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0.21km from Mekiki no Ginji, Toranomon Ekimae
The location of the hotel is actually a bit biased. There are few subway options, and almost all of them need to be transferred. In addition to being able to enjoy the Tokyo Tower up close and the hotel in the park, the environment is still very good. The hotel's breakfast variety is relatively small, and it is not very suitable for Chinese tastes. Expensive. Hotel breakfast and dining environment is very good. The disadvantage is that there is less Chinese service time and almost no Chinese service.
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0.35km from Mekiki no Ginji, Toranomon Ekimae
From the Akabane Bridge Station, there are two exits that are relatively close, one that needs to cross the road and one that does not. Seeing a family, the path next to the family is less than 50 meters away. That's it. The doorway is relatively small. The door is open to the elevator. The first time I go to the elevator, I can't use it. There is a call on the left wall. Press the bell next to it. The landlord will let you check in on the fifth floor. If you do not pay in advance, you can store your luggage and charge an additional 200 yen. When you apply, you will be given the door code of the floor, the password of the elevator, the way to enter the back door and some precautions. Male and female students are layered. When people are not many, they will not feel crowded. I am not quiet, I think I still have to see the guests. The guests I met when I lived were very careful and had little impact. The location is still very good, very close to Tokyo's Taji Park Azabu. If you bring luggage at the subway station, remember to find a barrier-free elevator! ! Otherwise it is really possible to despair...
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0.4km from Mekiki no Ginji, Toranomon Ekimae
This is my 2nd times stay in this hotel. Located just near the fort in city(perfect location),the hotel is clean and provides u great hospitality.The hotel staff is very helpful and will guide u throughout your stay.The hotel provides u almost every facilities from good rooms and tent stay. Overall experience was awesome.I'll recommend this hotel to every couple and families:). You wont regret,just be there:) Tokyo Tower directly from your balcony!
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0.47km from Mekiki no Ginji, Toranomon Ekimae
This hostel has a cafe attached to the bottom of it. You check in at the cafe. After check in, we were given two key codes. One for the outer door (used after the cafe closes for the night) and one for our room. The room had three bunk beds and an air conditioner. There were lockers available if you brought your own lock. The hostel did not have locks available for rental, but did have rental towels. The bottom bunks had privacy curtains. The top bunks did not. The bunk beds were a bit rickety, but they did the job and I had a plenty fine night's sleep both nights I was there. The showers are on the 3rd floor. There are two showers for the whole hostel (I don't think this is enough, but we left late enough every day that we didn't have to wait to shower). One shower did not have running hot water. Both showers had shampoo and body wash. Overall, I have no major complaints about this hostel. The beds were clean, it had aircon (a necessity in Tokyo in July). The internet did not work at all and one shower didn't have hot water (I wanted to use cold water anyway because of the heat, so it didn't matter to me). This hostel isn't a very good hostel to meet people at, but I was traveling with my girlfriend, and we weren't overly concerned with that. The staff were very friendly and spoke a decent amount of English. The hostel is right next to a metro station, so that's fantastic. There's a cafe/restaurant on the ground floor that while expensive, serves fantastic food. The price was a little high, but it's Tokyo, everything is expensive here. Overall, solid hostel. I recommend it for people who are already traveling in a group and aren't looking to meet people.
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0.49km from Mekiki no Ginji, Toranomon Ekimae
The hotel is still exquisite, but the largest penthouse with more than 50 square meters is actually underground. It is very cleverly designed with beautiful skylights, insufficient light and overall depression. 1. The living room is large and nice 2. The double bed in the bedroom is a bit crowded, 2 adults or 2 large and 1 small are ok; we lived for 3 adults. Although there is a duplex space upstairs with a sofa bed, it is difficult to climb up. I slept in the living room for 4 days sofa 3. Because it is underground, it has a bit of musty smell 4.Breakfast is very good. It is like western food or kaiseki. It is mostly cold and much western. From the beginning of the breakfast, it is inferred that the restaurant ’s dinner is good. The price is 18,000 set. 5. The location is at Azabu Juban Subway Station / Akabashi Bridge (this station is more convenient), there are still plenty of food around, but most of them are expensive. Toei Oedo Line is not too convenient, it is recommended to live around Shinjuku; but 10 minutes walk is Tokyo Tower ... It is also very cool 6. Price, 1.6W for 4 days, average more than 4,000 a night, cost-effective, unless it is with children, otherwise 3-4 people would definitely like to live in 2 ordinary rooms of about 20 square meters. Obviously not aimed at family travel
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0.62km from Mekiki no Ginji, Toranomon Ekimae
We visited the Shiba Park Hotel at the beginning of March for two nights as part or a tour group. This was our very first hotel in Japan and we were very impressed. We arrived in the rain and were met at the front door, our suitcase was wiped down and check in was very quick. We were allowed into our room which we were not expecting as we'd been advised in Japan they are quite strict on check in times. We had a room in the annex, we and our suitcase were whisked straight across the room and we were in our room about 5 minutes after arriving at the property. I am surprised at people saying rooms in the annex are small. They are not (certainly the one we were in was not). Okay, one side of the bed is against the wall, but there is room for table and chairs, a vanity table, tv, and tea making facilities in the main room. There is also a wardrobe and a small area being the door you can sore your suitcase. The window looked on to another building but this is Tokyo, space is at a premium! We were too busy out and about enjoying ourselves rather than spending time in the hotel! The bathroom was fine, shower over bath and toilet. We enjoyed checking out all the little amenity packs available! We had breakfast included, what an experience! There is a mix of Western and Japanese items, if you don't want to try Japanese (you should - you're in Japan!) there are plenty of fruit juices, cereal, bakery items and cooked items. Every single member of staff we encountered at Shiba Park was friendly, polite and very helpful. Thank you to you all for looking after us.
4.6/5Outstanding29 Reviews
0.62km from Mekiki no Ginji, Toranomon Ekimae
This hotel has not much reviews and offers some experiences. Location: Just on the other side of the road in Shiba Park, across the street, it is super convenient to go to the Tokyo Tower. The night is still beautiful. It is convenient to take a half hour drive from the airport. Environment: The hotel is quite atmospheric, the lobby is spacious and bright, and there are not many tourists. The front desk is very friendly and speaks English. I stayed for five nights and didn't hear the voice of the Chinese people. The overall surrounding environment is very quiet. Room: Two large and medium-sized medium twin rooms, children 8 years old, no problem, the room is relatively spacious. The bathroom is small, but there is still a step that is not low, and the elderly are not very convenient. It is very convenient to have a small refrigerator. Breakfast is not bad, people have not been much, the environment is good on the first floor. Shopping around: The hotel is not a lively area of interest downstairs. In the morning, you can feel the rush and silence of the office workers. Go to the JR line for seven or eight minutes and have a family supermarket, Alipay settlement. Meal: There are restaurants nearby, it is quite convenient, and I change to the restaurant every night. Basic English communication is not smooth, and it is quite interesting to order food. There is a white cloth curtain to eat the restaurant of Kochi dumplings, there is no picture of ordering, all rely on Mongolia. Beer and dumplings taste good. Service, very good, changed the room once in the middle. There is indeed a Chinese service. On that day, the Chinese staff were absent and the communication was difficult. The front desk called the Chinese staff and translated between us. Very good, don't worry about staying at this hotel. The overall feeling is quite good, eleven prices are slightly more expensive. If you like shopping, you still have to live near Ginza Shinjuku. It is two stops from Ginza and the taxi is 100 yuan.
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0.64km from Mekiki no Ginji, Toranomon Ekimae
I like the Richmond Hotel chain and think they are pretty consistent, so I tried this one out. Although service-wise it is good like other Richmond Hotels, this room was the smallest out of all of the Richmond Hotels that I've ever stayed at, and was a little disappointing. The neighborhood is not the most exciting, but the location is pretty handy. If you need to be close to Haneda Airport while still being in real Tokyo, this is a good choice, as both Daimon and Hamamatsucho stations (they are on different train lines) are within walking distance, about 5-10 minutes away. I took a morning train and got to my airline check-in counter in about 40 minutes. There is a Starbucks on the 1st floor, which was convenient. There are numerous eating options nearby, some of them tourist traps to be avoided (like Sushi Matori). Check-in is on the 2nd floor. It was handled quite well and I never had a problem with the staff not understanding me. As noted, the room seemed small by Richmond standards, although it was clean. I had a suitcase, and opening that pretty much took up most of the room. The bed and pillows were not bad, and the TV is a good size. The free wifi was OK and the AC/heating was easy to use. I think noise-proofing could be a little improved, but it wasn't that bad since this neighborhood is generally not super loud. The bathroom is an average size and had some nice products, and just barely enough shelf/sink space to store your things. There is a refrigerator and safe. Bottled water is provided, as is free coffee and tea. However, in the room there are no 3 prong outlets for charging your PC, so you'll need to ask the front desk to borrow an adapter (or bring your own). The desk provides an adequate amount of space, but with how cramped the room is, it is difficult to sit and relax in the office chair. The 1 time that I asked for an iron and ironing board, it got to me quickly. Be aware that is it the short board typical in Japan, and using it in the small room was a little difficult. The hotel does provide a newer 4G "Handy" smartphone; its faster and slightly less clunky than the previous "Handy" versions that I've seen at other hotels in Asia, for about the same size. It was pretty useful and had decent battery life. Overall, although it wasn't a bad experience, and despite the hotel's other strengths, the cramped room made it difficult to enjoy the experience. I probably would not come back here.
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0.64km from Mekiki no Ginji, Toranomon Ekimae
Super invincible recommendation ~ Before I live, I have a little worry. There are fewer reviews at home and abroad, and less information can be obtained. After living, I only want to say four words, and it is invincible. 1.Location Perhaps for tourists traveling in Tokyo, the location is a point that takes into account the proportion of hotels. It needs convenient transportation and fast access to various hubs. This point is basically satisfied. The station a little further away is Shinbashi. It will take 10 minutes to walk. 1 minute from the hotel, you can go to Onarimon Station, and some stations are also very convenient. Finally, if you go to the airport, you can walk to Daemun Station for 10 minutes and it can be reached directly without transfer, which is very convenient. In summary, the traffic is in a very convenient location. 2. Accommodation conditions Must be full marks, said in several parts. The first hotel is very new. The second anniversary of the establishment just arrived in November. The entire hotel is very new, and the conditions in the room, whether it is the bathroom or the accommodation itself, are very good. Among them, the mattress is Simmons, which is particularly comfortable to sleep. Bedding is changed daily to ensure hygiene; The second package is very complete. The house can use Apple TV, which will be a bit card but convenient to use; tea and coffee drinks will be delivered daily, the quality is good; four bottles of mineral water per day are sufficient; Third, the bathing environment is particularly good. The bathtub is standard. The Japanese style is not big enough but it is enough. Bathroom products are easy to use, and the hand sanitizer smells good, even worth buying. It ’s not very good. The internet speed is really slow. I bought a phone card when I went to Japan. 4G is much faster. Highlights Choose the right room, you can see the Tokyo Tower in the room, you can see different towers sooner or later, and happiness is bursting; It's very convenient to have a very nice family, Yilan. A few nearby Yoshinoyas, a lot of food near Shinbashi, is an izakaya gathering place; A highly recommended, fixed time every night-4 pm-10 pm / 12 pm, free soft drinks + dessert Including WMV coffee machine, fruit juice, plum wine, red wine, brandy, and super recommended barrel Carlsberg, Japanese beer is more about bubbles, soft and lingering. 4.Service There are Chinese-speaking staff in the store, of course, English communication is more convenient; The staff is very good, the bar food is updated very fast every day, and the drinks and ice cubes are particularly active; Check-out is at 11 o'clock in Japan, and cleaning will be performed afterwards. If you feel that it is not convenient at that time, you can delay the need and tell the staff. Finally, for the comprehensive price, the price of the luxury room I chose is not expensive. The service and experience were extremely good at that time ~ super satisfied, and finally the picture above ~ praise! The picture of the iron tower was also taken by the hotel ~
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0.65km from Mekiki no Ginji, Toranomon Ekimae
The hotel is ideally situated. It is within walking distance of the Daimon and Hammatsucho stations. You can take the train from and to Haneda Airport from the Hammatsucho station. There are various restaurants to choose from in the vicinity. There are three convenience stores where you can get supplies and some hot food, nearby: 7/11, Family Mart and Lawson. The Lawson is in the same building as the hotel and connected by a door in the lobby. It is open 24 hours. We were lucky to have arrived during the week that they offered free breakfast with the room, even if you had not signed up for it. This was much appreciated but there can be a lot of improvement in this regard. The room is small (but slightly bigger and better laid out than a previous hotel I had stayed in last year) but they have made efficient use of the space. It has a fridge, kettle and even a safe and they provide an ample supply of toiletries including robes and slippers. For each day you use the Eco option (where they only change the towels but not the sheets until the 3rd day of your stay), you get a free bottle of water for each occupant. It rained for a couple of days we were there and the hotel was kind enough to lend us umbrellas to use. We were sure to return them afterwards. The staff was excellent and always very helpful.
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0.68km from Mekiki no Ginji, Toranomon Ekimae
In order to meet the needs of long-dormitory guests, hotel MONday Apart Daimon has made every effort to provide them with a home-like experience.The interior is fully equipped with kitchen utensils such as IH cooking stove, microwave oven and rice cooker, and cleaning utensils such as washing machine (with drying function) and vacuum cleaner are also available.Located in the bustling area of Tokyo, the hotel is surrounded by a variety of sightseeing spots, as well as daily grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, and other shopping destinations, making your life more convenient.May your stay at this hotel be a great memory.We sincerely look forward to your visit.
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0.76km from Mekiki no Ginji, Toranomon Ekimae
Tokyo Edition Toranomon is a mixed-use project comprising offices, residences and a medical centre. The hotel have a walking distance to Kamiyacho and Roppongi-Itchome station and conveniently accessible to Toranomo and Tokyo station as well as retail and dining facilities.

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If you loves omakase breakfast at Toyosu market, shopping at Venus Fort, Diver City, Aqua City, visiting the TeamLab Borderless and TeamLab Planets, and hot-spring at Ooedo Onsen, that's the perfect location. Even gives you quick access to Disney resort and Haneda Airport! Small rooms as usual but the one with twin double beds is excellent for parents with two young children. The only downside is no car-rental nearby.
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Ikebukuro commercial
this hotel is always my favourite. the location is very convenient for shopping, for food & for transport. However, it took me over 45minutes to check in hotel because they couldn't find my booking although I provided the's confirmation number but I had no hotel confirmation number. Owing to the super typhoon which I must stay in the hotel, the hotel staff provided quality services & very good food. Overall, I enjoyed the stay.
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Check in was a breeze, efficient and high tech. Godzilla head is an interesting feature of the hotel (esp. for fans), and location is great, right in the middle of the happening area. room size is good, can even be bigger if the toilet is joined with the bathing area. can bring the 2 single beds together to form a large bed.
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Suidobashi/Tokyo Dome
Their service is nothing short of excellent. They have staff who are fluent in English (and other languages as well, I suspect). Me and my friend came thinking that we would be staying in a Single Room with Extra Bed since that was what we booked as we attempted to be more economic. However, to our pleasant surprise, our room was upgraded to a much much bigger room for free. We are very thankful to the helpful staff for making our stay pleasant and extremely comfortable. The location is great as it in located somewhere in between Iidabashi and Suidobashi which is pretty much close to the geographical center of Tokyo. Head east you will be able to visit Akihabara and Asakusa quick. Head west, you will be able to hit Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Shibuya. The neighbourhood is fairly quiet and the Tokyo Dome is just a 10-15 minute stroll away. If I am coming back to visit Japan, this hotel will be a clear top choice for me. Haven't had the opportunity to have the breakfast at this hotel, but I will certainly try it out on my next stay here.
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4.7/5955 Reviews
Great location with walking distance to metro station. Very comfortable room, housekeeping staff is doing a very good job.. super clean and no dust at all.. very impressive! Love the coffee sachet and green tea provided at the front desk.. they even give lady a Japanese facial mask upon check in, so thoughtful 🥳
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4.6/51293 Reviews
Ikebukuro commercial
Good hotel. Location is great and convenient, pretty much inside Sunshine city mall. There’s also a 24/7 family mart as well. Didn’t encounter any elevator problems in regards to having to wait long queue times.
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