Hotels Near Tsunefukutera Rinzai

3.7/517 Reviews
5.05km from Tsunefukutera Rinzai
The hotel was very good. However, when I applied for the app, I only got breakfast for one day and didn't know how to change it.
4.6/5Outstanding48 Reviews
6.68km from Tsunefukutera Rinzai
The hotel for my dad and mom, the average business hotel, the room is not big, but it is clean and has all the necessary functions. It is very convenient to have a shuttle bus to Haneda Airport and Narita Airport.
4.8/5Outstanding27 Reviews
5.38km from Tsunefukutera Rinzai
Breakfast is ok. Eat early for breakfast, and have rice topped with curry sauce. The rice is good, and the rice is much better than domestic ones. The hotel is close to the station and the transportation is convenient. There are parking lots and not many parking spaces.
4.6/5Outstanding16 Reviews
5.51km from Tsunefukutera Rinzai
The size of the room is ok, and the tram stop is also very close. The health is very good and the breakfast is not bad. The exhaust of the bathroom did not work. I asked the front desk that it was automatic, but I did not see it when I took a shower. The humidity inside was very high.
4.7/5Outstanding16 Reviews
6.82km from Tsunefukutera Rinzai
The room was very clean, the breakfast was very good, the transportation was convenient, and the surrounding environment was good. Recommended for business trips or travel. I will stay in the next time I have the opportunity to go.
3.9/59 Reviews
6.8km from Tsunefukutera Rinzai
Very close to the station, there is also a big supermarket opposite, the location is excellent. Although it contains breakfast, it is really only boiled eggs, bananas, coffee, toast, and even a milk...
3.5/520 Reviews
6.88km from Tsunefukutera Rinzai
The location is good, I do n’t know if I did n’t order breakfast, but the “café” downstairs is very reminiscent. I ’ll take my wife for dinner next time. On the day of arrival, I turned the key and went back to say something wrong. The result was that the key number I gave was different from the list record number, which scared me.
4.6/5Outstanding15 Reviews
6.91km from Tsunefukutera Rinzai
The location of the hotel is very good, the transportation is convenient, the front desk service attitude is very good, very helpful, the room is very clean and tidy.
3.5/53 Reviews
6.96km from Tsunefukutera Rinzai
Ryokan Sagami is located in Atsugi and about 3 minutes on foot from Hon-Atsugi Bus Stop. A convenience store is located within walking distance. LAN internet is available in each guest room. Yukata are available for guests to wear during their stay. Guests may borrow conveniences like hair dryers and humidifiers for free (please inquire at the front desk for details). Facilities include a communal bath and a dry cleaning service. The hotel possesses 24 guest rooms.
5/5Perfect6 Reviews
6.93km from Tsunefukutera Rinzai
出張で2泊しました。建物自体は古いですが、何度か改装されているようで、シャワーはお湯の温度が設定できるタイプでした。朝食のスペースは狭いため、あまり期待はできないと思っていましたが、限られたスペースでは、種類が多かったです。ただし、2泊になると食べるものが限られるので、ほとんど同じものを食べてました。 バッティングセンターやカプセルサウナの無料券などいろいろとサービスも豊富でいいホテルだと思いました。
4.5/5Excellent14 Reviews
7.07km from Tsunefukutera Rinzai
I have stayed at this hotel many times, just at this Atsugi station, very convenient! There is Matsumoto Castle downstairs, and the surrounding shopping malls are also very large, and there are many delicious things!
4.5/5Excellent14 Reviews
5.64km from Tsunefukutera Rinzai
It is very close to the tram station, there is an AEON supermarket nearby, in the city center, the kiosk is convenient. The hotel facilities have been around for some years, but the service is pretty good. The rooms are small, clean and tidy, and very good. Praise.

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Hotels Near Tsunefukutera Rinzai In Sagamihara Review

4.7/516 Reviews
Close to the station, all aspects are good. If you have plans to go around to play or do things, then it is a good choice (I am going to go to the capital the next day, you have to take two or three stations, it is convenient)
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4.8/531 Reviews
We stayed 2 nights in Toyoko Inn Sagamihara for a work related trip. Conveniently located near the train station, it is a great option for a stay. Breakfast spread is pretty decent. Get a membership card if you plan to stay in major cities in Japan on your trip. You get member discounts up to 10% and the card costs 1500 yen so it pays off if you book for 2 nights or more. The room was nice and spacious. Toyoko Inn is a great chain. They seemed to have worked out the value for money formula and are always in great locations close to train stations in all major cities.
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4.5/512 Reviews
This hotel does not require a deposit. You must check out before 10 a.m. There is free parking. This hotel does not require a deposit. You must check out before 10 a.m. There is free parking.
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4.5/514 Reviews
I am grateful that the clerk responded politely to the clean hotel. The location of the hotel was a little far from the station, and there seemed to be no convenience store nearby. It took me a while to find a hotel. The shared elevator and entrance seemed a bit old, but the room was clean. There was a shared shampoo and body soap in the hall on the first floor, so it smelled really good when I used it. Please use it if you like.
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4.1/516 Reviews
1. In terms of location, it is very convenient because it is close to the Yuanyebian tram station, and there are 711, Matsuya, and drugstore next to it. It is only one hour away from Shinjuku and Kamakura. With this as the center, traveling is still very good. 2. Single rooms are available. 3. There may always be rain in the event of a typhoon, plus I love to take a bath, haha, the house is always damp and the quilt is also wet. Overall, it is quite satisfactory. 4. The shortcoming is that there is no phone in the room and the front desk staff cannot be contacted immediately. One night, there were a few silly x Japanese people who were noisy and could not complain.
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4.7/531 Reviews
普段 常宿にしているのは南橋本のリブマックスなので、主にそこと比べての所感になります。 ・朝食について 予約サイトの口コミ等で他の方も何度も要望しているにも関わらず、チェックイン時に朝食時間の説明がない。確か部屋にも案内は見当たらなかったので、自分はエレベーター内の貼り紙で確認しました(苦笑 リブマックス全体の仕様により部屋に内線が無いので、気軽にフロントに問い合わせも出来ず煩わしい気分になる人も多いと思います。 この時点で「ここは一応形だけ無料朝食サービスの体裁を整えているだけで、本当は提供に消極的なのかな…?」とうっすら不安を感じていたのですが、翌朝その予感は的中してしまいました。 ラストオーダー時間の30分前に行ったのですが、スタッフさんの意識が完全に終了モードになっていて、残り少なくなった各メニューを一ヶ所に掻き寄せるだけ(1〜2人分の量にしかならない)で補充はなし、ドリンク周りのメンテナンスも不十分でした。 ラストオーダー以降ならその対応でも仕方ないですが、もし残り30分であと3〜5人くらいお客さんが来たら一発アウト、パンクしてしまうだろうという状況でした。これではラストオーダー時間を設定している意味もないのでは…(正直、自分自身もまるで残飯処理をさせられているようで不快でしたし) 勿論、南橋本や他のリブマックスでこういった経験をした事はありません。 幸い相模原駅に近い立地で周辺にコンビニや飲食店も充実していますし、残念ではありますが無料朝食は当てにしないでいたほうが良さそうです。 ・起きた時にやたら喉がヒリつくと思ったら、加湿空気清浄機の調子が悪く加湿機能が作動していなかった。更にエアコンの送風口にはホコリが… 南橋本よりも開業は後なのに、何かとメンテナンス不備・経年劣化(という言葉を使うほど古いホテルではないのですが)が目に付きます。 南橋本より交通の便は良く、基本的な仕様は新しめリブマックスのパッケージで一見 問題なさげに見えるのですが、自分はここをリピ・常宿にする事はないと思います…
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4.5/513 Reviews
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3.8/510 Reviews
There is a large bath on the first floor of the hotel, soak in the middle of the night, soak in the morning before departure. Breakfast is so sloppy, there are also some, but the win is free, good. The hotel is a bit far from the station. The nearest one is JR Shanggou Station, which takes more than 20 minutes.
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4.6/513 Reviews
Really good
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