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0.08km from Toby's Estate
Sometimes we overlook our own backyard and get a lovely surprise when the opportunity arises to explore familiar places just that little bit closer. The Warehouse is a gem of a hotel - intimate, comfortable, idyllic location by the river. Most importantly - hospitable staff who were genuinely interested in making our stay a memorable one. Big thanks to Sabrina and Arief for the exceptional customer service. Tip: Go for the (limited) rooms overlooking the river; loan the hotel bicycles and see the sun set (or rise) over the Singapore river on wheels
4/5Very Good856 Reviews
0.09km from Toby's Estate
I booked this staycay for my own birthday celebration and when i was booking, i wrote in the notes for some decoration or cake to be given such that it will feel more like a birthday celebration but when I reached, there was nothing. That aside, the check in was smooth and the room felt comfy, perhaps a little smaller than expected. Toilet shampoos/shower gels smelled nice. The bed is very comfortable to sleep in. The pool area for this hotel is just a small rectangle. The place is quite inaccessible via public transport but there are nice food places in the area. There is a loose step on the stairs though, not sure if it'll be fixed soon. We paid for the outside terrace but due to bad weather throughout my stay, I didn't use it at all. Overall, I'd say it's an okay stay but perhaps a little pricey for its average amenities. I'd also like to thank a staff, Kelvin, for his warm and friendly service.
4.3/5Excellent391 Reviews
0.1km from Toby's Estate
Check-in was rather fast and easy. Room was a little smaller than expected. Toothbrush was only provided in the toilet so you have to request from the front desk for other amenities should you require them. Additional utensils, wine glasses & ice can be requested as well. Breakfast at four points eatery is limited to one serving (additional $18 for an extra set). The $88 credit may seem a lot but the prices on the menu are pricey. Example, $11 for a slice of cake. $8-10 for a cappuccino etc. Location of the hotel seems to be an issue as the nearest mrt is a little far. Only buses are available. Overall, room and hotel is clean and well-maintained despite the exterior of the hotel looking rather old.
4.4/5Excellent97 Reviews
0.27km from Toby's Estate
Disappointed at the Executive club membership. I booked for my honeymoon, there’s no complimentary things like I read on the previous reviews! And I booked for a Courtyard room, hoping to enjoy the executive lounge benefits. However, it’s very disappointing that the executive package (only nibbles snacks and drinks) could only be enjoyed at 6-8pm, which is usually dinner time! Not much food nearby and not convenient for public transport. Have to take taxi or Grab.
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0.55km from Toby's Estate
I book this hotel for last minit as i wanna celebrate my mum bday. Even the room is abit small but i think it worth for the money you pay. The two lady in the reception, this people are so friendly and helpful as i have my dad in his walking stick. They are so awesome. I dont mind to spend few more night there. Keep up the good job guys.
4.1/5Very Good30 Reviews
0.62km from Toby's Estate
This is the warmest hotel I have ever stayed in. Transportation, dining, shopping are very convenient to the city center, and taxis can be called in 24 hours. Both front desk and room service are warm, warm, attentive and responsive ... especially worthy of praise is the tall and tall room service gentleman, and the front desk gentleman who called us a taxi at 4:30 in the morning, thanks They provided excellent service for our 16 days of residence. The Chinese people will never forget the help and support provided by Singaporeans for China's epidemic! This is the best hotel I have ever stayed in. Transportation, catering and shopping are very convenient to the city center, and you can call a taxi in time 24 hours a day. Both front desk and room service are very warm, thoughtful, responsive ... Especially worthy of thumb up were the lanky room service man and the front desk man who hailed our cab at 4:30 am to airport. For their excellent service during our 16-day stay. The Chinese people will never forget the help and support provided by Singaporeans for this outbreak in China.
4.3/5Excellent86 Reviews
0.66km from Toby's Estate
Place was pretty spacious and clean, front desk friendly and check in quick. Spacious toilet, which is much appreciated. 2 issues are lighting switch pops out if you are not careful, and tv was a little blurry. Its also a hard floor, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Absolutely love the painting, will probably book again in the future. Lift is a little small, and probably shouldn't fit more than 2 pax atm, but they have 2 in different locations.
4.3/5Excellent122 Reviews
0.75km from Toby's Estate
1. This time I stayed at 406, the room is really small (the overall area is larger than HK Black Tea House), the bed is very narrow, maybe the adaptability is good, and I slept well for 5 nights. The room can open two 24-inch suitcases at the same time. There are three drying racks, which are hidden under the TV cabinet and are fixed. Friends who plan to wash clothes should bring their own hangers. The air conditioning is strong, and summer clothes can be dried the next day. Slippers are not provided in the room and you need to bring your own. There is not enough room for sundries when the two people stay in, and they must be placed on the suitcase. 2. Sound insulation is OK, unless someone shouts loudly. 3. Brushed the hotel of 81 and finally chose this one. Good location, exit A of Outram Park Subway Station, walk straight after crossing the overpass, and you will be across the road. When you first went there, you went a long way with Google Navigation. Normal distance of 6 to 8 minutes. There is also a bus stop nearby for cars to Katong. Construction is underway near the subway in early September, see Figure 6. 4. Each room is equipped with a key, stay at the front desk when going out. 5. Before leaving, I also talked to the front desk (short-haired girls, with the English name beginning with the J) to talk a lot about Singapore. The staff were welcoming and courteous. 6. The hotel front desk can help to call taxis. 7. In the end, Zhonglu Lu is a community with a story. If you have time, you might as well shake it. Picture 8 must go, there are delicious and delicious on the second floor.
4.1/5Very Good50 Reviews
0.9km from Toby's Estate
The standard room is booked, actually a semi-basement. The entrance is tatami and the cleaning is fairly clean. Opposite the tatami is a desk. This should be a disabled room, and the facilities are for disabled people. I don't care. The shower room and the bathroom are not separated. It will be very moist and inconvenient. The bathroom is airtight and there seems to be no ventilation equipment. After a shower in the evening, you can imagine it, just like Shanghai Huangmeitian. When the faucet is opened, the water is easily sprayed on the opposite wall. The wall seems to be a common paint brush, and it is not known whether it is waterproofed. I am all distressed for the wall. The upper part of a wall is glass, not blackout curtains, and there are seams in the two curtains. I want to see it myself. The room didn't take a photo, it really couldn't be shot. I took a corner of the outside courtyard. The villa was changed, and the nice villa was decorated like this. It didn't feel special. The overall attitude of the service staff is not bad. The front desk aunt waiter will greet him. But there is a funny thing. I asked me to live for a few days on the first day, I said one day. The front desk said that if you live for a long time, you can give a better room. Then I didn't speak. Is this training or not training? I don’t know if I don’t know. Real feelings, no filters. I am pulling a grass, thank you.
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0.93km from Toby's Estate
Breakfast is not included. The room is too small to be smaller. It is a deluxe double room. It cannot be opened even if there is a window. The ventilation of the room depends on the air conditioner. Because the air conditioner in the room is broken, I replaced it with a windowless double bed room. The room is slightly larger, it is not recommended to bring children to stay, it is suitable for a day trip. The location is extremely lively. There are countless Chinatown snacks and pearl visit snacks. The subway NE is just across the street. It is convenient to go everywhere. There is no parking space at the turn of the main road. You have to cross the road to the designated taxi parking spot. .
4.3/5Excellent43 Reviews
0.97km from Toby's Estate
The breakfast was very generous and it was quite an appetite for me. I could read a book at the bar in the evening. No extra bed, the beds are bunk beds, how many people can set the size of the room is sufficient, this price is already very cost-effective in Singapore. Good location, right in Chinatown, the signboard is a bit small, it takes time to find it for the first time. The capsule room is similar to a youth hostel, but it is more fully equipped and personally thinks it is more comfortable than a youth hostel. If you bring a child, you should try not to bring it if you are under 15 years old. It is really recommended not to bring a child under 12 years old. Everyone lives in a room. If there is noise, it will really affect the children. It's okay if your child is very obedient and quiet.
4.5/5Excellent80 Reviews
0.98km from Toby's Estate
overall the experience is nice. but on 22 August around 9pm+ when we got back to the hotel, the lady doing shift at the reception, her attitude is simply unbearable! I don't know her name, but when we first got in, she ask us to take temperature and we were totally fine with it but the tone and attitude she gave us is like we were doing something wrong or she is simply not willing to do her job. second thing, we couldn't find the hairdryer in the room so we called the reception, she could have just told us the hairdryer is inside the safe but she insisted she will come up and find for us which was very warm BUT let me repeat BUT when she reached our room, she don't even know where is the hairdryer and she wore her shoes straightly in to our room!!!! this is totally not okay for a hotel service crew! she at least has to asked whether we would mind if she didn't removed her shoes, we will say okay if she asked!!!! the staff that we met in the afternoon who helped us checked in is friendly, she receive us with kind attitude and warm smiles. isn't it basic to receive your customer with a smile? but not with a face that I owned you money or killed your pet? the experiences kinda suck because of her.we are angry and the atmosphere became kind of down after the "service" she provided I know everyone will have a bad day day, but at least be kind, this is the basic.

Hotels Near Toby'S Estate In Singapore Review

4.6/5612 Reviews
Booked 3 rooms for family staycation. I would like to thank Ms Dillah and Mun kind assistance in arranging an earlier check-in for the 2 rooms. Front desk staff are all friendly and helpful. The room is spacious and clean. Water pressure of the bathroom is good! However, I was kind of disappointed that the club lounge did not open. Nevertheless, they do send food and drinks to our room at 6pm, and will refill our drink every 45mins. The lady that serve the drinks and the guy that serve the food was very nice and friendly. The food (chicken chop with truffle mash potatoe) is DELICIOUS, and the white wine (requested during 2nd serving) they offered is nice!!! But didn't had chance to ask what is the brand, as I left the room after 2nd serving. Not sure how long they serve the drink, I guess till 7:30pm? Great location, so we can easily bring our parents to Haji lane to walk around and feel as though we are on vacation. Ginger Restaurant decoration is lovely!!! But the breakfast serve at Ginger restaurant was pretty average to me... Wouldn't mind having as a package, but wouldn't pay the price for the kind of food serve. Service at the restaurant were much slower too as staff tend to look at the floor instead of the guest. But its CNY so I shall not comment much. But there's one aunty that serve food with big lovely smile. Its a petty that I didn't take note of her name. Overall experience staying in Park Royal Hotel Beach Road is good! Would definitely recommend if you are looking at staycation situated at convenience location filled with hipster cafe and nice restaurant.
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4.7/5846 Reviews
Marina Bay
Actually requested for highest floor with amazing view but they didn’t fulfil my request. It’s okay, they also mention to make advance booking for swimming pool and so we did, but pool is fully booked, felt so disappointed. During check in we try our luck again for the pool, lucky there is last 3 slot of us. Around 7pm went swimming, but no one was there. (Wonder why they say it’s fully book) 😕 In the afternoon try to make booking for pool again, again they say fully book. We didn’t bother to go down to check. Aside from that, we do appreciate the gifts that comes in the package that include late check out at 6pm, inclusive of breakfast and semi lunch buffet for 2 adults. Room was very spacious and clean. Overall we are happy with our stay there. Definitely we come again.
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4.6/52108 Reviews
Orchard Road
I booked for my fiancé's birthday and in lieu to celebrate New Years. Firstly, early check in was given as to prevent the crowd during the New Years Eve. Very smart move made by the hotel which I am very thankful for! It helps to control the crowd. has emailed me to WhatsApp the hotel as were told by the hotel to request for early check in. Replies by the hotel staffs were fast too! After checking in, I called to reserve the pool but it was sad I could not go as it was raining! The room was rather small but that's fine by me! The shampoo and body wash given smells nice! I usually do not use hotel's shampoo/bodywash but this hotel's toiletries was quite nice! The view from the toiler was not bad too! You need to of course close the blind to have a private shower. Was given free macaroons delivered by the robots to my room as it was my fiancé's birthday! Super kind gesture made by the hotel staffs! We were super touched! The next day, when I went down to pick up my breakfast as I choose to take away(can select to dine in or take away), the staff could not find my breakfast order as my breakfast order was misplaced by one of the staffs (the one I gave my order sheet to) But that's okay because I did not mind waiting for them to pack my food again. I was also granted late check out! Overall, pleasant stay! The team was all very friendly and approachable. Thank you!
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4.7/5446 Reviews
There was a 3-hour delay in checking-in but we were reasonably compensated in the form of complimentary parking and dining credits. Kudos to the front desk and concierge staff who were efficient and patient, especially with some unreasonable guests (no need to make things difficult for those who are trying to make your stay better). Food quality of in room dining was good and the safety measure was well managed at the pool. Thank you to all that have served us during our stay, you are Awesome! Just one thing not so pleasant thou, the service attitude of a particular male staff at Ash and Elm was rather bad that’s why we decided not to dine there. Seemed like somethings don’t change (bad experience with Ash and Elm years back), so except for the restaurant, we would love to come back again 😁
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4.7/5680 Reviews
Marina Bay
Beds were clean and comfortable. Front desk staff service was friendly and professional. After the 1st night, was woken up by drilling and hammering noises at 9 plus in the morning. Breakfast in room dining was ordered at 930am, arrived at 1150am as in doom dining department could not cope w the huge amount of orders. Was informed that our breakfast would arrive at 1130am. So first day, wasn't impressed w renovation noises that disrupted our sleep and a breakfast that was more of brunch. Did request for room change and was given another room. Air conditioning in the new room was not working well n had to request for a fan. Overall, the old building and maintenance of the hotel would place it as a 4 star hotel rather than a 5-star rating.
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4.2/54922 Reviews
Hotel Boss is about the location. There is a bus stop right in front of the hotel and Lavender MRT Station is 200m away. Bugis and City Hall area is a short bus ride away and Kampong Glam is within walking distance. Check-in was surprisingly quick, given the long queues inside the lobby as well as 2 separate long queues outside the hotel (one along it's drop-off point via Syed Alwi Road and another along its front - Victoria Street). The staff were friendly and welcoming. Pretty good attitude given the large crowd and check-ins. It's a mid-range hotel with many rooms. The rooms, however, are pretty small. Tiny, I would say. I have got a Triple Room and the distance between the foot of the bed and the desk is about a person's width. The en-suite toilet is tiny too. A big-sized guy like me would hit the wall or the basin when I changed inside the toilet. There are no traditional toilet paper dispenser. Instead, what was installed was a tissue paper in a cylindrical container where you pulled down piece by piece. This was installed by the mirror behind you if you used the bowl, so it was pretty inconvenient. The water strength of the tap and showers were good. Toiletries and towels were provided and replenished/changed daily. The bed was comfortable but only one pillow was provided and the pillow was thin. The air-con is pretty strong and given the small size of the rooms, the room was cooled pretty quickly. There is no wardrobe but an open-style hanging system was used with 6 hangers. Coffee and tea was provided as well as a kettle. The mini-fridge was great! The strength was great and chilled my drinks quickly. One really bad thing about Hotel Boss is that they have pretty thin walls. I could hear the muffled sounds of my next-door neighbours talking and the sound of the TV. There were some shouting two doors down and that was audible. Had to call the staff up to handle and they did a pretty good job. The in-room telephone wasn't working well and I could not hear anything after 2 calls down to the reception but they sent a guy up after that to make sure things were good. Breakfast was provided and served at their 4th floor Halal-certified restaurant. It was a choice between a Chinese or Western set. Serving was great with the typical breakfast items, in addition to yogurt, bread and cereal with milk. There were queues at certain times of breakfast (after 9.30am) but that was probably due to the high occupancy rate. All in all, I believe the Triple Room I stayed in was too cosy for 3 adults. I loved the service and condition of the room. It was convenient to get to a lot of places. However, one thing to note is that they would locked the front doors (facing Victoria Street) from 9pm-5am and you would have to access via it's drop-off point (facing Syed Alwi Road and Kallang River).
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