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3.2/526 Reviews
0.1km from Sam Houston Park
Stayed at this little gem for one night found it last minute before my trip to Houston I really liked the decor of the hotel it’s also in a great location, I tried to check in an hour early and that didn’t go as planned other than that valet parking the restaurant and room was well worth it
5/5Perfect67 Reviews
0.64km from Sam Houston Park
We have been fortunate to travel a great deal and hotel stays include Taj, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons. The service at this hotel is in that league. The welcome is warm, friendly, and professional from the front desk (Juan) to the bell staff, doormen, car valets, housekeeping, Most importantly, the General Manager, Mr. Tom Harwell, is actually out and about, talking with staff, guests and checking things like the complimentary breakfast buffet. This breakfast amenity was excellent and included bagels/lox, scrambled eggs, pancakes/wafles, yogurt, fresh cut fruit cups covered with plastic wrap, individually wrapped danish, hot coffee. Then in the room the refrigerator is stocked with complimentary beverages and snacks. The rooms are tastefully decorated and thoughtfully laid out. You felt at home, as if you are a guest, not a paying customer. Bathroom was immaculate with excellent lighting. Frette sheets and towels. If you are in Houston, stay here and experience what an excellent hotel is like.
4.6/5Outstanding65 Reviews
0.65km from Sam Houston Park
Good, very close to downtown
4.8/5Outstanding71 Reviews
0.32km from Sam Houston Park
Overall five-star feeling, However, the facilities are slightly old, the toilet floor has hair, and at 11 o'clock in the morning, someone rushes to check out.
4.4/5Excellent65 Reviews
1.06km from Sam Houston Park
There were some good shops around. Breakfast buffet here is the best. Room was big enough. I want to use it next time.
1.5/567 Reviews
0.67km from Sam Houston Park
Four words: #1 Vendor for our wedding!!! The entire team was professional, respected our time, busy schedules and feedback. Samantha D. and Ivory T. were superstars! The chefs and banquet team were also outstanding! Ivory and Daffney were fabulous with our hotel block. Samantha especially was incredibly helpful and patient even in the last moments of wedding week when we were struggling with late vendors and logistics. She maintained the highest level of professionslism at all times. The reception in Picasso was beautiful, food and cakes phenomenal and service impeccable. They even facilitated our entrance from a horse-drawn carriage as well as our grand exit in busy downtown Houston. Amazing! We cannot appreciate enough the perfect combination of professionalism, friendliness and serious efficiency of the whole team. Bravo to all! We will return!
4.5/5Excellent44 Reviews
0.75km from Sam Houston Park
This hotel is beautiful. Front desk staff were very nice and prompt when requesting additional towels. Room and facility was very clean. The valet staff were quick and prompt. We actually left something in our vehicle after valeting and they were so quick to return our car for our item. There is a Starbucks inside the hotel which is a nice perk. We stayed on the second floor loved our room but hallway guests were very loud. Insulation was not good you could literally hear full conversations in the hall. Maybe we were too close to the elevator. Our room was also right across from the fitness center. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about our stay was that they were vacuuming at 8am!!! Part of being on vacation is sleeping in. I found that very frustrating.
4.5/5Excellent41 Reviews
0.78km from Sam Houston Park
The hotel location is in the city center, the airport bus is just a few minutes walk down. Free coffee in the lobby and free fruit in the morning. The restaurant pays extra money, 13-19 per capita.
5/5Perfect40 Reviews
0.56km from Sam Houston Park
This day was really bad from the very beginning, if you look at it from a guest perspective. #1, I merely tried to call the hotel in advance to ask questions about the breakfast viability and general info about the hotel area. There was never an answer, as apparently the front desk is rarely staffed. Full service hotel? Eventually I had to call another hotel connected to this hotel and ask a rep who had some info. #2, Then a few days before the stay, I received detailed PDF documents stating the hotels new conditions for my stay. Threatening a $50 fee if I would arrive early, alerting that the pool is closed, and also stipulating very strict covid standards. The latter was a great reassurance, that hotel staff would be masked and protecting guests and that policies within the hotel would be reasonable. #3, Arrival was horrific because I was on foot, after being dropped off from an airport shuttle and the front desk person was on the phone - refusing to open the hotel door which is closed to any outside Dallas Street pedestrians without a room key. The issue is we have luggage and would like to get into the hotel and should not have to walk two blocks to get into another hotel and then walk back into the Residence Inn. So that's my experience before I even get in the front door. Very unacceptable. Especially the latter after having traveled much of the day and just wanted to get into the hotel and my room. Specific to the stay itself, the hotel lied in its email documentation because the only staff that wore a mask was the breakfast attendant. No one at the front desk wore a mask, even though it was stated in writing. Other staff did not bother to wear masks. For those who think this is no big deal, great, but I booked with this hotel based on these expectations. The breakfast area was absolutely horrific, with hot items basically reheated out of a warehouse store mass frozen box and being unedible for the most part. Rotting bananas as the only fresh fruit. I would have gone to another hotel without free breakfast, paid less, and bought some package breakfast items otherwise. The room itself in the bed were fairly comfortable, but the lack of feeling safe in a pandemic or being able to eat basic decent breakfast food that is the standard of a Marriott brand overwhelmed this into being a bad experience. Add in the lack of staff giving a damn to allow guests physically arriving to get inside the hotel and that's a problem. I very diplomatically reviewed the hotel based on its repeated emails outreach, and received a canned email back that basically said the hotel doesn't give a damn. Or it would have addressed these issues in a meaningful way so that it would not deceive future guests with pre-stay communication that is untruthful. The next time I visit Houston downtown, I will be sure to stay at the Club Quarters where I had three incredibly excellent days on my previous visits to that city. Apparently Marriott doesn't really care about it
5/5Perfect63 Reviews
0.92km from Sam Houston Park
Loved that the hotel is pet friendly so we could bring our disabled cat along, that needs frequent care. Our handicat, if you will. Anywho, husband called the hotel restaurant asking what vegan options were available. They quickly said none and hung up. I doubted it so went down there and got chips and salsa. They also had French fries and salads, plenty vegan options for me in a pinch. Not sure why they didn’t mention them. For the breakfast buffet they had some options. I had to ask the bartender for plant milk that he brought from the back saying it was almond. Would’ve been nice to just have some in the fridge like the non plant milks. I just had to trust the half filled cup the bartender brought from the back. Seeing as lactose intolerance is pretty prevalent, can’t hurt to be mindful.
4.9/5Perfect65 Reviews
0.77km from Sam Houston Park
The direct flight from Houston to Beijing is night shift. There is no place for the hotel to check out. I found a good one on Ctrip and the price is cheap. There is no hourly room at the scene. Direct check-in is also more expensive, so I booked from Ctrip. . The rooms are simple and clean, suitable for business guests to move in quickly. The decor is modern. There is nothing else to praise.
3.9/558 Reviews
0.84km from Sam Houston Park
Everything was immaculate only reason I put 4 star on cleanliness is bc the toilet was not flushed when we got to the room. Nothing too gross but was a little skeptical but after checking everything else out that was the only thing. I had a double bed and would’ve liked more than one coffee package ( 1/cup) but the front desk was very helpful to send a housekeeper to bring more. the staff is amazing. From the greeters outside to the house keepers and front desk. Me and fiancé went to the top floor to watch the sunset it was beautiful while it lasted it closes at 10 normally but it closed at 830 because safety precautions. There was no rain but someone who works at the bar saw lightening in the sky and decided it was in everyone’s best interest to end to the sight seeing early. The staff were kind about kicking Everyone out. Definitely have to come back to finish sight/star gazing! (:

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4/543 Reviews
The Galleria
The hotel location is very good, in a very downtown place. Opposite gallaria, next to walgreen, shopping and eating are very convenient. Parking is definitely expensive and hotel services are also expensive. This is the US.
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4.3/569 Reviews
Hotel location is very good, in the subway DRYDEN station, 8 minutes from the DRYDEN Metropolitan Museum area three stations, there is a ticket vending machine on the subway platform for 1.25 dollars within three hours. The subway is parallel to the motorway on the road in front of the hotel. It is convenient to use the underground passage. There is a bathtub in the big bed room. The softness and hardness of the bed are suitable. It is suitable for a family of three. I feel comfortable living in the museum area ZAZA!
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4/539 Reviews
It's quite remote, but it's a good fit for us to stay for one night.
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4.6/568 Reviews
The Galleria
The hotel was nice. The balcony was smaller than what the pictures show but it was still a nice room.
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5/551 Reviews
Manager is awesome ! Great service took care of me expeditiously! Ladies in front where amazing as well! And very clean everywhere! My room is Great and the cleaning ladies are amazing as well! All in all is a wonderful stay!
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4.5/531 Reviews
Since it is a motel at reasonable prices, I am surprised for comfort, cleaning and care of the rooms. Large and free parking. Educated and friendly staff. Finally USB takes on the comforts to load the smartphone. In a strategic position, I recommend it at 100 percent
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3.5/566 Reviews
requested rooms 3 months prior as we were meeting my son and his family there were unavailable. His room 210 ended up having a bad air-conditioner even though it was supposed to have been fixed after he reported it on 5/28 in the am. When returning the room it was hot and uncomfortable for sleeping specially with 2 children. It took a while before I had to ask to give them another room? It was frustrating specially when I requested and double checked to make sure I would be close to my grandchildren.
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4.6/569 Reviews
The Galleria
I really like this hotel, the breakfast is very rich, the service is very warm, the front too, and the Chinese service, too intimate, the room is big enough, clean enough! I have cleanliness, saying no pressure!
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3.1/539 Reviews
Downtown Houston
Conveniently located in downtown Houston! Several restaurants and bars within walking distance. Our room was very clean and comfortable with all we needed! The best part was the staff! Every member was friendly, helpful and went above and beyond to ensure that we were content! We will definitely stay here again!!
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4.8/569 Reviews
The Galleria
Well it was Fathers Day night everything was cool no problems straight to the room that next morning I woke up and left the room about 8am give are take how ever some one came in my room with my pregnant girl friend !!! It was very uncomfortable especially being she was naked . No one knocked on the door are nothing keeping in mind check out was until 12 noon
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4.5/573 Reviews
That ’s it. The airport hotels in the United States are all carved out of a mold. Except for the different names, everything is the same. The breakfast is as usual.
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4/545 Reviews
Downtown Houston
The room has two double beds and a sofa bed. The size of the double bed is a bit small, and it will be a little crowded to sleep for two adults. It is okay to pull the sofa out and sit on the bed and sleep for two people. There is a microwave in the room, no cooking utensils and cutlery, it is difficult to cook, only the microwave oven can simply heat the microwave food. Hotel breakfast is an ordinary American breakfast bar, but there are not many varieties, but the fruit coffee yoghurt eggs are very complete, and there is no problem to eat. The hotel is in the downtown area, and there are some tramps around in the evening. It is best not to go out late. The three hotels are connected together and they will enter the wrong hotel if they are not careful.
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5/548 Reviews
On 2/7/2022 I made a reservation online for a 10 night stay at the Hampton Inn Houston-Katy. On 3/8/2022, I modified the reservation to a one night stay. Upon checking in on 4/13/2022 at around 11 pm, Brenden confirmed that we would only be staying for the one night. On 4/14/2022, we left the hotel. No belonging were left in our room. Since covid, we have been receiving our receipts via email for our records. We left the keys at the hotel and thought nothing was out the norm. I realized that in the afternoon, I had not received my receipt. I checked my credit card statement and saw two charges from Hampton, $207.93 and $1465.84. I contacted customer assistance who directed me straight to the hotel. The manager, Stephanie refuses to refund the money. She called me a "lier" (her words) and said that when we checked in we directed Brenden to change the reservation to ten days. She also said that belongings were left in the room. I assure you that neither is true. If we were staying 10 days, I would have modified the reservation to make sure we would have a room a head of check in. In stead of just admitting to making an honest mistake, she insulted my integrity and has basically stolen my money for services I never wanted or approved. I have the confirmation to confirm the stay of one night only. There were no belongs left. When I looked at my reservation on my phone on 4/13 it was one night. They deliberated changed it to 10 and are calling me the lier. I assure you that any future stays will be at the Comfort Inn. I want my funds refunded to my card, but I am still waiting on a call back.... not holding my breath. They seem to manipulate the truth and insult customers.
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3.7/536 Reviews
Breakfast is actually misleading, especially for mainland customers. What is it? Coffee, packaged instant oatmeal, granola bars. That's all. Please, don't call it "breakfast", okay? Ctrip's big brothers, don't care about your compatriots, okay? There are free cars. There are a lot of rooms, with more than 30 square meters. It seems that an extra bed can be added, but a certificate is required. If you want to go to the Medical Center and have a car, it is an ideal location. There is a Fiesta supermarket nearby, very popular. Unknown how to bring children? There are a lot of rooms for the children to move around.
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4.1/576 Reviews
Good Customer a service , Rooms were okay
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4/547 Reviews
Downtown Houston
The Not-So-Good: After viewing the pictures and reading the reviews, we decided on a last-minute "Staycation" here in Houston at Hotel Alessandra. The pictures made the place seem very high class, the rooms incredibly spacious, and the bathrooms gorgeous and oversized. We opted for the Executive Suite, as this appeared to be a large room with a large soaking tub that had a view out the windows if you so chose to leave the curtains open. Wow, we're we MISTAKEN. My wife, who is 5'6" could not even stretch her legs out straight in front of her once seated in the tub. Not to mention, the width of the tub was barely two feet wide. We are both athletic in build, but there's no way my 6'3" body could have fit in there. Perhaps if the goal was to bathe a small child, this is an appropriate size for a modern day hotel room, but not for normal-sized adults. Similarly, the shower was barely big enough for one person, as I constantly found myself smacking my elbows into the walls and door while washing up. Bathroom privacy for the water closet is pretty much impossible, as it's a glass door with a small mirrored accordion door that separates the bathroom from the bedroom portion of the suite. While there are heavy blackout curtains that can be drawn across the windows, the fact that there is no valence to block the sunlight that streamed into our room where the curtains met the ceiling made for a very unwelcome morning after a late night out. The DirecTV box constantly locked up through our visit, requiring me to power it off and reboot it by moving the tv away from the wall on its stand. Luckily, I have DirecTV at home, so I knew what was wrong when I was constantly met with the "No Signal" when turning on the tv. $40+ per day for valet parking is beyond stupid! Note also that it's not a quiet hotel based on its location downtown. All weekend long you could hear the typical "muscle car" engine revving and music blasting at every stoplight in the area. OMG, I almost forgot one of the biggest pet peeves!!! NO TRASH CANS TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE!!!! Evidently, this is a new cost-cutting feature of many hotels, as they believe if you don't have anywhere to place your refuse, you won't make as much for the cleaning staff to have to take away, hence cutting down on the time-per-room that they spend in there. We ended up using one of the plastic dry cleaning bags to stuff our trash in. Upon packing to checkout, my wife DID notice that inside the minibar, there is a bottom drawer labeled "refuse" (I think) which contained the world's tiniest trash can. Are you serious?!?!? The Good: In-room coffee makers are nice, though I guess we aren't fans of the flavors that are offered as we both thought they were "meh", at best. Still, it's nice to HAVE the machines there. The bed and linens were comfortable, but nothing to write home about. The check-in experience was pleasant, as was the check-out at the front desk
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4.5/532 Reviews
North Houston
Like a motel, the room is large, clean, and fully equipped, but because it is close to the highway, there is a car driving overnight. If the sleep is estimated to be a bit noisy, I feel that it is okay after living for 6 days. The only thing I am not happy with is that the breakfast content is too small, but the price is cheap and acceptable.
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4.5/543 Reviews
Good location, close to the airport, clean rooms, bar on the first floor
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3.6/530 Reviews
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5/526 Reviews
Texas Medical Center
Amazing location, next to everything. Room is AMAZING and stuff are very friendly and helpful!!!
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5/555 Reviews
The Galleria
Overall good stay. The bed was very comfortable and room was clean. Appreciate that they have free parking which is extremely rare in the Galleria area. Great location! The air conditioner in the room was LOUD! It was like having a motorcycle in the room. I kept the TV on all night so I could drown it out. I would have just turned it off completely but it’s unseasonably warm for December. Even though I’m IHG Spire Elite I booked through Hotwire because of pricing and I just happened to get this hotel. I get that I don’t receive Spire benefits since it was booked through Hotwire, but they definitely put me in the smallest room with a very small bathroom. I didn’t expect a suite upgrade, but a somewhat bigger room would have been really nice, especially since they have plenty of availability. No acknowledgment of Spire status at all. Nothing special or over friendliness when checking in.
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4.8/549 Reviews
Enegy Corridor
Did not have breakfast, eat a few days each person 12 knives a day, children half price. Self-service, average American breakfast. Not expensive or cheap. It is not convenient to have no car in the United States. So staying here is much cheaper than downtown. Drive to the museum area, follow the morning peak for about 40min-1h, and go to the space center for about 1.2-1.5h. Can be tollway, less than 2.5 knives for each of the 7 seats, not expensive, take the right cash channel, below 20 can be zero. Houston is planning very well, the museum areas are all together, naturally, children are close.
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4.7/566 Reviews
We held a recruiting event at the 747 Bar and Grill and cannot say enough great things. We weren’t sure what to expect but they had a separate area for us and the server was very much so attentive before we even started. Jenny made sure we had drinks, food, etc to get started. Throughout the event, we had great feedback from attendees, Jenny was so attentive with drink orders, water, and food replenishment. She never batted an eye, we never got the feeling that she was overwhelmed, and even when our team stayed late to catch up, Jenny took food and drink orders and was happy to assist. Marilyn made sure we had everything we needed and helped with suggestions on set up. We felt like we were working with our own company! Thank you to Jenny, Marilyn, and Doubletree for hosting us for a great event turn out!!!
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4.3/542 Reviews
well. The hotel is located in the city center, it is very convenient to travel, the room is in good condition, the mattress is comfortable, the staff service is warm and thoughtful, and will come again.
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4.7/542 Reviews
Enegy Corridor
The hotel is near the highway but far enough from the noise. The place is very clean and crew ensures it is well kept. The free washer and dryer are a plus. I especially want to thank Kaitlan and Brain for their outstanding service. Both are pleasant and very helpful. The help always with a smile.
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3.2/569 Reviews
North Houston
The hotel is clean with good customer service except that they stole my money.They charge my credit card twice without my authorization and I wasn’t the only person.It also happened to one of my friends.I went to talked to the front desk about the charges and they told me they are sorry it’s a wrong charge so the money will return to my card but it was a liar.So I have called the credit card company to dispute the charges hoping to get the money ($200) in my account within 2days.
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4/544 Reviews
Used to be La Quinta, older property, safe, quiet and an excellent value for a budget friendly blue collar worker. Staff, front desk to housecleaning to maintenance all courteous doing the best with what they have to work with. My scores and ratings are compared to the average La Quinta being a 5 and a backwoods roach motel being a 1. Great for me but wouldn't take my wife to anything less than a 5 rated Laquinta
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4.7/547 Reviews
The room was clean with a good rate. Very good hot breakfast. They had make your own omelettes, make your own waffles, scrambled eggs, sausage, and potatoes. But most importantly, the manager went way above and beyond. I needed to pick up a rental car a few blocks away. When I asked about getting there, he offered to give me a ride there. I wish I had service like this at every hotel I stayed at!
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5/548 Reviews
My family was displaced from Hurricane Ida. Although we should have booked a one bedroom suite, the studio served its purpose. The convenience of having a small kitchen made it easier to not eat out for every single meal. The breakfast is not anything special, but nonetheless, breakfast was provided and there was coffee available 24/7. I'd specifically like to give a shoutout to Mari Fuselier. We dealt with her more times than not during our stay, and she could not have been more helpful. My only complaint would be the wifi. It's very spotty. I would not have been able to work efficiently had I needed to.
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4.5/534 Reviews
This hotel is only 5-10 minutes away from the M D Anderson Hospital. We always feel that the staff cares about us. The hotel is not super fancy, but is priced right, very clean, very secure and is our home away from home while getting medical treatment. We have stayed here several times over the last 8 years and are always satisfied. We highly recommend this hotel for those getting medical treatment in the area. The staff there is like family....They really get to know you and help in any way they can. Dipan and Bertha are super and always go above and beyond to give you great service.
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