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4.9/5Perfect182 Reviews
0.09km from Tokyo Udon Kita Machi
It was the most wonderful hotel stay experience. The hotel was booked by me temporarily. If I had to add an extra bed, I immediately agreed and asked about the arrival time. The hotel is directly opposite Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace. The scenery is unobstructed, and it is worth a day to sit on the sofa. The waiter in the lobby bar is very enthusiastic, but unfortunately the window is full, otherwise the wine and wine are invincible. Since I had to catch the early flight to return home, I went to the front desk and asked if I could cancel the breakfast. I didn't think that the young lady at the front desk could let us eat directly in the room after communication. Just inform the package type in advance and there is no extra charge. This service is simply intimate. Room service is available twice in this hotel and once in the evening around 8:30. The only downside is the semi-buffet breakfast in the hotel, not many choices
4.5/5Excellent90 Reviews
0.11km from Tokyo Udon Kita Machi
Family of three, child 7 years old. When placing an order, it is clear that no extra bed will be charged. The bed is one meter eight, and three people can sleep. The view of the room is very good, you can see the night view of Tokyo in the bathtub. The service staff has a good attitude, and can communicate with the needs in a timely manner. Great location, just 27th floor of the building to the left of the main entrance of Marunouchi Station in Tokyo Station. There is a bus stop at the entrance, and the surrounding transportation is convenient. It is super cheap to take a bus to Lake Kawaguchi and Hanedar Narita Airport.
4.7/5Outstanding111 Reviews
0.15km from Tokyo Udon Kita Machi
We stayed 7 nights which was split between the Superior 1 bedroom apartment and the Executive 1 bedroom apartment. We travelled as a couple with a child and the living room was perfect for my child to sleep in. The hotel charges for extra futon per night, which I thought was exorbitant. What we did was bring our own inflatable single bed for our child and requested bedding, and that worked perfectly. There are smoking and non-smoking rooms available so you should specify that in your booking. The main difference between the Superior and Executive 1 bedder is that the Executive is MUCH bigger. With the Superior, we could just fit the inflatable bed in the living room once we have moved the coffee table to the side. It was fine but definitely snug. The living room in the Executive 1 bedder is 3x the size of the Superior. You can sleep like 2-3ppl in the living room if you wanted to. The bedroom of the Superior was spacious in that there is lots of storage so that we were able to unpack our daily items into the drawers. You should do this because you don't really have room for 3 people to keep opening and closing suitcases. The bedroom in the Executive is double that of the Superior so you can really spread your stuff out and comfortably hang out in that space. The kitchen, laundry and bathrooms are great in both rooms. Kitchen is fully equipped and all appliances and tools are in great condition and very clean. No clips or clothes line for hanging laundry though, but there are lots of hangers in the walk in robe, which was enough for us because we did small washes daily. We brought our own clips which came in handy. The service was decent but not excellent, which was a bit disappointing because the rooms were not cheap. We were given dirty blankets one night (which they promply replaced), the daily room keeping was not thorough so you do need to keep the room clean yourself. We asked for early check-in but it was not accommodated but they did give us late check-out. Overall, I felt like the staff was friendly and professionaly, but not super hospitable like you might see in a 5 star hotel. I would recommend this hotel if you want a spacious room. It's perfect for family travel. The location is fantastic with Tokyo Station next door, walking distance to Nihombashi and Ginza. We did our grocery shopping at Daimaru basement and also the supermarket in Kitte. Lawson is just downstairs too so you can get milk, snacks, dessert etc there. You do pay a premium for the location and larger rooms at Oakwood. If you're travelling as a couple, for the same rate I would stay at a 5 star hotel for a more luxury experience. If you're the type of traveller who will be out early and back late, I don't think you need to pay the premium for space and it would be more fun to stay in other suburbs that are more "happening".
4.8/5Outstanding129 Reviews
0.17km from Tokyo Udon Kita Machi
From Tokyo Station Marunouchi North Exit, cross the street in the northwest direction. There is an airport bus at the door. The traffic is very convenient. The rooms are large and clean. The service staff is patient and professional, and the English is good. Breakfast has Japanese and Western style, the lobby and restaurant have a good view of Tokyo Station. Downstairs is Maruzen Bookstore, walking distance to Imperial Palace, Ginza, Nihonbashi.
4.6/5Outstanding80 Reviews
0.23km from Tokyo Udon Kita Machi
The hotel is NEW ! Location is so convenient and Tokyo Shuttle from and to Narita Airport is just 2 minutes away. 5 minutes walk to Tokyo Station where there have a lot of restaurants and shops.
4.6/5Outstanding130 Reviews
0.24km from Tokyo Udon Kita Machi
This was our second stay at Hotel Ryumeikan. This time we had a standard double room no view. For 3 nights it was fine. Not masses of space but enough for 2 of us. Small tatami area at the end of the bed where you can sit at a small table. The room had everything you could possibly need (except a bottle opener which we were able to borrow). There is everything else though. Slippers, shoe trees for your shoes, yakatas and Japanese nightshirts as well as all manner of toiletries. The shower was great - didn’t want to ever come out. We didn’t eat at the hotel but there is an Excelsior cafe almost next door where you can have breakfast and many nearby restaurants for dinner as well as many restaurants in the station. As others have said the hotel is very close to the station ( but not noisy) so you can easily get from the airport on the Narita express and you can easily get around Tokyo on the local trains ( if you have a JR pass) or on the metro. You just have to find the Yaesu north entrance. This is challenging when you first arrive but Yaesu south or central are also ok. You just have to walk along the side of the station to the north end. We found the hotel good value for money. The staff were friendly and helpful. Though we didn’t see much of them as the rooms are on floors below reception. I would highly recommend this hotel for tourists or business travellers.
3.5/55 Reviews
0.27km from Tokyo Udon Kita Machi
First and foremost, please read my title very carefully, I specifically mentioned "business hotel", so to speak, any patrons coming here trying to use this as a vacation stay need to expect some compromise. In fact, this hotel is slightly different from almost all other Toyoko-Inn due to its space constraint. Unlike other Toyoko-Inn, although breakfast is still provided free of charge, this hotel barely has a lobby, as such, diners will have to eat their breakfast STANDING, which is not abnormal in Japan's culture anyway. in addition, they have lesser breakfast variety too. Next, the hotel only keeps your luggage for the day ONLY, no overnight. Like I said, space constraint, period. I was trying to keep my luggage there overnight, just so I can get out of town for a day and back, but found out the hard way. The receptionist politely explained to me in simple English, that the hotel simply doesn't have space. I can apprehend the rationale behind, as any deposit luggage will have to be placed along the already very congested lobby. If you take a look at the building layout, you can understand, it's a tiny "I" block hide in an alley squeeze in-between other buildings, making full use of Tokyo's scarce landscape, and this hotel is the nearest Toyoko-Inn from Tokyo station, within minutes of walking. As such, the price is slightly higher than their other franchise, but still drastically cheaper than other hotels around the area nonetheless. Common facilities wise, the hotel try to accommodate as much as possible as per their usual corporate layout, again expect some compromise. There is only 1 lift, 1 washing machine plus dryer, 1 common laptop, 1 microwave oven, along with the usual vending machine, ice machine, all squeeze within the tiny lobby. I'm not being sarcastic, but it's amazing how they did that really, the Japanese truly master the art in space optimisation! Room wise, expect it to be a bit tinier, and I could hardly find space to open my luggage from the economy double room I booked, I eventually opened it on the bed, but all usual Toyoko-Inn amenities are available, including TV, fridge, and a bath tub! Toyoko-Inn is basically a business hotel chain, but this particular hotel here truly exemplifies being a true business hotel, in the sense purely for overnight stay without much luggage. Like I said, expect some compromise if you are using it as a vacation stay. This hotel is relatively new, and due to its prime location and price, it's selling like hot cakes. By the way, it's hidden in an alley way, so do your homework before going there for the first time, it may be a bit difficult to spot. In conclusion, this is the tiniest Toyoko-Inn I have ever seen, but to me, it's an eye-opener.
0/50 Reviews
0.3km from Tokyo Udon Kita Machi
Located at only a 1 minute walk directly from Yaesu Central exit of Tokyo station via underground walkway, this hotel is ideally convenient as a hub for business as well as tourism.
4.7/5Outstanding72 Reviews
0.31km from Tokyo Udon Kita Machi
City view room booked through Ctrip, because I really don't want to live in a darker room. As a result, I arrived at the hotel at eight in the evening. The 20-square-foot room changed into a dozen rooms and the window was still facing the station. Communicate with the hotel, the insist room type is correct. Show them the contents of the order, in English it says queen room with city view and pictures, still insist that you have not given the wrong room. In particular, an older man didn't smile during the whole process and also told others that my room was right. If I want a good room, I will give money to upgrade. The sixth hotel I stayed in Japan for the third time, I felt too bad for the first time, I don't want to come to Tokyo in the future. Cold and hungry nights are too lazy to care about, forget it. As a result, from 10 o'clock in the evening, the sound of the machine vibrating all the time, unable to sleep, it is worth 3 o'clock in the morning! !! !! I resolutely complained the next day and finally upgraded the room, which originally belonged to the room I booked ...
4.2/5Very Good4 Reviews
0.32km from Tokyo Udon Kita Machi
So I have stayed three nights in this hotel. It is convenient to Tokyo Station so it gives you access to Tokyo’s subway and train system. The bus stop for the Tokyo Shuttle is just around the corner and that is how we arrived here from the airport. The room is clean and has everything you need. I see in other reviews people commenting on how small the rooms are. They are small but we are comfortable with the space. If you judge the size of the room from a western view you will be disappointed. Around the hotel and at Tokyo Station are many places to eat so you will not starve. I would recommend this hotel to a traveler who is comfortable traveling from a carry on size luggage.
4.5/5Excellent112 Reviews
0.33km from Tokyo Udon Kita Machi
I booked this hotel because it was conveniently located near Tokyo Station. 10 out of 10 on the location but the rooms are small and tight for two people but I expected that. We stayed 11 nights but don't unpack your suitcase because there is no where to store your clothes, the only place available was two hooks on the wall with a couple of hangers. Okay hotel for short stay but not for 11 nights. The room was clean and it didn't smell. The room was an non-smoking room. If you don't want a smelly room, make sure you book an non-smoking room in advance! The front staff didn't seem friendly, it would be nice if he smiled. He was kindof rude when I asked if I can get two key cards, one for myself and one for my wife, he said no and didn't explain why. I paid for two people, I expect at least two key cards. I never had that problem in Japan before. The reason I gave 3 stars is because of the location otherwise I would have given 2 stars.
4.8/5Outstanding260 Reviews
0.35km from Tokyo Udon Kita Machi
The best hotel in Tokyo. However the area is a commercial area. The choice for shopping and restaurants are very limited. You can walk to Tokyo station and it will give you more choice. The hotel itself is nice with a very good view. So overall is a very good staying.

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4.7/51173 Reviews
If you loves omakase breakfast at Toyosu market, shopping at Venus Fort, Diver City, Aqua City, visiting the TeamLab Borderless and TeamLab Planets, and hot-spring at Ooedo Onsen, that's the perfect location. Even gives you quick access to Disney resort and Haneda Airport! Small rooms as usual but the one with twin double beds is excellent for parents with two young children. The only downside is no car-rental nearby.
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4.6/51531 Reviews
Ikebukuro commercial
this hotel is always my favourite. the location is very convenient for shopping, for food & for transport. However, it took me over 45minutes to check in hotel because they couldn't find my booking although I provided the's confirmation number but I had no hotel confirmation number. Owing to the super typhoon which I must stay in the hotel, the hotel staff provided quality services & very good food. Overall, I enjoyed the stay.
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4.6/54215 Reviews
Check in was a breeze, efficient and high tech. Godzilla head is an interesting feature of the hotel (esp. for fans), and location is great, right in the middle of the happening area. room size is good, can even be bigger if the toilet is joined with the bathing area. can bring the 2 single beds together to form a large bed.
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4.7/51151 Reviews
Suidobashi/Tokyo Dome
Their service is nothing short of excellent. They have staff who are fluent in English (and other languages as well, I suspect). Me and my friend came thinking that we would be staying in a Single Room with Extra Bed since that was what we booked as we attempted to be more economic. However, to our pleasant surprise, our room was upgraded to a much much bigger room for free. We are very thankful to the helpful staff for making our stay pleasant and extremely comfortable. The location is great as it in located somewhere in between Iidabashi and Suidobashi which is pretty much close to the geographical center of Tokyo. Head east you will be able to visit Akihabara and Asakusa quick. Head west, you will be able to hit Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Shibuya. The neighbourhood is fairly quiet and the Tokyo Dome is just a 10-15 minute stroll away. If I am coming back to visit Japan, this hotel will be a clear top choice for me. Haven't had the opportunity to have the breakfast at this hotel, but I will certainly try it out on my next stay here.
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4.7/5955 Reviews
Great location with walking distance to metro station. Very comfortable room, housekeeping staff is doing a very good job.. super clean and no dust at all.. very impressive! Love the coffee sachet and green tea provided at the front desk.. they even give lady a Japanese facial mask upon check in, so thoughtful 🥳
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4.6/51293 Reviews
Ikebukuro commercial
Good hotel. Location is great and convenient, pretty much inside Sunshine city mall. There’s also a 24/7 family mart as well. Didn’t encounter any elevator problems in regards to having to wait long queue times.
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