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0.26km from The Ja Coex
Hotel booked for business. The hotel can be reached by airport bus 16,000 won. The hotel can take a bus directly to the airport. Figure 5 is the current bus schedule for the airport to the hotel. You can consult with the front desk at that time. Subway transportation is also very convenient. The hotel is on the left hand side of Line 2 Samseong Station (when taking the Korean subway, you must take a closer look at the next stop, and the two lines in opposite directions may not be very close when transferring) The negative ground floor of the hotel is a shopping mall complex with a large library / bookstore. The underground mall is connected to the modern mall. You need cash or a credit card to eat food. For other shopping, convenience stores can use Alipay WeChat. The hotel service was good. There was a curtain that was not easy to pull. When I called, the workers came in a while. It was very polite. I brought two new curtains and quickly replaced them with new ones. Korean taxi drivers are not very good in English. When they left the hotel, they asked the hotel to book for them. When they came back, they showed us the names of the Romanized hotels and they were abandoned. If you want to take a taxi back to the hotel, it is best to ask the front desk to give a small card with the name and address of the hotel in Korean.
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0.26km from The Ja Coex
I made a reservation for a general king room on the upper floor, but I paid 30,000 won more and got an upgrade to the deluxe COEX view. This is God's hand!!!! View is amazing It's next to the road, so if you're sensitive, it would be better to just get a normal view. I wasn't able to sleep well after waking up in the middle due to the sound of the air purifier and air conditioner, maybe because the hotel is older than the car noise. All of the staff are very friendly I was doing a hocance tour hahaha I stopped by the Shilla Seoul Hotel, but even with the same deluxe room, the Hyatt is much bigger!! Especially the bathtub size was great Elbe is a little annoying because he has to go up to the lobby and change.. Rice was a set menu because of the corona, so I ate Gangnam Originally, I didn't eat well in the morning, so I ate a little Kukyeokkuyeok. The taste is just like home rice.. Orange juice zone taste~~ It’s a little disappointing because it’s a day.
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0.3km from The Ja Coex
Conveniently located and clean. Helpful staff. Food options for night time orders could perhaps be increased for business travellers who work late even back at the hotel. Buffet breakfast was excellent too with good range of options. Overall a very pleasing experience.
4.7/5Outstanding74 Reviews
0.35km from The Ja Coex
This Hotel XYM near COEX, Samsung Subway Station is not ready to accept customers. I stayed at this hotel for 1 night on February 1, 2018, in Room 408. As usual, the temperature outside was around -10 degrees Celsius, which is normal for Seoul during this time of the year. The room was frigid. The floor was cold. I thought I was going to freeze to death during my sleep. I was so cold, I woke up around 4 am and gathered up the extra blanket in the room and put it on top of the exiting blanket on my bed. I also wore additional clothing and hugged one of the extra pillows while I endured the cold until next morning. When I woke up, I quickly went to the bathroom and turned on the hot water to get a hot bath to thaw my cold body. The hotel’s heating is controlled centrally by the front desk so you have to call the front desk for the control. I complained twice to them about the cold room but nothing happened. I complained again while I checked out and after I checked out. They dismissed the problem as the room’s air temperature was only cold but there should not have been any problems with the heating, without even checking the matter. Bad hotel, bad customer service. I do not recommend anyone staying at this hotel, especially in the winter!
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0.35km from The Ja Coex
I've stayed at Peyto Samseong multiple times in different rooms, and it's always been a good experience. Location: Fantastic. Literally across the street from the city airport terminal, and coex mall. So you can do a city check-in the morning that you fly, which is super convenient. The food and shopping in coex is great. There's a 24-hour minimart next to the lift lobby, very convenient. Room size: Tiny. But somehow the layout and design works so that you don't really feel it. The most basic room fits 1 person comfortably. The bathroom is always surprisingly spacious. Room condition: Very clean, basic, functional. No frills and nothing fancy, but all the essentials are there, laid out in a compact manner. Bathrooms are nice and bright. Service: Solid. They don't offer you anything you don't ask for, but are very prompt with requests (e.g. humidifiers for rooms, housekeeping). Other facilities: lobby, meeting facilities are adequate and average, nothing fancy. Pricing: Value for money, albeit not a luxury pick.
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0.36km from The Ja Coex
I went to rest alone, but the size of the room was just right. This is a new hotel, so it is clean and tidy. However, the sound insulation seems to be ineffective. I was surprised because the noise outside the door of the opposite room was loud. Breakfast is ok, and the outdoor rooftop bar is good.
4.5/5Excellent224 Reviews
0.49km from The Ja Coex
The hotel is conveniently located to transfer to Incheon airport and also has a metro station nearby. It’s a quiet area with a convenience store next to it for last minute munching. However it’s a bit far from key touristic places although SMTown and Coex help. The breakfast was delicious and abundant and the service really polite and competent. I’d recommend this hotel for it’s comfort and amenities for sure!
4.7/5Outstanding224 Reviews
0.49km from The Ja Coex
The hotel's location is extremely convenient, especially for business travelers who wish to visit COEX exhibition center. It only take 5-7 minutes to reach COEX, not only that, airport office, bust to Incheon T1, T2 is just next to COEX. Restaurnt is everywhere,all within walking distance. HYUNDAI Departmental Store is also within 5 minutes walking. An excellent place for business travelers.
4.6/5Outstanding105 Reviews
0.6km from The Ja Coex
This is the worst service I've ever stayed in. I stayed for 5 nights in total. The executive suite was more than 4,000 a night. In addition to changing the towels, I did n’t even add toiletries to the bathroom. Need to pay separately, do not pay, do not provide you with this service? Air conditioning heaters are not working. You have to pay for a quilt. No money? Must be frozen? ? Will not stay at this broken hotel again
3.9/5140 Reviews
0.63km from The Ja Coex
The location was a little hard to find, but the room was still very big. It was okay to put down two open 26-inch suitcases, but, for two nights, the next night, what was the horror story when someone knocked the doorbell in the middle of the night? The same night, the lights in the room will be turned off. On the day of the check-in, the front desk also asked me if I live alone. If I was a single woman, I think this is a sensitive issue, not to mention the registration of two people. When booking, please note that the higher the floor, the better. The floor on the site is the second floor, huh, huh. In pursuit of cost-effectiveness, we must live in the vicinity, and if we are bold, I think this hotel is good.
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0.72km from The Ja Coex
I saw this room is relatively large, a single bed and a double bed, you can live in our family of three to set this. At the front desk, I was determined not to let three people live, but because I arrived at 11 o'clock late, I barely stayed for one night (the room was quite big, the bathroom was big, And it is a double bed, a single bed can clearly accommodate three people.) The next day, the service staff will pick up two troubles and find that it is not allowed to live three people. It was originally set for two nights. The next day, I checked out directly. Can't retreat money. Very general, the service staff is very poor, the room has no windows, the hotel door is in an alley, more like a hotel. Don't choose this one, it will definitely be disappointing when you go.
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0.73km from The Ja Coex
The layout of the room is a bit similar to that of the Korean Examination Institute, but it is bigger and needs to be used. It is quite clean and will not be disturbed.

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Hotels Near The Ja Coex In Seoul Review

4.7/51449 Reviews
Dongdaemun Market
Conveniently located near shopping malls and subway/bus stations. However not a huge fan of the neighborhood. It's a bit dingy. The hotel is part of a shopping mall building, occupying from the 14th floor and up. There's a separate entrance located at the side of the building, which is not easily seen. Room itself was neat. Stayed there 4 nights. However, cleaning staff would always leave behind something like a used towel or pillow case. That was bit odd. I enjoy taking baths, so I used the bathtub quite a bit. But the bathtub leaked so the water wouldn't stay above a certain level. Found a couple pieces of hair in the bathtub which was probably the previous occupant's. Wasnt a big deal for me personally, but I can see clean freaks not liking that. Overall, it wasn't bad place, especially for the price. However, definitely not top notch.
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4.8/5781 Reviews
Everything is perfect upon arrival! All the staff are very friendly and helpful. My favourite part (on top of the cool interior design) has got to be the mattress, super comfortable! The hotel even offered a bottle of sparkling wine since it's my friend's birthday! What a sweet gesture;) The only downside to the room is the shower temperature, which aint warm enough for the cold in Seoul! Would be perfect should that be fixed! Overall a very pleasant stay! Keep it up Ryse!
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4.8/51041 Reviews
This is my second time staying at this hotel. It's right outside Exit 9 of Gongdeok Station if you take airport road (Arex) or railroad (KTX). However, if you go by metro, there is no need to try to find Exit 9 which is very inconvenient, you should come out from Exit 8. There are a lot of eateries around the hotel which open till late. There is also a big supermarket E-Mart near Exit 7.
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Seoul City Hall/Myeong-dong
The location of the hotel is very good, 20 steps away from Exit 3 (there's a lift, very good for guests with luggage), of Hoehyeon Station. If you take AREX from Incheon Airport, you just change at Seoul Station and exit with the same ticket without any extra fee. The hotel is opposite to Gate 4 of Namdaemun Market where you can buy clothes, accessories, local products and try some local restaurants. There is an Airport Bus No. 6015 there to Airport, using TMoney Card is W13,000 one way, saved W2,000. It's only 10 mins. walk to Meongdong. Extremely convenient. The size of the standard room is fine for 2 adults. Everything is good except the default setting of the temperature of the air-conditioner, it's always 26 or 27 degrees, it's not adjustable. However, a duvet is provided so you will sweat the whole night long. I couldn't sleep well until I removed it and covered myself only with the quilt cover. I don't know how guests survive in summer.
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4.7/51108 Reviews
Seoul City Hall/Myeong-dong
Excellent location !!! Many resturants around the hotel ... Walking distance to Myeondong and Insadong. Hotel breakfast not spectacular though. Bathroom ceiling leaking in the middle of the night and had to.change another room ... Hotel did not take initiative to provide some compensation we had to demand for free breakfast.
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4.7/51655 Reviews
Seoul City Hall/Myeong-dong
Stay 4 nights, good location and free shuttle service to Seoul station and Dongdaemon. Hotel staffs are efficient and fast for checking. There is water dispenser near lift lobby which is good if need more water to drink (2 complementary bottles per day)
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