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The night: November the 22nd. The mood: We’ll see A ubiquitous fog of tension filled the room in the best way imaginable. Cutting through the haze was Amir, suddenly appearing in my life the way a bolt of lightning shatters a calm lake. Immediately I knew my life had been changed forever. I could tell instantly he was an enigma, yet I couldn’t help but dive down the rabbit hole. The schnitzel sandwich was great and I liked the Cole slaw. 5 stars.
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To the point: Maritime Hotel is in a great Manhattan neighborhood, the standard room I stayed in was small but very very nice and really quite. Maritime Hotel is in a great Manhattan neighborhood, the "Meat Packing District" which is really like a "sub" neighborhood of Chelsea. Either way, it's a great area. NYC subway is barely a block away. I stayed here two nights, March 7th and March 8th 2020. Room 311, a standard room. Full size bed which was very comfortable. Of course the pillows were lousy but I have yet to stay at any hotel where this was not the case. The room was not very big. Despite the dark paneling, the room did not feel small. The mirrors on one side helped to make it feel roomier as well. It was cozy in the very best definition. The room was small but it didn't feel like it. It was decorated to feel like an elegant cabin on a ship and it worked. Real wood paneling throughout. A nice soft headboard. Ample lighting and outlets everywhere which are needed more than ever with everything needing charging. I really loved the shelves on both sides of the headboard that had lights and more outlets. Bathroom was very nice. Big shower stall with nice shelves and a big mirror which was unusual but great. Well stocked mini bar thankfully had more than just alcohol. The biggest surprise was how insanely quite the room was. Though the entrance to The Maritime is on West 16th Street, the hotel straddles the very busy 9th Avenue between 16th and 17th Streets. You would think this would cause no end of noise in the room but I didn't hear so much as one car horn. It was so quiet that I actually put on white noise on my phone because it was TOO quiet. And I was on the 3rd floor. I did not get a chance to check out the restaurants in the hotel. The lobby is very cozy as well. I personally don't have anything negative to say about The Maritime. Maybe some people might find the rooms to be a bit on the dark side (something I thought was a plus).
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They advertised Complimentary Breakfast , that occurred once during our entire stay , that was Sunday. Told Monday and Tuesday - no food . Monday, ran out and the staff indicated they didn't have a credit card to buy more food. Tuesday a sign was posted indicating management changed the policy on Complimentary Breakfast. Arrived from CA on red eye at 11am Sat room not ready no big deal ( expected) . Came back at 3pm set up in Donna Reed rm 404 to a moldy bathroom that they would not let us move out of until Monday . Monday got moved to 402 where TV and bed were broken, phone did not work , moved again to another room 404 ( Ann Margaret) no working phone , but no mold in bathroom Complained to management Took pictures, have pictures which were provided to your staff This place has charm but not the charm it's advertising nor the pictures used to embolden the look/feel of the place. False advertising Requesting a refund as the staff lied consistently , forced us to stay in a health hazard room for an unnecessary amount of time. The day we left the contractor hired to deal with the moldy Donna Reed bathroom thanked us for the referral and work No face towels were ever provided after repeatedly being asked Channels available on your TV required re-scanning 2x a day to view properly The extra locks on the doors to the rooms don't lock , but not a worry as I room bound as I got was sick, so any one breaking in would have caught me throwing up in the moldy bathroom I've written to NYC BBB the NYC tourist board. It feels like this place went thru some sort of major management change from the time I researched booking this place to the time my party arrived
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Stayed here multiple times over years. Most recent departure was as covid ramped up. Had just extended reservation from a long stay. Well known to management. They called me down to recheck in but when I got to lobby manager admitted tricking me to get me out of room: "actually we're closing down and didn't want to tell you that while you were in room." Ah, because they thought I was going to squat/refuse to leave? Nice. Unfortunately we'd made mistake of overlooking an extremely disturbing event a few weeks prior. It involved local known drug dealers hacking our phone from the next room (apparently for hours)--deleting/adding files and video recording screen of our phone. This was not a random crime. Wouldn't you know it? The staff when asked said there were no registered guests in that room--no way anyone squatted there. Despite presence of cameras everywhere, staff refused to check/allow access to videos and said they preferred being reported to the (real) police. Done! Lastly, during end of another (solo) 2-month stay, awaiting confirmation of final night's rate, management Pulled me out of my room around 1 pm until rate was confirmed and room paid for. I was ill at the time (winter) and management had me sit with a fever in the lobby, coughing and wheezing up a storm, for an hour before management confirmed the rate I'd claimed earlier in the day. This was a $5 discrepancy the front desk was confirming. They even refused to let me return to my room just to get pain medication and insisted on having a bellhop escort me to my room and back. After accepting 1000s of $$$ in prepaid hotel fees, this is how they treated a guest on his last day, over a $5 question on the daily rate. Also, there were a lot of errors and quirks that just don't happen other places. Too many times I'd call my one friend from my room travelking in town and BOOM! suddenly there'd be a bellhop at my door telling me there was an urgent matter at the front desk (grumpy false claims I hadn't paid incidentals deposit upon check-in; misplaced paperwork; constantly demagnetized room keys; AND bizarre hassles whence staff would claim not to know how to set phone so I could make outgoing local calls). It's also in a remote location on a pollution-choked highway. Don't bother, esp as they allow guests to become crime victims and at best refuse to help. I dunno, it's kind of how a shady place would treat a guest maligned falsely behind his back as some kind of vice squad guy?? Don't overlook any unacceptable annoyances--it just emboldens them. Lots of under the cove intrigue hwre. Why they'd encourage police involvement in a crime investigation instead of settling their naughty mistakes quietly should be a red flag to many! "When a hotel shows who they are--believe them!"
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I’m privileged to stay at the Incentra on a regular basis, several times a year, and I really do call it my home from home when I’m in New York City. I was looking for a replacement for my previous favourite hotel, Chelsea Pines Inn, however sadly since the hotel was taken over by new management standards dropped. Incentra was a natural fit. It does not feel like a hotel, each room feels like a self contained apartment with kitchen, bathroom and generous size bedroom. I make a habit of staying in the Stable Room, it’s on a lower floor and is street facing but the windows blanket any noise and I like to watch the world go by outside. The bed is one of the most comfortable. It’s large and includes quality sheets, blanket and pillows. On demand hot water results in a great shower. Generous towels and toiletries included. The location is in the West Village. The High Line and Meatpacking District is within 5 minutes walk. 14th / 8th Avenue Subway station servicing A, C, E and L trains is, less than 5 minutes walk and there is a bus stop right outside the front door. There is a restaurant serving great breakfasts right next door. In fact 11 second walk from front door to front door, sad that I timed it. Vincent, the weekend Manager is awesome and ensures that I always have a great stay. Reception and cleaning staff are equally brilliant. For me, this is my favourite place to base myself when I’m in New York City and whether you’re solo or a couple, like me, am sure you too will call Incentra VIllage Hotel your home from home.
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So I will start with the positive. The place is charming with a beauty outdoor patio for you to grab the perfect cup of espresso by Intelligentsia. The rooms are big and the address is central if you need to be downtown. Bed comfortable. Soap and shampoo by Bigelow which I love. And water pressure in shower is amazing. Upon check in. We were upgraded. Thank you. Now, no one to take luggage to the room. No room service no breakfast at hotel or even lunch. AC didn’t work they even brought a fan and changed the filter and still no go. Had to leave window open and then there is the noise of all the construction on the Highline. On Night two of 4 I asked to move my room please and was ignored. Wrong person to ignore. No one should be ignored. Better to say we can’t accommodate sorry. Saw rodent run across patio dinning area freaked me out so closed window there is no screen. Didn’t sleep well at all. Staff not attentive. Again wanted to love this spot and come back. What they need to do to up their A game in the hotel industry and do it now. Yes I’m an expert so I will share. Keep all the charm. The building the fixtures the antiques especially rugs and furniture in the room. DO NOT MODERNIZE this beautiful building. Morning this patio is packed... so silly distance of course. It’s a great opportunity to be able to provide some food more than just a few muffins and morning pastries. Perhaps an avocado toast a ricotta toast and egg salad toast things that can be easily made and quick. Upgrade or heating and air-conditioning units make sure that things work in the room including light fixtures which was another issue in my room. It’s New York City so rodents are expected. Have someone take my luggage up to my room I know it’s an extra expense but the state wasn’t cheap you can certainly have someone socially distant and wearing gloves taking up the luggage so I don’t have to take it up all the stairs before I get to the elevator. Fix all the cracks on the floors in the rooms the ceilings the bathrooms nobody wants to see that it’s kind of gross you can still look vintage but I have a clean finish. Up the age bracket of the people you have handling the front desk or just train your current stuff a little bit better in hospitality I get it that this is like a BoHo chic property but still being that all this is happening on the Highline right now you’re going to get the upper scale guests staying here might as well get them to come back. Overall as much as I’d like to give it a four out of five I’m really at a three 3 1/2 and that’s because the outside bus is the biggest attraction to this place. Just look at the pictures.
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This historic Manhattan hotel is located in the Chelsea neighborhood, a 15-minute walk from the Meatpacking District and Madison Square Garden. The environmentally friendly hotel offers free Wi-Fi.Each contemporary room at the Desmond Tutu Center features a flat-screen TV and CD player. They are furnished with a fireplace and a coffee maker.The Chelsea Market is within a 10-minute walk of the Tutu Center Hotel. The 23rd Street Subway Station is 2 blocks away. Times Square is 15 minutes from the property by subway.The front desk of this Manhattan hotel is open 24 hours a day and a business center is available.
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We booked the West End Suite at Colonial House. From the moment we booked to the moment we left the staff was amazing! So polite, kind, courteous and friendly. The suite was incredible.. so large and well arranged. A great view of the garden. The kitchen was so awesome to have. The suite was beautiful, hard wood floors , well decorated, warm, inviting and spacious. If I was traveling back to Manhattan, the first thing I would do is book this suite! The continental breakfast and the company out in the main area was great every morning, the coffee was great! Family takes a minimum of one trip a year and every member of this family agrees that this was the best place we have ever stayed.
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1.03km from Valbella
If you need to travel to NYC and looking for a boutique hotel with a world class staff, head to the Walker Hotel in Greenwich Village. Meghan is the Assistant GM and David is the Front Office Manager. They will treat you like family. These are uncertain times, so a sure thing in big comfort.
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1.1km from Valbella
Send your daughter to school and choose this hotel. The transportation is very convenient, very close to TJMAXX and MASHALLS, you can buy cheap and good quality goods. The hotel has a guest lounge, although no breakfast is available, but there are free coffee, pastries, boiling water and microwaves, as well as free computers and printers. The front desk is very welcoming, and also helps with luggage. It should be said that the price is very high. I will choose it next time.
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1.14km from Valbella
this is not a luxury hotel as it is advertised. Not even 3 star. It is 2 and half star. Under construction - as you enter there was the smell of solvent. I should of turned around then. But I went for the adventure of the americano - No lobby - dust. No restaurant. No place for coffee before 7am. No deli or place for amenities next door or on the street nearby. I didnt see a bar as advertised. So forget it - it isnt there. You are in the NYC trip off experience. There is a "facility" charge even if you dont use for wifi and luggage storage. Even tho the wifi is one of those sign in things where you swear to the allegiance of some corporate swank. You cant get a beverage in the hotel except during the breakfast time. So if you get up a 630 you are out of luck. There is no coffee in room. Or nite cap etc...The rooms are like closets. The bed is a mattress on the floor on small platform maybe 4-6 inch off ground- - so getting in and out of bed is a mobility issue- more like stop drop and roll - but i do yoga so i got my downward dog in- . And i mean it is a mattress on the floor - there is no box spring - so there is a bit of the roughing it - dorm life- No place to put your luggage - a squeeze - no hooks to put hand towels in bathroom so on the floor?. the water from my quick 2 min shower flowed into the room. the desk or i mean "shelf" for phone and bottle water - is barely room for a mac book pro so leave it at home - they are going more for the airlines tray size -so if you are in "big" business this isnt for you. so small there are no drawers for clothes -shelf in closet? that's cool but there isnt room or place to put the suitcase( and i brought a carry on) - the bathroom - lets say shower stall - the sink is so small ( how small - SMALL -) someone with large hands could only put 1 hand in the sink at a time_ there is no rack for a wash cloth or towel to hang nor door to hang on - poor design - one of those designs that the shower glass can see into the room- if you like to groom yourself and make yourself presentable such as makeup or shave or a little fluffing case or toiletries there is a small shelf about the size of a water glass with low lite and even though im tall the towels are high above the toilet - and it was a reach for me- so if you are average size they have a step stool to reach the towels. I kept thinking this place is like the puffy shirt in seinfeld kinda thing minus the laughs and i am a new yorker - also to be cute or designy they dont have a do not disturb sign but rather a black and white signage which god help me at midnite i couldnt recall if white was make up the room or do not disturb - wtf? it is advertised as a family hotel - and well i guess it is for i could hear the family next door fully all night. of course the next morning i complained and it was one of those scenarios where you arent believed and it is my problem - such as being told - well when I go to a hotel i just go to sleep - I pity the staff fo
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1.18km from Valbella
Was awakened by the alarm at 1 am! If you can quickly know where the ringing sound is, but it is not continuous, but it is beeping every one minute. It is difficult to capture the source of the sound. Therefore, I checked it one by one, and finally found it on my mobile phone, Wi-Fi, alarm clock ... There is an alarm above his head. He communicates with the front desk in the middle of the night. After a long time, a worker moved his chair into the room late at night to remove the alarm. Look at the time shown by the alarm clock is more than four in the morning, I can't fall asleep one night, and negotiate with the hotel and Ctrip one morning the next day. Booking a hotel is for sleeping. Shouldn't you pay for not sleeping overnight? The next day's trip is a mess, shouldn't I be drowsy all day? In this case, Ctrip's negotiation with the hotel is obviously not stiff! It's disappointing that Ctrip can't do it for its customers, and Ctrip itself isn't enough. If this is not the case, this stay should be wonderful. The reception staff in the hotel lobby are very welcoming and polite. The location of the hotel and the sanitary conditions in the rooms are good. Because I had thought that the room in this place would be very small, I looked at the nearby hotels and said that the suitcases could not be completely opened. After checking in, I found that this room is not very large, but it is completely acceptable. turn on. The shower room in the bathroom is large and the shower is enjoyable. Downstairs Washington Square hosts different entertainment programs every day. You will never feel bored here. There are a lot of interesting and fun things, and you won't get bored going to Washington Square every day. The alarm event is the only regret in this trip! !!

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4.5/596 Reviews
Wall Street/Financial District
The hotel's configuration is good, dishwasher, microwave, induction cooker, refrigerator, dishes and cutlery are very full! It's just that the scoop and shovel are not easy to use, but you can do it! The hotel room is large, a dressing room, and two large closets. There is an anteroom in the entrance. The kitchen has an island and a dining table. The family is definitely very relaxed. But the shortcomings are too prominent, that is, the refrigerator is very noisy. At night, the noise is not good at all. The sound of the air conditioner is louder and the heat is very fast. It is sleeping in an air conditioner. The noise feels like sleeping in the open hood. Next to it, the booming night collapsed! If the air conditioner is turned off first, the second refrigerator is still very noisy and can't be turned off, so sleep and fear the noise to give up! In addition, the curtains are blinds, and they are not shaded at all. This is not human! Let's talk about the advantages. The hotel is just outside the Wall Street subway station. There is an exit on the 2. and 3 lines in the hotel. It is especially convenient. It is also very close to the 4th and 5th lines! The hotel is very convenient for transportation. It is a 5-minute walk from Trinity Church and a 10-minute walk from Wall Street Copper Bull. The opposite side of Tongniu is the Museum of American Indians. The building is particularly beautiful! It’s also about 10 minutes walk from the boat dock to see the Statue of Liberty. It’s really convenient, and the surrounding security is better. There are not so many tramps! The hotel has a big food supermarket for 3 minutes. The food for cooking can be fully purchased. Turn right and go straight for 5 minutes. There is a very complete daily necessities supermarket. It is also convenient. In short, in addition to huge noise, other The place is worth experiencing, the bathroom is easy to use, the toiletries are all L'Occitane, the mattress is soft but comfortable, the pillows and quilts are also very soft and comfortable, the bed is USB charging and humanized, except for the bathroom mirror I don’t know what to do with the nonsense owls. It’s very scary to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. The others are very human! In addition, I saw that there is a guest feedback that there is no smoke exhauster. In fact, I have not found a place. The switch of the smoke exhauster is on the microwave oven. The light is the light of the hood. The FAN is the switch of the smoke exhauster. The blinds next to the air conditioner outlet are seen. It is one piece, it is actually a cover, and the air conditioner switch is hidden inside.
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5/51 Reviews
Times Square
My boyfriend and I spent the night here awhile ago and we couldn't be happier with our stay. The hotel feels very sexy so it was perfect for our little staycation. We're right next to Times Square so we got to be tourist in our city. The rooftop is gorgeous. We had the king suite overlooking the street with wall to wall windows. It was a great change and escape from our tiny Brooklyn apartment. Would highly recommend for a sexy night in NY:) Also shout out to the GM Jeremy Poon if he's still there. Amazing hospitality from the bellman to the front desk to the housekeeping team.
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4.3/5428 Reviews
Wall Street/Financial District
1. Good location: 9/11 new building and Memorial Museum just outside the window. 2. Convenient for travel. It takes 3 minutes to walk to New York's line 1, 2, 3, E, R, W. Taking a taxi is also very convenient. 3. Good service: there are people in the lobby 24 hours, and a deposit of 250 yuan for 5 nights. 4. The room size is OK and the facilities are complete.
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4.6/568 Reviews
Upper West Side
It ’s not the time to come out this time to catch the epidemic every day. This hotel is not cost-effective. The deposit is 600. Breakfast is basic for more than 100. Every night, the food is delivered to the room for more than 130. The 600 deposit is not enough. I ca n’t say that the deposit is refundable. The bathroom is super small, especially the shower and hand basin. What ’s wrong? Drop the ensuite sofa into the toilet. The sofa can be turned into a bed. I think the next time I go I will choose to live in New Jersey across the Madison River to see the buildings in Manhattan. It was so noisy that at least ten policemen were parked downstairs 24 hours a day.
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3.8/527 Reviews
Times Square
I was going to NYC to see Elton John and was to stay at The New Yorker. Well... neither happened. I had made non-refundable reservations but called the hotel to see if their policy would change during this crisis. Every person I spoke to was so nice and helpful. One person that really stood out was Neida Aldama, a supervisor at the front desk. She was incredibly kind and compassionate about the situation, and offered that my prepayment be used as a credit that I can apply anytime in the next year (hopefully if/when Elton John reschedules!!). I feel that this was very generous, given the fact that they had every right to tell me I was SOL. Neida even went so far as to call me to directly answer a question I had. I know that they are dealing with a lot and are working with a skeleton crew, so that phone call really blew me away. Thank you Neida and The New Yorker!
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4.9/55 Reviews
Stayed here 3 times it’s a great place to stay away from Manhattan. Close by to a liquor store and supermarket for everything you need since all the rooms have a kitchen with utensils. The breakfast is great too
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