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3/542 Reviews
0.51km from downtown
I lived in self-isolation for a period of time. The hygiene is better and the service is in place. It is more convenient to eat and drink around. After all, the price is there and the price is very high.
3.2/560 Reviews
1km from downtown
✨ [First Eye of Entering Room] Same as the photos on the Internet, fresh and simple. 🙋 [For the landlord, I would like to say] Bing Ge, hahaha, was scared at first on the app. Everyone was very warm and friendly when staying. 💡 [The B&B gave me a small surprise] Shampoo, shower gel, soap are all black and white and cool, and very fragrant, not like the cheap goods used in the general hotel apartment outside. Bath towels are very absorbent. 📍 [For the convenience around, I'd like to say] The apartment is full of food next to the street! There are convenience stores, supermarkets, clothing stores, barber shops ...... Anyway, there is nothing. 🛏 [Housing facilities I must mention] There are refrigerators, washing machines, and clothes hangers! There are also a few small hooks in the room, which can be seen in the details very carefully~ There is also KTV on the first floor of the apartment at night!
4.8/5Outstanding36 Reviews
1.16km from downtown
I have lived many times, as always, praise, every time I come out to play this hotel, the room is clean and the hygiene is very good, very good e-sports hotel, the hotel location is also good, just in Nanchang Community, a few minutes walk, the hotel computer facilities are great, the speed is very fast, If you have any problems, you can help me solve it in time. The downstairs is very prosperous, there is a whole snack street, it is very convenient to eat, and the hotel staff is also very good!
0/50 Reviews
1.21km from downtown
The Yelaixiang Hostel is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. The Yelaixiang Hostel is an ideal choice for travelers who want to take in the sights and sounds of Shenzhen. The hotel is conveniently located just 7km from Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport and 12km from Shenzhen West Railway Station. Transportation around the city is also convenient, with Gushu Metro Station within walking distance. Seeing Shenzhen's sights from this hotel is easy with Bao'an Xiwan Hongshulin Park, The Seashore Park and San Wei Shequ-Xiaofang Anquan Culture Square all close by. In their spare time, guests can explore the hotel's surroundings. This Shenzhen hotel provides parking on site.
3.8/5230 Reviews
1.45km from downtown
The boss is very nice, very enthusiastic, and sincerely upgraded me. I booked apartment No.10 on Ctrip (the boss picked me up and changed a place nearby), the environment is very good, very warm and affordable. Next time, friends who come to Shenzhen by plane can consider coming to this film. The boss said that next time if I contact him in the middle of the night, he can ride a small electric donkey to pick me up at the airport, so I don’t have to take a taxi. Alas, I feel that it’s too late and I’m afraid of disturbing others. The boss also gave me a ride to the subway station the next day.
0/50 Reviews
2.24km from downtown
The Xinhong Hostel provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. The Xinhong Hostel offers a pleasant stay in Shenzhen for those traveling for business or leisure. With Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport just 9km away and Shenzhen West Railway Station only 10km away, transportation is very convenient. Transportation around the city is also convenient, with Xixiang Metro Station within walking distance. Keeping busy is easy, with Bihai Bay Park, Chaoshanminsu Museum and Shenzhenshi Dangdai Mingjia Wenfangsibao Museum all nearby. In their spare time, guests can explore the hotel's surroundings. Guests of this Shenzhen hotel can make use of the parking facilities.
3.8/534 Reviews
2.38km from downtown
The sanitation is not very clean, the facilities are not very good, and there are mosquitoes at night. But if it is cheap, it can be considered cheap.
2.9/580 Reviews
2.72km from downtown
Convenient transportation! Affordable price! The boss is warm and welcoming! Attentive service! Take the bus! Take the subway! A good place to wait by plane! About 20 yuan from the airport! Subway station takes an electric car for 5 yuan! Bus has to go to all large passenger stations and bus stations in Baoan District
4.6/5Outstanding34 Reviews
3.81km from downtown
The computer configuration can meet the needs, Jedi, eternity and other popular games smooth running, the room space is very large, very comfortable, the decoration is recommended to renovate into the e-sports style, it is recommended to enhance the daily maintenance of the equipment, some hosts after booting. Overall worth Samsung and half.
3.5/545 Reviews
4.25km from downtown
Friends stay in the second floor room 208 double room, 201 single room, the store owner is easy-going, warm service is like a friend, can also + small bed with children is no problem, downstairs surrounding breakfast shop 5.30 opened, a lot of types, think of it, health and safety, occasionally will fly in a few small mosquitoes, Not to mention at noon, there is a store (Yonghe Fast Food) 50 meters away from the left. I have a lunch + dinner for more than 20 days, just like the night city, not noisy, supermarket chain stores, North and South fried dishes, Sichuan flavor spicy hot, fried noodles, rice noodles, lo mei shop, the location of the hotel is on the side street, and it is convenient to find parking spaces around. The hotel is 24 hours waiting, yel'an is quite good!
3.2/551 Reviews
4.28km from downtown
The exterior of the room has a modern texture, and the interior of the room is sunny. On the spacious balcony, you can feel the sunshine during the day and linger forever. The hotel is located in the middle of the village, it is very convenient to go shopping, and the waiters are also very enthusiastic, almost responsive to the requirements of the guests, and it is a recommended hotel.
3.1/582 Reviews
4.49km from downtown
Can ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
4.3/5Excellent61 Reviews
4.74km from downtown
Sanitation is clean, the room quilt does not smell of smoke, hot water is available 24 hours, the curtains are good for shading, the infrastructure and appliances are complete, the room is cleaned in the afternoon (it may be the morning if the room is empty), and the hotel owner is enthusiastic. But there is one disadvantage. The hotel is not soundproofed. In the morning, you can hear the ding-dong sound of the elevator next door and the sound of cleaning the mop or something. It’s okay to stay away from the stairs and elevators.
4.7/5Outstanding1 Reviews
5.54km from downtown
Very good, although it is sleeping on the sofa in the living room, the earplugs work very well, not too noisy, sleep well, and the roommates are also very good. It’s just that cat hair will fall off inevitably, and it’s not suitable for friends with rhinitis. Use a mosquito killer before going to bed, or you will be bitten and wake up.
3.6/516 Reviews
5.59km from downtown
The customer service at the front desk of the hotel is very attentive and patient, which makes me feel very warm. The hotel rooms are cleaned very cleanly, the tables and countertops are spotless and hygienic. They are carefully and carefully done. When I enter the door, I feel that the air is fresher and makes me feel very comfortable.
2.6/524 Reviews
6.06km from downtown
I stayed from August 14 to September 17 and checked out. I stayed for more than a month. Let me talk about the advantages, benefits, and cheapness. There is an Internet cafe on the second floor downstairs. There is no need to climb the stairs and the hygiene is okay. Disadvantages, you can't hang outside the window, no air conditioning, only big fans, no wifi, poor signal, but the boss is very good, you can provide you with everything you want, and there may be some black bugs crawling around at night , The house is boring and damp, it is not recommended for girls to live, if you are a man, you are not clean and heat resistant and not afraid of net errors!
4.1/5Very Good106 Reviews
6.15km from downtown
Because this hotel is cheap, I can choose the room I stay in when it is close to the airport. I chose the cheapest small room, mainly for several days. There are mosquitoes in the room, but just a mosquito coil. Without air conditioning, I am not afraid of the cold, just wear more clothes. There is a lot of noise outside. No way, in order to save money, it’s not easy to go out. Why be so particular? Those who mind can choose a medium-priced one.
4.7/5Outstanding42 Reviews
6.28km from downtown
At first I couldn't find the hotel, but after I called, I realized that Alice is an extraordinary gaming hotel... The front desk is very good, and I changed to a brighter room, which is worrying about hygiene. The sheets are obviously dirty. The edge of the pillow is yellow, the place where the computer chair is held is oily, and the mouse is oily. I ran to the guest room and asked the aunt for some alcohol spray. I wiped it there with my boyfriend for a long time, and the internet speed was okay.
4.4/5Excellent24 Reviews
6.31km from downtown
There are many places to eat around the hotel at a good price. It is about 7.8 minutes walk to the airport east subway station. There seems to be decoration next to it, starting at 8 o'clock in the morning. The hotel’s network can be connected, but not available. Others are okay. This price is okay.
3.9/544 Reviews
6.44km from downtown
You can bring children, there are parking spaces in the community, the location of the hotel is very good, the transportation is convenient, and there is a snack street nearby.

Reviews of Hotels

3.2/53 Reviews
Shenzhen North Railway Station
I met the homestay, at first sight, I fell in love at first sight. From afar, there is quite the artistic conception of ancient landscape painting.
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4.8/548 Reviews
Jiaochangwei and Dapeng Fortress
My wife and I really enjoyed our extended stay here. The hotel is modern, very comfortable and in an excellent location about a 1 minute walk to the beach and a 10 minute walk from Dapeng Fortress. As well, even though the staff doesn't speak much English they are very accommodating and willing to help answer questions. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking to stay in the Dapeng area.
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4.2/524 Reviews
Dongchong and Xichong
The room is clean and tidy and well maintained. Although it is a homestay, it also has its own special quilt with the logo of "Friends Camp" on it, suitable for bringing children, no breakfast! The room we stayed in should be regarded as the worst room in it. They are all good, but they don’t have a balcony, so it’s not convenient to cool clothes. The others have balconies. Because they were booked late, the price was the most expensive, so we had to book the room early. . There is a paid parking lot downstairs, 40 yuan in total for 3 days, which is collected uniformly by the village. All in all praiseworthy, will come again.
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4.8/5428 Reviews
Jiaochangwei and Dapeng Fortress
My elder sister works in Shenzhen. During the summer vacation, I went to play with her. I chose the end of the field close to her working place. I booked a lot of well-received Breadtree B&Bs. The experience is really unbelievable. The landlord sister is very professional and very professional. Patience, the mattress in her house is also very comfortable. After playing tired, go back to the inn to take a bath and lie on the bed comfortably. Also, what a fairy place is Yangmei Keng, you must not miss it! !
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4.4/5281 Reviews
Jiaochangwei and Dapeng Fortress
A very satisfying experience. I saw a lot of places before I went. The last one I chose was not wrong. It was a very pleasant experience. Although the room is not very large, the environment and equipment of the room are complete and clean. The key is The boss is very enthusiastic. When going out to eat, he will remind you to ask for the price before going to eat. You can also barbecue outside the room. You can also eat on the table after the exam. Very user-friendly service. Come again next time.
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3.6/58 Reviews
Lo Wu Control Point, Lo Wu Railway Station
Very satisfied, the place is clean, the transportation is convenient, the surrounding environment is quiet, and the shopping is convenient and easy. I want to live next time, the boss is good, the facilities are complete.
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3.9/58 Reviews
Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport
Especially good, clean and clean, the service is in place, the price is cheap, the price is high, the transportation is convenient.
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4/573 Reviews
Overseas Chinese Town
It's ok, next to the World Works and Happy Valley, there is a Yitian Holiday Shopping Plaza next to it, and it is quiet at night. It is very suitable for play and stay. The traffic is also very convenient, the subway station Window of the World station is downstairs, and it is super convenient to go to the airport and high-speed rail station. recommended.
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4.7/574 Reviews
Jiaochangwei and Dapeng Fortress
The bathroom is recommended to separate dry and wet, with a shower curtain The chair in the room is recommended to add one more The quilt is a bit dry, but the seafront area is normal. There are a lot of mosquitoes, and I have shot a lot of them. The air conditioner behind is very low, and some mosquitoes are driven away. There are no mosquitoes when you sleep at night. Shops can consider adding mosquito-repellent lamps to their rooms. Contact sign can also hang a small card in the house or place a small card in the room for contact. The first floor is not very soundproof, I don't know how the second floor is. A little bit of the next breakfast shop is not good, eat the most unpalatable intestine powder in this life, oysters. If you are traveling green, it is best to take a taxi to the B&B at Dapeng Central Bus Station. If you don't take a taxi, you can only take 423 to the ancient city community station, which is the bus stop near the West Gate. It takes ten minutes to walk to the B&B after getting off the bus! My painful experience, .
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0/51 Reviews
Kuiyong/Dapeng New District
Very good, good scenery, comfortable room, comfortable surrounding
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4.6/5308 Reviews
Jiaochangwei and Dapeng Fortress
This is the third time to come to Momo Beach Hotel, a homestay I like very much. It has a pristine private beach, and the sea is very clean and blue. Every time I come to relax, I feel very comfortable. In the evening, I have a barbecue with friends, drink wine, set off fireworks, and let off the sky lanterns. I don’t feel so good. This is also a good place for parents and children. There is a children's playground on the first floor. The beach can produce sand and play with sea water. Every time I bring my daughter over to play, I don't want to go back...Momo is really nice!
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0/51 Reviews
Xili Zoological Garden and University Town of Shenzhen
Thank you very much for the boss. My luggage is very heavy. She really helped me mention the woman.
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4.9/5240 Reviews
Jiaochangwei and Dapeng Fortress
Recommended by a friend, it was very comfortable and I lived for several days. The owner of the inn is super nice. He comes by himself and asks me to eat as soon as I arrive. Brother Suiyue cooks good dishes and feels especially warm. I contacted the boss before I traveled, and he said you just come here, and he will arrange other things. The inn is located in the middle of the end of Jiaochang and very close to the beach. It takes only 1 minute to walk. There are a lot of food on the street. On the first day, the innkeeper arranged for someone to come and pick me up. After arriving at the inn, the innkeeper will recommend the itinerary according to your time. During the game, the innkeeper will follow up in time. When the sun was big, I asked me if I had brought an umbrella. If I didn't bring it, I would give me an umbrella; I would invite you to drink tea in the inn, and I would try my best to satisfy any needs. The most important thing is to build a bonfire in the backyard in the evening with Brother Suiyue and talk to other guests around the stove to drive away the cold night. In short, it was a great trip, and within a few days, people found a new definition and a goal to strive for. Special thanks!
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5/514 Reviews
The MIXC Shenzhen and KK100
The hotel has complete facilities, cleanliness, comfortable living, good location, easy to go shopping, front desk service is very good, the proprietress also contacted me to ask about room adjustments, very good!
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3.7/555 Reviews
Longgang Center/Dayun New Town
The location is not easy to find, this hotel can not be found on the map, and finally found that it is Yuchen Apartment. The key is found by yourself. Contact the store can pass WeChat, and no one is seen throughout. No one is leading the way. Is it because of the epidemic? The sanitary conditions are general, the kitchen is full of oil fumes, the kettle is taken, sticky, the oil on the hands is almost dirty, and the sofa looks a bit dirty. The soundproofing of the room is very bad and the sleep is too noisy. However, the things are quite complete. The photo was forgotten. The overall experience is general, after all, the price is here, so is it.
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4.6/532 Reviews
Dongchong and Xichong
The location of the inn is quite good, 60 or 70 meters away from the entrance of the village, free parking is available at the entrance of the village, and it is very convenient to go to the No. The mattresses are very clean, and the boss cleans the inn by himself, using the family’s high-end Little Swan washing and drying machine. The layout is very simple and comfortable. There is a yard, which is quite large. It is very comfortable to barbecue in the yard at night. The boss should love reading, and the few books in the living room are very good. It can be seen that they are carefully selected.
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5/54 Reviews
Huanggang Port and Futian Port
The balcony has a washing machine, and it is all high-rise buildings. The house is the kind of apartment type, is a password lock, very convenient without a card. Downstairs is very convenient, there are large shopping malls all kinds of food and shopping ~ The landlord is very good, you can find her if you have needs, you can ask for it.
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3.1/562 Reviews
Overseas Chinese Town
It is very close to Coastal City, and it can be reached on foot between the Vientiane World and Window of the World. You can see the sea view from the room at a glance. After staying for several days, I will recommend a friend to come next time
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4.4/527 Reviews
Shenzhen North Railway Station
The boss is very warm and thoughtful, the attitude is also very good, the facilities in the room are very complete, and the place is easy to find. Really recommended, there is also wifi TV, toiletries are also given more, do not bring your own, is a generous and easy-going owner.
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4.5/512 Reviews
Gongming square area
㊗️ Tongcheng Yilong is getting better and better.
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4.9/550 Reviews
Jiaochangwei and Dapeng Fortress
Convenient location, parking, enough room, large public space, barbecue and cooking casually, the landlord responded quickly and dealt with it in a timely manner, but the mattress was too hard, there were too many mosquitoes, and everything else was okay.
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5/514 Reviews
Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport
The sound quality can be, it will not be card, the room can also be, the overall is very good, the price is also very high, highly recommended
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5/514 Reviews
Longgang Center/Dayun New Town
Better than staying in a hotel chain, there will be no cold feeling, the environment is good and the atmosphere is full and warm.
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4.7/5132 Reviews
Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
There is a small balcony indoors with a beautiful night view. You can see the Diwang Building on Shennan Avenue. The sun is just right during the day. The vegetable market is just opposite the downstairs. The kitchen is big enough and it’s hygienic and suitable for cooking. The minor drawback is that the toilet handle is broken. Others are not bad without locking, I will choose this one next time!
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4.2/5126 Reviews
Science and Technology Park
Room hygiene: clean and tidy Surrounding environment: About 3-5 minutes walk from Shenzhen University Landlord Attitude: Good Check-in experience: soft package is simple and generous, many details have been thought of by the landlord There is access control in the community, very safe, will come next time you need it.
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4.5/560 Reviews
Shenzhen international exhibition center
The house is small, but the facilities are complete, the service is good, and the hygiene is good. It is really affordable to be able to get such a house at such a favorable price during the November period.
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4.9/514 Reviews
Dongchong and Xichong
🔔Service: Thanks to the boss for his hospitality. The price of drinks is indeed not expensive in comparison. The boss also explained to us the most beautiful coastline. He also contacted diving and other projects. Going to Lover Island to dive and have a great time. 🍃Environment: The room is very clean and well-equipped. The door lock is electronic, unlike the old key locks used by the other inn next to it. Because I stayed in the inn next door the day before, I felt it was not good. Scan the QR code and add WeChat. I can’t see people and can only communicate with WeChat. So the next day I came to the Starry Sky Inn and got up early and took a boat to watch the sunrise. It’s also close to the Observatory. It’s a five or six minutes walk from the inn, and it’s No. 4 Beach. The roof of the Surf Inn is a rooftop with deck chairs to watch the stars ⭐ The stars at four o’clock are also very beautiful. There is a projection on the first floor. You can watch movies, play chess, drink tea and barbecue. The small courtyard downstairs is also very good. Chatting feels good Finally, I would like to thank the boss again for coming here for the first time. The experience is very good. I told us a lot. There is a very cordial feeling. I have the opportunity to come with my friends.
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4.8/540 Reviews
Jiaochangwei and Dapeng Fortress
I always wanted to come to the beach, so I booked this alley homestay. The homestay has a strong sense of warmth and healing, and I like the small details and the big environment! I took some small details that I like~ There are two small milk cats in the shop, cute! In the evening, I ran into the boss and they warmly greeted me to eat. It smells so good! I heard from the boss that he is already engaged in professional coffee equipment! look forward to! Finally, I can only ask a small question: the pressure of the shower head is too strong, and it hurts me... ʘᴗʘ suggests to change it ('▿ ')
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4/540 Reviews
Dongchong and Xichong
Location: It is very close to Xichong No. 2 Bathing, but the No. 1 and No. 2 Bathing are closed at Dragon Boat Festival. It takes more than 20 minutes to go to the No. 3 Bathing. Environmental facilities: OK, the cockroach can be clean and hygienic, hot water air conditioning has, but there are mosquitoes, a bit uncomfortable. There are a lot of meals next to it, and the bus stop is nearby, and the traffic can be. The boss is quite good to talk, that is, at the beginning, I can't bear to add money to upgrade the room. I booked successfully and told me that there is no room. I don't play with me, but is very good, like it. The overall experience is not bad, and the first and second baths are open later.
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1.1/53 Reviews
Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
This is an ideal home for young people who use their spare time to do their own homes. Young people are good, try hard to get on, can go there and live there. Although the conditions are not very good, but he is more suitable for people, and will be satisfied to those who have needs. We couldn't find it, and he came over to pick us up. It was the residence in the apartment building.
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