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4.6/5Outstanding10 Reviews
0.09km from Tetes Manis
Destiny brought us together in a cold winter night in Tokyo. The landlord is a 73-year-old man with friendly and warm heart who welcomed my sister and I when we arrived. He was so worried that we might be loss or anything. But the distance between this hostel and Kanda JR station(1 stop away from Tokyo station) is actually a 6-8 minutes walk. It is hard to believe there is still a little cozy place waiting for us in such a big city in Japan. It was the last night of my 6-day journey, and I didnt ask more but a place to stay overnight for my flight next morning. But this hostel and grandpa "Jij" was just beyond my expectation. He kindly shared everything we wanted to know and even took us to dinner. He patiently introduced all the raw fish we were eating and about the Japanese food. He was also a backpacker like us when he was young. And after he retired 2 years ago, he decided to make this hostel a "home away from home" to those who was travel alone like him. He woke up at 5 to prepare a really great breakfast box for us to eat on the way to the airport. To be frank, I almost burst into tears when we left Jij. There is no such place that I would like to come back again so much. The heart-melting smile has already built a really tight bonding between us and trust me you will feel the same. 從來沒有一間民宿會讓我有強烈的慾望想再度回來. 爺爺非常溫暖及熱情. 他年輕時也是背包客, 兩年前退休蓋了一棟自己的民宿提供給像我們一樣的旅人. 他喜歡聊天, 喜歡分享關於他的關於東京的關於人生的任何事情. 爺爺幫我們舖好溫暖的床舖. 特地早起準備隔天的早餐讓我們帶上火車吃. 他讓我想到自己的爺爺. 希望你們也能親自去感受看看, 一起認識這個可愛又很棒的爺爺.
4.5/5Excellent79 Reviews
0.11km from Tetes Manis
In a business hotel near Otemachi, the location is good and the price is reasonable. We stayed in preparation for an early morning meeting abroad the next day, but the location is perfect. However, it is not easy to clean the room, and you can see dust accumulated on the light cover of the bathroom, the water tank of the humidifier is darkened, and it seems that it is not properly cleaned. Perhaps, to reduce costs, he cleans many rooms by himself in a short time, so he cleans only where he can see. Fundamentally, I want you to change the cleaning status of the room.
3.5/55 Reviews
0.13km from Tetes Manis
We stayed there for one night as we didn't managed to book our regular Tokoyo Inn near Tokyo Station. This Toyoko Inn is quite new, opened in 2017 and is within 15 mins walking distance from Tokyo Station, and 5 mins to Kanda Station. It is a good option if you want to stay near Tokyo Station
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0.19km from Tetes Manis
The hotel is only a 3-minute walk from the West Exit of JR Kanda Station. Subway Otemachi Station is also within walking distance. It is very convenient for both business trips and sightseeing.All rooms are equipped with Nishikawa original beds and are equipped with an air purifier with a humidifying function.
4.1/5Very Good39 Reviews
0.22km from Tetes Manis
Stayed here last year with my family and decided we would stay again as i enjoyed where it was located. Location is great - maybe a 10min walk from Kanda station. Kanda appears to be more a business people district. Soon as you leave the station there are plenty of small bars and food options including nearby family marts, 7 elevens and lawsons. Not ideal for those who want to be right in the thick of the commotion and hustle and bustle. So was great for me as i didnt want to be. Could be ideal for lighter sleepers in this case as there was not much noise. Staff were friendly and accomodating. Available 24/7 it seems. There is an option for a change of pillow type at reception which was fantastic! Note that there is only 1 key per room which you have to leave at the front desk whenever you venture out. It was a good price for the 6 nights we were staying. No breakfast included but there is a pronto cafe connected to it that you can have a decent breakfast at. Coffee wasnt too bad and available to go. The hotel itself isnt the most updated technology wise and isnt one of the modern new age ones that the APA ones offer. But its still comfortable and had all my needs. Laundry service we used was exceptional and easy to use. Bag all your laundry, write down each item (its pay per item), leave it at the front desk by 9am and its ready for you by 7:30pm. Each item is ironed, folded neatly and placed in individual bags which was a feature my partner and i loved. Room service was daily and they would leave a note for you regarding room service options if you have a do not disturb sign. The room - we got a double bed smoking room. Room was clean, had a nice small fridge, aircon and you were provided 2 types of slipper options. Although didnt love the top sheet on the bed. Bath tub/shower was a bit of a safety issue. When stepping in and out of it or stepping in a different area, the bath tub would move, which was a worry. Air con didnt sit at a nice temperature, would get really hot to really cold and vuce versa quite quickly. Could be the gauge? Note you would generally be allowed to sit between 20-30 degrees. All in all another great stay and would recommend it to my family and friends.
4.6/5Outstanding83 Reviews
0.24km from Tetes Manis
We stayed at the Mitsui Garden Hotel Otemachi for one night at the end of our trip to Japan. We picked the hotel because it's just a 10-minute walk from Tokyo Station. Overall, we really enjoyed our stay. Our room was large enough to feel comfortable with two suitcases, and the service provided by the staff was great. We enjoyed breakfast in the hotel restaurant before leaving for the train station. There is a subway station (Otemachi) less than five minutes from the hotel, and it's a quick trip to many of Tokyo's most interesting neighborhoods. The Mitsui Garden Hotel Otemachi is a great choice based on comfort and location, and we will look forward to staying there again in the future.
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0.31km from Tetes Manis
This is a fairly good location as you have a few subway stops within 15mins’ walk. The bed wasn’t uncomfortable though weirdly designed at an angle so the curtain leaves some gaps from below (in the top bunk). It’s *very* small - the smallest hostel I’ve been to yet in my 3 months of Japan. Barely enough space to open 1 suitcase so it was very snug. There is an elevator up but a couple of stairs within the property. The biggest downside though is there’s no place to eat except an outdoor terrace. I’m sure this is lovely in the summer but as it’s been raining this does mean that there’s nowhere to eat your breakfast which is unusual - never been to a hostel which didn’t have a common space. There is a fridge and a microwave. Wouldn’t come back - this is a place just to sleep and not socialise/meet others/chill out!
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0.31km from Tetes Manis
The beds are embedded in a manga library- two levels with lower level being female only. Unfortunately there are a few design flaws that made life a bit uncomfortable- minimal hooks around bed area (only two inside pod but couldn’t really hang big coats), very small and cramped entrance to both levels, AC was extremely hot and pods didn’t feel well ventilated. Location was great, lots of places to eat around the area.
4.5/5Excellent18 Reviews
0.33km from Tetes Manis
1) I was woken up on my first morning here around 7:50am due to the construction RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW. No one warned me when checking in. Funny thing is the reception lady asked if I’m checking out early on the day I leave, and I said yes. But I’m also staying here 3 nights... so I guess my sleep just doesn’t matter to them. 2) In a country full of yes’s (hai), this hotel is full of no’s. I asked if the reception could make a phone call for me to schedule a shuttle bus for my day trip the next day, the same lady with a Singaporean accent looked at the webpage on my phone and said “We can’t call from our phone. You can use the public telephone outside on the street.” When I explained that I don’t think they will understand me on the other side of the line due to language barrier, she said “The website is in English so I think they probably will.” Lol and they didn’t really and I had a hard time communicating with them over the public phone. Also when I called reception from my room to ask if they had scissors, they said yes but I can only use it in the reception area. Don’t except any sort of Omotenashi here. 3) This is fairly minor but when I asked about printing, they told me to email it to them. I did and specified both in my email headliner and the email itself that I only needed the 2nd page of the 2 page document. When I went to collect the printed page, they had printed both and then said it was 10 yen per page. I would have appreciated a heads up that printing wasn’t free (because I had left my coin purse in my room) and also, did you even read my email? The only good thing about this hotel is the room size, but it’s not like I really got to enjoy it given that they gave me a room right by rooftop construction next door. If you are considering a business hotel in this price range, I recommend the APA chain instead. This is my 4th trip to Japan and I’ve stayed in hotels for around 100 nights total, and never have I gotten so worked up over a Japanese hotel experience as this one.
3.4/54 Reviews
0.33km from Tetes Manis
Near the station, very nice, very clean and quiet
4.1/5Very Good8 Reviews
0.38km from Tetes Manis
Nice hotel
4.6/5Outstanding115 Reviews
0.39km from Tetes Manis
For many folks that are rushing through a Japan trip, the Hoshinoya Tokyo might be able to provide the only ryokan experience they'll ever have. For such purposes, it fits the bill. However, I would recommend that people try staying at a real ryokan in the countryside if they're looking for something truly authentic. This hotel is certainly stylish, and has a large number of English-speaking staff, which affords a first timer with a stress-free time in Tokyo. The interior decor is modern rather than traditional, which may or may not suit what someone is looking for in a ryokan-style property. Compared to some other luxury properties in Tokyo, the Hoshinoya falls short in several areas. First off, the entry-level rooms are on the small side. They're not tiny, but don't offer the space that rival hotels offer. It's certainly not large enough to make an excuse to stay in the room and relax all day (not that you'd want to, mind you.) Also, there is no view to speak of. By comparison, the Aman, Palace Hotel and quite a few others have commanding views (the aforementioned two hotels have rooms with views of the Imperial Park.) Secondly, while it may be nice to sit on the floor, there really ought to be a western-style seating area as well as a work-desk (the lack of the latter will be a deal-breaker for many business travellers.) Top-notch ryokans (think Gora Kadan or Takefue) have private gardens or balconies with private onsen hot spring baths. And have true omotenashi service in a place that is far more remote than central Tokyo (which makes it all the more impressive.) They also serve exquisite kaiseki cuisine that Hoshinoya can't match. At the prices that Hoshinoya charges for its Tokyo property, I feel that it has too many compromises to recommend it as the go-to hotel in the city. It's offers neither a true ryokan experience nor is it a first-rate luxury business hotel.

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4.7/51171 Reviews
If you loves omakase breakfast at Toyosu market, shopping at Venus Fort, Diver City, Aqua City, visiting the TeamLab Borderless and TeamLab Planets, and hot-spring at Ooedo Onsen, that's the perfect location. Even gives you quick access to Disney resort and Haneda Airport! Small rooms as usual but the one with twin double beds is excellent for parents with two young children. The only downside is no car-rental nearby.
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4.6/51539 Reviews
Ikebukuro commercial
this hotel is always my favourite. the location is very convenient for shopping, for food & for transport. However, it took me over 45minutes to check in hotel because they couldn't find my booking although I provided the's confirmation number but I had no hotel confirmation number. Owing to the super typhoon which I must stay in the hotel, the hotel staff provided quality services & very good food. Overall, I enjoyed the stay.
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4.6/54273 Reviews
Check in was a breeze, efficient and high tech. Godzilla head is an interesting feature of the hotel (esp. for fans), and location is great, right in the middle of the happening area. room size is good, can even be bigger if the toilet is joined with the bathing area. can bring the 2 single beds together to form a large bed.
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4.7/51159 Reviews
Suidobashi/Tokyo Dome
Their service is nothing short of excellent. They have staff who are fluent in English (and other languages as well, I suspect). Me and my friend came thinking that we would be staying in a Single Room with Extra Bed since that was what we booked as we attempted to be more economic. However, to our pleasant surprise, our room was upgraded to a much much bigger room for free. We are very thankful to the helpful staff for making our stay pleasant and extremely comfortable. The location is great as it in located somewhere in between Iidabashi and Suidobashi which is pretty much close to the geographical center of Tokyo. Head east you will be able to visit Akihabara and Asakusa quick. Head west, you will be able to hit Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Shibuya. The neighbourhood is fairly quiet and the Tokyo Dome is just a 10-15 minute stroll away. If I am coming back to visit Japan, this hotel will be a clear top choice for me. Haven't had the opportunity to have the breakfast at this hotel, but I will certainly try it out on my next stay here.
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4.7/5957 Reviews
Great location with walking distance to metro station. Very comfortable room, housekeeping staff is doing a very good job.. super clean and no dust at all.. very impressive! Love the coffee sachet and green tea provided at the front desk.. they even give lady a Japanese facial mask upon check in, so thoughtful 🥳
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4.6/51308 Reviews
Ikebukuro commercial
Good hotel. Location is great and convenient, pretty much inside Sunshine city mall. There’s also a 24/7 family mart as well. Didn’t encounter any elevator problems in regards to having to wait long queue times.
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