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0.11km from Uotatsu
It was our first time in Japan and Rhodes Kagurazaka Hotel, located in a safe and quiet neighbourhood and a mere 5-minute walk from the Kagurazaka station, was the perfect place to stay. Place was well-kept, clean, organized. There was laundry powder for doing launders and complete kitchen utensils and cooking ware. Keys were in the room when we arrived at close to midnight and we simply had to walk in. Upon check out we also simply had to leave room keys inside the room and left quietly. Receptionist was very helpful with directions and other concerns of first-time travelers to Japan who can’t speak Japanese. There are 7-11s and other convenience stores nearby, coffee shops and other restaurants. We almost lived like locals! We had a blast.
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0.64km from Uotatsu
This is my second time in Japan but the first time for me to check in a capsule hotel. First Cabin TKP Ichigaya did not disappoint. The front desk staff were ever accommodating. I chose to station my luggage in the lobby - I didn't have to worry about their security. There was high regard for cleanliness and privacy was respected by the clients. There were more than adequate toiletries available. Sleep quality was excellent as the capsules seemed to be soundproof. The safe was very useful for me everytime I had to go to the washroom or bathroom. A flat screen tv was available too but I didn't get to use it at all. Every floor had its own wash room and toilets. The bathroom was in the ground floor; two private bathrooms were available apart from the public bath. Got to use the washing machine located there too. When I had to do some work or study, I just had to go down to the dining area or lobby. Probably the best advantage for me was that First Cabin TKP Ichigaya was just 3 minutes away from Ichigaya station and only 20-25 minutes by foot to the venue of my conference - Toshi Center Hotel in Prince St. It was also the same distance to the St. Iganatius Church where I attended mass on Sunday. For less than 3000 yen a day, I sure had a good bargain.
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0.72km from Uotatsu
I had stayed at the Hotel Grand Hill Ichigaya during my last stay in Tokyo this week. The location is pretty good, near the metro and JR stations; room and bathroom space somehow bigger than regular business hotels (at least the room where I stayed). Recommended!
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0.78km from Uotatsu
The hostel was the cleanest I have ever stayed at. The shower was fully supplied with shampoo etc. The toilets were tiny tho. The bunks were nice and private with a curtain. The bed was really comfortable. Not the most social hostel. Pretty quiet and everyone minds their own business. Location is more in the residential area so finding restaurants to eat at was sort of difficult but close to the metro station about 5-10 min walk.
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0.87km from Uotatsu
A retro-modern hideaway that mixes tradition and innovationKagurazaka is a city full of sensibility and intellect.A retro-modern hideaway in such a creative city.It's full of playfulness that seems to be a fusion of the past and the future.Exciting interior design spreads.Not to mention the comfort of your stay,We aim to be such a hotel that inspires the sensibilities of our guests.
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1.01km from Uotatsu
As an older hotel, the appearance of the gate has a sense of time, but it is not old, but it will be more attractive. The attitude of the hotel front desk may be the influence of Japanese culture. Every morning when you come out early and come back at night, it is a smile. Welcome, it is very comfortable. Inside the room, although the facilities are relatively old, the age, but the maintenance is in place, there will be no use problems, the room is also very clean, every day someone will clean, very comfortable, very assured. There are Matsuo Beef and 711 nearby, as well as the Yanqiao Subway Station (2 stops from Shinjuku). It is suitable for one or two people to stay together, affordable and clean (remember to go to the front desk every time you go out) The key is also very good looking, it is worth a visit (remember to say thank you every time!)
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1.13km from Uotatsu
We initially booked the stay here due to a very competitive price but were not expecting a lot tbh. We were pleasantly surprised. LOCATION. The hotel is located close to the city center, 10 mins from the metro station, with a well-stocked grocery store just opposite of it. Are is a residential one and really quiet at night which for me was a plus. ROOM. For a 3 person room, it was relatively spacious (not big by any means, but organized in the way that does not make it claustrophobic) with a kitchenette and a bathroom. I loved how well-stocked it was - we were provided everything we may have needed, including phone chargers, bath towels, disposable hairbrushes and kitchenware. It was also absolutely spotless, which I really appreciate. STAFF. While some staff members were more fluent in English than others, they were always very nice and helpful. If I ever come back to Tokyo, I would make sure to stay there again.
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1.2km from Uotatsu
Compact but clean and cozy rooms welcome your Tokyo visit. It may be a bit complicated for you to find the hotel from the closest train station Iidabashi because of hyper intersection in front of it. Don't worry. It's Easy. Take East Exit of JR Iidabashi Station or B1 Exit of Tokyo Metro Iidabashi Station. Walk toward the pedestrian bride and take a left at a Beef Bowl stand (Matsuya) , and keep walking toward Highway entrance on your right for a while. Pass two convenience stores (Seven-Eleven and Family Mart) on your left, you will come accross a supermarket (Inageya). The hotel entrance is right next to it. OR take a cab from Tokyo Station as it may cost only 1500 yen ($14/12 euro) for 4 km/10 minute ride. You can take 5 different train/metro lines from Iidabashi station. From there, about 10-minute train ride will bring you mostly anywhere in main part of Tokyo.
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1.24km from Uotatsu
I had to extend my stay in Tokyo due to Typhoon Hagabis, it was a struggle to find somewhere to stay, which is why I ended up here paying the same price for one night (21,000 yen) as for the following three nights combined! I arrived at 10am and staff stored my luggage. I could not go out, it was too dangerous in the storm, so I sat in the somewhat cheerless lounge, which has only a few places to sit, to wait for check in at 3pm. They let me have the room by 1pm, which was very welcome. It's a fairly basic hotel conveniently located less than a 5 minute walk from Akebonobashi subway station, 2 stops from Shinjuku main station. It's in a quiet small street with many shops and restaurants. Rooms are quite small, 2 single beds just about fills the room and there is nowhere to store luggage. It would be a big squeeze for two people with two suitcases. You get a kettle and a tiny fridge, but no spoon to stir your free tea with! Good sized TV, but only gets the 7 basic channels, nothing in English. Bathroom is also small but very adequate. Room is serviced daily. Beds are a little hard. Aircon is whisper quiet, and, unusually for a hotel room, main ceiling light is very bright. As usual in Japan, this is a very clean hotel. Free wifi was actually quite fast although it did drop out periodically. Not impressed with the buffet breakfast. Twice a week you get mild curry & rice, otherwise it's Miso soup, always hot. This is the best part of breakfast because the Western cooked food, sausage, powdered scrambled egg, breaded fish cakes and gooey cheese, is always tepid at best, and can be almost cold. Get to breakfast at opening time of 7am if you want it warm. There is also salad. They have a toaster! No fresh fruit or orange juice. Great coffee, and you can take an extra cup back to your room! Staff very helpful during my stay.
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1.33km from Uotatsu
We stayed here at tguestd of our Japan trip, on arrival at reception were told we had smoking rooms as requested, when I said no we booked non smoking rooms, the senior Receptionist said that our booking was for two smoking rooms and that was what we had. I asked if we could have non smoking rooms and were told no we are full and we have a group coming in, we lasted no more than ten minutes in the room, we went back to reception with the booking form from Agoda which clearly said we booked non smoking rooms, Which the same form was pushed back to us saying, we don't need it, it's pre paid, so I approached another receptionist with the booking form and highlighted the non smoking rooms, the original receptionist stepped in and demanded to know where the booking said that, I placed my room key card undermining it, then he hastily started writing down room numbers and told us to go back to our rooms and they would get our new rooms ready, were moved within ten minutes, this should have been done at check in, it left a feeling of being badly treated and not valued as a guest. Breakfast was even worse, clearly only aimed at the Japanese and Asian guest, a huge selection for Japan/Asian tastes but for Western tastes very little, we found this the worst of our hotels in Japan, the location was good, but would not stay here again or recommend it, after all this the mini fridge didn't work and after everything else I just couldn't be bothered dealing with it, the room itself was great once we had rooms that did not smell of cigarette smoke, all to late though
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1.35km from Uotatsu
The price is cheap, the location is good, the procedures are convenient, and the living is comfortable. The price of Shinjuku 400 is very good. Will patronize in the future.
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1.4km from Uotatsu
The location is very convenient, about 5 minutes walk from the subway station, surrounded by Family Mark, Yoshinoya, and a small food street behind the hotel. The breakfast and lunch buffets at the hotel are very good, and Pizza is also delicious. The room is quite small, but although the sparrow is small, it has everything. In the lobby downstairs, there are facial cleanser, lotion, etc., which can be used by yourself. In short, a very cost-effective hotel

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Check in was a breeze, efficient and high tech. Godzilla head is an interesting feature of the hotel (esp. for fans), and location is great, right in the middle of the happening area. room size is good, can even be bigger if the toilet is joined with the bathing area. can bring the 2 single beds together to form a large bed.
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Suidobashi/Tokyo Dome
Their service is nothing short of excellent. They have staff who are fluent in English (and other languages as well, I suspect). Me and my friend came thinking that we would be staying in a Single Room with Extra Bed since that was what we booked as we attempted to be more economic. However, to our pleasant surprise, our room was upgraded to a much much bigger room for free. We are very thankful to the helpful staff for making our stay pleasant and extremely comfortable. The location is great as it in located somewhere in between Iidabashi and Suidobashi which is pretty much close to the geographical center of Tokyo. Head east you will be able to visit Akihabara and Asakusa quick. Head west, you will be able to hit Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Shibuya. The neighbourhood is fairly quiet and the Tokyo Dome is just a 10-15 minute stroll away. If I am coming back to visit Japan, this hotel will be a clear top choice for me. Haven't had the opportunity to have the breakfast at this hotel, but I will certainly try it out on my next stay here.
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Great location with walking distance to metro station. Very comfortable room, housekeeping staff is doing a very good job.. super clean and no dust at all.. very impressive! Love the coffee sachet and green tea provided at the front desk.. they even give lady a Japanese facial mask upon check in, so thoughtful 🥳
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I cannot recommend this hotel enough. From it's central location (right across the street from the Shinagawa train station) and close proximity to many restaurants and shops, this will be our go-to hotel in Tokyo. Perfect for first time visitors and frequent visitors to Tokyo because of its location, amenities, and service. Close to public transit was a must when evaluating a hotel to stay anywhere, especially Tokyo because I didn't want to carry/drag luggage far. This hotel meets that as the hotel is located directly across the street from the Shinagawa train station. Also, the airport limousine bus stops at the Shinagawa prince hotel. Location to transit made this one of the top reasons why we loved this hotel. There are a few towers on property so the room you book determines which tower lobby you check-in too. There are plenty of signs in english to direct you to the appropriate check-in lobby and the staff are more than willing to help as well. Checking in was smooth and quick as our room was ready (we checked in around 7pm), clean, and spacious. Like I mentioned, there are lots of room types available you just have to find one that works for you. In this instance, a corner room King offered plenty of room and a rather large bathroom for Japanese standards. We actually ended up with a killer view of the Shinagawa train station. Spacious and clean rooms was another reason why we loved this hotel. In addition to the hotel being close in proximity to a central train station (both JR and local routes here), there are numerous shops and restaurants within the hotel property, adjoining the hotel property, and within walking distance to the hotel. A 7-Eleven, McDonalds, and food court are a few of the options on property with endless options for eating and shopping within walking distance to the property. Close proximity to restaurants and shops is also one of the top reasons why we loved this hotel. Above all else, what makes this property stand out is the level of service from staff and the cleanliness of the entire property, inside and out. Ever single staff member we interacted with was kind, helpful, and respectful. Everything from the lobby, guest rooms, hallways and public areas were clean, really clean, something we loved. Again, I cannot recommend the Shinagawa Prince Hotel enough and we can't wait to come back.
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Good location. Close to Shinjuku station and Toyota Car Rental. Can take the Airport Limousine Bus to and from Narita or Haneda Airport around the corner at the Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku Hotel. A few nice diners and chemists in proximity. Very popular place and a little bit worn out. Small rooms small beds. The twin bed rooms have only twin single 3-1/2 feet bed. Its not even semi-double. Can't share bed with a young children at all.
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If you loves omakase breakfast at Toyosu market, shopping at Venus Fort, Diver City, Aqua City, visiting the TeamLab Borderless and TeamLab Planets, and hot-spring at Ooedo Onsen, that's the perfect location. Even gives you quick access to Disney resort and Haneda Airport! Small rooms as usual but the one with twin double beds is excellent for parents with two young children. The only downside is no car-rental nearby.
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