Hotels Near Politihistorisk Museum In Copenhagen

4.5/5Excellent19 Reviews
1.29km from Politihistorisk Museum
I stayed in Richmond Hotel with my mum during our trip to Copenhagen in February 2020. The most amazing thing about this hotel that I immediately want to point out - is their breakfast. Never in my life have I seen such a wide variety of breakfast options! There must have been at least a hundred different items available, including some very interesting foods that are not usually offered for breakfast, such as smoked salmon, veggie dumplings, cottage cheese and smoothie shots! Trust me, even if you are the pickiest eater, you will find something here for your taste. They were options there for different allergy sufferers too. The breakfast hall was very spacious and cozy, staff very helpful and professional. Brilliant! We stayed in the room 510 on the fifth floor. The room was nicely decorated, very cozy and clean, it could be a bit bigger and could definitely be warmer. We stayed for four nights in February and I have to say the only way to keep myself warm was to wear two layers of clothes, including a thick jumper and woolen socks. There was a heater in the room and it was working, but the temperature just wasn't high enough! Maybe the windows weren't properly insulated, I'm not sure, but it needs to be at least a couple degrees warmer! I liked the selection of complementary toiletries offered in the room. Hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shower gel, shower cap, cotton buds, cotton pads, nail file, hair tie, earplugs, sewing kit and shoe shine. Very thoughtful. The view wasn't the best. We were facing a grey dull building, and only if you come up close to the window and look to the right - there was a little bit of the city visible. Mattresses and pillows were very soft. I found them comfortable and slept well. Location was OK with the nearest metro station ten minutes away and the nearest grocery shop two minute away. Overall, I enjoyed my stay in this hotel. I would recommend it during warmer months and would definitely recommend it to those who appreciates a good breakfast.
4.4/5Excellent8 Reviews
1.32km from Politihistorisk Museum
The hotel is great, just for my needs. Since I was traveling alone (4 days), I enjoyed the free wine time of 5-7 p.m. very much. Many other guests have benefited from this - being together in a relaxed atmosphere in front of the fireplace with music (on Fridays even with a live DJ). I love the style of the hotel. And the breakfast is great, the duvet and the pillow perfect. I slept very well. The location of the Hotel is also great. Not far from the train station, but also not far from the shopping streets.
3.3/57 Reviews
1.45km from Politihistorisk Museum
As a resident Copenhagener, my wife and I treated ourselves to a little staycation in our beautiful city. Figuring that First Hotel Kong Frederik (King Frederik) markets itself as being rather exclusive and posh, we wanted to give it a go. - We cannot recommend any tourist to stay there. Go elsewhere! The main problem is, that the hotel promises more than it can keep. From the outside it looks very nice, posh and exclusive, but upon closer inspection you will find, that this is not the case. My wife and I booked the second-most expensive room on the 5th floor, and all though the hall and atrium of the hotel looks great, the same cannot be said about the room. The room: A bit more cleaning would do. Certainly, a good vacuuming would be expected. The furnishings are not out dated - per say (as it is a period hotel), but everything is quite worn. For example: - the desk chair had a broken arm wrist, - The tiling on the bathroom was cracked several places - The flat screen TV is ancient (however, not antique :D) - The bed was awful - The sofa - very worn. The service: The staff was nice enough, but for the price of room, I would bet, that you can get better service elsewhere. For example (I can provide more): The mini bar was included in our price, but when we reached the room it was empty. We asked the staff to fill it, which they did. -But still... When we asked them to refill it the next day, we were told, that this would not happen as this task is performed by the cleaning staff, who were -sadly - not on duty. I get that certain precautions has to be made during covid-19, but still: If you cancel everyday cleaning, everyday exchange of towels and general up keep, you should reduce the price accordingly, I get that the hotel need to bring in the money, but having customers pay full price for reduced services is not ok. Worst of all was the grab and go "breakfast" it contained: 1 piece of fruit 1 box juice 1” sandwich" All these items were - and I know this because I live in Copenhagen and which supermarket sells which items - the absolute bottom shelf cheapest stuff money can buy. The "sandwich" itself consisted of: 1 dry bun split in half. Butter on one half only and one piece of sliced cheese topped with the other half of the bun. The conclusion: If location is the most important thing there is nothing wrong with First Hotel Kong Frederik. However, I know that you can find better accommodation and service at a better price elsewhere in the city center. All in all: Don't bother - go elsewhere
4.3/5Excellent11 Reviews
1.49km from Politihistorisk Museum
The location is very good, renting a bicycle (150DKK per day) is very convenient and you can travel freely in the urban area. If you want to travel long distances, there are several car rental shops next to it. It is very convenient to return the car, but it is usually a manual car. The hotel has a long history, and the TV welcome screen information is displayed, as if it was built in 1902, it was a public bathing place. Therefore, you can see traces of history from places such as corridors and lobby. The waiter attitude is not bad! Health care waiters will never bother your private time. The room is relatively small, and the bed is only about 1.3 meters wide. There is a loft on the top floor, the shape is not regular, but the utensils are very clean! In short, a pleasant and memorable stay in Nordic accommodation and travel.
4.6/5Outstanding9 Reviews
1.49km from Politihistorisk Museum
How happy was I to find that a well-known jazz pianist that my husband wanted to see was playing in Copenhagen during the school half-term because it gave me the excuse to return again to the Hotel Alexandra. We stayed there this time last year for the first time and were enchanted by the hotel, staff, service, food so it was a no-brainer that we would stay again on this trip. We brought two of our children (13 and 18) with us and expected that they would not quite 'get' the hotel concept - no pool or spa for starters! But to my surprise, they loved it. How could you not? It's one of those places that just makes you smile. It's not just the 50s design (which of course is delightful and so tasteful) but it's the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere that really makes it so special. Every one of the staff at the reception are so friendly, attentive and knowledgeable, there's a coffee machine in reception if you fancy a cuppa at any time, apples in a bowl on the reception desk if you are feeling peckish. It's stylish, pristine, so comfortable (lobby seating areas and beds!) and the location is perfect close to the railway station, Tivoli, City Hall and the main shopping district. It's a glorious little haven to return to after a day sightseeing. A special place. That's twice we've stayed now. I expect to return again and again.
4.6/5Outstanding31 Reviews
1.51km from Politihistorisk Museum
We spent a couple of nights in this hotel with my friends. Our expectations were not high, we know what we had booked. Our overall experience can be summarized as: Positive: - Very friendly staff, always very polite in their interactions with us. - Extremely good breakfast buffet, it really impressed us with the variety of choices. And very clean and neatly arranged. - Good, basic room with amenities provided. - Great location, 7-8minutes walk from the central station. - They provide space for storing luggage in case of an early arrival/late departure. Negative experience: - During our stay we had some concerns about the cleanliness level of our room. We found hair in the different beds and pillows and the room was clearly not vacuumed (whole room is covered with a carpet). We communicated our concerns in the first night, but as there was no housekeeping available, we preferred to get some extra sheets and pillows and we changed them ourselves. Next morning, on our way out, we again stressed to the reception that we found our room unclean and they assured us that they will make sure that the housekeeping would be thorough. To our disappointment, when we returned in the evening, the housekeeping did not change any beddings, and they even left the dirty ones (that were in the room when we first went in) in the room. At this point, we decided to stop complaining and just sleep for the second and last day. Overall, even though it has some really good points, the fact that there was such a miscommunication between the reception staff and the housekeeping staff and the latter being unsatisfactory, we would avoid staying in this hotel again. We understand that it is a relatively cheap and central choice, but having clean beddings is a must.
4.2/5Very Good7 Reviews
1.54km from Politihistorisk Museum
I often stay in citizenM hotels and only have good things to say about them. Copenhagen in particular was excellent. The location is great and the ambience in the public area on the 7th floor is excellent with a lovely choice of food and drink. The staff in particular were amazing. What a great team! They were relaxed, friendly and mega efficient. Nothing was too much for them. A special “Thanks” should go to Teela for her time and care, and very useful information. Keep up the good work guys, your customers really appreciate it
4.7/5Outstanding41 Reviews
1.54km from Politihistorisk Museum
We had booked two weeks, but decided to leave sooner, even though we couldn’t get a refund. Here are the reasons: - There are loud music everywhere. This makes it impossible to work on your computer. And it means that we didn’t want to use any of the public areas, since there were no place to just be. - Disappointing fitness room. We had actually chosen Steel House because of the fitness room, since we had to be there for two weeks, but for us it didn’t work. There are a cycle, treadmill and lots of weights. No machines with different muscle exercises. - The floor in our room was constant dusty. Like huge things of fluffy dust. We swiped it several times a day with damp toilet paper, but it just continued to get dusty. It must be from the air conditioning, or because it isn’t cleaned properly. - Poor cleaning: we see the cleaning personnel work really hard, so this is no criticism of them. - The room wasn’t cleaned on the 4th day, so we had to ask for it to be cleaned on day 5. We had to ask for cleaning again 4 days after. The floor wasn’t cleaned, the bathroom sink/table wasn’t cleaned, the surfaces in the room was not cleaned. And we only got one roll of toilet paper every 4th day, so every other day we had to find it ourselves in the cleaning room. - Very different quality of customer service. Some staff is very nice, and some staff doesn’t greet you with a smile... this means a lot. - Fridays people are drinking and running on the halls. If you are young and staying there for a short time, it is probably a very cool place to stay. But as persons who loves sincerity and quiet places to just be, or work, this does not work.
4.2/5Very Good62 Reviews
1.59km from Politihistorisk Museum
Conveniently located in the heart of the city, this hostel provides a great value for money service. Very friendly staff and smooth check-in and check-out procedures makes everything more enjoyable. The rooms are small but very clean. Apart from the inner bar, where you can also have some food, the hostel is surrounded by restaurants and shops. Easy to find where to drink and eat within few hundred meters. They rent beautiful bicycles for the ones that want to visit Copenhagen by bike. Highly recommend!
4.5/5Excellent66 Reviews
1.6km from Politihistorisk Museum
The location of the hotel is very good, just seven or eight minutes walk from the train station. Going out is the Town Hall Square, and going forward is the commercial street, which is particularly convenient. Environment is very good, breakfast is also very good. The rooms are very small. I've been to several European countries. This is true for hotels with a price of about 1,000!
4.1/5Very Good53 Reviews
1.6km from Politihistorisk Museum
Upon our arrival at the Imperial Hotel we were impressed by the luxury entryway and bar. When checking in, we were given the option of upgrading our room to a Superior Room for an extra 200DKK a night. The ‘Superior Room’ experience promised a terrace looking out over the city, a newly refurbished room, and lots of space. Our room was far from this. Yes, it had a terrace (with nowhere to sit) but it overlooked the high-rise office building across the street, so we had no views across the city. The room was tired and worn, not newly refurbished. There was some black mould in the bathroom and holes in the curtains, and lightbulbs were out. The room was so small, that the wardrobe obstructed the television from being seen from the bed (there was no other wall space to put the TV). There was little room to move around the bed. We didn’t realise just how badly we had been duped until we saw into some of the other rooms in the hotel that were much, much bigger. When we checked out we mentioned this, but were told that it was our fault for not mentioning it. We didn’t want to complain and move as my other half unfortunately spent most of the time unwell with the flu and was not up to moving. We did receive a 50% discount on the upgrade cost, but it didn’t really cut it. If they call this room superior, I would hate to see a standard room, perhaps it’s just a pod with a sleeping bag? If they ask you at the front desk if you want an upgrade, just decline. It’s a dishonest way of getting more money out of you for giving you nothing.
0/50 Reviews
1.64km from Politihistorisk Museum

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Hotels Near Politihistorisk Museum In Copenhagen Review

4.5/566 Reviews
Copenhagen Center
The location of the hotel is very good, just seven or eight minutes walk from the train station. Going out is the Town Hall Square, and going forward is the commercial street, which is particularly convenient. Environment is very good, breakfast is also very good. The rooms are very small. I've been to several European countries. This is true for hotels with a price of about 1,000!
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4.5/515 Reviews
Copenhagen Center
Our first visit to Denmark and Copenhagen was fantastic - partly because of our outstanding stay at the Hotel Sankt Annae Plads. The rooms weren't huge, but how much space do you really need? What mattered was how comfortable they were. We had 2 rooms and the beds gave us all some of the best quality sleep we've had in ages. The rooms were spotlessly clean, warm and the bathroom well equipped with eco friendly refillable toiletries, these were high quality and smelled great. The award winning breakfast buffet was simple but with high quality produce - lovely porridge and added coconut, nuts, seeds and honey was delicious. For me the best part was the lovely sourdough loaves and rye bread for you to cut, toast and add butter and preserves - delicious jam and marmalade. We all agreed that the scrambled eggs were the best we had tasted and the smoked salmon amazing. We had cycle hire included on our deal booked through Secret Escapes, but if we had to pay the cost would've been well worth it. It was the best part of staying in Copenhagen to be able to explore the city safely by bike. The hotel management should be most proud of their staff - their outward face and responsibile for the strong reputation. Every time we had a question they were polite, really friendly and helpful - we recommend them so highly. If you are looking for a hotel situated in the best possible location then this is the hotel for you, close by the to beautiful Nyhavn harbour...about 5 mins walk.
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4.5/525 Reviews
What a fantastic hotel! We visited in February half term as a family for three nights, as a base to explore Copenhagen. It was a great location, 5 minutes from the station and Tivoli gardens. It was also walking distance from the city, however as the weather was wet at times we hopped in a taxi outside the hotel. Amazing hotel with children in school holidays. Our boys didn’t want to leave, there was so much to keep them entertained. The girls helping with the children’s area were wonderful. However there was so much space that if I had been there without children it wouldn’t have felt like a nuisance. Absolutely perfect, great food and friendly staff. Highly recommend.
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4.4/545 Reviews
Copenhagen Center
How to say this hotel, the location is not far from the central railway station, but walking for 10 minutes, a little far from the city center, but we are all walking, even the mermaid we are also walking, 50 minutes. The hotel room is small, and the two sleep, there is always a person who needs to climb to the bed, the bed can only go to the ground on one side, inconvenient, the bathroom is small, there is no towel. There was no hot water in the room. On the first day, when we arrived, we wanted to drink hot water. We asked at the front desk. They said that they paid 15 Danish kronor and gave me a cup of hot water. I bought a cup. Later in the two days, I had hot water in the restaurant when I had breakfast. Breakfast is also average, ordinary continental breakfast. The wine is newly renovated and tastes a bit renovated.
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4.7/59 Reviews
Copenhagen Center
We stayed for an extended weekend in Copenhagen. Even public life was heavily reduced due to covid-19 epidemic, we enjoyed the modern but cosy facilities at hotel Danmark. The design is really amazing, the organic breakfast offers such a variety of fresh and delicious options. Rooms are nice too, maybe less spacious, but we were lucky to have a nice standard room with a view to the front. Staff was always friendly and the wine hour is a highlight every day :) Highly recommended, lovely city - we will come back, for sure!
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4.3/526 Reviews
Very good breakfast. Very satisfied. Although the hotel is not as rich and luxurious as the average hotel, it is really warm and cozy. It seems that there are paths leading to different functional areas. It is a better experience for Copenhagen, a city with its own unique flavor, to choose to stay in such a hotel with its own temperament. However, the standard room is really small, even if the layout is warm and comfortable, it must be admitted that it is indeed small, like a Japanese hotel. There is a row of hotel's public bicycles outside the door, which can be rented
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Hotels Near Politihistorisk Museum In Copenhagen FAQ

  • What hotels are recommended near Politihistorisk Museum?

    If you're having a hard time choosing a hotel, consider staying at Andersen Boutique Hotel, Hotel Tiffany or STAY Seaport , these hotels have great reviews. Be sure you book early!

  • Which popular hotels near Politihistorisk Museum have parking?

    If you're planning on driving to Politihistorisk Museum in Copenhagen, why not stay at Ascot Hotel, Tivoli Hotel or Copenhagen Marriott Hotel ? These are all popular hotels with parking lots.

  • Which hotels near Politihistorisk Museum are the most popular?

    Ascot Hotel, Tivoli Hotel and Copenhagen Marriott Hotel are some of the most popular hotels.

  • Which hotels near Politihistorisk Museum are good for business travelers?

    When it comes to business trips, choosing a hotel with convenient transportation links is important to many guests. Ascot Hotel, Tivoli Hotel and Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, Copenhagen are popular economical hotels.

  • Which hotels near Politihistorisk Museum are good for couples?

    Hotel Tiffany is a popular hotel for couples.

  • What hotels near Politihistorisk Museum have non-smoking rooms?

    Many guests care about the quality of the rooms they stay in and want to ensure that their rooms have fresh, clean air. Ascot Hotel, Tivoli Hotel and Copenhagen Marriott Hotel are all popular hotels with non-smoking rooms.

  • What popular hotels near Politihistorisk Museum have restaurants?

    If you like the idea of sampling local flavors while traveling, consider staying at Ascot Hotel, Tivoli Hotel and Copenhagen Marriott Hotel . There are plenty of restaurants that serve local dishes near these hotels.

  • Which hotels near Politihistorisk Museum are popular with budget travelers?

    Whether you're traveling for business or going on a vacation, Wakeup Copenhagen Bernstorffsgade, Cabinn City and City Hotel Nebo are popular hotels at great price points.

  • Which popular hotels near Politihistorisk Museum have pools?

    Summer is a great season to take your kids or family on a trip to Politihistorisk Museum in Copenhagen. Tivoli Hotel, Nimb Hotel and Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen Airport are some popular hotels with pools.

  • What luxury hotels are near Politihistorisk Museum?

    Copenhagen Marriott Hotel, Nimb Hotel and Nobis Hotel Copenhagen, a Member of Design Hotels are popular luxury hotels that aren't too expensive.

  • What are some accessible hotels near Politihistorisk Museum?

    Tivoli Hotel, Copenhagen Marriott Hotel and Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, an Ihg Hotel are popular accessible hotels.

  • What's the average price of hotels near Politihistorisk Museum this weekend?

    According to's data, the average price for a weekend night at hotels near Politihistorisk Museum in Copenhagen is USD 610. Prices fluctuate often; this rate is for reference only.

  • Which hotels near Politihistorisk Museum have gyms?

    Since staying fit is important to a lot of guests, it's no surprise that gyms can be found in many hotels. Ascot Hotel, Tivoli Hotel and Copenhagen Marriott Hotel are some popular hotels with gyms.

  • What's the average price per night of hotels near Politihistorisk Museum

    According to's data, the average price per night at hotels near Politihistorisk Museum in Copenhagen is USD 244. Prices fluctuate often; this rate is for reference only.

  • Which hotels near Politihistorisk Museum have free Wi-Fi?

    Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, Wi-Fi is an essential. Ascot Hotel, Tivoli Hotel and Copenhagen Marriott Hotel are all popular hotels that have free Wi-Fi.

  • What hotels near Politihistorisk Museum offer breakfast?

    A delicious breakfast is a great way to kick start your day. If you want to stay at a hotel with breakfast near Politihistorisk Museum in Copenhagen, consider Ascot Hotel, Tivoli Hotel or Copenhagen Marriott Hotel . Be sure to book these popular hotels in advance!

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