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4.5/5Excellent10 Reviews
3.32km from Shimmeigu Shrine
The hotel is overall excellent. The guide said that the hotel just opened for service around the end of 2018, I will say that the hotel is very good. The room is super clean, no dust at all, and the food is also very good. Delicious cake, we like During the screen tour with the Chinese tour Food has been constantly filling. But the staff there are very nice. Our daughter is hard to eat cake again. But not in time for the Chinese tour When I went to tell the staff The staff went to bring the cake to be very cute. The atmosphere around the hotel can see Mount Fuji. From the room, the weather is super good, there is also a room for the onsen.
2.8/513 Reviews
4.2km from Shimmeigu Shrine
Our hotel is surrounded by peaceful environment with beautiful nature away from the town.We do pick up and drop service to the nearest station.We do provide kimono experience facility within our hotel.We do have restaurant facilities in our hotel.In case of pre-inform, we do prepare the meal as per the customer choice taking care of customer’s allergy.We do provide surprise facility in the request of our customer.The staff always thinks about the state of customer so that even those who are uneasy can spend with peace of mind. Please do not hesitate to consult us.
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4.31km from Shimmeigu Shrine
It is the accommodation training facilities that can renovate the former training center of the big enterprise in the foot of Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture.There are Fuji Speedway, Fuji cemetery, golf ground, Gotenba outlet, and so on.In the Tokyo Olympic Paralympics, bicycle competition was held around Fuji Speedway, and it was also used for people concerned and spectators.It is a spacious space with a meeting room, a restaurant, a Japanese room and a lounge.We offer a variety of ways we can use it in private, such as the workshop of the company, the gathering of relatives in the memorial service, and the training camp of the seminar. We offer free camping experience to our guests. I'm looking forward to visiting you.
4.7/5Outstanding62 Reviews
6.25km from Shimmeigu Shrine
Gotemba Outlet's newly opened hot spring hotel: CLAD HOTEL, Clyde Hotel, with hot springs ♨️: Mu de flower soup Super recommended! 🚇Hotel transportation: There is a shuttle bus between the outlets and the hotel every day, every 15 minutes. There are also free buses to the outlets if you take the tram to Gotemba Station. It is said that there are also direct buses in Tokyo that can take you directly to Gotemba Outlets! 🏨Hotel facilities: Although the hotel rooms are smaller than domestic ones, they are much better than those in Tokyo, with all the facilities available. The double room is only about 600 yuan a night, and the price is very high. You can also enjoy the hot spring for free! When the weather is good, you can see Mount Fuji from the windows of the room! ♨️ Hot spring bathing: Super stunning, there are about 4 or 5 hot springs, divided into indoor and outdoor. The point is: there are really few people, and one person can enjoy an entire pool alone, and there is something better than this! A day in the outlets to soak in the hot springs is simply not too tired, too comfortable! There is also a library that has a lot of books, Japanese magazines, and Japanese manga. You can read books and eat snacks as you like. Snacks, fresh milk, ice cream, soda, and beer! ♨️Soaking facilities: The environment in the hot springs is super clean, and there are many shower rooms without squeezing. The toiletries are POLA, the hair dryer is Dyson, and the skin care product is Sekkisei. It can be said to be very conscience! Recommend recommended!
3.9/534 Reviews
7.09km from Shimmeigu Shrine
This time, I stayed after the event at Fuji Speedway, but it was close to the high-speed interchange and Fuji Speedway, and there were many places to eat around, and the location was very good. This room was a semi-double room, but it was relaxed and I was able to spend very comfortable. It is a business hotel but it is high that there is a large bath. The free breakfast was also rich in variety and delicious. The free coffee service in the lobby was good. The staff were kind and friendly. If you want to say, it was good to have a hand towel and a hand soap (soap) in the room. I want to use it when I come to Fuji Speedway again.
4.3/5Excellent64 Reviews
7.31km from Shimmeigu Shrine
The price is very high. Get off at the Gotemba Line [Gotemba Station] and walk for 5 minutes. You can see Mount Fuji outside the window. From Gotemba Station, take the bus stop (the timetable is on the station stop) and get on the bus. It is easy to go to Kawaguchiko and Outlets.
3.5/526 Reviews
7.39km from Shimmeigu Shrine
The room is very small, the room is locked with a code, the facilities are old, the room has a smell, fortunately there is an air purifier, the pillows are self-service, and the mattresses are very short; the location is not bad, we are driving by car, the hotel is easy to find, parking The car has enough space; the breakfast is simple and there is no style to talk about; all in all, at this price, the quality is OK
3.9/535 Reviews
7.57km from Shimmeigu Shrine
We went to the Gotemba Outlet before checking in. So we took a taxi from the outlet to the hotel about 1600yen. Mr Santosh checked us in and also provided many information about the hotel neighbourhood. I told him I will write about him in my review :) The hotel is in good location, close to Uniqo, Daiso, supermarket and many eateries. We even walk to the nearby JR gotemba easily. The room is big and we stayed on the 4th level which is on the same level as the viewing terrace. We can see Mt Fuji very clearly during the opening hours. The breakfast was ok, standard Japanese style. The onsen was a bit small but still adequate. Overall, a very new hotel and worth staying with them. Upon checked out, we walked to the nearby tomei-gotemba and took the direct bus back to Shinjuku.
4.7/5Outstanding78 Reviews
7.7km from Shimmeigu Shrine
Next to Tomei Expressway, a very high-end hotel with fluent English at the front desk, a beautiful Japanese-style courtyard with a fountain show center lake, hot springs, a dedicated smoking area, a library, and a Fujikyu bus in the library Table, this is very helpful for first-time guests. If the large hotel can't meet a few people, I'm a bit cautious. I also upgraded the room for free on the night of the check. The area doubled. Unfortunately, it rained the next day. I did n’t get to Mt. Fuji. When I asked Hakone and the outlets, the answers were very detailed. There was also a map. The transportation hub next to the hotel was Tomei Gotemba IC, which was Google ’s positioning and navigation was not accurate. There is no pick-up service, the bus stop moved to the back of JR station, went to the hotel to find a bus for fifteen minutes.
4.3/5Excellent55 Reviews
7.73km from Shimmeigu Shrine
Excellent location, across the street is the Gotemba JR station, suitable for connection before and after shopping, hotel facilities are relatively old, in front of the 20-year-old facilities, relative maintenance is relatively good, a good smell in the door is provided Air purifier, the second day of the next morning, Mount Fuji is a surprise
4/5Very Good33 Reviews
7.98km from Shimmeigu Shrine
When I was at Lara Gotenba, I used it 々, but I visited for the first time since the management changed. I will compare it to Lara Gotenba at that time, but I will describe the impression below. <Better point> Welcome drink of sucking coffee is prepared. A vanadium natural water server was installed in the dressing room of the sucking bath. One sucking open-air bath increased and granite on the floor? The bath tub was placed, and Mt. Fuji was able to be seen in the state of entering the bathtub. Since it became a hotel chain, the point can be used in common. <Bad point > Because the bathing guests on the day trip can enter until 21 o'clock, it is crowded with a considerable number of bathing guests such as Sunday. The bath of the men and women became the opposite of the previous. It is unknown why it changed, but on security, the woman bath seems to be good in the back of the previous corridor. When I took a bath after 9 o'clock at night, there was a box with a used towel. The housewife said that there was no towel provided, and he called the front desk and replenished it. There was no regular check. The massage machine in the dressing room was removed. The cherry blossom dinner is not as devised or impressed as before, and it is ordinary delicious and quantity. I felt that it did not match the price. Breakfast was satisfactory. I smelled strange in the bathroom cherry blossom toilet in the cherry blossom room. I thought it was not possible to clean properly. < Corona countermeasures> The ballpoint pen used in the reception is divided into disinfected and used, and while the countermeasure is felt, there is no restriction on the entrance of the bath (such as the interval between the decorating basket) There are few measures being taken in other accommodations. Even in the cherry blossom restaurant, there is not much space between seats despite the size. As an impression, the view of Mt. Fuji and the feeling of the hot spring are not changed, and I want to use it from now on. If you go by car, it is a plan with only breakfast, and dinner is economical and recommended to eat near Gotenba station. I have entered the umbrella of the Rembrandt Group, so I would like to make use of the benefits of this and hope to become a better facility.
2.4/538 Reviews
8.02km from Shimmeigu Shrine
The high consumption in Japan is well known. The price is pretty good. Room facilities can only be said to sleep for one night and a half night without any requirements. It is more than 100 domestic express hotels. For breakfast, we may collect it half an hour later, and there is little left! Navigation to find the hotel, but the mobile phone navigation was wrong. Thanks to the Japanese guy who took us there. The language is not good!

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4.5/510 Reviews
The hotel is overall excellent. The guide said that the hotel just opened for service around the end of 2018, I will say that the hotel is very good. The room is super clean, no dust at all, and the food is also very good. Delicious cake, we like During the screen tour with the Chinese tour Food has been constantly filling. But the staff there are very nice. Our daughter is hard to eat cake again. But not in time for the Chinese tour When I went to tell the staff The staff went to bring the cake to be very cute. The atmosphere around the hotel can see Mount Fuji. From the room, the weather is super good, there is also a room for the onsen.
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4.2/516 Reviews
To start with, I just looked up the open date of this hotel, as the feeling when you are there is that it is unfinished and not quite ready... However it has been opened a year. Positives: *The view. Make sure you request a view of Mt Fuji, as the hotel is arranged so that one half of the rooms are facing Fuji, the other half are facing... the construction of a new road, with some pretty views behind. *Size of the room. We booked a deluxe room and it was HUGE! Really spacious, two beds and a couch. The bathroom was also fantastic, with a huge spa bath in it. *Bedding. The beds were very comfortable, with soft and warm duvets. *Onsen. The onsen was really nice and quite large. It had a great combination of different waters, including a wine spa! Check your times though... SO MANY GUESTS! Lets look at some negatives now: ***Main negative. This hotel is targeted at tour groups. The car park has majority bus parking spaces. When we checked in, the bus parking started to fill and there were no less than 10 large tour buses by the time we went to our room with more arriving later in the evening. There was a large number of Chinese tour groups. *Front desk. Don't expect there to be someone at the front desk at any time during the day. Check in is 4:30pm and there is nobody there before hand, in fact - we came past at 3:30 to check it out on the way past.. And it seemed closed. *Service. In addition to the lackluster check in, we were told absolutely nothing by the front desk. They handed us the keys and told us to leave them in a box when we would leave because, surprise surprise there is no one there in the morning. We weren't informed about the restaurant, the onsen.. Really no information was presented to us - they were pretty focused on the tour buses and 50 odd people standing in a group. *Check in/out. As previously mentioned, check in is 4:30pm which is very late. It also has a 10am check out time - which seems very unreasonable for the amount you pay and you don't even get 18 hours in the room? *Location. Although the view is great, it comes at a price. Now, we had rented a car so we could drive there, but we looked and could not find any transport that would stop anywhere near it. It is quite out of town, and would require a taxi to reach. *Smoking rooms. There are communal smoking rooms on either side of the entrance door, which leads to the whole foyer smelling of smoke for the entirety of the evening. Very poor decision on location of the rooms and should definitely be rectified. *The rooms. Although large, the rooms are bare of anything aside from two beds, a couch and lounge table, mini fridge and a TV. No shelving, cupboards, paintings... It honestly looks unfinished and bare. *The restaurant. It is a huge hall with rows of tables.. Obviously for tour groups and not welcoming to a small number of people at all. We didn't get to try the food as it wasn't accommodating - so cannot comment on tha
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FAQ about Hotels near Shimmeigu Shrine

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  • How much do hotels in Oyama cost?

    Based on hotel prices on, the average cost per night for hotels in Oyama is USD 111. Hotel rates change often; this price is for reference only.

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    A delicious breakfast is a great way to kick start your day. At Fuji Zakura Hotel, Hotel Just One Fuji Oyama and FUJI SYOUEI KAIKAN , guests can enjoy Oyama-style breakfasts.

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    Based on hotel prices on, the average cost per night on the weekend for hotels in Oyama is USD 92. Hotel rates change often; this price is for reference only.

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    When it comes to business trips, choosing a hotel with convenient transportation links is important to many guests. Fuji Zakura Hotel has convenient transportation links and an inexpensive price. Consider staying here during your trip.

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    FUJI SYOUEI KAIKAN is a popular hotel in Oyama with barrier-free access.

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