Hotels Near Yokohamashisakae Library

4.5/5Excellent44 Reviews
1.98km from Yokohamashisakae Library
Very quiet hotel, the nearby fresh food store is opened by the Japanese, all Japanese, Japanese, only pictures can be communicated, the taste is first-rate, absolutely fresh, the price is affordable, it is the best fresh food in Japan
4.1/5Very Good46 Reviews
2.12km from Yokohamashisakae Library
The location of the hotel is excellent, just near the Ofuna Station, just a few minutes away! The surrounding area is very lively, shopping and eating are very convenient, there is a lot of food, but there are many people in line. The hotel room is very comfortable, the facilities are complete, and the bed is very comfortable! The service of the staff is very good!
2/51 Reviews
2.59km from Yokohamashisakae Library
The Business Ryokan Tsukui provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. Visitors to Kamakura will find that the Business Ryokan Tsukui is a fantastic accommodation choice. The hotel is only 700m from JR Ofuna Station and 44km from Haneda Airport, giving guests a number of convenient transportation options. Famous local attractions Hibiya Kadan Ofuna Flower Center, 玉縄図書館 and Ofuna Kannonji Temple, can all be reached with a short walk. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel.
4.1/5Very Good25 Reviews
4.26km from Yokohamashisakae Library
It is a hotel where you can enjoy satisfying trip both physically and mentally with loved friends while feeling the history of Kamakura.
4.2/5Very Good2 Reviews
4.38km from Yokohamashisakae Library
It takes about 10 minutes walk from Kamakura Station, but I think the location is good facing Wakamiya Oji. There is a front desk on the 3 floor of the building, and the room is also a small hotel with only 3 floor one floor 10 rooms. The building is quite old and old, but the cleaning is firm, air conditioning and hot water can be used without inconvenience, and there are necessary things such as towels and hashbrushes, and Wifi can be used. The unfortunate thing is that the TV is small, the outlet position is difficult to use, and there is no desk or chair, so it was a little inconvenient to work?
5/5Perfect36 Reviews
4.6km from Yokohamashisakae Library
The decoration is very Japanese-style hotel, the staff is very fun and very welcoming, there is a big supermarket nearby, Haagen-Dazs is only 203 yen! ! Awesome! The room is very clean and the atmosphere is very good. It is close to the bus stop but the tram stop has to go a long way. There is time to walk to the Canggu station and go out for a little while the beach.
4.3/5Excellent34 Reviews
4.65km from Yokohamashisakae Library
I often stay in this hotel with my colleagues on business trips, with convenient transportation and good environment! Convenient shopping, the room is clean and quiet! Service attitude is nothing to say! Wall crack recommended! !
4.9/5Perfect7 Reviews
4.7km from Yokohamashisakae Library
The hotel is in the center of Kamakura, the lobby is on the 3rd floor, and there are shops below. The rooms are spacious and well-equipped, making it easy to travel. Breakfast is at the Chinese restaurant B1 on the ground floor. There are three kinds of set meals to choose from, which tastes good.
4.9/5Perfect50 Reviews
4.73km from Yokohamashisakae Library
As the Hotel Metropolitan Kamakura is a new hotel, it is very clean with modern features. Location is perfect, just a quick walk from Kamakura Station, and across from both a convenience store and supermarket. The Kamakura Komachi Double is a smaller room with a single bed, two small chairs and a table. Recommended for single travelers. The room is quite small (20 sqm) but includes a decent sized bathroom with separate shower and bathtub. The TV is mounted on the side of the bed, making it a little uncomfortable to view from the bed unless you’re on your side. WiFi is included and the TV features Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. There’s also a refrigerator, tea and coffee, and even a phone charger. There are plenty of bath amenities, everything you'll need except body lotion. The hotel has a restaurant which is actually a Muji cafe. Breakfast is not recommended, especially for vegetarians. I would expect a hotel which caters to foreign guests to do a little better. Vegetarian selections were very few and what they did have was no better than what you’d find at a convenience store. I’d recommend avoiding the extra charge for breakfast and getting something at the supermarket across the street.
4.5/5Excellent20 Reviews
4.78km from Yokohamashisakae Library
I went to Totsuka on business trip and stayed at the hotel which is located near Totsuka station. This is a business hotel and I stayed in a small room having a single bed. There is no room card nor key but I was told 6-digit number to unlock the door of my room. The room and bath were clean. There is a small refrigerator that let you keep some foods and drinks. Bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and face and body wash were placed on the edge of bath. I found chargers of micro USB, FOMA3G, CDMA au, and Type-C on a desk besides Run cable. And complementary WIFI was also available. I found 2 USB sockets on the headboard, that help me use my smartphone before sleep. The room had an air conditioner that was so quiet when working therefore it did not disturb me from sleeping. Weak Point The hotel has only one elevator therefore I had to wait about 10 mins to use it when busy time. Emergency stairs are available in outside of the hotel. The stairs would not be a choice when it is hot or cold outside. I would recommend you to use the elevator before or after the busy time.
4.5/5Excellent27 Reviews
5.01km from Yokohamashisakae Library
The front desk 々 also responded kindly. Because it is a new hotel, the building is beautiful and calm, and the cartoon is readable, and the cherry blossoms are free to drink, so I was able to relax and enjoy it in the hotel. I will use it again. Thank you.
0/50 Reviews
5.1km from Yokohamashisakae Library
The PLAYS-Maiokacho is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. The PLAYS-Maiokacho is an ideal choice for travelers who want to take in the sights and sounds of Yokohama. Traveling to the hotel is easy with JR Totsuka Station located approximately 3km away and Haneda Airport roughly 36km away. Being just minutes away from Maioka Metro Station allows guests to explore the city with ease. Famous local attractions Maioka Hachiman Shrine, Hozoin Temple and Yagiyama Fukutokuin Temple, can all be reached with a short walk. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel.

Hotels Near Yokohamashisakae Library In Yokohama Review

4.9/547 Reviews
Very good hotel! It should be a relatively old hotel, but it is well maintained and the service is very good. The room is very large in Japan, the location is super good, downstairs is Yamashita Park, Chinatown, 10 minutes walk from the subway. The room view is great and you can see the famous Ferris wheel in Yokohama! The price is also very good! Very recommended!
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4.7/543 Reviews
Booked a club room before and was quite satisfied. The room I gave to the luxurious room this time was a bit depressing. The washbasin faucet in the bathroom would have a very sharp and harsh sound, and it was very uncomfortable to listen to. Breakfast often needs to wait. The restaurant is obviously a bit overloaded. Some of the food is empty and cannot be filled in time. The taste is ok, but the variety is not large and cannot be completely satisfied. The hotel is in a good location, opposite the Ferris wheel and the small playground, the harbor view; going out to connect the mall, there are convenience stores and coffee shops next to it, walking to the MM line subway station is very close, it is very convenient to go to Yokohama or Shibuya of. The hotel's concierge is on the first floor, and Chenkin's front desk is on the second floor.
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4/569 Reviews
Although the price is higher than that of a general business hotel, I was satisfied with it. First of all, the location right in front of Sakuragicho station was very good. However, it was difficult to know where to enter, so it would be nice to have a little more guidance. The view from the room was the best because I could enjoy the night view of Minatomirai. It was nice to take a rest, even though it was late to check out at 12 o'clock. There are cheaper business hotels when you want to keep them cheap, but when you want to relax and enjoy yourself, or when you want to spend time in a room with a beautiful night view, you want to use it again.
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4.4/542 Reviews
Location: It is about 10 minutes walk from Sakuragicho Subway Station. Breakfast: Drinks (black tea, milk, yogurt, orange juice, grapefruit juice) dishes: fried spinach with eggs, seafood salad, croissants, local soup, oatmeal and so on. There are 2-3 kinds of fresh fruit available. Rooms: The hotel has four floors and four or more floors for offices and apartments.
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4.2/530 Reviews
I stayed with my family at the end of the winter vacation. I came with 2 junior high school students and 2 adults. I chose it because there was a parking lot at the time of booking and it was close to the station. I booked a room with twin bed and a sofa bed. I thought I was betrayed because I had an incredible amount of breakfast 1800 yen / 1 people. When I stopped before to check the parking lot for the hotel, the woman came to the car and dropped the heavy luggage and guided me to the front desk and checked in smoothly. We had a welcome drink. The female staff delivered my luggage to the room on the 12th floor. Guided to the room and unlike the room I booked, I prepared a twin bed, a sofa bed and an extra bed. There is also a space to put your luggage. The room cleaning is perfect. Clean bathroom, bed making and beautiful amenities were available. It was a 2-day stay, but the linen was replaced every day and the garbage was recovered and cleaned. Breakfast was delicious and we were able to spend time relaxing. Thank you. We will definitely make a reservation next time we come to Yokohama. It is a hotel that can be recommended to everyone.
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3.1/535 Reviews
A cheap hotel, shower, washroom, are all public, but it is very clean, hot water to coin, 100 yen 4 minutes, the room is small, but air conditioning, TV, wifi, all Qi, want Affordable tourism, you can pick this hotel, if it is a two-person world, it is a bit unsuitable
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4.6/535 Reviews
I wanted to feel the air outside if I could, so I went to a new hotel with a balcony, and it was a ― cation of mood change. The feeling of liberation with the view and balcony is as expected! Because the ceiling is high, there is no pressure for the size, and it is basically a service apartment, so it is convenient to have items for long stay. The location is directly connected to the station and is also a walking distance to the red brick warehouse, so it is very convenient for business and sightseeing. There is no problem because there is anything around the meal. 2 points to those who are concerned with room selection. The bathroom has a type without a bathtub, so check it out. By the way, the room I stayed in was a bathroom with a washroom. If you are stuck to the view from the room, it seems to be divided into the Yamashita Park school Kaminato Mirai school. I think both views are difficult at an angle (I'm sorry that it was different). If you go to the front floor, you can walk around 360 degrees and see it. . . It was a pseudo experience to live in a high-rise condominium.
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4.4/553 Reviews
Although the room is small, it is clean and the required items are complete. The service attitude at the front desk is very good. Any problems will help solve it. If you come to Yokohama in the future, you will choose to live here.
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2/538 Reviews
Japanese hotel, considering the small room Separate toilet and shower compared to surrounding hotels The room is quiet and the floor is clean However, if there is water, it should be very slippery Hotel breakfast is a simple buffet. I have eaten for 4 days in a row
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4.8/540 Reviews
Although there is no view from the lower floors, we enjoyed watching the fireworks on New Year's Day from our room. The extra bed was long enough and comfortable enough for an adult to sleep on. But the closet is too small for three people. And then, At the hotel buffet, there were Japanese New Year's dishes, Chinese dishes, and Western dishes, which were light and tasty.
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4.9/567 Reviews
The hotel has just opened, and the room still smells a bit. The most speechless thing is that the registration informs Ctrip’s agent to book the cheapest single room. When placing the order, the expensive single or double room can be selected. The hotel informs if it needs to be replaced. You need to pay 10,000 yen per day. I feel that Ctrip’s agents are selling dog meat at the expense of sheep’s heads, and they actually have invisible consumption. Fortunately, I finally upgraded the room with my Intercontinental Platinum Card. Ctrip feels that it is getting more and more cheating on the Chinese. Several orders have been booked at a high price, and the low price is about the situation of the hotel reservation, and the price difference is very large.
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4.7/540 Reviews
The biggest advantage of this hotel is transportation, opposite Yokohama Station. From Haneda Station, there is a bus directly to the hotel entrance. The price of 580 yuan is much more cost-effective than taking the subway. From Yokohama Station to Kamakura, Shin-Yokohama, Tokyo and other places directly by JR, the bus is also very much in front of Yokohama Station, 148 can be Go directly to Sanxi Park. In addition, eating nearby, shopping is no problem, sogo, Takashimaya are nearby, there are many supermarkets. Our family of three-person double rooms is still available, the space is sufficient, the facilities are slightly older, and the bed is 1.2 meters. Everyone should pay attention to the check-in time is 3 pm, so you can only store your luggage when you arrive early. We arrived early in the morning, the children were sleepy on the sofa in the lobby, and no one gave me a good time. The service didn't feel so good. The most unfortunate thing is to put the favorite refrigerator that Enoshima bought in the hotel room, no fate, sad 😭
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4/546 Reviews
It is very close to tourist attractions and transportation hubs, convenient for travel, hotel services are very user-friendly, answer all questions, store luggage, ask for directions, and ask for warm and thoughtful praise👍. Suitable for living with children. recommend!
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4.3/534 Reviews
I often stay in this hotel with my colleagues on business trips, with convenient transportation and good environment! Convenient shopping, the room is clean and quiet! Service attitude is nothing to say! Wall crack recommended! !
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3.5/563 Reviews
I was worried because the review was not very good, but there was no problem in the accommodation. There was a little sweet impression that the cleaning was a little sweet, such as a little dust in the corner of the room, and a mold in the shower curtain, but it was not so much to worry about it. There are many restaurants nearby, and there are lush parks nearby, so I think it is a hotel that is not bad.
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4.4/5149 Reviews
I made a reservation on the hotel site to quit smoking, but it was a smoking room. When I told him that he wanted to quit smoking, he was transferred to the top floor of the non-smoking room. Please proceed with drip coffee at check-in and explain that there is bitter and mild, if you like both! I was happy because I made 2 and love coffee. This service is nice as many hotels don't even have instant coffee. The room key is also a card type and easy to manage. I'm glad that the room is equipped with a humidified air purifier equipped with Nanoe! The TV was also installed in front of the bed on a large screen, so it was easy to watch. The bed is also queen size and you can relax comfortably. The bathroom is large and clean, and the bathtub is a type where you can stretch your legs. The minus point is that the lighting in the room is a little dark I couldn't hear any image noise because I didn't know if both rooms happened to be vacant or if the soundproofing performance was good. A recommended hotel to relax at a business hotel. I want to use it again.
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3.7/537 Reviews
To put it plainly, it was old-fashioned and, to say bad, was a little old feeling. The room was large and the bathroom was spacious. The staff was very friendly and could speak English. There is a family mart right in front of the hotel, and there is a coffee pot in the room, so it was not difficult to eat late at night! We also saved transportation costs by being able to cover all the major facilities such as the amusement park, Akarenka Shoko, and the Cup Ramen Museum. The smell of cigarettes in P.S.Lobby was a bit disappointing ...
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3.7/541 Reviews
Came to Yokohama for the rugby world cup and there wasn't much choice around. Remarkably, I found this place, which is super close to the stadium. This hotel is totally old school - not that the asset is THAT old, perhaps 15-20 years I guess, but it just seemed designed for a different era - from drab hallways to plain-jane lift to step-up modular bathrooms. My room did NOT look anything like the room pics which the property put forward on Tripadvisor!!!! Far from it! It was a room from the 80s! The room key is a REAL key - on a plastic dongle. Have not seen that for, what, 30 years?? Still, all was clean, service was fine (and English-speaking), and the ground floor has a very interesting looking restaurant.
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2.8/547 Reviews
Close to Keikyu Tsurumi and convenience stores are close, so access is good. I think it was good because the price was cheap. However, it was a pity that there was not much cleanliness. I think it's good to stay if you look at cleanliness. Be careful if you go by couple, the wall is thin.
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3.9/541 Reviews
The breakfast was very good, typical Japanese breakfast. The hotel is also in a good location, close to Yokohama Zhonghua Street, close to Yokohama Park, and the subway station is very close. The room is also very clean.
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3.4/545 Reviews
Keikyu Tsurumi is not far from the station. The room was not facing the track, it should be an apartment change. No carpet. . . The floor looks dirty 2F is close to the restaurant on the first floor and will smell the taste of the restaurant below. . . At 17 o'clock in the evening of the check-in, I still cleaned the room and didn't feel good: ( However, the price is low, if you go to Haneda Airport, this hotel is OK.
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4.4/546 Reviews
I used it without breakfast alone. The hospitality of the staff is very polite, the cleaning staff are very friendly, and the hotel is very comfortable to use. Next time if I go to Yokohama, I want to repeat it. thank you very much.
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4.7/541 Reviews
It is just opened in 6/5 and is clean in the hotel building and in the room. Access is a few minutes from Shin Takashima Station of Minato Mirai Line. I think it is based on the person, but if you walk from the east exit of JR Yokohama station to Nissan headquarters building, it is a hotel in another block, so there is a choice here if it is not painful to walk. 1F Enter the hotel entrance and the front desk is 9F so it is in the elevator. Check-in is paperless with automatic check-in machine. Check-out is at the counter. 10F On the above room floor, the security elevator that doesn't move if the card key is not swallowed. This room is room 1312 on the 13th floor. Room on the side of Minato Mirai Boulevard. The view from the room is Shiseido, Keifuku headquarters building, Minato Mirai Boulevard, bay quarter, etc. 43 inch Sony 4KTV has a button that can access hulu, NETFLIX, U-NEXT, AbemaTV, YouTube from the remote control. If you have registered guests in each service except Abema and YouTube, you can watch it. The lighting in the room is a little dark only by downlight. The room and unit bus are large enough (^ o ^) v hand soap is Laura Ashley. Body soap is Steven ・ nor. Amenities are also necessary for toothbrushes and shaver. There is a humid air purifier, a hot pot, and a refrigerator. There are coffee and Sencha amenities. There is a small moon object in the room. The bed was large and I could sleep well.
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4.1/519 Reviews
It is nearby as you can see from Shin Yokohama Station. There are spa facilities in the building, of course, breakfast is also buffet style. There are many convenience stores, restaurants, taverns, bars, etc. in the neighborhood.
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3.8/549 Reviews
Convenient transportation, close to shopping areas And tourist attractions
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4.3/566 Reviews
The itinerary has changed and was booked on only two hours before check-in. The location is about five minutes from the south exit of Kannai Station (note that there is no elevator at the south exit, but there is another four minutes at the north exit!), It is easy to find, and there are restaurants and convenience stores nearby. The hotel environment is clean and the staff is courteous. Although the room is a bit small, the toilet is really narrow but clean. haha Breakfast without meals will be buffeted at 1100 yen, but haven't eaten. Just forget about the restaurants nearby and run around. Overall satisfactory.
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3.4/535 Reviews
The environment is very good, the transportation is convenient, the service is warm, the hygiene is clean, it is worth recommending.
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4.7/541 Reviews
From the west exit of Yokohama Station! Then turn left, turn left in the direction of Takashimaya, cross a river, and then a Rosen, the hotel is in front! I can remember it once. Mineral water is not available in the hotel room. There is a complimentary ice tea (Louis Boss) in the lobby after check-in every day from 3pm.
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4.1/5103 Reviews
The hotel is a 5-minute walk from JR Kannai Station, 7-11 and Salia downstairs, and Family is opposite. The hotel is close to the shopping street, it is very close to Don Quixote and the drug store. The room is quite big for the same price, the box can be opened. Business travel is still a good choice.
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4.3/538 Reviews
Hospitality is the first in the class! No one complained about the kindness of employees. There is a sense of security that will make a difference. This is unmatched by nearby hotels. Unfortunately, breakfast. There is no major one. It's always the same. In addition, there are many customers wandering around Robinson in pajamas! The hotel does not pay attention... This made me realize that I have to spend more money to stay in high-end hotels.
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