Hotels Near Shintsugutei

Hotels Near Shintsugutei In Kofu

4.3/5Excellent13 Reviews
1.18km from downtown
I think the location is difficult without a car. I was a car so no problem. I think it was more than the price. The front was also polite and the room was clean. Although it is not wide at all, it is enough if you consider the price. Above all, the electricity in the room was bright and it was perfect for makeup. There were various rentals at the front desk, which was helpful. The food was small and the taste was normal, but it was within my imagination. We were able to stay cheaply above all, and this cleanliness was satisfactory.
3.5/510 Reviews
1.2km from downtown
Typical Route Inn that you find all over Japan. Standard small room and bathroom. Stayed for one night in this business hotel. Very good free Wi-fi. Japanese breakfast. Well located for many restaurants and bars near the town centre. Rooms are small but have everything you need. Beds are very hard and rice pillows. Bathroom is very small. Very little storage. Clean and good but hard bed, and hotel has all you need. Good for short stay. Will stay again.
4.1/5Very Good12 Reviews
1.39km from downtown
The hot spring is great, other words The breakfast is delicious, the room is a bit old and renovated But the price of this accommodation is great
0/50 Reviews
1.45km from downtown
The Kawada is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. Visitors to Fuefuki will find that the Kawada is a fantastic accommodation choice. JR Isawa-Onsen Station is located approximately 900m away from this hotel. There's plenty to do nearby, with Rios Fish Park, Art Jewelry Museum and Jewelry Garden Shingen no Sato all within a short distance. In their spare time, guests can explore the hotel's surroundings.
4.7/5Outstanding3 Reviews
1.49km from downtown
Much-talked-about American style hotel suited for carefree travel, convenient for business trip as well. Free light breakfast and free internet connection in all guest rooms are available.
2.6/58 Reviews
1.56km from downtown
お風呂の種類が多すぎるぐらい多くてよかったでした。お勧めです。 「スパ」と「ホテル」が併設されていて、地元の人も、観光客も、ビジネス系も人でいっぱいでした。大衆向け、人気ホテルなんでしょうね。 まぁーとにかく、この「スパランド ホテル 内藤」の特徴は、「お風呂」だと思います。ワイン風呂、露天風呂、ヒノキ風呂、壺ぼ湯、ジェットバスなど10種類以上のお風呂があるんじゃないかな。私的に特に良かったのは、「ワイン風呂」ですかね。良い香りがしてました。 スタッフも良い感じで、リーズナブルだし、アメニティー類には、足を冷やさないように靴下もありととても良かったでした。お勧めだと思います。
3/56 Reviews
1.56km from downtown
Tranquil Japanese-style rooms atkanponoyado isawa Yamana boast views of an exquisite Japanese garden, and come with personal attendant service. The hotel Kagetsu features natural hot spring baths, an outdoor pool and a sauna. Beauty treatments and massages are available.Guests can relax in spacious public hot springs, indoors and in a spectacular outdoor setting between rocks. They can use free Wi-fi at the lobby, or have fun singing karaoke. Free transport is provided from Isawa Onsen Station.Rooms feature a tatami (woven mat) floor, shoji sliding paper screens and a comfortable seating area with chairs and garden views. They are fitted with an LCD TV, a mini-fridge and an en suite bathroom. Some rooms have an open-air hot spring bath.A Japanese breakfast featuring varied dishes is served in the breakfast room. A traditional multi-course dinner, featuring Japanese Kuroge beef prepared on lava stone, can be enjoyed in the guest room or in a private dining room.Kagetsu is a 20-minute drive from the Fuefukigawa Fruit Museum, and a 27-minute drive from the Budo-no-Oka Wine Centre. Amusement park Fuji-Q Highland is a 60-minute drive away.
4/5Very Good5 Reviews
1.64km from downtown
We have 26 guest rooms. You can relax from your heart at our hotel. 3 minutes' walk from Isawa-onsen Station.
5/5Perfect6 Reviews
1.66km from downtown
This hotel appears a bit ramshackle on the outside, but inside it is well-run and ship-shape. They are also very welcoming to foreigners and we were always treated as welcome guests, never as a nuisance (as sometimes happens at inns of this kind). Food, while not extravagantly fancy, was good and well presented and prepared. Room was HUGE. With both a Western-style living room and a Japanese-style living room IN ADDITION to the Japanese-style bedroom. Outdoor bath was really nice (in fact I wish I was in it now!) The only thing a bit funny about it is that it has great views, but you can’t see them when you’re sitting in the bath. So you actually have to stand up (naked) in order to see anything. The opening hours of the baths are very liberal. There are many convenience stores nearby, and a supermarket.
4/5Very Good11 Reviews
1.75km from downtown
I was able to relax!
0/50 Reviews
1.86km from downtown
The 2DK Mansion GR4 in Isawa Onsen Area is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. The 2DK Mansion GR4 in Isawa Onsen Area offers a pleasant stay in Fuefuki for those traveling for business or leisure. JR Isawa-Onsen Station is located approximately 1km away from this hotel. There's plenty to do nearby, with Ijigen World Dorimo, Rios Fish Park and Dohei Komatsu Honor Statue all within a short distance. At the end of a busy day, travelers can unwind and relax in the hotel or go out and enjoy the city.
5/5Perfect13 Reviews
2.01km from downtown
This is the first time I live in the spa hotel.

Hotels Near Shintsugutei In Kofu Review

3.1/512 Reviews
The room is very nice
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5/56 Reviews
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4.1/511 Reviews
This is a nice way to experience a Japanese style hotel for much less than a ryokan. We did not utilize the onsen, but poked our heads in to see what the hype was about. It looked very nice and was popular after dinner time. The rooms are average and a little beaten up in parts, but nice views on the one side. We also partook in the Japanese style dinner and it was also worth the experience.
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3.8/531 Reviews
10年ほど前に、姫路駅前の東横インに泊まった際に、顔写真入りの会員証も1500円出して作りました。ところが、その宿泊の際に荷物の預かりについてもめてしまい、それ以来、東横インは使わないと決めました。 ところが、仕事の関係で甲府で止まらざるを得なくなり、今回10年振りに泊まりました。 まず、チェックインが16時からという世間ズレした設定で、コロナ禍であるにもかかわらず、ロビーで10人程の人が16時になるまで待っている状態でした。 ユニットバスでは、トイレの便座の小ささにびっくりし、シャワーカーテンが臭いことにうんざり、夜には部屋の壁掛け時計のチクタクという大きな音で寝付かれず電池を外しました。 会社の人間にも他のホテルを取るように指示します。またしばらく利用しないでしょう。 APAやリッチモンド、アルファーワンなどの方が快適です。 ちなみに東横イン甲府駅南口2の方はコロナ感染者隔離用に使われているとのことです。
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4.7/514 Reviews
A little history hotel, there is a small hot spring to soak. Quite good, the price is not expensive, it is recommended that two people live in a large Japanese-style room.
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3.6/528 Reviews
It was a hot spring trip with her, but I was very satisfied. I want to go again.
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5/511 Reviews
静まり回った田舎町’s hot spring リゾート. Super excellent 経営者[happy][happy][happy] Japanese operators are really doing things very hard. There should be no foreign guests staying in this store today. Just now their hot spring brand is only in Japanese. We went out to eat after we checked in After dinner, the brand was changed to Japanese and English.
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3.3/528 Reviews
The location of the hotel is somewhat biased, but fortunately we are chartered tours, which has little effect. The price is very high, the surrounding environment is not bad, relatively quiet. There are more hot springs around and I am very happy.
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4.5/543 Reviews
The hotel facilities are very clean. Some comments that the hotel facilities are outdated are not accurate. Although a few years have passed after the renovation, the facilities are not dirty or old.
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4.8/59 Reviews
石和温泉の常磐ホテルは何度か利用してますが、「湯村温泉の常磐ホテル」は二回目の利用です。チェックインの時にどちらの利用も把握されているようで、「いつもご利用ありがとうございます。夏以降のご利用ですね。」と、まるで常連のお客様のようにとても丁寧に、ウエルカムバックと迎えて下さいました。 部屋は和室二間と大きなソファーの広縁で、とてもキレイで広く、感激したつれあいは「ここは本当にうちが予約した部屋でしょうか!?」と仲居さんに聞いてました(GO TO利用なのでいいプランにしてみました)。 さて部屋からお風呂までは少し館内を歩くのがですが、ギャラリーには、皇室の宮様方のお写真や将棋トーナメントの写真や、壺などの装飾品が飾られおり、見ながら歩くのは楽しいです(皇室宿泊ご記録もあり)。 お風呂は大浴場で、温泉は無色透明です(露天風呂は3人位)。 夕食朝食ともに個室でいただき、マイペースでゆっくりと美味しいお料理を満喫しました。お酒類は思っていたほど高くなく、日本酒ボトル2200円位からでした。お酒類はお品書きにもいろいろ載っています。 館内もアネックスエリアもお庭も大変キレイで絵になるホテルです。 素晴らしいホスピタリティー精神でおもてなししていただき、本当に癒されました。また利用したいです。
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4.4/538 Reviews
The street is about 3 blocks away from the station, but it takes less than 10 minutes for an adult male to walk. It's close and it's just been built, so the facilities are clean and the staff are all friendly. The 9th floor sauna is really neat and nice. Every day after work, I always went to get rid of my fatigue ^^ How good the hygiene is, I've never seen a place where cotton swabs are individually wrapped. I didn't apply for breakfast, but it will be clean and delicious even if I don't see it. There is also a corona effect, and because of the low season, we have been quietly and quietly. Next time I visit Kofu again, I'll stay here again. From other people's reviews, the breakfast is also gorgeous, but I want to try it. It's not the hotel's downside, but since the office town near Kofu Station is different from the daytime, the streets are quiet and busy after 9pm. The shops are also almost closed. I have nothing to do in the evening haha. The picture was taken from the overpass right in front of the hotel towards Kofu Station.
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4.6/513 Reviews
Location is 5mins walk from North exit of Kofu station. Checkin was smooth, staff was able to communicate in English. Room is tiny, no space for us to open up a luggage. Bed has stained. Bathroom is standard prebuilt Japanese type, very clean, but no heated toilet seat. They even creatively save cost by putting the tap for bathtub on the sink. Breakfast was a set meal, a piece of salmon with miso soup, egg and pickles.
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4.1/514 Reviews
甲府駅北口徒歩数分。コンビニも近く、立地はいい。部屋はまあ普通のビジホ並み。悪くはない。悪くはないんだが、すごくネガティブな印象。 まずフロントが雑然としている。ちょっと早めに入って荷物だけ預かってもらっったのだが、照明を落とし、フロントには誰もおらず、営業しているのかしていないのかわからない。 朝食会場であろうレストランからスタッフがあらわれたが、ここで俺を足早に追い越して先に入った妙齢女性が、駐車場はどこだ、迷っているからわからない、場所を説明しろ、料金はいくらだ、無料じゃないのか、などと延々しゃべり始めた。これはホテルの責任じゃないのだが、まあそんな客層の宿だってこと。 一度ネガティブな感情を持つと修正するのがなかなか難しいわけでして。エアコンがなかなか立ち上がらないとか、自販機が故障中で夜にコンビニまで行かざるを得なくなったとか、フロントの年配スタッフが無愛想だとか、いちいち引っかかる。 たまたまタイミングが悪かっただけだと思いたい。基本的には普通のビジホです。
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5/511 Reviews
It's a good restaurant with large sofas and tables
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3.5/514 Reviews
It's a little far from the station, but I think it's in a good location with a convenience store nearby. The parking lot is three-dimensional and an extra charge will be charged.
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4.5/511 Reviews
Not bad, the entrance hall is inconspicuous but the inside is quite delicate. Service staff is also very enthusiastic
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3.4/510 Reviews
Not a typical Route Inn which can be found all over Japan. Rooms are compact with little storage but have everything needed. Bathroom is especially small with no bath or shower, just a toilet and wash basin. Breakfast is very Japanese and not at all to western taste. Parking on site and good Wi-fi. Excellent Japanese restaurant on site. Only chain hotel I have stayed where you have to remove your shoes at the entrance, which is normal in Japanese houses but not hotels.
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3.5/55 Reviews
We stayed for two nights this trip and I would stay again. What we liked: - location near the train station and buses - shopping was near and lots of food options within five minute walk of the hotel. - price, very reasonable - room size was generous for Japan What we did not like: - Ofuro was exclusively for men - Room was dated and dark. Only one electrical outlet with three things plugged into it. We had to unplug things to charge our phones. - Smallest bathroom I have seen in Japan - Room could use a thorough dusting. I am taller than most Japanese so I could really see the dust on fixtures and top of curtains.
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