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4.5/5Excellent1262 Reviews
Pasay|2.85km from downtown
It's close to the airport, just opposite T3, you can use the sidewalk or the overpass above. If you don't have a lot of luggage, you can walk, there are more vehicles, and pay attention to safety. If it ’s not a transfer and you ca n’t make a shuttle bus to the airport, the hotel's pick-up is not easy to come by. It said it was an hourly trip. I did n’t find it. I called Grab. T4 came over and cost 140 pesos. The lobby of the hotel is nice and very mad. The room was very small, and it was a little crowded to put a big box. Mattresses are particularly soft, indoor night light pollution is heavy, curtains have no white gauze, which is inconvenient and toilets are small. Late check-out until 13 pm, luggage storage front desk, you can rest in the lobby, go out shopping at the back door, eat, or go to the second floor of the hotel, there is a swimming pool, a gym, can take a shower, and the library can access the Internet, watch movies, Play games, rest, etc. Time passes quickly and the environment is good. The concierge can also print, if not much, it is free. If there are more, 10 pesos per piece will be charged. The overall service is good, the rooms are small, and the facilities are average. Most of them are considered for a one-night transition, so it is okay. The Taiwanese ramen out of the back door tastes good, and there are also Shaxian snacks in the store. Starbucks, 711, Rosen, Korean barbecue, Sichuan hot pot and so on.
3.6/557 Reviews
Pasay|0.97km from downtown
The basic facilities are complete, but the hotel rooms do not even provide mineral water. The soundproofing is relatively ordinary. The sound in the corridor can be heard clearly. The food in the hotel is OK. If you are not used to eating, you can order takeaway. There are also parking lots. The service in the hotel is good, I am very helpful to help you
4.4/5Excellent582 Reviews
Pasay|3.38km from downtown
Manila Airport saw the shuttle bus booth on the red and white facade when leaving T1, and it didn't wait until the whole hour to leave. After waiting for a few minutes, four or five people per car departed. The hotel is right next to the airport, but the car still walked for a while. Downstairs are McDonald's and Starbucks. Check-in and check-out are very fast, and the attitude is very good. The overall environment is good, there are disposable toiletries, the room is ok, and the decoration is good, I have not encountered any bad things in the comments, such as being opened the door, the bed is very comfortable, probably the domestic 3 star + specifications The only dissatisfaction is that the room is really small, the bed is 1.5 meters, and it is too crowded to take a child to sleep. I can't comment without breakfast. I went to AirAsia T4 early the next morning, and grab the taxi for downloading is very convenient. The system shows how much money is, how much it is, it seems to be 120 or so p. It's still very convenient to transfer a machine. It costs more than 400 yuan a night.
4.1/5Very Good890 Reviews
Manila Bay Pasay|1.3km from downtown
The location of the hotel is relatively close to the airport and it takes only ten minutes by taxi. It's a bit noisy outside at night, easily affected by car noise. The meals during the epidemic are not flattering, and the amount of meals is too small. However, the service attitude of the staff is very good. The front desk is very enthusiastic to help us print the itinerary and nucleic acid report.
4.2/5Very Good1531 Reviews
Manila Bay Pasay|0.86km from downtown
Check-in requires a negative RT-PCR certificate of nucleic acid test report, otherwise you are not allowed to go out, you can only stay in the room, you can't even go to the lobby downstairs, I called and discussed many times, the hotel said no, I said there is a courier If you want to send it, you can personally help me take it downstairs and put it at the front desk. Someone will come to get it later. It is absolutely not allowed. A negative nucleic acid test report must be provided. If you are going to live here by plane, you need to make an appointment with the agency to come over for inspection. (Before I checked in and asked me if I had a reservation, I said no, they said there was no room, and needed to book in advance. Later, I booked with Ctrip, and I asked someone from Ctrip to communicate with me and there was a room. Ctrip customer service said to help me find a hotel to make an appointment for me. As a result, the appointment test disappeared inexplicably. The hotel said that there was no such thing. The next day, I asked Ctrip customer service to help me communicate for a day, changed two or three customer services, and finally asked for an appointment call. I made an appointment for the test. , (Communication in English throughout the whole process, if there is language barrier, choose carefully, make an appointment to the hotel for a test fee of 6000p), or finish the test by yourself, the test report can be sent to you by email, basically test today, you can get the test report tomorrow I booked three nights on Ctrip. I did not deliver meals to me once, nor were I allowed to go out. There was only the menu of the room. I called to order the food. This was a separate charge. When I renewed the room, I gave the hotel cash directly. Someone gave me water and a box lunch in the hotel. I suspect that Ctrip has a bad relationship with the hotel.
4.6/5Outstanding351 Reviews
Manila Bay Pasay|1.74km from downtown
This is a hotel I always love and one of the best hotels in Manila. On the geographical location should not be exceeded. The shape of the hotel is designed like a yacht with smooth and elegant lines. Staying during the New Year, decorated with a full of blessings, very romantic. The glass floor bar on the third floor of the hotel is directly facing the sunset in Manila Bay, which is a world famous sunset point. It just happened to be lucky to catch the golden moment. The hotel's swimming pool must go to check in, put on a beautiful swimsuit to show off your beautiful figure. The best part is the high-end shopping mall downstairs and delicious restaurants. It's not too tired to spend a day at the hotel. Must come here for one night in Manila to be perfect The night view is also super beautiful. You can see the entire Manila Bay and the romantic Ferris wheel.
4.4/5Excellent195 Reviews
Manila Bay Pasay|1.87km from downtown
the hotel is lovely. the Manila sunset view is just gorgeous from the swimming area. They have Lanvin toiletries and thank God they have not started that single use plastic fad (ok millenial, a boomer here) don't get me started on the breakfast. there was all kind of breakfast items from Indian to Japanese, Korean to Filipino and to top it off they have ice cream and six flavor of that. the juice choices were also many. my wife had a toothache and guess what they even have a nurse who came to the room at 11pm to help my wife deal with the toothache. I think Sofitel is better if not equal to Wanda brand. Last but not the least, the service staff is handsomely dressed and do not demand tip like they do in other hotels (makes me want to tip them even more) pity there Is not much to see around except the Mall of Asia. anyways love Sofitel Manila. keep it up.
4.3/5Excellent164 Reviews
Manila Bay Pasay|1.11km from downtown
I booked here for 10 nights because I was traveling alone, and I really have to say that it is a recommended place no matter from the environment, service, hygiene, location, etc. First location: It is only 5-10 minutes walk from Asia Shopping Center, and there is a Wal-Mart, restaurants, cafes, snacks, convenience stores next to it, super convenient. Second environment: The reason why I like serviced apartments is that the environment is really good. It ’s enough to stay in the apartment every day, just like staying at home, fitness facilities, swimming pool, refrigerator, laundry, restaurant, cafe. Then service: everyone will smile and greet when they see it, they will pay attention to your staying experience and need help. Everyone will gather together to help solve any problems related to check-in. When I checked in the first day, there were some noises and works in the room. Master Joy actively helped solve the problem, and it was done that night. There was also a hall service (I forgot my name.) Helping to pay attention to the taxi situation will also help to bargain. There is also a special explosion-proof worker (a golden retriever) who is very serious. Working dog, and every time you go to say hello to it, it will shake hands with you And sanitation: because it is a very new apartment, the facilities are very new, and the cleaning is very clean, and it is actively cleaned almost every day. If the next day is not cleaned, there will be a manager to knock on the door or call to ask, very serious and responsible staff member Last breakfast: I chose to add breakfast because I stayed a long time. At breakfast every day, the service staff of the restaurant will pay close attention to your feelings, greet you enthusiastically and proactively, and ask for any comments or suggestions for breakfast. The experience was very good and I hope to stay there
4.7/5Outstanding211 Reviews
Pasay|3.69km from downtown
Breakfast is quite rich, 7-year-olds are half-price breakfast, 890b is not cheap. The annoying thing is that it was already early in the morning when I checked in because of the flight. I did n’t have the pool view room that I booked. I gave a dark and small room with a window to the wall. room. I have to say that the Philippines is extremely inefficient. Checking in and changing rooms will definitely test your patience. As a five-star hotel, the service does not have any good points. The swimming pool is quite big, that is, full exposure, and the gym is very small, because the casinos are surrounded by security checks, and the police with long guns are really frightening. There are no local restaurants around BTW. Except for the shopping mall and hotel buffets, no decent Southeast Asian restaurant can be found outside. I made a good pizza but it was amazing, the taste was good and the efficiency was too low. Maybe the wait is too long, so hungry, everything is delicious
3/529 Reviews
Pasay|1.19km from downtown
This is a place like a foreign youth hostel. Small room with three bunk beds. It is difficult to turn over in width. No odor, air-conditioned enough. A bed photo, a bath towel, a roll of toilet paper, a small soap, a toothbrush and a small toothpaste on the bed. There is a men's and women's bathroom on each floor. Men's bathroom with three toilets and two bathrooms. Relatively clean and odorless. Go to the airport to retrieve your lost property and feel good value for money.

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3.7/51 Reviews
You get what you paid for. I got the fan room cause I didn’t read the full details of the room. So read first before you book. The pool area was cozy. Overall it was a nice experience
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2.5/514 Reviews
No hot water, no wifi, too long curtains, air conditioner under the window, unable to cover the window completely, this is fatal, once I saw the painter ...
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