Hotels Near Ristorante I Ginepri In Quartucciu Review

4.6/538 Reviews
Loved the hotel. We paid extra 20 Euro per night to get a view of the sea and the castle that is just in-front of the hotel The only problem is that we parked our car in the hotel parking and when we about to check out they claimed 25 Euro per day so we paid in total 50 Euro extra just for the parking!! It was really bad since nobody has told us and they said its written downstairs we dont read italian how will we know??
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4.2/519 Reviews
Old hotel, good service, rich breakfast, facing the egg castle, beautiful scenery, but the room is not the same as the original, the price is not as good as the Royal Continental Hotel next door, the Royal Continental Hotel stayed two days ago cheaper 1,000 yuan, or a landscape room Facing Egg Castle
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5/518 Reviews
Very good, the location is by the sea, I can see the sea in the morning, I can see the sea, the scenery is very good, I can see the volcano, the hotel service is very good, I will choose this next time I go to Naples.
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4.6/571 Reviews
It is the second time in Naples and it is a repeater of this hotel. As expected, it is the best at a star hotel. The location is very close to Naples Central Station. I arrived in Naples at 22:00, but I felt safe with the shortest travel distance even with a suitcase. The rooms are clean, the beds are especially comfortable and you can easily oversleep. Bathroom is luxurious using marble. Water pressure is enough. Breakfast is also rich and delicious, and eats too much from morning. Sfogliatella in the photo was also delicious. We had you call taxi after check-out, but came immediately. This hotel is a favorite in Naples.
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4.6/526 Reviews
The location is very good, very close to the subway station and train station, the hotel is clean, the breakfast is good, the bread is delicious. However, the air-conditioned room we stayed in was bad. It was not cold at all. The 30-degree heaven, the heat was flying. I just checked in at 1 o'clock and reacted to the front desk. He said that he would ask people to do it. We went out with confidence. In the afternoon, we changed back to the front desk and said that the whole floor was broken. I said that my mother’s house was fine. He had to say that he couldn’t fix it, and he would not change the house. Finally, I was told for a long time that I only promised to ask me to go to breakfast tomorrow morning, maybe I can change the room, not necessarily. The next day, I went to the morning to push me. I didn't promise to change it. I came back later and changed it for me, so I didn't give it to the worst. I still gave it a little face. If you want to live, be afraid of hot attention. Let's just say that many of their houses are not air-conditioned.
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4.7/516 Reviews
The location is very good, opposite the egg castle and the sea, the breakfast is completely sea view, blowing the sea breeze, feeling great! The breakfast was quite rich, and the cup of Italian condensed was a bit amazing, and I never liked to drink coffee. Although Napoli's construction of the whole city is quite old, it feels good. Because I went to Capri Island to return to the ticket time, I missed the hotel that was temporarily set back to the Rome train. The friend recommended it, said the global chain, because the ship arrived at the shore near ten o'clock at night, so there is no sea view room. The only bad episode was to take a taxi to the hotel at night. The driver received 20 Euros and 10 Euros. If the hotel was in the daytime, the hotel would only be 15 Euros. The German husband of the friend said that it was a tip at night. explained. 🙄
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4.7/512 Reviews
It was right in front of the egg castle and was a superb view. The rooms were also large enough and had a calm color. For breakfast, there were many sweets such as pancakes, donut and bubba, and all were delicious.
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4.9/518 Reviews
Close to the airport. You can enjoy the bath, especially for Japanese or the tired tourist after a long flight. There might be somewhat inconvenient for sightseeing.
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4/516 Reviews
I stayed at this hotel for four days, explaining the strength and asking for praise. 1. Strongly recommend a friend who is driving by car. If you are simply a friend who stays in a sea view room, please think twice. The reason is stated later. 2. Not a self-driving friend, please look here. The hotel is located on the mountainside. From the map, it is located near the station Mergellina. After the train station comes out, it is about 500 meters to the sea. There is a slope train to take a ride to the s.antonio station (should call this name, check it yourself) Next), if I don't understand this, please open your google map, you can't get it. After arriving at the station, you need to take a mountain road to get to the hotel. 3. However, I personally went up and down the mountain for two days. Why, because I was in Easter during this time in Naples, the slope station was closed! Fall! Now! That's right, shut it up! So in this case, in addition to walking, it is played. The starting fee is 3.5 Euros, and the thief is fast, and the friends who are not bad money should be directly taxi. 4. Staying at this hotel, if you still can't decide on the sea view room, I really don't understand it. As the hotel is halfway up the mountain, there is no choice of entertainment activities. If you want to find a convenience store, you can only find the van. There is a year-round business on the viewing platform, which is very expensive. 5. The hotel front desk is quite professional and has a good service attitude. Write so much for the time being, and think about what to add later. In short, it is still 9.5 points overall, but if it is not for the sea, if it is not self-driving, it is not recommended to stay at this hotel.
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4.4/519 Reviews
As everyone said, the location of the hotel is good, from the train station, directly opposite, looking at the far end of the square in front of the station can see the name of the hotel UNA, walk for 5 minutes. The hotel is a four-star chain, the quality is still guaranteed, the room and breakfast are quite satisfactory. The service staff is not enthusiastic, maybe it is a bit tired during the tourist season, but still able to maintain a professional smile and politely answer questions. The hotel can valet parking, charge parking fees according to the size and time of the car, tell them 20 minutes in advance, you can take the car to stop at the hotel entrance. This time we mainly went to Pompeii, Capri Island and Amalfi Coast. It was most suitable to live in Sorrento. At that time, I did not do my homework and used Napoli as a base, but I did not go to these places from Napoli. It’s ok, it’s okay.
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4.5/511 Reviews
Good value for money hotel, breakfast is on the top floor, the plane is better, not 5 minutes away from the train station
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3.3/59 Reviews
Hotel Guiren is a perfect place to stay in Napels if your just looking for somewhere to lay your head for the night. If you are going out exploring then this hotel is very suitable. The room had great air conditioning unit and a good working shower. The double bed was two single beds put together, and was not comfortable but done what we needed. The bathroom consisting of a shower cubical, sink, toilet and bidet.Considering we had a balcony onlooking the main road,which is extrememly noisy when the doors were closed it was surprisingly very quiet. Hotel guiren is about 3 minute walk to train,metro and bus stations.The staff that we met were all very friendly and gave information on places to visit and how to get there. However as per the website,there is no bar and no lift. Many reviews we read before we went to Napels were saying how terrible the hotel was, but we actually found it fine. And as for the area,well Napels is a beautiful city.Yes there is a lot of grafitti everywhere.Yes it is dirty. And yes there are alot of migrants. But they caused no problem and were either polite upon speaking or kept themselves to themselves. If you are looking to visit Napels you must look past the dirt and grafitti as it has so much going for it. So many beautiful historic places...Pompii, Herculaneum, Archeological museum, Mount Vesuvius, San Severro chapel, Bourbon tunnels, Royal palace and so much more. We had an amazing holiday,so be open minded and enjoy the beautiful city of Napels
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4.5/519 Reviews
The hotel is a short way from the train station and that street is being repaired. But the service at the hotel was good: the boys at the front desk were smiling, kind and friendly, and they were learning Chinese. Ordering room service was fast and delicious, and the delivery uncle was handsome and friendly. I checked out for breakfast the next morning and was going to Amalfi Coast. A service boy took the initiative to help me with my luggage and let me rest assured that breakfast. When the car came, I would be called in the restaurant and then called. The hotel staff were so friendly. The only downside was the road construction, the room facing the street was a bit noisy. And the room looks the same as my picture.
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3.7/512 Reviews
This hotel is very good! This hotel is very good! This hotel is very good! This hotel is very good! This hotel is very good! This hotel is very good! This hotel is very good!
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4.4/515 Reviews
Naples is the only city with high-rises on my trip to Italy. This Renaissance location is not bad. The subway is very close. It is also close to Newcastle, the town hall, and the port. There are several steps at the entrance of the hotel, there is no barrier-free access, and heavy boxes are more painful. Of course, if there is staff, they will help, but not always ... The breakfast environment of the hotel is good, overlooking Mount Vesuvius and the Mediterranean Sea. The variety is not particularly large but it is enough. There is an automatic muffin making, which looks very fun. The facilities of this hotel are slightly old and the bathroom has cracks, which is not comparable to that of a Mercure in Palermo. And the hotel does not provide bottled water, of course, there is a supermarket diagonally opposite, and shopping is very convenient.
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3.8/515 Reviews
The location of the hotel is very good, the hall is also very atmospheric, and the rooms are also very good. The facilities are complete, the decoration is warm and unique, and the service is also in place
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4.5/510 Reviews
Quaint boutique hotel in Naples. Located along Spaccanapoli, the location is good with many sights within walking distance. In addition, the meeting points for many tours are also close by to the hotel. There are also many restaurant options nearby and the gelato shop right in front of the hotel is really a treat to us! Unfortunately, the road leading in is very narrow and as it is shared by vehicles and pedestrians, it is near impossible for vehicles to navigate to the hotel on weekends with the human traffic - we had the unpleasant experience on the day our our departure having to pull our luggage on the cobblestone to the less crowded part as the taxi refused to drive in. We had the family suite which is a duplex to accommodate 5 of us. There is good space for the family to gather and with the 3 bathrooms, this is definitely a bonus. Our suite faces the internal courtyard of the property and as such, the noise level is marginal. The rooms on the lower level were comfortable but those on the upper level gets really warm and stuffy - no air conditioning during winter. The temporary ventilator brought into the upper rooms did help a bit but management might want to consider this for the comfort of future guests. The team generally was courteous and helpful. For 2 mornings where we had early start for our day trips, the team was very helpful to arrange for breakfast prepared for us prior to the official start time of 730am - well done! Housekeeper did a good job with the daily cleaning and tidying. Daily continental breakfast is offered with the option to have a hot omelette done if required. Overall. happy with our stay.
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4.2/519 Reviews
The hotel room is very good, breakfast is on the 9th floor, and the view is very wide. There is a huge high-rise building in front of the volcano side, which obstructs the view. . The location is also very good, very close to the shopping pedestrian street. . It ’s difficult to drive to the hotel. The parking is to unload the big box on the side of the hotel ’s main entrance, then turn right and then turn to the underground garage with oriente. Give them the keys and leave them alone.
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4.2/526 Reviews
The hotel is near the train station. It takes 3 minutes to walk to the train station. The location of the hotel is convenient. The subway and the train to Pompeii are all in the train station. The train station is dirty, but it is safe from the train station to the hotel. On the main road, the hotel will turn right from the station to the intersection and turn right. Then walk about 200 meters to the right hand side. Although the hotel was very quiet in the evening near the train station, the room was not very soundproof, and the sound of the room next door affected the rest. The room was clean, there were no slippers and toothbrushes (most hotels in Europe didn't), there was no free drinking water, and there was a lot of water in the fridge. Breakfast is a common European style, nothing special. Clean and comfortable will stay again next time.
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4.5/512 Reviews
There is no parking lot in the hotel itself, but there is a parking lot next to the hotel. There is an unlimited number of entrances and exits of 40 Euros a day, and the keys are handed over to the parking lot. The hotel is on the dockside, there are many restaurants around, and there are also Chinese restaurants, all within 100 meters. Can trampoline 25 euros, breakfast variety is not much, but the food is very good, the restaurant faces the egg castle and the sea, feels good, the waiter is polite
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4/518 Reviews
The breakfast was very good and the service was very good. The central subway station and the railway station were nearby. There was a volcano in Pompeii and the egg castle was solved once. Location is really convenient, recommend everyone to order
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4/514 Reviews
Very nice and quite satisfied! The hotel is standard and the service is warm. The room was clean and soundproofed. I was impressed by the restaurant, the price was comparable to the outside roadside; and the restaurant environment could not be compared with the outside. It feels good, I'll order it here! Very good, very satisfied! Standard hotel, friendly service. The room is clean and sound proof. What impresses me is the restaurant, which has the same price as the roadside outside, while the restaurant environment is incomparable outside. I feel very good. I'll fix it here later!
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4.2/513 Reviews
It ’s ok, there are more black people around, but it ’s not so bad. The hotel is also of a standard standard, and it is no different from the most western-style. Just remember to close the windows at night, otherwise the noise is very loud. Kind of like Naples, there is an unruly decadent beauty ~
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4.6/512 Reviews
Very close to the train station, but the train station is also very dangerous. At 9 o'clock overall, the facilities are a bit old, but breakfast is great in similar hotels. Next, I want to remind everyone who comes to Naples to play. Don't bring any documents and too much cash. It is best not to pack out because there is a high possibility of being robbed. Naples is really messy, especially after 8 pm, don't go out, one person Try not to go to the small streets and alleys. We were robbed by the flying thief on the first day of Naples. There were passports and some cash. Fortunately, the mobile phone made a phone call on the body 112. If you have any questions, you can contact the Chinese Embassy. When the Roman travel permit was met, the other three were also robbed in Naples, so remember to be careful. Naples is beautiful and I wish you all a pleasant trip.
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4.3/510 Reviews
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2.7/512 Reviews
It was terrible, and was stolen at the hotel for 600 euros. We were very careful all the way, the ID wallets were all placed in the hotel safe, and on the last day we were leaving, we took them out, a wallet in a schoolbag and one in my coat pocket. Then I thought about going downstairs for breakfast. As a result, after returning to the house after breakfast, I didn't notice it, put on my clothes and picked up the bag and left. As a result, it was not long before I was out of the hotel to refuel the car. I found that the wallet was still in the coat, but the money was gone. A quick look at the school bag found that the wallet in the school bag was also there, but the money was not seen for a total of 600 euros. Because I was in a hurry to catch the train, I couldn't go back or report the case. I have read it carefully. It should be during breakfast that we reported the room number in the restaurant. It must be the hotel staff who stole money in the room. And it must be a veteran. After eating for half an hour, everything in the room was not moving. However, the wallet is still stealing money. Don't ever go to this hotel again, it's terrible
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5/511 Reviews
Very good this
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3.8/514 Reviews
The location is really good, between the old city and the new city, can be reached on foot, a few steps away from the shopping center, but the room is small, the most dissatisfied is the basin and shower room, the water is blocked, there will be water for a while, to Slowly infiltrated, the hair is used for one minute due to overheating, and the power is turned off. It takes 3-4 minutes to cool down before working, then blows for one minute and then loses power. Basically, it is impossible to blow the head. The whole room and bathroom (especially the bathroom) are not very The feeling of clean, the faucet is rusty, the overall feeling is uncomfortable in this hotel.
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4.8/513 Reviews
I went from Naples to Rome to Florence to Milan. This hotel is the cheapest I have stayed, but the conditions are really not bad at all! The decoration is very new and super convenient. It is just opposite the train station and there is a lot of food near the downstairs. It is really a five-star praise. It is also convenient to go to the airport. There is a bus for 5 euros. You can reach the airport in less than ten minutes.
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3.1/512 Reviews
very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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