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4.8/5Outstanding10 Reviews
0.06km from Saveurs de Chengdu
The price is relatively high, and the location is not bad, but you still need to take the subway to go to various places, and it is still too far to walk. The environment is very good, there are many Chinese restaurants around, there are no idle people, etc. It is safe, but the facilities are relatively old, the toilets are crooked emmmmm, there is no heating without a bit cold, hot water kettles and other items need to go to the front desk to pay a deposit, but the room is really It's very big, it surprised me, and I feel pretty good. The service was very good. I saw three receptionists at the front desk who were very good. One of them also spoke Spanish to facilitate my communication. The hygiene was good. The toiletries and bed linen were changed every day. Because of the new crown, it was originally scheduled for 5 nights and only slept for 3 nights before returning home. It is a pity. I will choose to live here next time I come to Paris. W
4.5/5Excellent2 Reviews
0.07km from Saveurs de Chengdu
I was due to stay here for 2 nights, having arrived by overnight coach from Geneva. Upon arrival in Paris, I headed straight to the hotel, where the guy on reception agreed to store my bag in the cupboard until I could check-in. So off I went for a wander around Paris, during a heatwave, racking up thousands of steps! After lunch, headed to the hotel via the nearby franpix shop, stocking up on water and a couple of snacks. Having booked through, their profile stated I could pay by 'Visa or Mastercard' and that the property already had my card details. I was expecting a straightforward check-in, however... When trying to check-in, the receptionist - who I'd not seen wearing a face mask at all - checked my passport and then told me that I had to pay, but that the card machine was broken. He demonstrated this by holding up an unplugged card machine... He pointed me in the direction of a nearby ATM. This immediately sent alarm bells ringing, as I knew that they had my card details already, and what are the odds that the card machine has just broke? I have since found reviews going back months stating that they were also advised that the card machine wasn't working. Unsure what to do next, I asked if I was free to leave. He said that they wouldn't charge me, but had no control over I found this odd, but he was already "dealing" with a couple of other complaints from guests (no hot water and no fan working), although his attitude seemed very dismissive. Now stranded in Paris, I rang to query if they would be charging me. They advised that they had no control over this, and that it would infact be up to the hotel! So the customer service agent rang the hotel, and this time he said that it was not up to him, but the "manager"... A story he reiterated when I rang the hotel directly (by this point I was an hours walk away, in scorching heat). said they'd email asking the manager to waive any charges owed (wording used was I was cancelling!!!). Strangely, within 15-20 minutes the reply came in that they would not be!! So I rang up again and they again spoke to the hotel, emailed the manager and told me to wait 24 hours. That's all I'll say on in this review, as that's a story for another day... With nowhere else to go, I decided to head home 2 nights earlier than expected, forking out an extra £85 in travel expenses. By the time I'd arrived back in the UK the following morning, I found that 'Jeff Hotel.VPC' had charged my credit card! How very odd that they could charge me within less than 24 hours after leaving, with apparently no working card machine!! I am waiting for the transaction to clear and will then be raising a chargeback. This hotel ruined the last couple of days of my holiday to France. The whole situation is very suspicious. This hotel is definitely one to be AVOIDED at all costs.
4.2/5Very Good8 Reviews
0.07km from Saveurs de Chengdu
We stayed in a double room and it was very small with a tiny bathroom and if you are a large person, you will not fit in the shower. However, the room was warm, clean and fit our needs. We could hear others only every once in a while and we were right by the elevator but it was not noisy. The Wifi worked pretty well and there is a safe in the closet. I thought the hotel was well located. It is about a 15 min walk from Grand Nord where you can catch the train to the airport. Also about a 3 min walk to Grand Boulevards which has the 8 and 9 metro which goes to the sightseeing areas. There is a great pasta/ pizza place across the street as well as a Franpix to pick up some groceries. It is also close to Galeries Lafayette department store.
3.3/58 Reviews
0.07km from Saveurs de Chengdu
We arrived early evening for a 3 night stay. Check in was quick, reception staff were friendly, helpful and efficient. There was a lift. Complimentary tea, coffee and soft drinks were available in the breakfast area at any time. Our room was small but perfectly formed. It was spotlessly clean. There was a great shower and air conditioning. Decor is modern and a little quirky. Lots of places to eat nearby and the hotel is a short walk to Cadet metro stop.
2/51 Reviews
0.08km from Saveurs de Chengdu
I was here twice. It's a very cozy and nice hotel, with very professional and attentive staff. The room was cleaned every day, the breakfast was various and very tasty. Thank you for everything. I will come back again, for sure! I highly recommend this hotel!
3/54 Reviews
0.09km from Saveurs de Chengdu
This hotel could be an excellent choice for a business trip.The location of the hotel is very convenient for someone who wishes to use the Metro for commuting. Room was very clean, and spacious for Paris standards, and staff where very attentive and helpful, providing a great visitor experience. Nice buffet breakfast and free mini bar service added extra value to the overall staying. Great Staying at a nice and affordable price for Paris standards. Congrats!
4.8/5Outstanding2 Reviews
0.1km from Saveurs de Chengdu
Stayed for 2 nights at room 403. Our room was small (it’s typical Paris!) but functioned well and clean. The shower was also small but clean. The beds were comfortable, my 10 year old daughter and I had good sleeps during our stay. It was a cold weekend in Paris and the heater worked well (we’re able to control the temperature as at some point it was too hot). Staff was friendly and efficient. The hotel has nice ambience and lovely retro decor. Location is superb, as it is in 9th arrondissement, you could walk almost anywhere to many landmarks, 20 mins to Montmartre/Sacré-Cœur, 10 mins walking to Galeries Lafayette / Opera Garnier area, short walk to Marais, Louvre, 15 minutes to Gare du Nord (perfect and very practical for us as when we were there, metro was closed due to public transport strike and traffic was super horrible!). The neighborhood is hip and vibrant, and there are plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes nearby. We will stay again at this hotel!
3.3/513 Reviews
0.1km from Saveurs de Chengdu
I've stayed in Le Wit in Paris for 4 nights. We have booked it from Initially i need to say the price that we paid was less than overall in that period around Paris. We were looking for many alternatives and for that period we decided to stay at here. Location was around Port saint Dennis next to the Halles in 2nd region of the city. We enjoyed there as a couple who loves discover citied by walk. Most of spots was not so far (but not so close aswell) to there. There were many markets and restaurant close to the hotel. Area was pretty nice view and streeet was not dangerous at all. But even if you not love to walk or get tired bc of walking after a few day as like many places this hotel location so close to the metro stations. We arrived to rly airport and get there to the station Cadet with only one line for 1.2 Euros. Our room was generally clean. Everyday periodicly were cleaning as well. at the night when we get the room we always found clean towels and linens. Room was a little bit little than avarage but not was a big tough. Only we were having a little bit trouble when enter in to the room :) but generally i can say we loved the room. Nice windows,good lighting.. There was a little fridge,safety case and a big cabinet. But it would be lovely if we could have one-two chairs in there as well. We booked our room including breakfast. it was around 8-10 Euro/day. honestly the breakfast was more than i expected. As you can see from the photos it was "ok". But i have to say that try to have no trouble the lady who responsible in the kitchen at the morning. I can't guarentee she will be not rude to you.. Most ineteresting thing awas is that you need to leave the key every single times when you going out. I don't know it is a common application around in Pars but it was weird for me. But from other hand that's a not bad thing cuase you don't have to thinkabout the key while you carrying it.. They have luggage room at the loby so you can leave your belongings at there even if you check out earlier than you leave from city. As summarized we enjoyed stay at Hotel Le Wit.
3.8/58 Reviews
0.1km from Saveurs de Chengdu
Stayed for 2 nights as was working nearby. Had room 15 whixh was an apartment above a couple of offices which at first worried me but need not have. Apartmwnt was clean, well equiped and decorated superbly. Had usb charger next to the bed, large wardrobes, iron, seperate lounge and kitchen which was perfect to have coffee and breakfast with a shop around the corner. Reception were very pleasent and accomadating. Great location in cadet that has lots to places to eat and a short walk wherever you wish. Onlyba short walk from gard du nord if arriving from eurostar. As arnie says "ill be back"
4/5Very Good43 Reviews
0.11km from Saveurs de Chengdu
The hotel location is very good, in the ninth district, and there are restaurants and bars downstairs, there are people very late, very safe. There are subway stations such as Lines 7, 8, 9, and 12 nearby, and some attractions are also very close. The Opera House is nearby, the Louvre, Montmartre and the half-hour walking distance. Lafayette arrived on a walk. Sanitation is also good. Not far downstairs, there are bakeries, Korean restaurants, Chinese, Vietnamese rice noodles, etc. Very good choice.
4.3/5Excellent2 Reviews
0.11km from Saveurs de Chengdu
Do not stay at this hotel. Someone had access to our bedroom safe and stole €300 from it. When we realised, the manager was summoned and I have to say, he was the rudest person working in hospitality that I have ever come across. We were sat in reception waiting for him to arrive as he was off site. When he did arrive, he completely ignored us sat in reception for a good 20mins,even though he knew what had happened. We had to go to him. He was immediately defensive and told us very rudely that it was impossible for anyone to access our safe. I informed him that it quite obviously was not. We all know hotels have a safe key, in case someone forgets the code/the batteries run out and items are locked in. I know that items inside the safe are not their responsibility but the security of the room is and I know 100% that someone had been into our room and also I suspect, through my suitcase. This resulted in us having to wait 5 hours in total to see the police, a complete waste of our time in beautiful Paris. Do not stay at this hotel. Even if it wasn't a member of staff who stole from us, the manager was unhelpful, ignorant and rude. Interestingly, one night we arrived back at midnight and were able to walk in, through reception, into the lift and up to our room without seeing a single member of staff or card swiping doors.
4.4/5Excellent9 Reviews
0.14km from Saveurs de Chengdu
The gates of the hotels in this neighborhood are well-gated, and the security is a bit higher. The hotel is close to the subway. It is more convenient to walk to Galeries Lafayette and North Railway Station. There are many places to eat around and there are many supermarkets. very convenient. The hotel room is small, the triple room we ordered has a balcony, and it is good to drink some red wine on the balcony at night.

Hotels Near Saveurs De Chengdu In Paris Review

4.8/5286 Reviews
The hotel location is very good, very close to the Arc de Triomphe, a five minute walk to the subway station can also take a direct bus to and from Charles de Gaulle and Orly Airport. Facilities breakfast also fully reached the four-star standard, the gym is relatively small. The front desk is more enthusiastic. There is a little brother who can speak Chinese, which makes communication more convenient.
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4.8/548 Reviews
Stayed at the B&B hotel for three nights while visiting Disney. Anyone looking for a cheap place to stay this is perfect. Hotel is spotlessly clean, really friendly staff, good sized rooms with comfortable beds and shower room. The hotel serves a simple dinner of pasta or pizza which is great, easy to order and quick to come. Breakfast is simple but just want you need at the start of the day. Tables were cleared quickly and everything very clean and presented well. We were worried about the shuttle overcrowding but there are a few services which only run from the B&B hotel and others which go to the other four hotels on the complex which makes it easy. We always got on a bus even if it was busy and never had to wait long! Lockers are available to store luggage if your arrive before your room is ready or check out early. We will be back on our next disney trip!
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4.6/5101 Reviews
For the first time in a hotel model, the century-old building is said to be a historical cultural relics protection unit in Paris, so it is completely banned. My old cigarette can only smoke in a small yard. Miss Luo is very enthusiastic, let us have the feeling of going home. There is a black guy in night shift who speaks Chinese very well. He said that he read a book in Guangzhou. In the morning, the girl named Marty also speaks Chinese. There is no problem at all, and at the same time give us a lot of advice on the tour, much stronger than those that are not reliable. It is very convenient to exit the subway 50 meters away. This area is a safe place for French people to live in. The room is big enough to be the floor-to-ceiling glass window in Europe. Our bedroom is very close to the yard, so the living room is a bit noisy. It is highly recommended to add a Chinese breakfast. It is really not suitable for those cheese breads, and it is better to have Chinese TV. If you have the opportunity to come back to Paris, you will still come to the Paris Residence.
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4.3/5102 Reviews
Good location, nearby Carrefour, franprix and other supermarkets! I live on the 2nd floor facing the street, and it is very quiet at night, but the sound insulation between the room and the room is really average. The room is not large and has a balcony (not every room, so it is best to leave a message to tell the room with a balcony when booking) ), There is also a door in the bathroom sharing a balcony with the room, so the balcony is quite large. The hotel only provides shampoo, shower gel and hair dryer. Slippers, toothbrushes and toothpaste are not provided, so it is recommended to bring your own toiletries. Lines 7 and 10 are only 5 minutes' walk from the surrounding area. Line 4 is about 15 minutes away. The 5th district is a Latin area, surrounded by universities, so it is safe! The hotel has access control locks, staff need to help open the door to enter! Breakfast is an ordinary western-style breakfast, bread, milk, eggs, oatmeal, sausage and cheese. A tax of 1.88 euros per person per night, which must be paid to the front desk when checking out. This Ctrip will also call you when you are in China to inform you that this tax must be paid to the hotel separately! The hotel provides free wlan, but the Internet speed is average, the room has air conditioning and heating. In short, the price is high!
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5/52 Reviews
We got a beautiful Junior Suite with Balcony, even in the city and on a street with traffic located, it was very quiet and you couldnt hear anything from outside while the doors are closed. It is very spacious and with a very pretty bathroom with luxury amenities from Hermés! And of course full equipped mini bar with Nespresso coffee machine. The breakfast is delicious and a mix from a la carte and buffet, what I love. So you can have everything what your heart desire. The best is the amazing Akasha Spa!! It is so big and has everything, big indoor pool, big sauna, big steam bath, big jacuzzi and a cold bath. Even if they are many relax beds to lay on, sometimes you are just alone and its like you have a private spa. Friendly and helpful staff all around the hotel! I definitely will return!
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4.6/5304 Reviews
Convinrent airport hotel perfect for what I needed. Short walk away from transit train dirent to the terminal. Very helpful staff. Front staff speaks good English and when I had small problem in the room the reception staff fixed it swiftly and changed my room. The maintenance man who helped fixing was also super helpful and friendly. Thanks very much !
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