 2), but there is no kitchen knife. If you cook your own food, it is recommended to separate the bed from the boudoir/living room (Figure 3).
5/5Perfect11 Reviews
3.39km from Pasala Rico
3.4/510 Reviews
4.41km from Pasala Rico
We always stay at choice hotels and know what to expect. We found the staff friendly and helpful. The room was clean. The breakfast was good, what we have come to expect. Maybe a little dated, but you are not paying $150.00 a night. Will stay here again