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4.2/5Very Good161 Reviews
0.81km from downtown
The hotel is in a residential area. You can see the brand of the hotel when you get off the car. The exterior design is very beautiful. You can feel the alley of Shanghai here. It is very close to Jing'an Temple, Nanjing West Road, People's Square, and the Bund. Many shopping malls, Jiuguang Department Store, and Jingpin are nearby. It is very suitable for shopping here. It is also very close to the subway and the transportation is very convenient. Quiet in trouble. The room is very clean and the layout is very reasonable. There is a separate bath and toilet separated from the wet and dry. The big bed room I ordered is not very big but the living is very comfortable. It is mainly clean and he is the cheapest haha. It's enough for me to travel alone. In the public area on the first floor, the kitchen can cook by yourself. It ’s a pity that I ca n’t do it. There are washing machines and free drinks in the refrigerator. The room is full of Xiaomi devices. I like the small Bluetooth speaker at the bedside. The lady at the front desk was very easy-going, because she also took the initiative to help us carry our luggage upstairs, and was very enthusiastic, courteous, and took the initiative to invite us to eat together. This location and this service, personally feel very good value for money, have a family feel. Will stay in Shanghai next time!
0/50 Reviews
0.86km from downtown
Opened in 2021, the Shile Pavilion is a great accommodation choice in Shanghai. Traveling to the hotel is easy with Shanghai West Railway Station located approximately 7km away and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport roughly 14km away. Transportation around the city is also convenient, with Jiangsu Road Metro Station within walking distance. Keeping busy is easy, with Former Residence of Li Jinhui, Dengyanda Geming Huodong Didian Site and Mansion of Kong Xiangxi all nearby. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel. For those driving themselves, parking is provided on site.
4.2/5Very Good154 Reviews
1.01km from downtown
I will stay here again. Rather than a front desk you add the host’s wechat on from the board in the entryway and they send your room and passcode. This is Room 203 which has a balcony. You share it with the room next door - this you may wake up with your neighbor’s clothes on the drying rack - see photos. No big deal as long as you have the drapes shut (bring a clip or paper clip to help). This room and balcony has a very nice feel to it
4.5/5Excellent12 Reviews
1.2km from downtown
The eldest sister is very caring and the service attitude is very good
3.8/59 Reviews
1.22km from downtown
Apartment hotel, but the location is very good, in the residential area, not far from the new world of Meilong Town, quiet in the middle of noisy. The room has a fabric sofa, very warm, suitable for small living.
4.6/5Outstanding33 Reviews
1.99km from downtown
After staying here for several days, I became a native of Shanghai for a short time. I feel warm and comfortable, and it is a friendly and efficient place to live. The most satisfying thing is that you can cook. In a strange city, you can easily buy vegetables and cook every day, which is a very interesting experience. There are all kinds of utensils here and it is very tidy, just ask the landlord for everything you need! The second satisfaction is the location, which is only 3 minutes away from the subway, supermarkets, shopping malls, and parks! Don't be too colorful in life. In addition, the legendary garbage sorting is not so difficult 😃 In general, it is suitable for travelers who pursue the quality of life but don’t want to spend too much money😄
4.7/5Outstanding57 Reviews
2.02km from downtown
I highly recommend this homestay. The host is very polite and patient. He is the best host I have ever met. Driving the car on the first day, the landlord was very patient to explain the location all the way, and there was a parking lot downstairs. There are also parking spaces on the roadside, and the transportation is convenient. The subway station is downstairs. Opposite there are the Paris Printemps, Zara, Starbucks, the newly opened Tim Horton, Canada’s largest donut coffee shop... In the next few days, riding a small electric donkey, the basement of the building can be stopped. The most important thing is that the room is consistent with the photo. The room is much larger than the average single room in a homestay. The furniture and kitchen are very new and clean. There is also my favorite 55-inch big TV 😊😊😊 is the first choice among the homestays I have stayed in. one. Because I moved to find a room and stayed temporarily for 11 days, and I left my luggage on the last day, I especially liked the landlord Xiao, because the 5/1 consecutive holiday is coming soon, and the renewal date is uncertain during the process of finding a room, so the landlord also specially helped I will stay for a few more days, the 11 nights are very comfortable and I will definitely recommend my friends to stay~👍👍👍
4.6/5Outstanding193 Reviews
2.32km from downtown
The location of the hotel is quiet, the subway is in all directions, and the host is very hospitable, very responsible, and very comfortable during the entire stay. Suitable for various needs such as business, family travel, etc. Miss Landlord's sister is very kind and will help you to solve any problems quickly. Finally, the sister also helped us to book a special shuttle bus back to the airport at 4.30 am. It made us feel different from the hotel's homestay management model, and also felt as comfortable and private as staying in our own home.
0/50 Reviews
2.8km from downtown
Temporary B&B is unexpectedly good. The room facilities are very new, well furnished and very warm
3.3/5251 Reviews
2.82km from downtown
location very good few minute walk going metro facilities a bit old but its okay reception area, lights are off after 9pm there is no free bottle water but its okay family mart is just downstairs We booked room for 3 persons but towel only have 2 , you have to request another one to host They have washing machine which can be use , and have area where you can hang your clothes other nights i saw some small cackcroach , i think because this building is a bit old
3.4/5190 Reviews
2.85km from downtown
the location are good. just a few minutes walk to metro station. however the room are too old. Need to refurbish and the TV set are too old. For local guest is ok as they do not watch TV. However for foreigners, we watch TV. We can't use the phone apps to watch as it is in chinese apps. Most foreign apps are censor can't be use in China.
3.8/587 Reviews
2.86km from downtown
The hotel is in a good location, opposite to subway station exit 7. The traffic is very convenient. The parking lot is on the first floor, then go to the room card on the third floor. The front desk staff was pretty good and was very good at talking. I have to say that the city view at night is beautiful.
4.1/5Very Good45 Reviews
2.95km from downtown
There is no parking space. The garage next to the mall is ready for 120 yuan. The outdoor parking lot is ready for 50 yuan. Because the flight arrives late and has to go to work the next day, I just booked a hotel-style apartment. This has nothing to do with a hotel-style apartment. No matter how you get your name...Deluxe suite...You can check in without an ID card and the security guard will give you the key. There is no invoice. When will Ctrip pick up this kind of business... I thought it would be fine to sleep... But the air conditioner was dumb all night...

Reviews of Hotels

4.8/542 Reviews
Dishui Lake and Lin'gang area
The whole is very clean, and the baby likes it very much. Hanging basket, white horse, cartoon stool, stayed for two nights, reluctantly left. The service of the boss is good and responsive. Move in without contact throughout the entire journey. There are also many snack shops downstairs. For breakfast, you can have soy milk fritters, cakes, noodles, porridge, etc. Personally, I suggest setting up more hooks or more hanging baskets in the shower room, which may be a little more convenient.
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4.8/525 Reviews
Shanghai Disney Resort
The homestay is very clean and hygienic. The decoration of the hotel is relatively Japanese and very warm. The host’s sister is very cute. She gave us watermelon (very sweet) in the evening, and sent us to Disney on time in the morning. There is also a supporting breakfast. The check-in experience is very good, there are many takeaways around, and it is very convenient to pick up, and it is worth mentioning that most of the lofts are not high enough on the second floor, but this time the second floor of the loft can stand a person. The space is enough. Come next time
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4.1/522 Reviews
Chongming Island, Changxing Island, Hengsha Island
The real lake view room, it is not good to take the effect on the rainy day, everyone will refer to the picture put by the boss, absolutely real-life shooting haha! (I couldn't believe the scenery at this price before booking, and I specially called to ask if it was a real scene 😁) The room is convenient for hot water, clean and hygienic, the whole room is very simple and comfortable, it is my favorite decoration style, the details of the boss is very careful. The decoration and facilities give 12 points, two more points to make the boss proud, 😁 It is very convenient to eat around the homestay, you can also add money to let the aunt help cook, the ingredients are fresh, the price is very real! The proprietress family is very intimate and enthusiastic, and has a feeling of home 😁!
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3.2/551 Reviews
Xujiahui District
The winter in Shanghai is very cold, the rooms without air conditioning are very warm, the insulation of the house is very good, and the location of the house is very good. Entering the door, carrying the box and walking down the aisle and stairs, I thought the landlord had made a mistake. Entering the house, the facilities are very complete, very quiet house. The landlord’s toiletries and kitchen utensils are also very complete, and the house is very clean. Very satisfied with the landlord's arrangement.
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2/519 Reviews
Chongming Island, Changxing Island, Hengsha Island
The landlord and the owner’s family are super nice and enthusiastic. They treat guests like relatives and are responsive. We went out to dinner at night and the landlord waited at the door specially, like welcoming guests, haha. The environment is elegant and clean, and there is also a small amusement park for children to play. The children are especially excited. Come to play and live here in the future.
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3.6/516 Reviews
Xinzhuang Industrial Park
The newly renovated house, things look very new. The lobby is clean and warm! The room is large and very clean and tidy, the decoration is minimalist, the experience is very good, and there is a good place to travel in the future. Friends, rest assured! The price is really high, and the traffic is very convenient, you can experience it! The price is very high. The traffic is very convenient, there are many subway and bus lines directly, it must be very recommended, the room has no smell, the service attitude has not been said, the quality of things is also uneven, the most important thing is that the price is still so cost-effective, the service is also very thoughtful, I will choose the environment again next time. I really have no need to say. I recommend it.
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4.2/55 Reviews
Jinshan City Beach Area
Everything was perfect, the landlord was very intimate and added a room to the children. I can see that the hotel is very well managed. We also ate the landlord's rice, noodles and other breakfasts. The neighbors invited us to pick the vegetables in the field. It was very fresh. The mahjong machine was slightly old. It is recommended that the landlord buy the millet-jun-xi roller coaster mahjong machine, stable performance experience. It is a good choice for friends gathering.
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4.6/548 Reviews
The Bund Area
Clean, centrally located, the younger brother has a good attitude, and even the auntie is very enthusiastic about hygiene. The decoration is also what I like. But it's hard to find, it's upstairs in someone else's hotel. The front desk of the hotel tells others to go out and turn right when they see customers who are not their own. Obviously you can go upstairs directly. I wanted to check out at one time. Later, I was satisfied when I entered the room.
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4.6/5194 Reviews
Zhujiajiao, Oriental Land
The owner is very enthusiastic. He called to ask about the time of arrival as soon as the reservation was made, and greeted the doorman in advance so that we could enter. The hotel is located in the villa area, the surrounding environment is quiet, suitable for walking after a meal. There is a small river next to where you can fish. My son saw other people fishing and wanted to fish very much. He went to make an appointment for the fishing rod the next morning. But when he came back after dinner, he found that he was ready to fish. He was very happy to go fishing. Knowing that we were taking the kids, the boss upgraded the room for us. The room was great, and my son liked the tatami upstairs. After arriving at the store, my son was sitting on the floor and reading in front of the French windows. My husband and I were drinking tea on the sofa. It was very pleasant!
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5/519 Reviews
Chongming Island, Changxing Island, Hengsha Island
The environment is beautiful, the location is good, the transportation is convenient, the rooms are comfortable and sanitary, and the boss is very enthusiastic! Happy to provide all kinds of help, everything is complete! The facilities are very user-friendly, the high-speed network signal is good, and the scenery outside the window is good. Bring a fishing rod to fish in the boss’s own fish pond! You can go to the boss’s field to pick vegetables at sunset! The room design is ten novel, the new era room design, very youthful. The design of small decorations in the room is also very distinctive. The bed is very soft and comfortable to sleep on, and you can choose the height of the pillow. There is also a big one in the room! You can use the kitchen for the whole lease, and it’s really great for everyone to cook and barbecue together. Mahjong machine, billiard table, fitness equipment, there is a tea table and children's area in the lobby on the first floor, it is very comfortable to spend your leisure time in the tea room. The service of the boss and the facilities of the homestay really feel like home, with a warm and homelike environment, as well as the thoughtful and complete round-the-clock service. Next time you have a chance, you will definitely come back for consumption!
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4/554 Reviews
Wujiaochang Commercial Area
1 The community is very quiet, clean and tidy, and parking is convenient; 2 The house is very clean, washing machine, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, disposable toothbrush, toothpaste slippers, bathing supplies are complete, and the bedding is very clean and comfortable; 3 The location is opposite the Caida of Guoding Road. It is very convenient to go to Caida, Fudan and University Road. The surrounding vegetable market fruit supermarket is very convenient. Will come next time
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4.7/553 Reviews
Pudong Jinqiao District
I forgot to take pictures, but the house is really great! The first time I stayed in a duplex apartment, I really still have to live in a homestay or an apartment in Shanghai in the summer. It is not convenient to wash clothes in the main hotel ~ and then the housekeeper is really great! Basically it's a requirement ~ Just lived in there is no pot and bowl, and after feedback from the housekeeper, it was sent immediately ~ and then equipped with a brand new rice cooker! Super thanks! The house is not far from the subway station, it is still very convenient, the traffic is not said ~ Thank you again! Very pleasant stay experience!
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3/51 Reviews
Chongming Island, Changxing Island, Hengsha Island
A very primitive farmhouse-style hotel, remember it is a hotel, the kind without a kettle, the kind that asks the boss to fetch water with a kettle. There is no elevator, so you can go to the second floor with your suitcase. The location is very good. It's similar to any scenic spot. I think if you don’t have much demand for accommodation, you can really choose here. By the way, we also patronized this farmer’s food, which is very good, and the ang stab fish is really worth it
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5/55 Reviews
Chongming Island, Changxing Island, Hengsha Island
It's very convenient and very convenient to come to this famous hotel from the city. The location is very accurate. This famous hotel is also equipped with a butler reception. The service is thoughtful. If you don't understand anything, the butler can help me solve this. This is very intimate. The decoration in the room is also very fresh and natural. It conforms to the image of Chongming Eco-Island. The hustle and bustle of the city contrasts with the quiet life on the island. It makes me feel comfortable here. The room is very clean. The entertainment area also has billiards, mahjong machines, street bazaar game console ktv. It is suitable for individuals or friends to play with the hotel. The price is done. Extremely, when you come to the ecological island next time, you will choose his family's name. Trustworthy!
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4.8/523 Reviews
Shanghai Disney Resort
The rooms are spacious, clean and hygienic, and exquisitely decorated! The proprietress Sister Cai and her daughter were very enthusiastic. On the evening we arrived, they helped us plan the specific itinerary to Disney and explained them patiently and meticulously. We set off early the next day and prepared milk bread for us. When we came back in the evening, we were honored to have the cream cake prepared by them. If I go to play again next time, I will visit here again.
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4.7/528 Reviews
Zhujiajiao, Oriental Land
I booked two rooms on Monday night and accidentally packed the whole building. It feels great, comfortable, clean and warm. The kitchen can be rented. Pots and pans and firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea are provided. We bought the ingredients ourselves and made it. Dinner on the first day and lunch on the second day. There is a lotus pond at the door, missed the blooming season, but the scattered stars are also amazing. Passing through the lotus pond is the lakeside, and the thoughtful Dianshan Lake is really big, with a wide field of vision and no end to the end. There are many people fishing along the lake. Some masters caught four flat fish, the largest one is about eight or two. Our technology is too amateur and the equipment is unprofessional, and we left empty-handed, but it doesn't matter, just a happy process. Walk around the lake for about an hour. On the left, there is a wooded vegetable field on the left. On the right, there are vast smoke waves. After the yacht pier (not outside), those who don’t want to leave Shanghai will have to go back, and then they will be in Jiangsu. There will be a period later.
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1/511 Reviews
Sheshan, Songjiang University Town
The original camera shot, no filter, the random shots are very beautiful, the graphics and text match, it is very good, the landlord is also very good, the main family came in to take a look, especially like it, think the house is very beautiful, the price is very high, two The kids are reluctant to leave
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4.6/54 Reviews
Wujiaochang Commercial Area
It feels good as soon as I enter the door. It is the same as the picture, and has a faint fragrance. I like this simple decoration style. It feels like home. It is also convenient to buy food. Although it is on the first floor, it is quite quiet to sleep at night and after eating. It's also easy to get out of the house and take a walk. It's a nice homestay! !
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4.5/5254 Reviews
Shanghai Disney Resort
I chose this homestay for fireworks, and I didn't think of such a homestay owner. The price and location of the homestay are very convenient, but the water heater in the bathroom is really not strong, washed for ten minutes, suddenly the hot water is gone, out is cold water. We thought about communicating with the boss for the first time to see how to solve it. But the boss repeatedly stressed that there is no problem with the water heater. It takes two or three minutes for one person to take a bath, which is enough for two people to use. I don't know if the boss has done a questionnaire 😅 during this bath time. The hot water did not recover after waiting for a while, and it was too late, and we chose other hotels. The most suffocating place came, we communicated with the landlord about the room rate, the landlord said very disgusting words directly, I didn't think the same as the girl can be so malicious guess. (I was disgusted to leave the group directly, forgot to screenshot) Anyway, everyone is careful, if you can take a bath in two minutes, you can choose this one 😀.
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4.8/560 Reviews
Chongming Island, Changxing Island, Hengsha Island
During the epidemic, Chongming may be the most suitable tourist destination for Shanghai residents, not to mention that there will be a flower expo this year, and of course they have to go to the show. The hotel is an important part of travel, as long as the family goes out, four days and three nights, you have to choose carefully. There are a lot of hotels near the Ctrip Shanghai Flower Expo. By coincidence, I chose Hongyuan. After experiencing it, it really feels great. In terms of hardware, a two-story house has 7 rooms with different characteristics. The decoration is simple and generous, and the bedding is clean and tidy. In the early morning and evening, sitting under the verandah, blowing in the breeze, not far from the bridge, flowing water, and green rice fields, it is very pleasant. The most touching thing is the owner and his wife-hardworking, every corner of Hongyuan is cleaned up and refreshed; kind, as unconstrained as living in our own home; enthusiastic, seeing some elders in our team act It is not convenient to take the initiative to provide us with transportation assistance. It’s a pity that I found out that there are 2 bicycles in Hongyuan on the last day. Next time, I must ride my bike around Hongqiao Village to hunt for treasures!
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4.8/531 Reviews
Shanghai Disney Resort
In the evening, I took a taxi from Disney and waited a long time. I felt the wilderness. I got up in the morning and opened the curtains. I was amazed by the scenery outside the balcony, so beautiful rural scenery! At the moment I live, I am very cautious, my head is about to be knocked out of my bag, but there is a big bathtub where I can lie in and watch the stars, which is very popular with children. The housekeeper is also very good. After making the call, he immediately established a small group, sent location and warm reminders, helped send luggage to the fourth floor, explained various precautions, and also helped to arrange a car to the high-speed rail station. By the way, there are four little cuties you can use
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4.2/55 Reviews
Chongming Island, Changxing Island, Hengsha Island
No breakfast, no environment, no services, just a room in the village's self-occupied house. We mainly booked late for the National Day and there are no rooms in other places. Temporarily settled down and went out to play by car during the day.
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4.7/551 Reviews
Chongming Island, Changxing Island, Hengsha Island
The family Hengsha Island was distracted for a day. Although the weather was not good, the air on the island was really good. 97 was also a lot of choices I saw. Most of the others were very rural farmhouses. On the same day, our family, the homestay is cleaner than before, the corner is not gray, Cleaning aunts should be very serious, there are not many things to play on the island, there are farms nearby to ride the kart, and also went to the net red dam to take pictures. There are not many choices for eating on the island. The taste is ok. The breakfast provided by the hotel is very rich and very relaxing for two days and nights.
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4.4/56 Reviews
Hengshan Road Area
It's very close to Yongkang Road, I want to experience that it is very suitable to live in various Internet celebrity cafes, there is a coffee shop downstairs, and the landlord is super nice!
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3.3/59 Reviews
Gucun Park Area
🚗 Transportation: Just beside Changsha South, 🧹 Hygiene: Hygiene is still possible, this is in the community 🍃Environment: Very quiet residential environment and more suitable 🔔Service: The boss is very nice, I can sleep at ease, and I can live again next time
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4.2/585 Reviews
Shanghai Disney Resort
The traffic is super convenient. It is really a apartment to see when you leave the subway. The stay is very comfortable and the facilities are perfect. The only regret is that the bed is not big enough. Also give a small suggestion. You can buy a coat hanger downstairs and install a dryer pole. It will be even better.
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4.7/58 Reviews
Lujiazui Area
I took a two-day break, accompanied my family to Shanghai to play, and I always came to Shanghai with my heart. I finally arrived. I specially booked a place close to the Oriental Pearl. Here, the subway is very close to the Nanjing Road opposite. It is convenient to travel. I like the city of Shanghai.
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4.6/57 Reviews
Chongming Island, Changxing Island, Hengsha Island
This famous hotel has a good location, close to the forest park, cleanliness, and good service from the owner. I booked a 1.8-meter big bed room to sleep comfortably and gave two tickets to the Flower Expo Cultural Park.
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4.9/541 Reviews
Pudong Zhangjiang District
Home away from home, is the feeling of our stay. The owner of the homestay is a very kind and enthusiastic uncle who likes to chat, and can provide you with all kinds of help at any time. Help us plan travel routes, take us to take a bus, and teach us how to use the kitchen. The homestay was designed by my uncle himself. I took us around. There are three floors, suitable for parents and children, suitable for individuals, and suites suitable for a five-person family. I can’t help but admire this old man. I thought it was he who hired a young man. People help design a homestay
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4.2/5233 Reviews
Hongqiao Airport/National Exhibition and Convention Center
Transportation: Metro 13 is accessible, there are many bus lines around, you can go to the city and other places you want to go, Hongqiao Airport or Railway Station is within 30, the transportation is quite convenient Food and entertainment: Wanda Plaza is downstairs, Huatai Center is next to it, and there are street shops nearby. You can eat everything you want Facilities: The room facilities are perfect and easy to use, many things are new, especially the electric kettle Because I often travel on business and like to live in hotel-style apartments, I have enigmatic requirements for mattresses and toilets. The bathroom is surprisingly clean and tidy The mattress is authentic latex mattress, comfortable and warm feeling The whole single room is a kind of home fragrance Will definitely book here next time
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