Hotels Near Tacos El Jefes In Las Vegas

4.5/5Excellent8 Reviews
2.73km from Wing King
We had a great stay here. Booked 10 non smoking rooms which were good size, clean and recently renovated. Staff and service was excellent. We stayed at Circus Circus for other part of holiday and this was way better than CC and better rates when you factor in resort fee. Had a very good buffet too. Thoroughly recommend if you looking for an affordable option off the strip.
4.2/5Very Good14 Reviews
4.32km from Wing King
Terrible! Absolutley hands down the WORST experience I have ever encounted with a hotel in all the years I have been travelling. From the first call to reserve to the dissapointing behavour of staff on arrival. I called to reserve two seperate stay dates. I was told to book on line. I actually was suprised at the bad attitude I recieved, but said, no, as I have you on a call I would like the reservation to be made. He grumbled under his breadth and continued. He was very rude and obviously did not want to do a call in person reservation. I booked two different dates. When I arrived at the hotel for my first stay, I was told there was no reservation, odd since they had taken the first nights stay from my visa. Several times, while I was trying to figure out why I was paying twice and where my booking was he said the same thing. you can go elsewhere. I again explained what had happened about the incorrectly booked dates and I needed a refund as it was not my mistake. I was brushed off with an investigation and rude attitude I asked for the General manager name and number. I called Erica Wells three times. Left three messages and no return. I pride myself on being reasonable, but absolutely felt disgusted the way I have been treated. Having someone at the head of a business and in a managment position, teaching that, that behavour is okay is and to respond to a guest complaint in such a rude and unbelievable way it is now understandable.
4.7/5Outstanding7 Reviews
4.86km from Wing King
Very good cleanliness and careful disinfecting! I always saw someone cleaning, and there was a good supply of hand sanitizer and soap everywhere. i really appreciated that. All of the people who worked there were pleasant and helpful, and the service was great. I was very pleased. We ate in the hotel twice, the food was good, and again everything was clean, distances were good, and people were respectful. Especially nice given that downtown and strip hotels were NOT as clean or accommodating. Plus, the view from our room was so beautiful!
4.5/5Excellent13 Reviews
5.17km from Wing King
We were searching for a wedding venue outside the strip that was high end and understated class was not easy in Vegas, BUT we found it at the JW Marriott. First off , they abided by the Covid measurements which was very important for us. The elevators would only allow 4 or less. Plus they were marked! Front desk Lisa was one of the BEST employees there! Very friendly, helpful and respectful. We also met the General Manager who was super friendly and helping guests with the Covid! The bellmen including Jersey Cliff, ( he is is from NJ) was awesome , gave us water, directions and just downright loving their jobs! I mentioned Jersey, we actually met the finance woman, Kelly who was friendly, knowledgeable and again appeared to love it there. Keri, who coordinates the weddings there is extremely professional , friendly and quite honestly sealed the deal for our daughter and future son in law. She is so wonderful, great with follow up, pleasant... Everyone is smiling which makes the whole atmosphere happy! We ate at the Hawthorn for happy hour. Service was great, food was good. Sitting outside hearing the waterfalls, looking at the koi pond was relaxing. We also ate at the Jade, food was awesome! Service again was wonderful. Wines by the bottle started at 30.00 btw; great deal! The casino was big enough, but did smell a bit like smoke... the casino bartender again , he was so friendly. The grounds were beautiful, well manicured. Our room, a one bedroom suite was big, two bathrooms, decorated nicely. We were in a regular king room , it did smell like smoke, but was over 500 square feet, nice bathroom. All in in all great stay, my husband didn’t want to leave but we had to see other venues on the strip( oh no)! The result, we booked our daughters wedding at the JW, nothing can compare to the beauty inside and out as well as the employees that work there at the JW!
3.7/522 Reviews
5.73km from Wing King
The male staff in the evening shift is very friendly, very patient, always smiling, and the service is very good! It rained outside and I also borrowed an umbrella for me. The room was great, my room was on the top floor, there was a balcony in the room and the bed was very comfortable! The location is very good, just in the city center, to various attractions, shopping and shopping, the surrounding restaurants are very convenient, it should be the best hotel I have ever stayed on this trip! If you have the chance to go to Berlin again, you have to choose this hotel!
3.8/510 Reviews
5.87km from Wing King
The private dining room was awesome for our business meeting. Excellent service and very quite. I was very pleased with the staff and the attention they paid to our group. The food was very good and the drinks were made to order.
4.1/5Very Good10 Reviews
5.93km from Wing King
I’m a local/ long time resident of LV, hubby is native. Had an unexpected circumstance come up leaving us with an unexpected unintended 50+ night stay at this location as well as Red Rock. We switch between the 2. This location is probably the most updated/modern. Location is perfect. Freeway access. Target within walking distance. Plenty of gambling available around the neighborhood. My previous residence was about 2 blocks from here, sonim familiar with the area. Theres a hampton inn next door, i was originally there and left after an awful experience, called this place and waljed across the parking lot where i was granted early check in, enrollment in reward program... allowing me diamond statius after about 2 weeks of consistent stays... and now I rarely pay a full rate price and am given free suite upgrades, no cancellation fees (i never cancel) extra point accimulation, and even better... pro rated prices based on point accumulation... if I get 3,000 points I can get a hefty discount... 15,000 is a free night. Yheres no deposit required at check in but you do pay your price at check in not after. Which is fine. In las Vegas its rare to have no deposit. So awesome. Staff goes above and beyond, every single person is helpful. Due to the length of my stay they know me by name now, check on me periodically, and the GM even comped a couple nights without me asking or inquiring... after noticing my prolonged stay he even took it upon himself to just offer a kind gesture like comp (ive paid $100 a night on average and im on day 49 here) and his understanding managemnt style is very appreciated as well as consistent... Ive had a few hiccups with staff... misunderstandings leading to a headache between myself and the property at times... and even some frustration (they are probably sick of me at this piont, but they never let on to that, ha!) but everything has been addressed, no one has been anything other than understanding, patient, and professional... and i couldnt say thank you enough regarding the gratutude i feel for this location. It feels like home when home isnt something we all have at the moment. Its comforting. Comfortable. Clean. Safe. My dog is enjoying it here as well. The staff all know her by name, say hello, etc etc. they never bother me with questions about my stays and “not so typical” reservations (check in... check out ... check back in... etc) people typically handle their pets well so i have had no issues with negative pet interactions. And even when ive had to leave and come back while I awaited my funds to be available to continue my stay... the staff continued to assist and help in any way they could to accomodate and make the situation as stress free as possible on my end. They keep me on the 1st floor for my dog, Michelle at the front desk in the morning checks to make sure i have a reservation on sold out nights just in case i forgot, so im not left without options... they have granted me late checkout... and even la
4.5/5Excellent7 Reviews
5.99km from Wing King
Awful. Awful hotel. Hilton should be ashamed to represent this chain. The only positive Ill say is its clean and rooms are modern/ in the process of being updated. But not worth the BS you will endure during your time at the property. I stayed 7 nights. Was charged for 13. The manager told me to go stay somewhere else if i didnt like it. Refused to make it right... the little girl that works over night threw a room key AT MY FACE after she refused me entry into my room at 3am (i forgot to grab my room key while taking my dog out for bathroom break...) because her computer system said I hadnt paid for my stay... which was false. And I explained to her multiple times... yet she continued to ask how I would prefer to pay since my card was showing declined for that night... I finally got frustrated enough and told her 1) I would wait and speak to the rude manager when she got there and 2) whether I pay now or not, how would you expect me to do so when its 3am and im locked out of my rolm? If i dont have my room key why would i have my credit card? Where would i put it? As i stand here in my pajamas. No bra. And a dog in my arms. Common sense is also lacking here. She then made a key, tossed it at me and walked away. How professional. The manager called less than an hour later... no im sorry, the little girl called my room after she “spoke to the manager directly” and informed me I couldnt stay any longer and the payment had been recieved their computer just messed up. So it was your mistake... but im no longer welcome? Yes. She said you cant stay here again. Too many complications. She also said maybe I should be more responsible and in doing so I could use one credit card instead of the multiple cards I had had to use because I was newly wothout a home and without work due to the pandemic. So I paid day to day and at times had to switch my card used for payment.... one could imagine how inapprpritae and hurtful that comment was especially when the issue was not due to my side but the hamton inns side of things. Nadine (front desk staff that never once gave me a hello or good morning just a stale face and cold “can i help you?”) even admittied to me the mistake was strictly on the hamptons side and patience was necessary while the issue had to be fixed via manager. I left this place after the 5th incorrect charge and the phone call stating O couldnt re book. I contacted hilton directly. Went back and forth for months. Recieved an email from this locations manager... whom stated “we just told you to leave because our thinking is if youre not happy here why stay here? Hmm. I wont comment any further. That was in August. I just recieved my partial refund for over payment 2 days ago... October 25th... via check. Total let down. And disappointment. Moved to la quinta across the parking lot. Night and day difference... and same stories heard from multiple guests. Dont waste your time!
4.1/5Very Good24 Reviews
6.12km from Wing King
We stayed at Gold Coast for three nights recently. Our room was comped so we are grateful for that; however, I feel compelled to be as upfront as possible to inform other travelers. Our room was small. It was on the 6th floor. The window looked out toward the north, I think. There was a large parking lot, then beyond that, some mountains. To the left were some apartments with red tile roofs. The location wasn't good. Trucks came and went all day especially in the mornings. Beeps, honks, and roaring engines were our constant companions. I asked for a quiet location, but this wasn't it. The basic everyday housekeeping was good. The bathroom was clean, and the towels and sheets were clean and nice. I did not see any insects of any kind. I always look--wherever I am. Basic maintenance is a different matter, I think. When the air conditioner ran, it put out a dreadful smell. I think it's actually called "dirty sneaker syndrome." It was like a soured dish towel. I did call about it, but as far as I know, no one came to look at it. I think it's a pretty big job when it gets like that so maybe they will work on it before the next guests arrive. The sink was very slow draining. The carpet was pretty dismal. Needed to be replaced or at least cleaned aggressively. One elevator out of four was out of order our entire visit. Halls were hot and stuffy. There is a security officer who scans your room card before you are allowed to go to the elevators. That's a nice feature. Bed was hard and pillows were hard. There were three pillows when we arrived. I called, and the maid quickly brought me two more. Housekeeping was very pleasant and accomodating. The casino is a nice size--not too big. It was, however, quite smoky, especially at night. Craps dealers we encountered were not as efficient or pleasant as they are at the Orleans. I looked, but I didn't see a Blake Shelton slot machine. Lots of other ones though. Many varieties of the current Buffalo Gold machines. Some 9/6 video poker machines mixed in. Some on this board have said there isn't a good place for breakfast, but we ate three breakfasts and a lunch at TGI Fridays. They were all good and offered good service. We didn't eat any other places. There is a pleasant little gift shop with nice staff members. I played in the Bingo room. It's very large with smoking and nonsmoking sections in the same big ball room. Run by some sweet ladies who will help you if you don't know how to play. Most people play on a small computer nowadays. Only a few of those there were marking their cards manually. There is also a big bowling alley. We didn't bowl. We were comped because of previous play at Orleans. Orleans was overbooked because of basketball tournaments and conventions. Orleans is not at all fancy, but, in my opinion, Gold Coast isn't nearly as nice as Orleans. I wouldn't want to pay to stay there."
3.5/512 Reviews
6.14km from Wing King
During this Covid pandemic of 2020, we stayed at the La Quinta Red Rock in Summerlin for almost two months from September through November (previously, in 2019, my husband stayed there almost 6 months while on location for work in Las Vegas). During our time at the LQ, the entire staff from James the Manager to all of the front desk people - Mary, Chelsea, Jasmine, etc - were attentive and helpful to our needs, often anticipating them even before we asked. The grounds and rooms were clean and organized and even Jesus the maintenance man was friendly and hospitable. We highly recommend this location for cozy, extended lodging where, even when away from your own house, it feels like home!
5/5Perfect12 Reviews
6.24km from Wing King
If I could give More than 5 stars I would. My wife and I read all the reviews but we are people of taste style and class. We love antique, art and oddities. This hotel itself is beautiful all by itself. When you include the staff from the valet to the manager to the very nice maintenance staff and everyone in between there are no words to put it into perspective. This hotel and its staff are our new home and friends in Vegas. A special thank you to Stephanie for everything you did. You made our short vacation special. And everyone else we came across, thank you for being the kIndest people we ever encountered in Las Vegas. We’ll see you again soon friend Update: almost two months have passed and still haven’t gotten my deposit plus resort fees. Let me explain, above was an accurate message at the time. When checking in I put on my card the cost of the room and taxes. Second charge was for deposit and resort fees, stay was great. Arrived to our home state and three days later deposit still not back to my account. Three more days same thing but than I noticed another large charge on my account. Contacted the hotel and was given some crap story of the charge was for resort fees. I ALREADY paid the fees and deposit once and now I’m being charged again. I’m now in contact with the gm Vanessa and it’s the same crap. I’ve contacted my bank exhaustively and keep being told the same thing that they still have my money. My wife and I also tipped over $100 to staff to say thank you and for what? I’m a combat veteran with severe ptsd and because of there don’t care attitude I have gone over a month now without my medications because they refuse to refund my money. They don’t care about you. They don’t care once you leave and they don’t care about veterans. Don’t wast your time at this place and if you do pay in cash and don’t leave till you get your deposit back. Shame on you. You know who You are
4.3/5Excellent235 Reviews
6.39km from Wing King
The tallest hotel on this trip to the United States The location is easy to find. Follow Google Navigation directly. Please note that if you do n’t want to pay for parking for a valet, you must take the drop off channel or drive directly to the self-parking parking building. The first floor of this parking building is for For uber and taxis, self-parking is available for free on the second floor and above. The distance from the parking building to the hotel lobby is not close. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor of the parking building, and then pass through the casino. Pay attention to the hotel lobby, which is where the check in is located. It was 5 pm when I went there, and the self-check-in was not easy to use, so I could only queue up. Our group of 3 people booked 2 rooms for about 10 minutes. Yes, no breakfast. The check out was self-service, very convenient, and the deposit was refunded at that time. Talking about the hotel, the elevator is very fast, the room is clean, no odor, good sound insulation, the room is very large, the linen is very clean and comfortable, the bathing and changing rooms are very large, but it ’s just passing by vagas, there is no permanent residence. There are famous Sichuan restaurants in the surrounding area which can be reached on foot.

Hotels Near Tacos El Jefes In Las Vegas Review

4.6/551 Reviews
Las Vegas Strip
Every year I go to Las Vegas at CES. During the exhibition, all hotels are very expensive, so stay in downtown, and then travel to the strip for about 3 days. In the last few years, Mirage has been the best value for money. I stayed at the hotel. It is not an exaggeration to say that cost performance is only a Mirage at a 4 star hotel. I will stay if I can maintain the current price next year.
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4.6/51183 Reviews
Las Vegas Strip
Trump International Family traveler with two big kids. Hotel located at the north of the Strip, no casino so there's no huge line for checking in. This is one of the reason we chose it. We stayed in two different rooms for two nights, one is two double beds room and the other one is the king size bed suite. Rooms are big with comfortable beds. Staffs are friendly. Value for money is great. We have left three jackets in the hotel and Trump has the specific lost & found department (company) to recover it. They sent the package back by Fedex but the price is quite expensive which costs USD155 for sending it back to Hong Kong. Anyway, it is nice to have them back since one of my jacket worths USD1500.... Thanks for recovering them for us.
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4.1/5291 Reviews
Las Vegas Strip
It’s located on the strip and has access to the pedestrian bridge to connect to the strip and tram to other hotels. We went during COVID- restrictions, so many of the amenities were closed, but the hotel has a great selection of dining options. The pool area is spacious and was our favourite place. Housekeeping was not excellent, we stayed here for a week, and they only came 2x, and that was after we called and requested a cleaning service. The hallway was dirty and always had things lying around. The rooms don't have a microwave or fridge if you want to store cold water or leftovers. It’s not ideal.
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4.3/5140 Reviews
Las Vegas Strip
A great value hotel in Las Vegas. Originally, it was only scheduled for one night. The family was very happy after checking in, and immediately decided to add an extra night. The hotel is at the end of Long Street, near Luxor Hotel. From the location point of view, it is a little bit off, but the hotel can park between different MGM hotels, which is good. The hotel is large, and Jin Chancan is prominent on the road. The rooms are large, the facilities and facilities are very comfortable, and the bathrooms are very large. They belong to high-end luxury prices, but the prices are very close to the people. Especially when booking from Ctrip, it is cheaper than some websites in the United States. The lobby of the hotel is the casino, mainly various types of slot machines. Overall, the check-in experience is good, the only drawback is that the hotel is really too big, often getting lost, ha ha, after parking the car on the day of the check, I couldn't find the hotel lobby, it took a long time to find it. In addition, all kinds of snacks in the room are paid, the price is expensive, and the induction device is used. If you move it, it may be included in the bill even if you do not eat it, and the small refrigerator cannot refrigerate your own things. You need to pay to use it. This is the first time you have encountered it, and it feels very unreasonable. Parking requires $ 15 a day. You also need to pay a resort fee of nearly $ 42 a day.
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4/5208 Reviews
Las Vegas Strip
Pyramid Hotel, baby want to go to Egypt, just live in a Pyramid Hotel compromise, there are blue people and tuoyi show. Performance. very convenient. Meals are not bad, and it's easy to go to the main road. lv hotels are relatively expensive. There is a gas station next to the hotel, and the fuel is cheap. Anyway, the hotel can meet all your needs.
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4.2/5148 Reviews
Las Vegas Strip
1. The location of the hotel is very good, the middle of the main street, you can basically browse the entire Las Vegas area by walking. 2. Parking is a separate building. The hotels I have stayed at in Vegas are basically the same. It only takes a connecting corridor to walk from the parking lot to the front desk. The parking fee of 15 USD is paid when checking in. It is very convenient to enter and exit with the room card. 3. The hotel's software and hardware are good, the layout of the room is warm and new. Especially checkin and checkout are completed on the machine terminal, and there is customer service staff to assist, which is very convenient. The hotel's gym is fully equipped, but need to line up between 7am and 9am. 4. I have breakfast at the Italian food center on the ground floor of the hotel. I have a lot of options and very special features. I can definitely make a nutritional match for 20 dollars. Dinner at the Zhongguan restaurant on the first floor is also a good option. In addition, the bar on the first floor casino is also a good place to spend time with friends in the evening. After a little gambling, drink two glasses, smoke a cigar, and enjoy a good Vegas night. There are two problems: 1. The washbasin in the toilet is easily blocked 2. Check the bill carefully when you checkout. In addition to the prepaid online fee, there is a resort fee that is charged by every casino hotel, but the extra bar food charges in the room were deleted after I raised an objection, because I always have to Never touched the food in the room.
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