Hotels Near Thalekkara Bus Stop In Malappuram Review

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The breakfast is very rich and the environment is very beautiful. There is also a river on the side and a large swimming pool, which is very suitable for playing and relaxing on holidays. The architectural style of the hotel is also very classic and distinctive.
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2.5/55 Reviews
Although we had a lovely room -- a suite -- and the countryside outside the hotel abounded in fresh air and friendly neighbors -- I have nothing else good to say about the Soorya Regency. The hotel seems to exist only as an adjunct to a large bar -- a rarity in mostly dry Malappuram. There must have been other guests staying at the hotel while we were there in January, but we never saw one. The bar, however, was bustling and boisterous. If there was a lift, we never found it, but that's OK: Our room was up only 1 flight of stairs. The stairs and hallway were dark enough, however, that it was difficult to see the steps on our descent. Most of the staff (save one) seemed to understand or speak almost NO English whatsoever, despite advertisement to the contrary. It was next to impossible to communicate with them, even for us "old India hands" who've traveled the length of the country ***y times and have always been able to get our messages across, one way or another. Very frustrating. The laundry service -- which the night clerk was clueless about when we first inquired -- was slow, but seemed OK until they ruined 2 shirts on our last day there. We didn't spot the damage until we'd moved on to the next town. But none of the above was as horrible as the restaurant. The food was utterly awful. And, again, communication was an issue. "Two eggs, any style" on the menu didn't mean what it said. I ordered "scrambled" and got hard-boiled. Turns out they didn't do any eggs beyond hard-boiled and "masala omelet." The latter came loaded with hot chilies -- even after I had emphasized NO chilies, please, when I ordered. After the first night, we ate only a couple, very reluctant, meals from the hotel kitchen, and even then, dined in our room itself. The restaurant, like the hallway, was dim and deserted, emitting such a creepy vibe that we didn't want to go in there again. And then, the last meal we ate made me sick. Literally. I was up, vomiting, all night. After that, our remaining meals while staying there were all taken at the little Avial restaurant, about a 5-minute walk down the road. I only wish we'd eaten there from the start. In a nutshell: We are never going back!
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