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0.04km from Spring Roll's
Convenient hotel near the train station and mall Gallery Lafayette. Hotel near Opera Garniye. Staff friendly and helpfu. Feeling a bit disappointed after get the room. The rooms do not match the pictures of the advertised on the website. They tried to explain to me. Which they know inside that they have a room But I was a guest who had never known And I have never experienced an event like this before comparing to other hotels It is similar to indirect guest fraud. Which other rooms are open for sale on the website. They understand that I don't like that room that they give me. Which he and her claims is the same The difference is that the windows are not the same. They would think that I am very much They will find a change room for me according to the pictures I have booked. But it's not what I'm complaining about For me, if they think like that It's wrong that the hotel sells the room, not the advertised image. I am therefore worried and finding the truth that my room matches the price that I paid or not, and they and their managers are trying to explain that the room is very large, cannot be posted on the website at all. Which is their excuse If he can change the room for me. Actually why have to wait for me to complain? They should give me the room that same picture I have booked since check in. My opinion, the hotel sells the room, should post pictures to match the type of the room. That has already been posted, the guest does not complain like my case. That doesn't mean having to advertise all the rooms in the hotel. If not able to do it like other hotels The guests see on the website must think like me, when choosing which room style they should get what they choose. After they explained I didn't want to move the room when he said it was the same type of room of privilege. And I didn't ask for anything because there was a slight communication problem so it wasn't as smooth as it should be. Good and clean rooms in face There is a free mini bar for my room privilege. But the first day the staff lady came to make my room very late. I came back almost in the afternoon. My room wasn't cleaned. While i was in the room The staff came in to clean my room. I saw her take out the pillowcase to change it. Which is very dirty, has hair and small dust in the pillow I try to do it and sleep. Because I'm the only one person in Europe I don't want to have many problems Even if I have the right to make a claim I woke up in the morning, my face had a red rash and peeled. I then put a towel on the pillow to prevent dirt. Usually I am not someone who likes to complain for no reason. But i complain because it is my right I didn't go to ask for a free stay. I saw what I said as I saw. This is the first hotel I complained about on social media.
4.3/5Excellent91 Reviews
0.08km from Spring Roll's
I saw the evaluation saying that the hygiene was very poor. I was very worried. The result was really good after I went. I brought my own sheets and wrapped myself in bed, but I can see that it is very clean and the carpet is very clean. The most important thing is the location, about 5 minutes from Lafayette, Paris spring, there is a McDonald's breakfast next to the hotel, we did not eat the hotel breakfast 18 euros a person ~ no need ~ there is a seafood shop between McDonald's and the hotel Especially affordable, the four of us ate 98 euros but the seafood is invincible~ I didn't see the Raiders recommend this one, but it was really good. The location of this hotel is really good. It is also good to rely on a seafood restaurant in this hotel. It is more expensive and not suitable for our student party~ but next door to this luxurious restaurant is what I said above. The home is very good. It is also close to the subway station nearby, and it is convenient to go anywhere. The only problem we have for a room of 4 people is that the toilet and the bathroom are separate. When you use the bathroom, you have to go around the bathroom to wash your hands. I personally think that going to the toilet is very good, because the sound is not good, if you don't mind this. , then it is perfect. I saw that there was no elevator at the front desk on the first floor. Actually, there may be new renovations. I don't know ~ there are also Chinese restaurants nearby, Yunnan Sanhe Restaurant, walking for 2 minutes, their rice noodles, dry pots are OK, of course not comparable to domestic, but for our study abroad party is good, the price is very affordable, Per capita 15 euros is estimated to be good to eat ~
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0.09km from Spring Roll's
It was our first time traveling with a baby, and the staff went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. We requested and got a very early check-in so baby could nap while others went exploring. We hadn't requested an infant bed but they thought of it anyway so we didn't end up setting up the bed we'd brought. They offered to help us with our stuff, to store anything we didn't want in the room, etc. The room was plenty big enough for the infant bed (120×60) and for a play area and for all the stuff we brought (I think I'd reserved the slightly upgraded double room since Paris hotel rooms can be tiny). The elevator was reasonably sized by Paris standards. The breakfast was good and the staff offered to bring me food from the buffet or hold baby so I could eat more comfortably. They also gave us excellent recommendations for restaurants in the neighborhood. Having the train/metro station across the street was very convenient. Hotel was good; staff made it stellar.
4.2/5Very Good7 Reviews
0.12km from Spring Roll's
It is very convenient for sightseeing near the center of Paris. It is also convenient to dine in the room because famous department stores are nearby and you can buy famous store dishes, cold wine and beer in the basement of the department store. (Because it is a famous store, you can get plastic knives, forks and napkins) As expected, I bought a glass of plastic at a supermarket in the basement of Saint Lazare station. (6 pieces for 2.9 euros) It was very convenient to eat out as you could walk to the Passage Panorama. It was nice to have an old man who speaks Katakoto Japanese at the front desk. However, 2/3 of the guests are Japanese and there is no chance of being in Paris.
4.7/5Outstanding12 Reviews
0.19km from Spring Roll's
everything is good and wonderful. Compared the prize, it the hotel would be one of the best option for a tourist in Paris. The location is really central and transport is convenient. There are many bars, restaurants and grocery shops. It is convenient enough for needs of life. The surroundings are also safe and clean.
4.6/5Outstanding54 Reviews
0.2km from Spring Roll's
We had 2 rooms. One was a double. The other had two twin bids. The rooms were fairly small (the double in particular) but not unusually so for central Paris. The rooms were, however, well appointed - e.g. reading lights, sufficient power points, toiletries, shaving mirror, clothes hangars, a safe and a fridge. The rooms were modern, clean and cleaned well daily. We received muffins and a complimentary bottle of water on arrival. The staff at reception were all very friendly, courteous and helpful, and they spoke good English. Check in and check out were smooth and efficient. On our final day we left our bags whilst we went sightseeing and collected them on our return. Whilst we waited in reception for an hour before leaving to get our train, we were offered tea, coffee and water. We were made to feel welcome at all times. The WiFi in the hotel is free and fairly good speed. The lift is very small (2 people) but we had little luggage and happily took the spiral stairs every day. The hotel does not have that many rooms (4 on our floor) and, besides being recently renovated, offers a nice sleeping experience - we did not suffer from any undue noise despite our room being next to the lift. Neither did we experience any noise from the road outside. The bathrooms, though small, were all modern. There is plenty of really hot water and two shower heads (overhead and hand held). The location of the hotel is really convenient. It is centrally positioned in the heart of the city and we found it a very good place from which to explore in all directions. Would stay here again if we returned to Paris. Thank you.
4.4/5Excellent15 Reviews
0.21km from Spring Roll's
My husband and I needed to stay an extra 48 hours, at least, after an unfortunate event when my purse was stolen at the lobby of ANOTHER hotel in the Montmartre area, while waiting for a taxi to take us to the airport entroute home. A close friend found this hotel which was way more comfortable, convenient and reasonably priced compared to the OTHER hotel and with a compassionate staff that helped us feel protected during a difficult time. It is steps away from Blvd Hausmann and Printemps, Galleries Lafayette and the Opera. Rooms are clean, comfortable and spacious, designed with considering a traveller's need for closet, storage and table space. In room Separate toilet and shower areas were nice. Free wifi service is strong. A safe with a key you can keep during your stay, is provided. Coffeemaker, hot water kettle, bar fridge and coffee pods are supplied in the room. Filling breakfast is offered, but Paul, a cafe and boulangerie, is a two minute walk from the hotel. They have access to airport shuttle arrangements which is convenient. I cannot run out of nice things to say about this hotel as far as location, staff, price point, comfort, cleanliness and feeling of safety is concerned, especially after an unfortunate experience at another Parisian hotel. We ended up staying for 4 days, the time it took for complete reproduction of travel documents with our home consulate. But staying at Hotel Le Malown made it so much easier to make the most of the extended time we had and remember the beauty of Paris which was why we were visiting again, our 3rd time.
4.4/5Excellent18 Reviews
0.2km from Spring Roll's
The hotel is clean and the rooms are small, and the surrounding environment is very small. It should be the relationship between Paris and the land. Convenient transportation, very close to the Arc de Triomphe, to the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower is also convenient. It is the problem of carrying children that does not allow the three of us to live together, and ask my husband to live in other places. I said that my husband is not safe to live alone. The first night is said, the second night we have to change rooms and add money...
5/5Perfect5 Reviews
0.22km from Spring Roll's
Family of 4 (15, 13 year-old). Room 502 with 2 double beds and a twin bed. Great sized room for Paris. Lovely balcony with view. Great sized bathroom. Good breakfast. Excellent, friendly customer service. Grateful for the elevator (goes to 5th floor, not 6th). Fantastic location. Lots of restaurants and shopping nearby AND the St. Lazare train/metro station. So convenient. Don't hesitate staying here!
3.9/5116 Reviews
0.22km from Spring Roll's
I was staying in the hotel with my family in early July , 2019. We got a triple room. The size of the room was quite appropriate for 3 persons. Quite clean. Pretty large bathroom for that type of hotels. BUT... What was surprising is a wardrobe ... in the bathroom! So, when someone of your party is doing his procedures locked in the bathroom no one else can begin to dress to go out. Though I can stand that... Moreover, there was now thub curtain to make a fence to avoid water splashes on the floor when taking shower. I think a $10-expensive thing could be purchased by the hotel. The weather was hot - up to +31C midday... And as you probably gess there was now air-conditioning in our room. The staff told us that it's available only in a SUPERIOR class romms but tey did not have any such rooms available for us. Instead they were helpfull and brought a fan (it did not help to fight the heat though). To sum up if you are traveling not during hot days and going to spend 2-3 nights in Paris, the hotel could be an option.
4.3/5Excellent20 Reviews
0.24km from Spring Roll's
When I first entered it, I was a bit surprised by its size. Everything is tiny. The receptionists speak several languages. Their English is fluent. I had a room on the 2nd floor. The lift is only for 2 people. Rooms are locked by a card. There is a safe deposit box, a wardrobe, a lamp, 2 glasses, an electic kettle, and a chair in this room. I booked a single room, but they offered me a double one. It had 2 beds placed together. The room was a bit old, but relatively clean and neat. The view from the room was awful. You can see a photo below. On the plus side is the room service. Towels were changed every day. Although dust wasn't wiped well. It also smells stuffy with some mixture of other smells in the room. The breakfast was very basic. Croissants, pastry/ jam/ yogurt/ tea/ milk/kakao/juice /water. The location of the hotel is its best advantage. It's a 1 minute walk from Gare Saint Lazare metro station and a 10 minute walk to the Opera Garnier. You can also enjoy your 20 minute walk to Monmarte. I wouldn't recommend it to people, who dislike narrow rooms and proper breakfast.
4.3/5Excellent10 Reviews
0.24km from Spring Roll's
This would have been a good hotel if not for the bad service! Myself, my 2 daughters and my mom stayed at 2 rooms in this hotel. I shared my room with one of my daughters and my other daughter shared another room with my mom. My room was really spacious for a hotel room in Paris. It had a king bed and another twin bed in an ante room. It had all the amenities you need - refrigerator, coffee pot etc. My reservation was for 4 nights in my room and 3 nights for the one occupied by my mom since she was leaving a day early. I informed the front desk when I checked in that for one night my other daughter will have to share my room since the other room will be given up. The person who checked us in said it was not going to be a problem, they will just add an additional fee to accommodate 3 people in my current room for the last night. On the fourth day, when my other daughter said she was checking out with my mom, the person at the front desk (different one - tall Caucasian) said that there was an error, that it was my room that we had to give up and move in to the room where my mom vacated. I told them that it does not make sense for me to vacate my room, that it should be the other way around for my daughter to just move in to my current room. The front desk said that they cannot do that because my room was larger and that it was provided to me as a courtesy. I said if that was the case, then that room should have been the one provided to my mom and daughter not the other way around. Imagine, my daughter and I was not packed and we now have to pack and move our stuff for one night in another room. He said that I cannot stay on my current room because it was already booked for the night by another customer! All the person at the front desk could do was assist us in moving our luggage! He was not helpful at all and was even rude trying to explain to me that I got the upgraded room as a freebie when in fact, the picture of the room I booked online was exactly the room I was in. He made it appear as if I did not understand what he was saying (seeing that I only spoke English) as if I was dumb not to understand their error and passing it off that I should count myself lucky since I got an upgraded room! I paid a higher rate for my room than the other room because it was the only available room left on line. In addition, I already used a private service to take my mom to the airport and he was very nice so I told the front desk that I wanted the same person to take us to the airport the following day. The same person at the front desk booked someone else and so 2 people showed up and the nice driver that I wanted to use just relented to the other driver. Another thing that really annoyed me is that when I go out for the day, I put on my door 'Do Not Disturb" because I didn't want to lock up my valuables and pack my stuff everyday. But every time, the housekeeping will still enter our room and change the sheets and towels and move my things around which

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5/511 Reviews
Stayed 9 nights. Got a room in the 5' floor with balcony. Small but very nice. Superb location, some 20 m. from the Rue Rivoli on a quiet small street. No noise at all. Meters from St. Jaques Tour and the Hotel de Ville (Municipality). Exit from the Hotel de Ville Metro station, exit Rue Coutellierie, has mechanic stairs till the street which is not so common. For elderly people, or with baby trolleys, etc. is perfect. Walking distance from Forum des Halles, Louvre, Pompidou Center, Notre Dame, Latin Quarter, etc. Everyone speaks english. Stephan speaks Spanish as well. Very nice and helpful good looking and cooperative guy. Completely refrubrished. Insulated walls prevent from any noise from other rooms or street which is anyway very quiet. Beautiful, small bathroom. Small but has everything. New furniture. Wooden floor. New and very good quality of towels. Very good heating. Kettle and coffe machine in the room. Now cons: not everything is bright: The room is perfect but very very small. Has very little shelves and room for clothes. Beautiful but extremely small. Need to improve exterior entrance which is brown, dark, and old, leaving a not nice impression. Nice and clean lobby but outside look, needs improvement. Same with the corridors rugs. I will definitely come back and recommend to my friends, those who don't mind to stay in a very small room - but very nice and pleasant.
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4.3/5102 Reviews
Good location, nearby Carrefour, franprix and other supermarkets! I live on the 2nd floor facing the street, and it is very quiet at night, but the sound insulation between the room and the room is really average. The room is not large and has a balcony (not every room, so it is best to leave a message to tell the room with a balcony when booking) ), There is also a door in the bathroom sharing a balcony with the room, so the balcony is quite large. The hotel only provides shampoo, shower gel and hair dryer. Slippers, toothbrushes and toothpaste are not provided, so it is recommended to bring your own toiletries. Lines 7 and 10 are only 5 minutes' walk from the surrounding area. Line 4 is about 15 minutes away. The 5th district is a Latin area, surrounded by universities, so it is safe! The hotel has access control locks, staff need to help open the door to enter! Breakfast is an ordinary western-style breakfast, bread, milk, eggs, oatmeal, sausage and cheese. A tax of 1.88 euros per person per night, which must be paid to the front desk when checking out. This Ctrip will also call you when you are in China to inform you that this tax must be paid to the hotel separately! The hotel provides free wlan, but the Internet speed is average, the room has air conditioning and heating. In short, the price is high!
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4.5/579 Reviews
In Christmas 2019 in France, I ordered a Superior King Room (with sofa bed). The size of the room is already relatively large in Paris. The two 24-inch boxes can be spread out and can be used at the same time. Hotel location: In the 1st district, about 10 minutes from the Louvre if not. The entrance of the hotel is Line 1 and Line 14 subway stations, which is very convenient (although we happened to strike in France when we went there, the subway stopped ... But it is very convenient to live here if you come here to play). There are a variety of restaurants near the hotel downstairs, from McDonald's to Italian French and Japanese. There is also a 10-minute walk from St. Eustache Church. The church will have an organ show around 5pm on Sunday, which is worth a look. Room facilities: There is a kettle (I originally brought a portable kettle, but the boiled water has white foam. In the end, I can only use the hotel. Fortunately, the hotel's kettle is quite clean. The shampoo and bath are two in one. Washing hands and washing face in one. The smell is very comfortable. It doesn't dry out after washing. Breakfast: Special! do not! it is good! We stayed in Paris for 5 nights. One of the most anticipated daily is the hotel breakfast. There are various types of bread such as ham, bacon, cheese, and baguettes. The best thing is their croissant and small square chocolate filling. The bag has a particularly crispy outer skin, and the inside is very soft. The fruits are also cut. The oranges, kiwis, pineapples, grapefruits, bananas, and watermelons are also available. You can also squeeze the juice directly (but the grapefruit is a bit bitter and is not recommended ), The coffee machine is also self-service, there are latte, fast coffee, cappuccino, etc., hot dishes are omelet, tomato sauce, bean sauce, boiled potatoes, etc. Others are oatmeal, raspberry juice, grapefruit juice and orange juice ( Of course it's ice). If you want to eat fried eggs, you can tell the waiter that the kitchen is fried and delivered to the location. Overall the hotel experience is very good.
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4/510 Reviews
Booked based on location before reading reviews so was a little nervous about what to expect. Have to say I saw no evidence of the poor maintenance shown in some photos, the public areas of the hotel and our room were in perfect order and very clean. The staff couldn't have been more helpful and the front desk is manned 24x7. We arrived far too early for check-in hoping we could just leave our bags but the room was ready so they let us have it right away. They kept hold of our bags for us until an evening flight on check-out day too. The room was quite small but that's normal for the old buildings in the area. Shower was over the bath but decent pressure. Location is ideal, at the quieter end of one of the less busy streets in the Marais, so only two minutes walk from all the cafes, bars and restaurants but not too noisy. I will happily book again next time I'm working in Paris.
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4.9/514 Reviews
I've stayed at this hotel on several occasions in the past, and after a 10 year gap I returned to Paris for a few days and booked again. I was not disappointed! The location is just excellent...Pompidou is a block away, BHV literally opposite. Le Marais, Notre Dame etc. are a short stroll, and everywhere else a quick metro ride away. I was in town for work but even being tired at the end of the day, getting out to eat and sightsee in the evenings was effortless. The hotel has a contemporary boutique feel - stylish but subtle and nicely updated since my previous visits. The staff are friendly and extremely helpful, and my room was modern and comfortable. I opted for the express breakfast each morning, which offers juice, coffee and a selection of wonderful fresh breads and pastries. A perfect start to my day and again served by a welcoming and friendly member of staff. I can't recommend this place enough, and I will be returning on my next Paris visit!
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4.4/512 Reviews
We stayed here for 4 nights at the end of February. The first two nights were on the 3rd floor facing the street. It was significantly loud with traffic and street noise. On the third night we switched to a 4th floor room that faces the courtyard and alley. MUCH quieter. Both rooms were executive sized (larger than standard.) It was nice to have the extra room, however, there were at least two too-many pieces of furniture in each room that ate up a lot of the space! We could have done without the extra side chair and occasional table. (Or keep those two and get rid of the love seat!) It didn't help that my wife and I each had two large pieces of luggage each. The furniture is a little dated but not unsettling. The beds were very comfortable and the bathroom modern and clean. (although the shower had a very slow drain and the pan backed up with a pool of water, yuck.) One more thing about the first bathroom: The faucets were a design of smooth chrome; so smooth that it was impossible to turn them off with wet hands! Design fail! The executive room we moved to on the 4th floor was a bit bigger, and better laid out. This one had a tub shower and workable faucets! FTW! The roof deck is NOT TO BE MISSED! One of the best views in Paris! All front desk and cleaning staff were gracious and very helpful. I would possibly stay here again if only for the location and roof top view!
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