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Hotels Near Tacos Arandinos In Los Angeles

4.2/5Very Good31 Reviews
1.84km from downtown
Accommodated very according although there was a little bit of a struggle
4.8/5Outstanding40 Reviews
2.69km from downtown
Very quiet, the floor is not high, the opposite is golf, you can watch them play in the morning, the hotel is also very angry, there is a swimming pool, there is a restaurant downstairs, the service is good, the price is of course not cheap
4.5/5Excellent42 Reviews
3.04km from downtown
I was extremely unhappy with our recent stay. I reserved a Premier Studio, 2 Queen Beds for our stay. We arrived at the hotel to check in around 7-7:30pm. The young lady at the front desk doesn't mention anything to me, just gives me the keys. I don't know if she thought we just may not notice or what but I thought that was pretty shady. So we walk in the room and of course this is not what we are supposed to have, so I go back to the front desk. A different young lady starts to help me as the first gal was busy and she looks very uncomfortable. I explain and show her on my phone my reservation that clearly states 2 Queen Beds. A few minutes later the first gal comes back over and asks for the amount I paid on my reservation so I show the $249.66. She then tells me that the morning manager downgraded our room because of availability issues. Excuse me, downgraded and with no notification!!!?? That is a huge deal. If I wanted a room with 1 bed, clearly that is what I would have booked. If I was given notice in the morning when the change was made, supposedly then I would have found a hotel that could perform that request. At this point we were exhausted from traveling and just wanted to relax. I also referred a friend after I booked our room. She booked after me and reserved the same room and got hers. So I know at the time of booking as per the site and logic, our room was available. I also checked in at a reasonable time. I full heartedly believe there were 2 Queen Rooms available that they were holding for other guests. She tried to ease the situation by telling me it wouldn't be as expensive. That is a moot point, I was fine with the price. I clearly booked what I wanted for the price without an issue. Also that is crap because my friend who got the 2 Queen Studio with the pull out couch only paid $214. So my downgraded to 1 King bed for $214 is no steal! 2 people ended up having to sleep on those horrid pull outs!
4.7/5Outstanding51 Reviews
3.96km from downtown
Stayed here for a month and has been renewing the room. The hotel is located in the Chinese area, and nearby restaurants can be reached on foot. The hotel facilities are more comfortable, with more plugs, cabinets and bedside tables, microwave ovens, small refrigerators, hair dryers, and ironing facilities. Fully equipped, windows can be opened for ventilation, air conditioning heating and cooling, the sound of the air conditioning is slightly louder, the room light is very bright, it can also be very soft, two kinds of switches, more humane, the bedding is more comfortable, the pillows are also soft, and the towels in the Baotou feel a little bit Smaller, a little bit overwhelming,
3.3/530 Reviews
4.65km from downtown
Downtown LA is less than 15 minutes’ drive from this hotel. Rooms feature free Wi-Fi and guests can take advantage of the 24-hour reception. A satellite TV is available in all rooms at the Starlight Inn Valley Boulevard. A small fridge are also included. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is 22 miles away from the Starlight Inn Valley Boulevard Los Angeles. California State University Los Angeles is 1 mile away and the Monterey Park Golf Course is 2 miles away.
4.7/5Outstanding52 Reviews
4.26km from downtown
The last hotel booked before returning home. The front desk of the hotel can speak Chinese, there is a microwave in the lobby, and some rooms have it. The castle Ole is very close, there is a Chinese breakfast, a Chinese community. The room is quite big and the price is good. There is a convenience store next to it, which is very convenient. There is a bestbuy one hundred meters away and it’s not cheap, but the appliances look really good, and I have an urge to go home. Castle Ole is nearby, but I went to Desert Ole. It’s too far. I advise everyone not to go too far to Ole. Time is also money.
4.3/5Excellent45 Reviews
5.14km from downtown
I booked a big room with two beds (there are two specifications 1queen 1 king or 2 queen) but when I checked in at the end, the hotel gave me 1queen 1SOFA BED? ? ? There is no compensation for this kind of negligence. The hotel even takes it for granted, and the next day I went to the counter to ask for a room change before letting us change back to 2Queen. Then I asked why I booked a premium room and finally got a different room ? ? ?
3.4/529 Reviews
5km from downtown
Very good experience, environment and front desk service are much better than China
4.7/5Outstanding42 Reviews
2.94km from downtown
The Los Angeles Hilton deck is stronger than the San Francisco Hilton. 1. The hotel is located in the outlet area, convenient for parking and shopping. 2. The decoration is relatively new, including the lobby, the room, the gym, and an open air atrium from the lobby to the guest room. The environment is good. The only regret is that you cannot sit there to smoke, but there is a seat outside the lobby for smoking. 3. Breakfast is the highlight, rich variety, good service, taste and nutrition are in place.
4.9/5Perfect34 Reviews
5.4km from downtown
The hotel is located on the roadside. It is operated by the Chinese and is convenient. In fact, there is also free breakfast, the bathroom is separated from wet and dry, and there is free parking! Separate house, no problem with safety
3.9/573 Reviews
5.31km from downtown
The room is clean and hygienic, and the service attitude is very good. The breakfast is Chinese, which is good. Most of the service staff are Chinese and can communicate smoothly in Mandarin. There are many delicious Chinese restaurants around the hotel, the Chinese Super League is also very close, and life is convenient!
1.9/535 Reviews
4.62km from downtown
I stay here quite a bit for work. the rates are fair and it is a convenient location for the subway to downtown. the rooms are clean and the staff is courteous. there is a locked door to the building entry which your room key card will open. cable television, highspeed WIFI and in room refrigerator. washing machines and stove/kitchen area in lobby. I don't understand the bad reviews, I've stayed at Antonio several times off and on over an 8 month period and I've never had a problem. would definitely recommend staying here if you are on a budget. will be staying here every time Im in L.A.

Hotels Near Tacos Arandinos In Los Angeles Review

3.1/540 Reviews
Not the motels fault, but the neighborhood is pretty rough! Lots of homeless, noise all night long. we were concerned for our vehicle too. When we got off the freeway we were in a very nice neighborhood. Active college area. However, the motel is definitely on the wrong side of the tracks! We scurried to our room and stayed there. We were just too tired to find some other place. First time ever I was not allowed into the lobby. We arrived at 2pm and had to check in via the night check in slot. This was on May 14, 2021. We had been traveling for a wee or so. First motel we couldn't go into the lobby!
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3.2/541 Reviews
Business all day in LA; looking online for something close, found this America’s best value inn on Hollywood Blvd. 1- Signed up for 20% off member rate- it never took off 20% 2- Upon arrival was told they require $200 CASH deposit we weren’t aware of, so had to get cash out and come back! . 3- NO breakfast (due to covid-19) although the website or booking didn’t say anything as others indicate they have a sack breakfast etc. too late to turn back now he already ran my card 🤦🏻‍♀️ 4- There were abt 4 flies that wouldn’t and didn’t leave the bathroom - Gross! 5- Pubic hairs were left in shower -wow 6- Bed was itchy so I was sketched if I wanted to get in it, slept on top of blankets - ugh 7- Remote volume didn’t work to turn down only went up. 8- Blow dryer didn’t work -go figure but called and they brought me a working one. 9- The older man who checked us in is extremely rude and seems to make up rules as he pleases without posting them online before you can decide if you want to book or not! 10- My advice is to pay an extra $30 and get into a nice hotel. We paid $165 after taxes and fees for 1-9. 🤣
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3.7/551 Reviews
Very good, free parking, convenient location, surrounded by target and trade Joe ’s. Walk to UCLA. It's close to Monica Beach, Getty Center and Beverly Hills, up to 15 minutes by car. The room is large enough, although the appearance is not too luxurious, but it has a table, a yard, and two sinks.
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4.1/548 Reviews
LAX International Airport
Close to the airport, Uber taxi is about 12 knives, suitable for the early flight or transition in the early morning, free American breakfast. It is close to major car rental companies such as hertz, and is within walking distance. The disadvantage is that there are always planes flying overhead, and the noise is very loud. When you arrive at the hotel at night, you must hurry to sleep, because there are fewer planes that take off at night.
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3.9/572 Reviews
LAX International Airport
🚗 Transportation: It is very close to the airport, very suitable for transfer travel. 🧹Sanitation: The room is clean and tidy and comfortable. 🍃Environment: The surrounding restaurants are okay, the hotel also has a restaurant, and the living facilities are convenient. 🔔Service: The staff is friendly and friendly.
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4.2/528 Reviews
It was peaceful. I just need a quiet place to spend the night
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4.2/531 Reviews
This hotel was in a superb location, and the rooms were very clean, comfortable and quiet. We loved the rooftop bar! The biggest complaint was the lack of room for your clothes. The rack was over the coffee maker and wasn’t suited for dresses. No luggage stand was included, nor were any other items suitable for using for luggage. Our key did not always work, and the room was not cleaned one day. But don’t take that as reasons not to stay. We will definitely return!
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4.4/557 Reviews
The hotel is not far from the Universal Studios location is very easy to find the hotel behind the Hollywood Hill service two large bed facilities new parking fees daily tax included 16.25 knife does not charge the deposit breakfast is very simple toiletries good mouthwash offers microwave coffee machine There is a 24-hour hot coffee in the lobby.
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3.8/535 Reviews
Downtown Los Angeles
Let me count the ways this hotel is a no go unless you enjoy student hostel chic (or as one person said on another web-site) construction zone. modern) at prices higher than many other downtown hotels They tried to charge us $60 more than quoted and confirmed. They charged us for two night's parking when we stayed (and parked) only one night. When we asked for amenities the twice assured us were in our room - 2 bathrobes instead of one, teabags (no coffee!) and another uncomfortable wooden chair, we had to ask 3 times. There is no coffee machine in the room. The heater didn't work and it was unusually cold in LA on that March night.we asked for engineering to fix it; they came; and it still didn't work right. The "terrace" for which we paid a premium price was more like a fire escape and it faced the back of a billboard overlooking a parking lot. The "medium room with King bed" was tiny with the foot of the bed literally shoved up against the only wall with windows you could see out of. The bed took up all but a foot or so of the width of the room. Since. they couldn't put the tv in front of the bed, it was hung on the wall parallel to the length of the bed. The person on the far side of the bad would have to stretch his or her neck to the left tand lift it while in bed to see the TV. It was easier to watch streamers on our computer. The bathroom was literally in a closet with no ventilation that was built out from and against the wall. The rest of the plumbing was in the room up against the wall that bordered the halway. The coffee bar downstairs sold lukewarm coffee. Reservations was unable to answer the simplest questions like "am I checked in?" when we called the main local hotel number it was routed to a call center in an unknown location who answed "ace Hotel" so you had no idea you were speaking with someone in the middle of nowhere until they told you they had no idea how to answer your question and you needed to call the hotel (which we just had) and gave us the same local number we had just dialed. I shudder to think of the size of the "small" rooms. The confirmation email doesn't itemize the total cost, hence the confusion of being charged $375 for a $319 room. Unbelievably. noisy at night with the night club patrons pouring out through at least 2 in the morning. Chic has its price. But this hotel is not chic, comfortable, or very nice.. The roof bar and lounge is nice and appealing. would be a good place for a drink or coffee. We have stayed in the ACE Palm Springs and liked it. we checked out a day early ad went to the Milennium Biltmore and had a very comfortable room for a base price about $100 cheaper. And,the latter put coffee machines into the rooms.
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4.9/537 Reviews
The surrounding environment and the environment in the room did not say! But the indifferent young man at the front desk didn't understand! Never seen a hotel with such a poor reception! The other staff were very enthusiastic, and there was a free nearby Mercedes-Benz shuttle service, but it rained after dinner at night, and called for a car to be told that it could not be reached during busy hours. In addition, a deposit is required before checking in at the hotel? Is it distrust through Ctrip? ? And if Ctrip can ask them when it is time to refund the deposit?
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2.9/534 Reviews
Great location, near large mall and short walk to Staples centre. Some convience store near by. Also a couple of small eateries. Hotel appeared to be going through some changes. The room was large enough with two double beds and the beds were quite comfortable. The towels and bedding were thin material. The floor had been done recently. Large fridge and microwave, air conditioning. Bathroom still needs some work, but it was clean. They have dispensers in shower for your needs. Small pool, which they need to clean a bit more and to which they keep locked up. You have to ask them to open it. They told me it was the law. Breakfast included, but we did not take advantage.
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4.2/552 Reviews
The hotel feels a bit old and the service is very attentive. The amount of water in the bath is very comfortable, and there is nothing inconvenient for others. The hotel barely sees Asians and is a foreigner. There is a place to wash clothes on the second floor. 2$ wash 2$ drying is very convenient. Breakfast is the breakfast of the American business hotel, and the sausage eggs are OK. The hotel is about a ten minute walk from Hollywood, and the road in front of the hotel is particularly blocked. Hollywood is really convenient everywhere, but there are so many restaurants in Hollywood because of the large number of tourists.
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4.5/549 Reviews
LAX International Airport
It is very suitable for traveling with children. The room is large, the kitchen facilities are perfect, the price-performance ratio including the breakfast room type is very high, the breakfast variety is enough for an American standard, and the waiter is very good.
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5/531 Reviews
The hotel itself was very nice. The rooms are very nice and comfortable. Only problem for us was that there was only one trash can for a room of 8 and it was in the bathroom. Parking spots are very tight as well. Our last night there 2 cars took up 5 parking spots. Thankfully we were able to find a parking spot. I know this part isn’t the hotels fault but the area isn’t the best. There is ALOT of homeless people around the area. Thankfully you have to drive about 5 minutes to really see a lot of it. But still somewhat worrisome. Near the hotel there is a delicious Mexican spot, Starbucks, Burger King, 7-11, etc. Location is also about a 10/15 minute drive to Universal Studios. Lastly, free breakfast isn’t too bad either. Only big issue is the room is super small. They have tables to eat there but due to COVID and such a small place they should put those next to the swimming pool instead.
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3.4/539 Reviews
I went to the United States to test the SAT. On the first day, I rented the box in the trunk on the first day. Everything was inside. Then the front desk helped me check the video, helped me check the taxi company’s official website, and helped me to call. Helped me find the driver, and then because I was too late, I asked me to contact me the next morning, and wrote the complete information for me. The next day I went to the game and found that the front desk had the wrong number, and then the manager was on duty that day. When I heard it, I immediately called me again, helped me get everything done and communicated to the driver step by step. After 2 hours, the driver returned the box (paying the driver 30 dollars) Really, it’s really friendly and welcoming. I didn’t even think that the box would come back. It’s really a big compliment. For other information: There are 3 people at the front desk, the manager is Johnny, one speaks Chinese and the other is unclear. The location is quite good, although this area is a Mexican place, but unlike Houston, which is full of dangers like tramps, it is safe and quiet at night. If you go to the SAT, go to the examination room for 6 minutes. Left and right, if it is accommodation, it is a good choice, there is a 7-11 convenience store at the door, and a few streets down is Chinatown. The room was very warm, the bed was very soft and comfortable, not an apartment was a small house, I booked the most common one, one bed and one table, then the floor was wood, the bathroom was very clean, the air conditioning thief was strong
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4.5/533 Reviews
My family and I stayed at The Moment hotel for 3 nights so that we could be close Hollywood Blvd, Universal and Six Flags. The staff were very friendly and catered to any needs we had. Parking onsite was a bonus and no issues with having a spot available when we returned late in the day. Rooms are quite small but clean and suited our needs for a comfy place to sleep at night. Heads up that beds are only doubles so it’s a bit cozy. Decor is modern but could use a paint job in some areas. Bathrooms have frosted glass doors so not a lot of privacy. Would recommend this hotel for a short stop over and clean place to sleep.
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4.3/543 Reviews
1) W Hotel LA can be booked at the price of 3290 (tax included) / 3 nights / double bed. It was quite affordable. At the time of booking, Ctrip's price was much lower than Agoda and booking. It was a bit scary. Afraid, get the hotel's confirmation number and rest assured. 2) Good location, in West Beverly, near UCLA, in a very safe location ... from the airport, it will take about 20mins. 3) The room is really big! Cost-effective thief! There are several disadvantages: first: all the lights in the room must be turned on and off by themselves, which is inconvenient; second: it is not particularly friendly or the shower head is fixed and cannot be adjusted, and it is very high, and it is very small It's inconvenient for children and the water is quite big ... Third: It's too dry in the room, we didn't dare to turn on the air conditioner, it's still so dry, and the room is much colder than the outside ... It's strange. In summary, next time I come to LA, if I can still get it at such a favorable price, I will definitely choose again!
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4/537 Reviews
We stayed there 3 nights- which were 3 too much. At first we did not get the shower to work, and once we did, the whole water was everywhere but in the shower. Secondly, there was some trouble with the safe. The room was not worth 3 stars at all, it was all in all in used condition. We missed the check out at 11am, for which we apologized a couple of times, as we did not do it on purpose of course. we were told „dont worry that happen, just make sure you check out in 10mins“ which we did. Finally we found out, that we were invoiced 60 bugs for that and were told we should be thankful as standardly they would invoice more. I would highly NOT RECOMMEND this hotel, as its not a 3 stars hotel at all. The staff is rude, the rooms not satisfying and the furniture is old and in very used condition.
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4.3/5197 Reviews
LAX International Airport
This time stay was excellent, was a lot of people but hotel staff seemed to be ready for big crowds moving people quickly from lines. Ate at bar .....server didn't write order so order of course was incorrect....again!
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3.9/540 Reviews
LAX International Airport
This is a Hilton hotel, well located and close to the airport. It is in the same district as Sheraton Four Seasons, and there is also a shared shuttle bus. The Ambassador Hotel has two north and south at the airport. When you take the bus, pay attention that it is yellow, not white. Breakfast at the hotel is good compared to hotels in the United States. There are three or four hot dishes. Tips for bacon and fried eggs need to be given. The room is large with one bedroom and one living room. For tourists with children, it is very good and there is enough space for activities. The hotel has been around for a long time, but the facilities are well maintained. Business is also good. The parking lot has to pay, because I went to get the car when I was away, so there was no parking and the cost was not asked, but parking is more convenient in the backyard, and there is no need to park the parking lot.
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4.7/548 Reviews
The hotel is ideally located on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Traveling at 12pm is not dangerous. At 10 o'clock every day, there are corresponding hiking, visiting the observatory and other activities, you can sign up to participate. Breakfast and public areas are nice. The quality of the occupants varies, and travellers are generally OK. But this time I stayed in the assigned room, there are occupants looking for work, the energy is relatively low. The scariest thing is that one is smoking marijuana. Crying and laughing in the middle of the night for two days, tears and snot came out at ninety in the evening due to smoking marijuana. Fortunately, there is no threat of attack.
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4/528 Reviews
These guys have a maximum stay limit of two weeks, and I know why: If they didn't, nobody would ever leave! What I loved about this place is how they manage to have such a good balance. I have a decent amount of hosteling experience and I feel that often a place is either clean and strict, or relaxed but dirty, but this place gets it just right: It's super clean and well-taken care of, but at the same time the atmosphere as well as the management is super relaxed and chill. The guests are definitely not the typical "LA tourist" type, most of the people there seemed very individualistic, with the majority of them being solo travelers. They tend to keep themselves but are still up for a little chat. Again, it's the perfect balance. It's a friendly place but not a party hostel. In many hostel dormitories people come and go all night, turning on the lights and making a lot of noise, but this wasn't the case here. The lights went out pretty early, and whoever came in late would make an effort not to disturb the other people. Most of their rooms are regular dorms with bunk beds, but for just a few bucks more you can get a pod with a curtain and your own light, which I highly recommend. It's not always easy to get a good night's rest in hostels, but I slept really well here. Everything is very clean and there's a common area with plants and cozy warm vibes, it's all quite small but never feels crowded, even if they're completely booked. I would also like to add that I'm someone who struggles with all sorts of allergies, including dust and certain cleaning agents, and I had no issues here at all, which again speaks for the cleanliness of the place. Without a doubt one of the best hostels I've ever stayed at and probably the best deal you can get in LA. It's the sort of place you kinda don't want to tell anyone about because you want to keep it a secret, which is probably why nobody has written a review before ;)
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4/551 Reviews
Good location UCLA next to the community quiet and safe, no problem running at night, do not eat breakfast at the hotel, you have to go 500m to go to the university community to buy There are also gas stations and avis/budget rental cars nearby. 5 minutes drive from Westfield shopping mall The hotel room has a slight sense of design. The equipment has no toiletries and slippers, but the customer service will bring the slippers. Didn't eat at the hotel but it looks very popular. Dinner is going to line up. Good service, good check-in, parking, parking, Valet parking, but expensive, more than 30 knives per night, but it’s really better than stopping the street. Overall good valet expensive points, not self-driving will not have this problem
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4.6/542 Reviews
Very unpleasant experience, I feel that I spend money in extra places, and I am not responsible for the work at the front desk. Because my credit card is a little problem, I used my husband’s pre-authorization and told them that we paid directly by cash. Don't buckle on the card. After we paid $84 in cash, we repeatedly asked if there was any cost. The other party said that it was gone. After two days, I found that the credit card was still deducted for $94, and I am still negotiating. In addition to the room rate, the so-called Amenity Fee is paid every day. In fact, it is a forced charge, and you have to pay whatever you use. Breakfast is not self-service, it is an order, you have to make up the difference yourself if you exceed the prescribed amount, and there are additional taxes. The parking fee is also very expensive... In short, all kinds of charges, all the costs add up to a better hotel. At that time, I booked a luxury city view room. I arranged it in a room with no scenery at first, and then went to complain about changing rooms. The room was facing the street and it was very noisy. In short, the two-day experience of living is very poor, and will not be chosen in the future.
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2.7/540 Reviews
This is a very basic motel in a VERY good location with free parking. Almost unheard of in the area. Our room was very noisey, but was big and had lots of light. We asked to move at first as the room was non smoking but the bathroom in particular stunk of smoke. We ended up staying in that room as it was much better than the dark grim downstairs one we were shown. Street noise is very loud, but we turned on the air con and it acted like white noise. We stayed in winter and were cold, night reception had poor English and hung up when our request for a blanket could not be filled. We thought the heater wasn’t working, but this turned out to be wrong, so was fine in the end. Good pressure in the shower, and they let us park for a couple of hours after we checked out while we got food beforet heading to the airport. The day staff were very accomodating trying to find a room to solve the smoke problem, but it’s clear people smoke at the bathroom window regularly. There were a lot of signs about the area being dangerous, but we didn’t feel uncomfortable or unsafe. If you are not worried about a bit of street noise and some smells, and are on budget, this is a good place for you.
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4.9/532 Reviews
My best friend & I stumbled upon this find after I’d landed from an over night flight from the other side of the country at 5am & was EXHAUSTED & needed somewhere to sleep ASAP. We sat in the car near LAX & called around to various places after searching on google for cheap nearby motels. We needed something that allowed early check in for an extra fee & also somewhere that did not require a large deposit. We found all that with Sea Rock. We checked in on a Sunday around 7am, deposit was only $60 & the people behind the counter were friendly, very efficient, quick & had a key in our hands within 10 minutes. For a cheap motel I was very impressed with the room which exceeded my expectations. Full bathroom with the toilet & shower in one room with mirror & sink on the other side of the bathroom door, which made it easy to get ready to leave & go out to get food. The room came with a small flat screen tv, mini fridge, microwave, 2 queen beds, & a big AC/heater unit attached to the front window, low to the ground, which was so relaxing to turn up the ac & sleep. All in all it felt like a hotel room just with older wooden flooring and rustic/old fashioned color paint on the walls, which you’d expect to be thin where you can hear everything on the other side but we did not run into that issue. They also offered late check out for an additional fee as well. So the fact that they had a lot of flexibility of check in & out times, really really made my day & set this place apart from other cheap motels. DEFINITELY recommend.
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4.2/548 Reviews
This is a motel and parking is available. The hotel location is more convenient, the bus stop is 2 minutes walk to the Avenue of Stars, 1.75 USD. There are many restaurants nearby, but it is noisy because it is on the road. The room has heating, other facilities are relatively simple. There is a water dispenser at the front desk. Hot and cold water is provided free of charge.
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4.7/535 Reviews
I’m very picky and critical but I was so pleased with this charming hotel! It’s very tasteful with a casual vibe, the staff was wonderful, and it is now my go-to while in the area. Close by is the Hammer Museum which is super cool, I also recommend Violet Bistro and there's always Whole Foods for a salad-all within walking distance. I'm elderly-ish but because of the student population buzzing around, I feel safe walking at night. Again, the staff was super, the rooms are chic and the standards are high.
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3.7/544 Reviews
The hotel has free parking, a complimentary buffet breakfast, and two queen beds in the room, suitable for children. The hotel is located in Koreatown, the surrounding environment is a bit poor, and the roadside is a bit noisy, mainly because the room is not soundproof. However, we took the children to take the test, close to the test center, and drive a few minutes. The front desk service was particularly good. We went out to take the subway and provided us with 3 free bus cards (doing $2/piece for ourselves) and holding the card to buy tickets for $1.75 each time.
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4.2/538 Reviews
The employees are amazing they are always there to help you. Especially Ivonne and Brian and Lupe. No what I can always count on them. The house keeper too I think her name is Maria. She is amazing. I have been staying for about a year here and I love it.
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