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4.3/5Excellent10 Reviews
0.17km from Zimt & Zucker Kaffeehaus
This hotel is very clean, elegant, small and exquisite, and it is a quiet boutique hotel. Next time I will come to Berlin, I will definitely choose this one!
4.8/5Outstanding11 Reviews
0.2km from Zimt & Zucker Kaffeehaus
Very centrally located hotel in Berlin. Good for first timers and regulars here. Near the Metro/Train station too. Many eateries around. Walkable to anywhere. Breakfast choices are very adequate. Coffee are nice.
4.5/5Excellent15 Reviews
0.27km from Zimt & Zucker Kaffeehaus
The room facilities are very good, the bathroom floor is heated, the wet clothes can be dried quickly in the bathroom, the hotel room window sill is soundproof, although on the side of the road, but there is no sound after closing the window, there is a cruise ship on the riverside of the hotel. Divided into 3 hours and 1 hour, half an hour, you can take a boat to look around the attractions, save the feet, with a Chinese broadcaster to explain all the information, that is, the kettle needs 5 euro service fee, but Europe travels Water is not cheap, with a water glass, you can save a lot of money. Hotel breakfast costs 25 euros, go left and go 100 meters to have a subway station, breakfast can be where to solve, eat everything, not worse than the hotel. The hotel has a restaurant that is 5 meters left and has a restaurant. The steak is very difficult to eat. If you want to eat, don't order 250 grams. It's too thick. It's 180 grams. It's a little thin. There is a salad buffet. You can also go right and cross the bridge. The first restaurant is an Italian pizza, which is very difficult to eat. It is ok to cross the bridge and turn left to several restaurants by the river. The Berlin subway is hard to understand. Unlike China, there are often several lines in the station that stop, so be sure to see the vehicle information.
3.4/510 Reviews
0.3km from Zimt & Zucker Kaffeehaus
We stayed here for three nights. The pros Central took us only 11 mins to walk from bode museum to here.Brandenburg gate is also walkable.we did a mix of public transport and walking. There are lovely Italian places nearby to eat. you can see the bunker from your room.the musical theatre place is only few yards away. The breakfast was variety of breads,juices,cheeses,meats,sausages and boiled egg.there were no beans or omelette.we were not bothered by that,as the cook kept topping up everything constantly. The staff were lovely too and internet worked fine too. My review is,if you are a person who would rather see the place than sit in the hotel,this place is fine for you. I couldn't find another place with breakfast and central location for the price. Minor cons were,there was less lighting in the room and they could get a 4 bread toaster. We had a lovely time and would recommend this place.
4.7/5Outstanding22 Reviews
0.3km from Zimt & Zucker Kaffeehaus
Pros: - The hotel is located on Friedrichstrasse and is close to all city attractions -We didn't get the room we asked for, but they changed it the next day. City views are only from the rooms on the top floor. - Cleaning and changing sheets every day. - Loading coffee machine supplies into the room every day. - Heating is regulated remotely in the room. - Great buffet, very rich and varied - several types of cheeses, vegetables, sausages and bacon, breads and croissants, fruits, natural juices, teas, jams and honey, and more. And during the Christmas holidays there was champagne. - Cooking omelets of your choice by the buffet cooker. - A pancake machine and a waffle maker and a coffee machine. - Welcoming by the door with small cups with specialties . Cons: - The bedroom is made of 2 single beds - There were a missing toothbrushes, bath hats, bathrobes and slippers that were listed on In order to receive them you have to ask of them at the reception. - Soap and shampoo of 50 ml each, placed in one bath for 2 people. - 2 bottles of water, which according to had to wait for us, we received after repeated inquiry. - There is no water on the breakfast buffet, you have to ask the waiter for water. -And not on the last place has terribly disappointed us with the lack of a little gesture for my daughter's birthday. Which I wrote about when booking the hotel, reminded before our travel by email, and on the spot at the hotel asked 2 receptionists for attention and a gesture for my daughter's birthday. It was our first trip to Berlin, but it was not our first stay at a 4 star hotel, so we were disappointed with the service which was not at the level of a 4 star hotel.
4.5/5Excellent1 Reviews
0.35km from Zimt & Zucker Kaffeehaus
This hotel/hostel is centrally located near the Reichstag and Berlin Hauptbahnhof (central train station). I paid for and got a single bedroom with shared bathroom. One of the biggest reasons you should stay for is the location. If you're coming from Berlin's Tegal airport just take the TXL bus and get off at Karlsplatz. If you're coming from Berlin Hbf (main train station) take bus 147 and get off at Schumannstr. It was warm in Berlin the day I arrived and walking into the small room with no AC had me thinking whether or not I would cancel and book a room at a more expensive hotel w/ AC. I decided to give it a chance. At first I was unable to located my room due to jetlag and one of the pleasant staff went out of his way to help me find it. He also assisted me in bringing me a working fan along with an extra pillow. I cannot say enough about the people that work here. They are so friendly and helpful. I've had plenty of salty attitudes at budget hotels around the world but not here. It's clear they want their guests to enjoy themselves and be comfortable. My room itself was small and basic, but adequate. There's clearly a funky vibe with an emphasis on the arts as the name of the hotel indicates. There was no TV so I think next time I would upgrade to one that included one. As you've probably already heard the hotel is literally right next to the train tracks. Personally I find the sounds of the city relaxing and rhythmic but the noise could be a problem for light sleepers. The bed was on the firm side which could bother some people. I did wake up with a stiff back the first morning but it probably had more to do with all of the sightseeing I did the day before. The bathrooms are shared but EXTREMELY clean. I mean spotless. One should bring a cheap pair of sandals regardless though. Breakfast is next door at the Habel am Reichstag. If you purchase the day before there's a discount. (about 11 euros at the time of this review) You'll grab a small ticket from the staff that you'll hand to the waiter of the restaurant. Simple process. The offerings were plenty and well worth the money. Very tasty apple juice and coffee too. All in all it was a decent stay. Kudos once again to their terrific staff.
4.8/5Outstanding9 Reviews
0.36km from Zimt & Zucker Kaffeehaus
Just spent a great long weekend here in Berlin, with my wife and student son, two rooms on fifth floor. This is the third time I've stayed at the Maritim proArte. This is a good hotel with a great location in Mitte. With a station/S-Bahn/U-bahn and tram almost in front of the door, it was extremely easy to travel around, and, of course, there is lots in walking distance in any event. Hotel staff are friendly and very helpful at reception, when we had to adjust our reservation a couple of times. That said, the rooms are a little tired and could benefit from a refresh. For example, the bathroom door would not stay shut unless locked, so you couldn't close the door from the outside and the night curtains were worn and had tears in them (but largely hidden by the day (net) curtains. And then, if you judge a room by how well you slept, then the stay was not so great. We found the room warm and stuffy, the pillows too soft. But were not in Berlin to sleep, so this wasn't the end of the world for us. One other thing, on check-out there was a mix up and they forgot to charge us for one room (we didn't spot it), but then they asked our son to pay, which he couldn't do. They didn't insist, but then it took 2 or 3 days to sort it out afterwards and confirm they had charged my credit card anyway. This also highlighted the fact that neither the website nor the bill for the room has the actual hotel email or phone number. This seems ridiculous, as the switchboard number given, apparently is for the office (which is Mon-Friday, working hours). This really should have been a four star recommendation, but the combination of the sleep quality and mix up on the bill means it drops a point for me.
4.3/5Excellent10 Reviews
0.52km from Zimt & Zucker Kaffeehaus
I was there for a one week event, a seminar followed by a board meeting and I and my roommate had enough stuff packed in our luggage for all occasions. However, when we got to our room, we discovered the storage space lacked shelves, both in the two little closets and in the night stands. minimalist is not the design I am looking for in a bedside table far from home.We were gklad to have a safe, but it was put back so for in the top of a closet that I had to climb on a chair (it would have been an itheresting lawsuit, if I had fallen and decided to sue the hotel for damages) to reach it to put my valuables in. My taller companion could just about reach the safe, but could not see the buttons well enough back there in the dark, to efficiently lock and unlock it! The desk was almost big enough for our two laptops, but was too high to comfortably use them, there was no drawer or shelf under the raised surface to put books and papers away when not using them. The desk chair was "cheap" and as uncomfortable a seat as I could imagine for sitting at the desk. The light switch to the bathroom was placed behind the open bathroom door so that it could not be easily accessed (especially not by right handers) when going in and out of the room. The bathroom itself did not have any good rods for hanging up the fluffy towels, just little protrusions that barely kept the towels up. The little knobs for the hand towels were both on the same side of the sink, so that the towels for the two different guests were crowded and difficult for each to access easily. If knobs, then one knob on each side of the sink might have been better. The bathroom also had no storage space for cosmetic and toiletry bags, but barely enough space on the counter for a glass with a toothbrush on one side and a few more things on the other. The shower was the tightest I have ever encountered. Now I know what caged laying hens feel like in close confinement and why the EU had to step in so they, at least, could turn around. When we turned around we were knocking into the faucet or the shower door knobs. The meeting room for the board meeting was set up for lecture-listening rather than round table discussion. But one of the worst features of the meeting rooms Finkenwald were the reluctance of the projector to receive data from laptops of the various presenters (much time was lost to that, trying to get PowerPoints and documents up on the screen, and then, changing transmitter from laptop to laptop, loosing sevaral minutes - sometimes even a quarter of an hour - trying to coax information onto the screen). The other issue was the tendency of the microphones to poop out in the middle of the afternoon, leaving people in the back of the room unable to hear the procedings. Replacement mikes also tended to faint after an hour or two of use. The employees were mostly friendly and helpful, but the food service staff was pretty inflexible. The food very good, if always luke warm rather than
4.9/5Perfect22 Reviews
0.58km from Zimt & Zucker Kaffeehaus
We had our honeymoon at Siam Kempinski Bangkok and we really love it. We booked that hotel because our fave restaurant is situated there, sra bua by kiin kiin. So for our first Yr anniversary, we decided last minute to have weekend in Eastern Germany and try 1 night in Aldlon kempinski and decide later on if we will extend 1 more night or drive somewhere again. My husband was so excited for this stay because of what we experienced in Bangkok. So we checked in today and was given room 302.sadly it was facing the back part of the hotel, with scaffoldings/construction site and smoking area for staff. Wanted to let it pass and just close the curtain but I'm sad thinking how excited my hubby was for this stay. I checked our agoda booking and it stated executive room with street view. So gathered my courage and called reception while hubby was parking the car. As soon as I asked if they have a better view room, I was told that the rate is higher as it is a different room type. When I mentiond about the street view stated by agoda, was then told to wait and he will call back if there is an availability. Male staff called back, I think aryan, saying a staff is on the way to assist. We waited 10 mins not touching anything, to be considerate. Moved to 338.okay Street View indeed. But nothing special. But at least no scaffolding. Not complaining coz that was the booked room. But still dreaminh how beautiful Siam was. Lol. Just wondering if this time of pandemic all the rooms are booked out? If not maybe give the best rooms to guests who takes the risk to travel? Just an opinion (of course to guest's advantage) :D So anyway, even though we are a couple, 338 has 2 single beds joined together but weren't stabilised. When my husband sat on one bed, it kinda moved or rolled. We stared at each other and just laughed it out. We couldn't be bothered calling again to ask for a room change nor someone to fix it. We just want to sleep in tonight and check out tomorrow. Thanks to aryan for calling back to check if we are happy with the 2nd room. He offered to send someone to check on the bed issue but hubby was really tired of the long drive, we couldn't be bothered. Still love kempinski. Maybe not to stay here again, but, next time we come back once sra bua is operating again. Lesson learned, don't expect too much.
5/5Perfect1 Reviews
0.63km from Zimt & Zucker Kaffeehaus
It was the first time I stayed at an Amano Hotel. As it only opened in summer 2019 all was very new and in good condition.I learned about the hotel as I visited the restaurant Joseph before. Delicious, I can just recommend it. Although it was winter I liked the courtyard where you can sit during the summer months for a drink. Staff is very nice. Some constructive feedback, as a regular traveler: - It needs light in the wardrobe especially as the room is designed to be very dark. It needs to have an automatic light that turns on once you open it - Bathroom Mirror needs to be heated as after a shower the mirror is steamed up. When opening the bathroom door it does not stay open so that is not an option - Smoking Bar: I learned during my visit that the smoking law in Berlin bars has changed, when you do not serve food and you are allowed to smoke. When you only have one hotel bar it do not find this good. International guests are used to non smoking bars so even external guests shall be fine with it. You should consider if being a smoking or non smoking bar brings you more revenue. We for example went to another bar as we did not wanted to be in a smoking bar. - Air conditioning: Not strong enough, I do not want to stay in this hotel when it is summer. Although you can open the window, internationally seen not everyone likes to sleep with an open window. Also considering the noise level from the courtyard when people are sitting there during the warmer summer months or even now in winter I heard some people. Also the rooms facing to the main street, you do not like to sleep with an open window. - Bed sheets: Personally I did not like the quality, it was not very soft. But I know that is the difference to a 5 star hotel. :-) Other people may not comment on that -no mini bar / no complimentary water on arrival in the room: Maybe I could have asked for it but I think at least for arrival it will be nice to have 1-2 bottles depending on the occupancy in the room. Breakfast buffet was very nice and they offer you egg dishes a la carte. You also have an option for a small breakfast shall you only like to grab a coffee and croissant. Generally, we were happy with the hotel the value for money was ok. We went in low season, in higher season I would probably be not willing to pay more considering the points above that are important for me to have the best comfort.
4.1/5Very Good10 Reviews
0.65km from Zimt & Zucker Kaffeehaus
This is a lovely hotel and I stayed here for eight nights at the end of July 2019. The friendly and professional reception staff mostly spoke excellent English and I felt like I should have been more adept at using German. The bight light rooms at the front have floor to ceiling windows, huge curtains and nets. The beds are comfortable with a single cover for each person. There's a desk space and plenty of plug sockets (outlets) for devices. The only down side for me is that the bath and sink are within the main area of the bedroom so you have to be pretty comfortable if you are sharing the room and there's was a separate toilet in the room. The friendly room cleaning teams said Hallo every morning and I only needed the room cleaning every two or three days. The air cooling unit was set to 15c most of the time and its smooth sounds helped me sleep well while it was between 19 and 34c outside. Location wise there are five or six places to eat in the immediate part of thee street for lunch and dinner and even a friendly cafe nearby should you not wish to have the breakfast at the hotel. Would stay again any time!
4.6/5Outstanding3 Reviews
0.66km from Zimt & Zucker Kaffeehaus
No follow up to update our new keys from the extension of two more day day stay on 26 January handled by Jessics even though I talked to her at the reception desk she forgot to change the keys for us but she is very friendly. before the reception office hour off.When we came back to hotel I found our keys did not work to enter our room 409. We had to wait a guest to open the main door then we could find the emergency number. The night was cold and it very stressed. I wrote an email to Tino immediately and no one replied me the email until I approached at the reception desk. A gentleman told me he got my email and to say sorry about that but I did not feel he was sincere and helpful. I assumed Tino was not there on 27 Jan as he always are very smart and helpful. I always request to daily housekeeping for paying an 10 euro extra but I needed to chase to clean the room and the bed sheet did not change until I asked and the bedspread never put it on the bed. This is not neat and tidy if I pay every day for a daily household service. After 28 Jan I changed to another place staying for another 12 nights more.

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4.9/543 Reviews
Breakfast is okay, but it is still more monotonous than the domestic hotel. The location is very good, the entrance is the Potsdamer Platz, there is also a subway station, the Brandenburg Gate, the Parliament Building, the Berlin Shopping Center are very close, and there is a Mobai at the door, very convenient. There are also other companies sharing bicycles with children's seats, but the QR code can't be scanned. I don't know how to use them, but the hotel has a bicycle with a child seat for rent, 30 euros a day, 15 euros a day. To the northwest of the hotel is a large Tiergarten park, which is in a good environment with trees, grass and water.
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5/51 Reviews
Prenzlauer Berg
Stayed here back in December last year, for a long weekend for the christmas markets before all the covid stuff had kicked off. We had hoped to return this year but due to the ongoing pandemic, its probably going to be 2022 now. The hotel is located in the East of the city. We flew in Tegel and found it a long , inconvenient journey but our return flight wasout of SXF which was much more convenient so the hotel will be pretty convenient for the new Berlin airport which opens soon. The lobby was spacious, trendy and contemporary as were the guest rooms. Our room was quiet though 2 of the lads we were travelling with had rooms overlooking a trainline, so request rooms away from trains. Beds were exceptionally comfortable and we slept well . Everything felt very clean. We booked a hotel with spa facilities so had been expecting an indoor pool! disappointed that there was not one in the hotel however they did have a really relaxing spa area that had a hot whirlpool aswell as the usual saunas , so that was a nice way to chill out in the evenings after a long, cold day in Berlin! Please note however, its strictly trunks off. You have to use the area completely naked , which they say is for hygiene reasons. Although this was a little out of my comfort zone it did not detract us from enjoying the facility, I felt more embarrassed about my friends who i was travelling with having to see me naked though since we were sharing rooms we all owned up to sleeping naked anyway which no longer made it a big deal but for some guests particularly ladies it might be out of your comfort zone, so just making you aware, as its a mixed sex facility though was mainly men the two occasions that we used it which made it a little less awkward!. Breakfast was an extensive buffet which is free and had a great selection of hot and cold food that we thought was above average for a hotel buffet. Its very accesible for getting into alexanderplatz on the tram. Berlin is one of our favorate European cities, its cool, quirky and there is so much to see and do at anytime of the year. This is a great hotel and we look forward to another long weekend once all this horrible covid stuff is over. Staying safe and positive for now because we know that one day we will travel again!!!
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4.9/54 Reviews
I stayed at this hotel for 3 nights on a city break. The hotel itself was ok, it was clean it was functional without being anything special. It was a little dull is how I would describe it without anything being really wrong. The staff were fine without being friendly. The lobby is poorly planned and the staff are locked away being big columns which are terribly placed. Two criticisms, one was that the lift was out of order and hence left one lift to cater for 4 floors and during Covid times the lift was always busy and long waits were standard. The second was that the bathroom had a glass panel from the room which let light in but overlooked the toilet and I thought it a little inappropriate that someone in the room could easily watch you doing a number 2 the other side of the glass. Not ideal. For these two reasons I gave it a 3 out of 5. Poorly designed. But the location was 10/10. 100m from Checkpoint Charlie and the Topography of Terrors. Lovely pub opposite side of the road.
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4.1/596 Reviews
Our room on the 13th floor was standard category. Spartan in decor, purely functional in layout, the room was clean, the tv worked and it had a minibar plus good view . No tea or coffee making facilities but that might just be a Radisson feature. However, when I needed help in checking in on line for a flight home, the wonderful lady at the Customer Relations desk was just amazing. I never established her name, but think her surname was 'Williti'. She is absolutely a gem and patiently managed to get us check-in with EasyJet, and printed out our boarding cards. Thank you so much. My wife and I were then treated to a trip to the 37th floor to enjoy the magnificent views. It was a very kind gesture and one we won't forget. I hope Radisson Alexanderplatz management appreciate they have a star on their team.
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4.9/56 Reviews
We had a lovely stay. The rooms were stylish and very clean and quiet. The only thing missing was a tea/coffee making facility. We were impressed with the environmentally sensitive touches. We were happy to pass on the room service each day and were rewarded with a drink voucher each day. We used these for a delicious hot chocolate at bedtime on our last night. The breakfast selection was varied and of good quality. So much choice you couldn't fail to find things you wanted and there were plenty of healthy options. Our favourite was the automatic pancake maker. Gluten free options are available. There were plenty of tables and the restauraunt staff are helpful, friendly and efficient. The reception staff were welcoming and helpful. We purchased our travel day ticket each day from the reception (validate it as you get on the tram each day). The hotel is well located to access the transport system and we used the trams, underground, rural train system and buses using our ticket. We would definitely stay again. The only reason we are not awarding 5 stars is the lack of tea/ coffee making facilities. Thank you for making our time so enjoyable.
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4.7/547 Reviews
The Riu Plaza is a 4-star place owned by the Spanish Riu chain, obviously aimed primarily at business and conference people. But it's a good place to stay for holidaymakers too. - Very well located in Schöneberg, 150 metres from Wittenbergplatz (and a little further to Nollendorfplatz in the other direction), so pretty easy access on the U-bahn to almost everywhere, and only 1 stop from Zoo Garden terminal for airport buses. - large, airy rooms, with good views (we were on 16th floor), comfortable bed, excellent and spacious shower and good bathroom in general, fast lifts - a good bar, with friendly bar and wait staff, and not overpriced, just off the reception desk area - generally friendly and efficient front desk staff (but see further on) - not expensive, at least in winter; we paid only just over 100 euros a night, which is good value Its flaws are minimal, but...: - Breakfast is too expensive. Sure, it has all the usual breakfast buffet stuff, but it significantly adds to the cost of the holiday to cough up 19 euros pp each day (we stayed 4 nights). Having just come from an excellent central hotel in Lisbon, where we had an excellent breakfast for 12 euros pp each morning, it seemed excessive, so we settled for a nearby cafe each day. - Make sure you put the 'do not disturb' sign on your door each day if you don't want to get up early. The first day we were there, Monday, having arrived in Berlin at half past midnight, we were woken up at 8.45 am by a cleaner banging on the door. Happened again at the same time a couple of days later when we forgot to put the sign out. Sorry, when you're staying for 4 days, there's no reason to clean the room that early - and I blame the management, not the cleaners, who just do what they're told. - Some of the staff are a little slapdash. E.g., the kettle in our room had been ruined by an idiot previous occupant trying to use it as a coffee perculator, so there was a baked-on layer of coffee on the bottom of it. On our way out the next morning, we took it down to the front desk - the guy there actually asked us to take it back up to our room on the 16th floor, and assured us it would be replaced by the cleaners. When we returned from sightseeing 6 hours later, guess what - the ruined kettle was still there in our room. Fail! I know this is a 1st-world problem, but the original front desk guy should have just taken the kettle and organised to get it replaced. When we took it down again, this time the woman on the front desk took it from us, and a short time later a new kettle was in our room. I don't want to criticise the place too much, as it was pretty good overall and we'd stay there again. But it felt a little impersonal, and while most of the staff were excellent, some were not well-trained or motivated enough to deal properly with issues, relatively minor though our's were. Thus, it gets 4 stars, not 5.
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