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4.7/5Outstanding544 Reviews
10.21km from downtown
Very, very, very, very very. The aunts in the store were all good, and they also sent Tremella lotus soup at night. The traffic is also very convenient. There is a fish in the opposite side, the food is delicious, it is a bit difficult to wait in line. The floor is relatively high and very quiet. Anyway, it is great, order for Grandpa! ! !
4.3/5Excellent184 Reviews
12.92km from downtown
The location of the hotel is not difficult to find, and it is more convenient. The rooms are very clean and tidy. I stayed here for several days with colleagues and found it to be value for money. The double bed booked was missing and the lady at the front desk helped me upgrade for free. The first time I came here on a business trip, I was able to find a very satisfactory hotel. I was really happy. The room was large and the environment was good. The community was opposite, and it was not noisy at all. The price of this room type is really satisfying, and the network effect is a little better. No card, next time I come here on business, I have the opportunity to stay in this hotel
3.9/57 Reviews
14.39km from downtown
At the beginning, I found this hotel inadvertently. I saw the evaluation of many people and felt that it should be good. After I came, I found that it was really a design. The overall style was warm and gave people a very comfortable feeling. The service staff of the homestay is also very professional, can feel their active service, anyway, it is cost-effective, recommend friends to come together!
4.2/5Very Good41 Reviews
14.84km from downtown
There is ink on the quilt and pillow, the pillowcase is rotten, the medium price is set, the smallest room is given, I don’t know what to say, the hot water comes up so slowly, there are crickets on the ears all night, The quilt is also damp, and the wall is a bit moldy and harmful, forget it
4.3/5Excellent52 Reviews
17.41km from downtown
The transportation is convenient, not far from the railway station, and there is food downstairs. The boss is very enthusiastic, the price is also affordable, five-star praise.
3.2/570 Reviews
18.24km from downtown
Very cost-effective, there is a breakfast shop across the street, the room is very clean, and the layout is very comfortable. Very quiet at night. There is a parking space at the door. It is quite close to the east of Hengyang. The next day I have to catch a car and have a good night’s sleep
0/50 Reviews
18.5km from downtown
The Bojue E-sports Hotel (Hengyang railway station store) is a great choice for guests looking for accommodation in Hengyang, having been recently opened in 2020. Boasting a convenient location, the hotel is just 2km from Hengyang Railway Station and 23km from Hengyang Nanyue Airport. Guests will find Shigu Park, Minsu Culture Square and Hongqi Theater just a short distance from the hotel. In their spare time, guests can explore the hotel's surroundings. This Hengyang hotel features parking on site.
4.3/5Excellent14 Reviews
18.59km from downtown
It's very comfortable and well equipped inside. The price is very affordable on Jiefang Road. There are refrigerators and washing machines inside. I plan to live for a week on National Day.
4/5Very Good4 Reviews
19.04km from downtown
The service attitude of the hotel front desk service and floor customer service is serious and responsible, and they are very friendly, proactively greet, smile at the reception, very warm and patient. The decoration style design of the hotel is very reasonable and tasteful. I feel very good and I like it.
3.8/580 Reviews
19.33km from downtown
Stayed for two nights. The first night was amazing. . . After the discount, the room was over 30 flat, including a separate bath, fully automatic washing machine, lampblack machine, refrigerator, air conditioning, TV, oversized double bed, several tables for various purposes, oversized coolers, etc. The bad thing is that the place is not easy to find. I turned around at the entrance of the community and finally called to find it. WeChat added the hotel to ask for the password, and the next morning it was actually deleted by the other party. .
5/5Perfect10 Reviews
19.37km from downtown
Staying makes you feel value for money, the boss is warm, the service is good, and. Bypassing all want to stay for one night, but unfortunately there is no time, once you pass by, you must stay for a few more days.
5/5Perfect3 Reviews
19.97km from downtown
The room is large and comfortable
4.7/5Outstanding38 Reviews
20.03km from downtown
The room layout is very good, the color is also very good, very clean, and the quilt is warm! ! And the air conditioner will not blow really comfortable on the bed! ! The traffic is very convenient, very close to Nanhua University, and there is no situation that the deposit is not refunded. What precautions will be written to impound the money are very clear, don't worry.
4.5/5Excellent100 Reviews
20.07km from downtown
The big screen projector looks at the truth of the silence really feels, the room is clean and tidy, although the is passing Hengyang to rest for one night, but it is really comfortable. The front desk lady is very good and smiles friendly.
4.5/5Excellent5 Reviews
20.09km from downtown
The rooms are very nice and clean, the accommodation environment is particularly good, the one bedroom and one living room are very spacious! There is a TV in the living room and a projector in the bedroom. The transportation downstairs is also very convenient. There are many snacks and it is very convenient for eating and shopping.
4.4/5Excellent13 Reviews
20.13km from downtown
3070ti can be pressed in any game, there are many computer games, there are tencent privileges peripherals are top-level, the bed is very comfortable to sleep, the hygiene is very clean, the air is smooth, perfect
Homestays Near Hengnan Commerce Industry Management Office